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    Rules for Gunz Hacks/Bots Discussion

    This is a compilation of the rules you should follow when posting in this section. Follow them completely and no sacks will be ripped.

    • Do not beg for or request hacks here. I realize there is a request prefix for threads, but that does not mean you should beg for hacks.
    • Asking for a hack is the same as requesting. The phrase "I was just asking" is invalid.
    • Questions on hacking are welcomed, as long as they do not interfere with the "no begging" policy.
    • All the normal rules of GzP still apply. Don't spam, create useless threads, or excessively flame people.
    • If a hack is patched, don't make multiple threads complaining about it. That's spam, and it's unwanted.
    • Under no circumstances are wiccans allowed in this section. Take your witchcraft somewhere else.

    Your favorite mods,

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