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    v.90 | TropikMS | 500x/2500x/3x | Non-Hamachi | Great Staff | Custom Features!

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    Hello and welcome to TropikMS's grand opening! I am proud to announce the start of this MapleStory private server. TropikMS is a high rate server that is dedicated to bringing you the most professional, fun and active private server out there. One of the main points that seperates TropikMS from the rest of the servers is its unique and custom features implemented into the game. You will not be able to find these features anywhere else and they require no addition downloads! Our amazing members are here to support you through any technical, bug or player troubles you have. Our staff is active and ready to help you and the server by making sure all your questions are asked as well as keeping the hackers at bay. We hope you enjoy your stay at TropikMS. If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask!


    Item currency: Coconuts
    Maple Faction: Pick from two sides, red or blue. Fight with your selected faction to earn points and rewards!
    Monster Bang: Donate a certain amount of coconuts and mob that drops valuable items and coconuts are spawned in Henesys.
    Triple-Tri Trio Event: Every third mob killed after 1 hour being logged on will reward more EXP.
    Custom Quest System: Enjoy custom quests not available in GMS.
    Aramia Tree Growing: Donate warm sun to aramia and after a set amount is reached, the tree will grow and drop items everywhere!
    Piano NPC: Play music with your friend!
    MSI Currency: Stats are anywhere from 15k to 32k when you get a MSI, thus, creating an economy.
    Agent System: Earn agents points and exchange them to agent meow for powerful equipment.
    Tier Weapon: You can't get your weapons with a all-in-one seller this time around, you need to earn your weapons by tier. Still being finished.
    Occupation System: Choose from 5 occupations that give unique benefits. Level it up to gain better perks!
    Exp Card: Mods will occasionally drop EXP cards that are loaded with extra experience!
    @report <ign> <reason> : Report players that break the rules with a very convenient command.
    ItemLog for Admins: Keeps the server free from dupers.
    Weapon Attack Upgrader: Exchange mineral earned by the aramia tree and by doing our custom PQ. The PQ is still in development.
    Packet Editing Mostly fixed: Such as getting any skill.
    Family Fully working: Works like the GMS one.
    Potential FULLY working: Exactly like the GMS one.
    And More!


    EXP: 500x
    Meso: 2500x
    Drop: 3x


    Oxysoft – Owner, Coder
    Kiwi – Owner, GFX, Advertiser, Community Manager
    MonsterCat - HeadGM
    Panda - GM
    Sync - GM

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    Re: v.90 | TropikMS | 500x/2500x/3x | Non-Hamachi | Great Staff | Custom Features!

    Sounds like a cool MSPS, ill sign up

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    Re: v.90 | TropikMS | 500x/2500x/3x | Non-Hamachi | Great Staff | Custom Features!

    Great ad! Looks very interesting and I will check it out.


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