EXP Rate: 9999x
Drop Rate: 9999x
Penya Rate: 9999x

Events/Guild Sieges
-Events are held almost everyday, during the time when GM's are on! Invite more players and friends for more exciting Events!
-Guild Sieges are held everytime two guilds are more wants to GS! If GM's are on, you are welcomed to ask for GS.(Basically Anytime)
-Guild Siege Ranking are Available and Character Ranking!
P.S: This server is most likely gonna be a GS server!

Awakening System
-Customed Awakening System
-STR/STA/INT/DEX max is +100 x3!
-ADOCH/DCT max is +100% x3!
-Speed max is +100% x3!
-Attack max is +500 x3!
-PvP Damage Increase/ Hp Increased max is +20% x3!

Item/Shop/Other Equips and Weapons
-All v18 CS Fashion are in SHOP
-V18 Weapon (Up to Level 120) are in NPC!
-V18 Sets (Up to Level 105) are in NPC!
-V18 130 Set drops from (Kalgas)
-V18 Weapons drops from Kheldor/Ankou (Behe and Skele)
-V18 Royal and Queen weapons are also here!
-Newly added is our X weapons, drop from (Aminus Dungeous)
-Colosseum is Available
-Colo Set is DROPPED from (Colosseum or Aminus Dungeon)
-Donated Items are also (AVAILABLE)


-ALL V18 monster and Dungeon are updated on here!
-Also Colosseum

Extra Notes

-A very Friendly Server!
-Guild Sieges are most popular here!
-GM's are friendly!
-Events are active!
-Need any help, go on Chat on our Server Page!
-Any other questions? Feel free to ask! (:
-Hope to see you there!
-Welcome to WalkingFlyff and Enjoy!


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Patch/Client : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
(Simply download Patch and Extract it to V18 Folder!)