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    MasterBotter The next generation of Botting. Version 3.19

    After the bot nuke, JaGex claimed to have wiped

    botting out for months, possible years as they said. But we've proved them wrong. We previously released MasterBotter v1.1 a very week coded version. This is version 2.2 a much stronger engine. Unlike are friends at RiD. We use a full based
    "detection" bot. This bot will revolutionize runescape based off of 3D images. 100% safe undetectable by the jagex. The only detect ability is by players reporting you. Which is 1/10,000 that this may happen to you.

    “Note This is still in Beta stage version 2.2. The actual 3.0 is when we will be releasing paid scripts etc.”

    Please note if your account is Damaged/banned/muted we take no responsibly of this. By download MasterBotter you are agreeing that you downloaded it and that you will take full responsibility to any damage that may happened to your account.

    One user from are previous Bot (RSBot) says "thanks so much over two months i made my bank"

    And he gave us a picture to use.

    Bot's like our populer blue dragon bones collector have been transfered to Master Botter,

    free of charge well in beta stage still.

    Master Botter. Revolutionizing botting.

    Brought to you by MasterBotter

    Sponsered by
    Fagex. (bringing down Jagex since 2001)



    Near-reality “runescapes #1 private server”

    Pwnxile “runescape so real again”

    Virus scan.

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