I'm selling my account. These chars are on it:
level 85 human (Fury/Prot) warrior. Item level 357. PVE geared
525 Mining and 525 black smithing
Level 85 dreanei(Ele/Resto) shaman. Item level 372. PVP geared (Also got PVE gear)
Level 85 gnome Rogue. Item level 372. PVP geared

Level 70 death knight. Full epicly geared.
Level 70 paladin.
Level 58 Hunter.
Level 45 Mage.
Level 42 Priest.

The following Heirlooms are on the account:
Full heirloom geared for: Rogue, Mage, hunter, shaman, priest and then there are some heirlooms for some other chars.

There is still 1 month gaming time on the account left.
Interested? Then please offer:)
Start at 400+ euro.

Scammer? Don't bother.. I'm not an idiot.
Interested? Contact me here or on: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] I prever on email! THANKS!