I have a pro account for sale.
It has 3 Level 85s with a bunch of lowbie alts.
All same server.
Ill just go into details on the 85s.
1 is level 85 shaman on horde.
4/5 t12 ilvl 374. 7/7 Exp. Has 30kg on it. Max professions: JC/Alchemy
Next is a level 85 Paladin. Its bare basically. Got it to 85 but never touched it.
Lastly, the prized one kind of.
Priest, has 16kg or so on it. 2200 Arena rating (Still has team for Elite or 2400 conq cap), 1800 RBG rating (2200 Conq cap), almost full Ruthless with several elite pieces already.
Has basically full pve set. Ilvl maybe 375.

Really good account. I am the original owner and can give details.
Leave message here or add me to msn at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Or email me there.