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    Pk honor the greatest server111111111

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]



    - 24/7 DEDI
    - Client auto-updatable at startup! Only download it once!
    - Fastest growing server, avarage 20 new players a day.
    - Most advanced vote-for-cash system, check it out =p
    - Most advanced security against hacks and cheat clients!
    - Castle wars is DONE, just needs a few minor bugs fixed and it will be released for normal players too!
    - Duel arena running for trail - will be available for everyone within the week (anti-duping)!
    - 100% Working godsword emotes
    - 100% Working defender, vengeance and vengeance other emotes
    - Cool dragons claws special attack (contains a minor bug yet which will very soon be fixed)
    - Premium island
    - Staff get a salary.
    - Experienced and professional coders who work on improving PkHonor every day
    - Website value over $237,000
    - Website translation to 10 differnet langauges.
    - AWESOME CUSTOMS ADDED (not over powering wildy pk, protected economy)
    - ::pure command to get lvl 99 of a skill or your choosing (can only be used once)
    - Noclipping is being worked on, will soon be done
    - 100% following (Range and Mage following works)
    - Full automatic skillcape trimming
    - Many glitches fixed
    - Perfect NORMAL economy, (Improved system to track down economicaltrends)
    - NO LAGG (will always run on a DEDI that supports 200 players over the real number of players)
    - A new system will be introduced by Feb 10th, NO restarts! once every 24 hours, the server will "lagg" for 5 secs, no more!
    - Advanced commands (pvp mods can do ::wildykick (name), will cause that person be banned from wildy for a period of time (3 hours), also applies to Duel Arena.
    - Dagganoth kings, barrows, godwars, and kqueen
    - 16 quests (optional for rewards, you can do ::quests)
    - IMPROVED PKING (donator area for over powered items, with overpriced drops for donators)
    - Our Own GFX, skillcape emotes are SICK DIFFERENT - still being worked on
    - Very advanced security against cheat clients and duping
    - 100% real impact of jewelery items such as ring of recoil or Glory Ammy teleportation
    - Anti Dupe and syi with the most improved defense system
    - Better range and mage (new mage spells will be added soon, such as holy force)
    - Added Dragon (e) bolts
    - Ice arrows effects
    - New Minigames (Desert Clan Wars, where clans bid money against each other)
    - PkShop (buy using points you earned while pking) with advanced weapons.
    - Team Deathmatch Minigame, 2 Clans bid money against each other. the winning clan in the (war) will take all the money. ( it is team deathmatch, so no one will be able to leave, teleport or ditch the war)


    Pkhonor focuses on being unique. We would like to remind all of you that our biggest goal is becoming a legal company. before we can achieve that we need to be 100% unique and different. by 2012 we will achieve that goal. we have already re-written the whole source, the visuals in-game is what is left. aside from being unique, we are having the first All star tournament right here at PkHonor! best pkers from all MMPORG games will meet at PkHonor, we will create a new world for them and give them anything they need, and thereby we see king of wild. i am contacting CEO of Runelocus to review and work on this plan FYI, this is part of the surprise of April, that is just a teaser of how far we can go.

    Aside from the current wonder that PkHonor is. we promise all players of PkHonor that what is coming by April will be an update like no other. A change like no other... i have seen half of what we plan to surprise you with by the month of April, and it is SHOCKING. lets just jaw dropped to the ground and tears came out of my eyes. The plans that we have will add to that surprise, and again... thank you all for a fantastic 2nd day of the 2nd month of the 2nd step of the 2nd generation. Thank you all. and your satisfaction is valued Gold.

    Feedback from one of our players

    **Hello, and welcome to PkHonor**

    "PkHonor has many features, perks, and bonuses. PkHonor offers extensive and well thought out donation features, these include :

    Donator Only Items - These items are very good and are very useful throughout the game.

    Donator Shop - There is a donator shop in Varrock where only donator level 3’s can got to, this sells various amounts of donator items.

    Premier Island - This is only available to the highest end donators, at a cheap price players who have donated for access to the Premier Island can visit there when ever they so wish. On Premier Island there are various amounts of things that you can do. These include : Skilling Areas! Pk Areas! and another donator shop, this shop includes most of the best items in the game!

    PkHonor also has a very good economy. Along with all these you also get instant barrage, range AND mage following, working god-sword stances, all specs fixed, fightpits and Pest Control mini-games FULLY scripted, Very good custom items, Working KBD + KQ + Slayer Tasks! A new up to date Client which has a built in music player which u can add your own music to! very stron and healthy economy, very friendly and supportive staff, and a great community.

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    Re: Pk honor the greatest server111111111

    the graphics sucks!

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    Re: Pk honor the greatest server111111111

    wrong section post in server advertisment section. Mod/admin please delet or move thread


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