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    Red face Text Based Game!! <3

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    Arcane Kingdom!
    !! Click On One Of The Banners To Join !!
    I have been playing this game for some time, it is a Text based, Fantasy Game. What at first grabbed my attention was the unique wilderness setup and character creation (choose from multiple different races and sub classes). When you create your character you can buy armor/weapons/shields/cloaks/spells etc.. with Gold as your currency. Next thing is you click the button called Wilderness, now most text based games you have to wait for ENERGY or WILL and stuff like that, in this game you can search the wilderness and kill monsters or players (pvp) non stop never have to wait for anything! You can also find rare legendary armor/weapons/cloaks/spells or armor/cloaks and weapons/spells with Slots where you can put bonus enhancements (gems etc) to get better bonuses experience or HP regeneration or more gold lots of things like that. there are a lot of coders more then the average 1 or 2 a lot of game updates bug fixes anything you can think of, there is tons more I haven't even gone over hope to see you in-game! My name is *GöC* Wrath (807) if you send me a message and I will send you some stuff to get you started and join our guild in-game we will certainly help you! To play Arcane Kingdom just click on the banner above or below ! Please leave comments on the game, how we can improve, or just your thoughts on how you thought it was unique or enjoyed it! Thanks =)! Please don't flame if you do not enjoy these type of games just let it pass by you.
    Yes I made the banner :P

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