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    WoW Gold May be Concentrated in the Minority

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    The whole ingame economic system is an extremely top-heavy one, leaving large sums of gold sitting idle in the top players pockets kept isolated from contributing to the economy, which is especially detrimental if one considers that a server economy is the simple flow of gold and materials. One can argue however that by holding such large sums of gold such players can more easily influence and correct markets, keep inflation in check by keeping the sums of gold out of the hands of the masses, and provide buyers for big ticket items such as TCG Mounts.
    Gold farmers is the 1% IMO.

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    Re: WoW Gold May be Concentrated in the Minority

    The article was poorly written and had several grammatical errors; however, this makes sense. Yes, gold farmers are among that 1%, but basically most of the 1% of the wealthiest players are the WoW addicts that play nearly non-stop. Not everyone can put in the same amount of time into this game as these players do which is why they have the majority of the wealth.
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