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Hello ! This is RC ( Runecore ). It's a private server created by Harry. This server is on beta but you are still able to play. Runecore is a new server but already has about 300 People online a day ! 10m Starter ! You may sign up for Runecore: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Runecore is currently Under Dedi. The server is Out to a fresh start !
You have to sign up for the forums to be able to play. the forums are Connected to the game. Runecore is a Nice server, Non laggy, Run by DEDI. RC ( Runecore ) Also has great pking ! Bridding is nice And you don't need runes ! You will regret if you Don't Join Right Away ! The owner Harry is a Nice coder. He coded Void, Divines And other SS's, Dicing, And many More !

Server... !
Dicing 100% !
Pking 100% !
Yelling 100% !
Summoning !
Economy !
Donator Status !
Curses 100% !
Barrage 100% ! ( No runes Needed ! )
Trading 100% !
Taking x Ammount of cash From Bank, Being worked on !
Spec's ! Ags, Claws, Dds, And Much MORE !

Server Also Includes...
Bandos !
Barrows !
Mystic !
3rd Age !
Welfare Gear !
Barbarian Assault Armor !
Divine SS, Arcane SS, Spectral SS, Elysian SS !
And More !

Runecore Rules !
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

This server is Based on pking ! This server is only the beta so there is noway in making cash Except thieving ! The server will have 100% Summoning Soon ! Some times don't work right now because this server is currently on beta. The server will soon be finished ! 100% no lag !

If you need help PM Me ! through Forums or find me ingame !
Ign: R4mpag3 !
Forum name: R4mpag3 !
Yahoo: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] !
I Will help you However i can ! Or you can check the guides on forums ! they will help you alot !

PIictures Comming Soon !

Presentaion/Pk Video !