As I mention in the title, I am selling Itune account with any amount of credit(0-100usd) to buy app-movie-in app purchase-etc. I can make an Itune account for you with the amount of credit you want in it, or you can make your own Itune account and I will put the credit in for you once you given me the account info( I suggest you make a brand new if you choose to make your own).
How to pay me? Inbox me your email and I will tell you my PayPal. or comment here and I will iinbox u
exchange rate
20usd account worth- You only have to pay 15usd
40usd account worth- You pay 32usd
60usd acc - you pay 50usd
80usd acc- you pay 68usd
Great saving is 100usd- you pay onli 75usd