This is for the OP 7 Philippines section.

-Spamming. Spamming is not allowed in GzP. You can only spam in the spam section which can be located here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

-Posting of malicious Files. It is not allowed. If we scan and see a virus within your attachment then we will give a ban.

-Asking/Requesting for Hacks. Requesting for hacks like Aimbot, Wallhack and other hacks here in GzP is not allowed. Please refrain from doing this.

-Giving credits. If you don't give credits to the owner of the hack you will get an infraction. Give them credits because they're the ones who first made it or posted it in a specific section.

-Advertisements. I know a LOT of spammers post anything here in GzP. Of course it's not allowed here in OP 7 Philippines Section. The link and thread will be deleted/removed/closed by the mods.

-You say you'll release a hack on a specific date for x reps. I've seen some of those type of techniques just to gain rep/thanks to get to lvl 2. That is not allowed. He/She who'll do this gets an instaban.

-Gravedigging/Bumping. It is allowed as long as you have a PROPER reason to do so. If you gravedig a thread that has not been posted on for 2 months for no GOOD reason then you'll get an infraction.

-Trading/Selling/Buying hacks. Any of these is not allowed. There are already many GzP users who "tried" to sell their hacks for a specific price or trade them for an account. Though they didn't succeed. Don't try to sell/trade/buy hacks here.. even in other sections.