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Thread: Bot - ConquerAI

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    Bot - ConquerAI

    Hello Conquer Online players. If you're currently looking for the best bot in the market, then this post is for you.

    ConquerAI is the 2nd-generation COFarmer & JProxy. It IS NOT FREE, but offers the best services in the botting market. There are three subscriptions you may purchase:

    Basic Features
    Aimbot (Fastblade, Scentsword, Twofoldblade, Whirlwind-kick, Radian Palm, Hercules, Viper Fang, Dragon Tail)
    Blue mouse bot(Blue mouse is gone now as TQ has removed it
    Spell Macro/Leveler (Useful for leveling skills like stigma, star of accuracy, guard, toxic fog)
    Meteor Spammer (Quickly spam meteor-upgrades on items in TwinCity for sockets)
    Auto-hunter (supports all classes!)
    Smart scatter bot
    Smart fatalstrike algorithm
    Auto-potter (mana/hitpoints)
    Mining bot (Read more)
    Account-creator utility
    Travel bot (cross map pathfinding)
    Easily travel from TC, to Market, to MetZone, etc... within 1 click / command!
    Includes traveling to FG3/FG4/FG5
    Ability to travel in between portals in Bird Islands
    Auto-follow kill
    Auto-repair (while hunting, or any other task!)
    Auto-deposit (with, and without Conquer VIP)
    Non-disconnecting speedhack & teleportation
    Guild war gate-hopping
    Disconnection-event features
    Forum support
    25 Clientless Accounts!
    NFarmer Bot (Upto level 70, Read More)

    Elite Features
    All the features Basic offers
    45 Clientless Accounts!
    GM-Detector (See what GM's are logged into your sever at all times!)
    NFarmer Bot (Unlimited level, Read more)

    Professional Features
    All the features Elite offers
    65 Clientless Accounts!
    Real-time support from the creators of ConquerAI!

    The bot has also been completely remodeled and reprogrammed in a different language. ConquerAI now offers the ability for users to create their own plugins and scripts using full object-oriented programming. By using our application programming interface, players can, with our given AP and some knowledge, create a script or a plugin to do virtually any task on Conquer Online. ConquerAI is ideal for bot-developers as it provides them with an extensive API to use in bot-creation.

    We have a large team of Moderators/Administrators who are willing to work for you. With a 24/7 chat system, you can guarantee you'll get the best of service.

    And finally, who am I? I'm your happy-go-lucky member of the ConquerAI staff. If you have any questions, please post your questions below.

    For more information, please visit:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Re: Bot - ConquerAI

    Access to the web page was blocked by ESET NOD32 Antivirus.
    The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.
    If you're looking for a Conquer Online bot, check elsewhere.
    "Back from the brink, captain?"

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    Re: Bot - ConquerAI

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenEagles View Post
    If you're looking for a Conquer Online bot, check elsewhere.
    She was not looking for a bot she was advertising ConquerAI, she as well as I are part of the staff at ConquerAI.
    We are aware of the fasle postives that NOD32 Antivirus gives, we are working on resolving the issue.

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    Re: Bot - ConquerAI

    Hey chalkie ^^,
    i'm a user and have a elite and a pro subscription and this is by far the best bot, i mean since you can have 65 clientless in game and you can still play with 0 lagg. i rate this bot 10/10 and would recomend anyone to use it
    With kind Regards
    Myke ^^

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    If you are looking for a Visual Basics programmer at all, pm me and i can see what i can do.
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    if you +rep me i +rep you =]
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