Server Features:
Server Files 2010
Max Level: 150
Rate: Set in the database different from mob to mob.
Up: For items up to level 80 up to be secure from +0 to +6
For items up to level 90 will be the only safe from +0 to +1 and the difficulty will increase gradually
For items up to above 90 will not be safe and the difficulty will increase gradually
Item Required From up: pearls and some special items (drop in game)

Implementations: For now, weapons come up to level 95 (will be added in the future weapons of higher level )
Exp Armor you will get only from the boss: Hwang Armor And Olimpic Corazza

Other item: Other items also will share in a set of exp and pvp
The set exp (also called Mars) is composed of: Earrings Mars, Mars Bracelet, Necklace Mars, Mars and Elmo Shoes Mars with the addition of two new shields:
Demon Shield (vs. zombies) a Leaf Shield (vs. mob)

These are pvp Armor:
Black Steel Armor +9 -> Red Steel Armor +9 (liv 80-90) -> Armor of Glory (liv 105)
Armor of magic +9 -> Aura Armor +9 -> Armor of Glory
Black Dress+9 -> Dress Dragon +9 -> Glory Dress
Dress Dark Wind+9 -> Dragon's Red Dress +9 -> Glory Dress

pvp set you get from the set Tears of Heaven tranne le scarpe si otterranno dagli Stivali in Pelle di Drago:
The set Tears of Heaven is transformed into the set of the Dragon, which in turn is transformed back into the set of Glory;
Earrings Tears +9 -> Earrings Dragon +9 -> Earrings of Glory
Tears Necklace +9 -> Dragon Necklace +9 -> Necklace of Glory
Cuff Tears +9 -> Dragon Bracelet +9 -> bracelet of Glory
Dragon Skin Boots +9 -> Qujin Shoes +9 -> Boots of Glory
Shields will get the ones leading from level 61 +9 Legendary Blacksmith shields that turn into level 80:
Falcon Shield -> Shield Bloody
Angular Leonino Shield -> Shield Radiant
Tigre Shield -> Shield of the King
Scales Dragon Shield -> Shield Rising
Bringing all the shields of the 4 level 80 +9 to a NPC you can exchange them for the Shield of Glory (liv 105)
helmets: You will get better ones in the 41 +9 Helmets helmet and then level 70 level 105
Sallet Spiritual +9 -> Mask of Fear +9 -> Elmo Master of War
Elmo Castle +9 -> Helmet with Horns +9 -> Helm of the Soul
Steel cap +9 -> Cap Orc +9 -> Spider Hood
Sunlight Hat +9 -> Hat Cardinal +9 -> Magic Helm

Some are locked up and will be implemented when deemed required by us with the addition of new maps (already existing but inaccessible to the player)



Mercante Armi

Mercante Armature


Aiutante Eventi

Insegnanti Dottrina (The stones are of Arnim droppabili and also by the boss metin)

Screen various items:
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The Missions of Biology have been added up to 80.
Will be included in future missions can be activated by the other 105 level up with all new rewards.
update 11/09/2011: 2 new maps were added, one by exp (castle map)
metin and Map.
Added new metin from 95 up from where you can drop magic metal.
3 bosses included:
1) Beran-Setaouin the Crystal room (you will find out the drop)
2) Commander Yongan start atlantide2 (spiral droppers keys to enter the room that will serve crystal)
3) Ice Witch end of atlantide1 (key droppers also spiral)
Are required to display the new patch and new maps metin download from our official site.

The STAFF is costituted by:
[GA]Darius [GA]BastarD
[BA]Kekko (only on the forum)
[GM]Stixxer [GM]Assassin [GM]RiDi [GM] Gewiss

Official Trailer:

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Staff hopes to have done a good job and making a nice server users.