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    First off, Rune-Server, I'd like to say that this is an extremely old server. I haven't put it online in over a half a year. Yeah, it's Silab. Please put that away from your head when you rate the server.

    Anyways, AustinScape is a pretty old server now, if anyone here remembers it :/ Wasn't super popular. Wasn't a big pking server.

    Anyways, here's some info before you start:

    XP rate is slow, 50xp, if I recall.
    191 is the highest combat
    Max skill level is 150.
    GREAT economy. After a year of owning a server with the same staff members, we found lots of bug-finders, and fixed all of them.

    Some good things not related to playing the game:
    Anti-Delta cuz I hate Delta

    Anyways, here are some pictures. Please remember that not everything is changed from my older versions.

    Download here :
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