Is there someone have or can make a cheat in this kind of online game "Tantra Kathana X"?
That will suite in Tantra-Extreme Server.
Such as:
-Rupiah or Gold Generator
-when activate it can buy anything even the rupiah or gold is insufficient.
-Taney Generator
-when activate it can buy anything in premium items they sell even the taney is insufficient.
-Pranas or Experience Helper
-when activate it will add you experience in 100% or 350% or more per monster or just sitting somewhere not killing a monster.
-Teleport Hack
-when activate it can teleport anywhere.
-1 Hit Hack
-when activate it can kill any monster or player in one hit.
-Dupe Hack
-when activate it will duplicate the item you want to dupe.
-no need for bot, just download any keypresser you can have a semi bot.

I know this is an old game but i still play for it with my cousin and we start from a scrach because we are from tantra philippines and we decided to play the tantra extreme to experience there new stuff in kathana X version. if you have a cheat or you can make one please post it in here so that all member in this site can use it. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you...