Im using hp pavelion dv6560ee w/ vista home primium
core2 dou, 1gb mem., 160gb hd, Nvedia VGA card, directx 10.

If you run your installer cd you will recognize in your installer window
the massage.

" windows NT is NOT SUPPORTED for WCIII "
" View Previews -- Requires DirectX 8.0 or higher"

just disregard that massage!

Install WCIII enter your serial

Now in process of installation of WCIII, you will get a error massage

setup was unable to add the following file C:\program files\
Error 0x00000020: The Process cannot access the file
beacuse it is
being used by another proccess.
(C:\temp\020606lockit\installer\Source\MpqUtil.cpp :45)

Operation aborted.

Press "ok" and you will exit in installation process. don't close the installer window( to avoid to enter again the serial #), try to install again the WCIII
and you will succeed.

on first time i install my WCIII i get one same error.
on second time i get 3 same error, but i was able to install this WCIII
so it means event how many time this kind error massage will pop up on your installation process in the end you can able to install the WArcraftIII

this error massage are same in TFT but the deferent is, more than 3 error massage you will be get. but don't worry you can still able to install TFT in the end.

sorry for my english!!!!

asking for installer? (ROC, TFT)