Hello All.

Today I'll show you a new RuneScape Private Server. This server is the SyncScape, the best private server, looks like the Real RuneScape. Fresh, the owner is working to make this server ECO, and me, Prince Of Persia Help him to makes the server better.

Let's check some picture with explanation.

Works Dominion Tower with a little bug, but you can play it.

Works Titles by using ::title 1-31 command!
Only the registered members can see the link. Register here

There's more 28 Titles! Lotalty Programme Titles and Mobilising Armies titles!

Working Completionist Cape!(After the server be ECO, you need all skills 99 to get the cape. You can buy your cape From Max.)
You can change your comp. cape colors, like the Real RS!

Working Music tracks, you need 50 Music to unlock the Air Guitar Emote.

What are you waiting for? The staff friendly, the game is amazing, what do you need? Join Today!

Tip: If you joining now, don't go skilling! If the server be ECO you lose your skills and items, please wait for the ECO.

Owner: King Fresh

If you need help in-game add me! Of Persia

To use the chat you need complete the tutorial.

Talk to the skinhead in home.:P He says click on the Altar of Zaros. After you clicking, Skinhead says go trough the wildy ditch.
Congrats! You successfully completed the tutorial!

Rewards: 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, Constitution, Prayer and Summoning!
Allows the player to use the chat. :P