ok i searched for an answer for this for a while and found quite a few people had the same promblem as i so i set out on the journey of solving it which was quite fun!
ok 1st of all this is for all those people that are having trouble with a d3d game(Direct 3D) and when opened it gave us an error! oh no! the error is this: Cannot ini(t) d3d or grf file has a problem! thus the game would not open so this is how to fix this error so you can play your game :D
I. your computer ;)
II. a back up hard drive or a few blank dvds
III. some brains and searching abilitys with google
IV.Windows XP(asumig thats what your using when u get this error
thats it!
ok first back up your computer if you dont know how search it up on GOOGLE Google is an amazing tool if u know how to use it!
ok after you've backed up your computer reinstall windows and open up Ragnarok assuming thats what your getting the error from ok this time when you first open the game the setup file will popup ok now this is the very important part ok see that thing that says Direct3D HAL ok now click that and select the thing that doesnt isn't that or very similr to that at bes look up what kind of video card your computer has and choose that one in the drop down list if you do no know than just choose the only one that has nuthing to do with d3d ok got that ok now go to your desktop and right click and choose properties and go to setting check the pixelation settings itll be something like xxx(x)*xxx(x) then go back to the setup window and click the next dropdown box and set it to the same a s your desktop (dont worry about the last 2or 3 digits of that thing for exampple only worry about: [xxx(x)]*[xxx(x)]*xx on worry about the ones in the [] brakets the () represents that it might not have a 4th number ok now press ok and play it should work congradulations(this problem is mainly assosiated with private ragnarok servers