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  1. The most sexy Dota is coming!

    Mobile Dota is so cool as well?

    What? Play Dota on Mobile phone? What is the point of Mobile Dota? Ultimate Anti-kill? Rampage? Miss Dota is more than you can imagine!

    Hundreds of Fairies to call. Multiple combination of DOTA battle array to arrange- Haste Group control, Target- Gank, Rear-Attack and Tank-depleting style, etc. Who is the real TacticsI master!

    Multiple gameplays ...
  2. Freestyle Football

    Since grade school I am a varsity player of Football in our school. I play football every day for almost half of a day. I can say that football became my friend, my family and also my life. When I was in college I am the star player of our school; all the eyes of the teachers, parents and also opponents focuses on me, until one day I injured my leg while playing a do or die match in a national school tournament. And that was the end of my Football career. Since then my doctor advise me to stop playing ...
  3. My Top 5 Best Online Games That I Have Played

    5. FreeStyle Football
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    FreeStyle Football is a free-to-play, multiplayer online football game created by JoyCity Entertainment and managed by GameKiss for the PC.
    In traditional football games, you normally control or manage a football team. It gives you the feeling of being a manager or a coach. In FreeStyle Football each user becomes an individual player and forms a team. Everyone has a vital role and true team play makes

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  4. Dragon Nest: The Rise of the New Era

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    Dragon Nest is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. It uses a non-targeting combat system ensuring that players have complete control over every single one of their character's movements. Dragon Nest requires users to advance their characters by teaming up and traveling into instanced dungeons. The storyline of Dragon Nest is that the player assuming to be the heroes of Lagendia, players seek an antidote to save the poisoned Goddess

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  5. Football or Soccer?

    First time I heard of the name of the game I thought that this is just like American Football but I was wrong, the game is actually a soccer game. Popularly known in the other parts of the world and is almost treated as their religion in terms of being fans outside the United States. One of most popular game is the FIFA series with so many release and the most known would be the FIFA 12 which can be played in a console or ...
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