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    UltimateBot Officially launched! Version 2.0 Just out of beta!

    Ever since the terrible bot nuke day many bots have been completely shut down.

    Despite that being bad as it is, other bots have come out claiming to be legit. These bots are almost always keyloggers or virus's. This bot is different! it runs off a injector that blocks off any macro detection that jagex claims to have! The chances of you getting banned are 1.3%. This is exceptional. The botting program was designed by a small group known as "Fagex".

    Fagex decided to name the botting program "UltimateBot" and ran it as a beta for months. It was developed over the past months right after the bot nuke day. This was their chance to shine and become known as the only working bot as soon as possible. Now that the beta stages are over the bot is now released to public.
    Here is an image of someone getting level 99 strength after using UltimateBot.

    With the new bot many people have made lots of money. For example my account that i have used UltimateBot for has earned lots of gold.

    I left the bot running for over 48 hours straight and Jagex did not do so much as give me a warning its completely undetectable!
    This Bot also comes with hundreds of free scripts that are as high quality as the paid ones. UltimateBot comes with a complete anti ban system and auto logon program. The program even comes with a auto wood cutter and smelting bot! Guaranteed easy cash!

    Woodcutting bot completely flawless and well on my way to 99.

    Smithing bot completely flawless made me lots of money on my second account.

    "A truly amazing bot" - Fagex
    "Incredible!" - Pwn Xile
    "Botting completely re-invented" - Bot world
    "Flawless would bot all day with this!" - Anti-Jagex
    "I did not know what to do without a botting program... Then UltimateBot was released and truly was amazing! Best bot system ever invented!" - Runescape United

    Virus Total Scan
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