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    Exclamation Hellcat-RO - 255/120 - NEW SERVER OPENING


    Come visit us at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Hellcat-RO - Episode 1 : 255 base / 120 job]
    Server goes LIVE on 2009/11/24 at 8PM EST

    Custom Mid-rate Ragnarok Server
    130x / 130x / 45x Rates
    Max lvl 255 for all classes: Normal, Advanced, Baby
    Max jlvl 120 for Advanced, Extended, and Super Novice
    Max stat 200 for all classes: Normal, Advanced, Baby
    3rd Classes - Gullotine Cross, Warlock, Rune Knight, Ranger, & Arch Bishop (More coming soon)
    PVP Deathmatch Event
    35 Hairstyles, 200 Hair colors, 550 Dyes
    Custom quest items
    Card Drop Rate: Normal 1.0% / MVP 0.4%
    MVP Arena
    Beginner's Package
    Daily Events
    Availability of basic @commands for players
    Automated Donation System
    Voting Point System
    Poring Coin Exchange
    Official Mail
    Special Prizes for Hall of Fame -- "Race to Max Lvl"
    Single castle WOE with updated castles Drops

    Coming Soon [Episode 2]
    Endless Tower (Being Tested)
    Gold Room v3.0 (Being Tested)
    Weekly Custom MVP arena (Under Development)
    PVP Rating Exchange for Custom Gear (Under Development)
    Custom Auras (Completed)
    Custom Shields / Weapon Sprites (Completed)

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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