***By reading the following and/or by contacting me, you agree that you are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment® or any of its sister companies.***

-Selling over 1.5million WoW Gold on Blackwater Raider US.
-Established player owned stock, not gold selling company stock.
-I Will only accept Paypal Verified payments.
-You will have to send payment first, but we can work a half & half deal.
-Rate (negotiable with bulk orders): 1.25 US Dollars / 1k WoW US Gold
-50k minimum purchase.

**Exchange will be done strictly via the Auction house, never F2F, Gbank or in-game mail.**

**You will list a cheap item such as a piece of linen cloth or alchemist vial for the amount agreed upon and I will buy it. I'm Horde side, but we can use the neutral AH to exchange if you're Alliance.**

**I will NEVER contact you in-game and I will NEVER respond to any tells in-game. All communications will be done via non-wow emails or Yahoo Messenger.**

Contact info (I prefer to be contacted via email first):
email: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
yahoo msg: hppggg