I ran this source for 5 months got over 120 players, I cant even begin to tell you how many bugs I fixed in this, would be a great base to be used for beginners.


Also Pk point farming is 100% stopped in this source, it is impossible to pk point farm unless you have a group of 6+ with all IP changers :P and still then it takes an hour plus to get a point by that method (Tested it with players) so youd be better off pking normally.
-Takes 5 Minutes To Start Pking And Get Going
-Fully Working PvP Point System
-Memory Leaks Fixed Thanks To Jinrake
-All skills working, trainable skilling area. (Besides Hunter, Con. Summ. and Dung.) Summoning Coming Soon! - [size=16pt]100% FULLY FUNCTIONAL SLAYER WITH 3 SLAYER MASTERS AND ALL SLAYER DUNGEONS+SLAYER TOWER![/size]
-Fully Working Dragon Claw Specials
-Fully Working Dark Bow Specials
-Fully Working Godsword Specials
-Fully Working PvP Timer When Entering Safe Zones
-Fully Working 100% Clan Chat With Lootshare
-Weapon Stats Powered Correctly, No Weapon Overpowered More Than It Should Be
-Toggle Gameframes Between 474, 484, 508, and 525
-All PvP Armour
-Working PvP Tasks, Complete Them For Rewards
-Click For 1k Barrage Casts, 1k Veng Runes, Bolts And Food
-4 Bosses That All Drop Useful Pking Items Such As Claws, DFS, Ranger Boots, Elemental Shield, Robin Hood And More
-Donaters Tab, Allows Donaters To Recharge Special, Acces Bank From Anywhere, And Restore Hitpoints. NOTE: It does not allow you to use these in PvP Zones
-Server Hosted On A VPS 100% Uptime
-Minor And Major Updates To Keep Server Fresh (Were Being Serious This Isnt BS Like Other Servers)
-Perfect Pking, Added Working Timers
-Friendly Staff Who Know What Their Doing, No Noobs That Bought Staff
-Hoilday Events, And Server Events
-Stable Economy
-Working Rushing
-Webclient and Desktop Client
-Donaters Recieve Items Within 24 Hours
-Working Mime Random Event + Sand which Lady