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[1.24] TyranOs d3scene maphack.

Discussion in 'Warcraft III' started by GodLike18, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. GodLike18


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    Jul 16, 2009
    TyranO's D3Scene Maphack for 1.24
    V4 with DropBnet Button. Make sure you are disconnected from bnet before injecting a feature (type a bnet command like /f l, if it doesn't work then it means you are disconnected). Make sure to close war3 and your hacks after each game. Read my warden sticky.

    All realms are enabled by default in the settings.txt file. It will attempt to drop all realms. No need to touch the settings.txt file but make sure that everything stays in the TyranO folder.

    ake sure thateverything stays in the TyranO folder.
    . Quick solution here for custom games:

    Use the DropBnet Button in V4 before clicking any of the features. Make sure you are disconnected from bnet before injecting a feature (type a bnet command like /f l, if it doesn't work then it means you are disconnected. Close war3 and close the hacks after the game.


    DropBnet2.exe is in the folder DropBnet (made by Darimus). You can use it to hack in a bnet custom game without being detected. You need to run it in a custom game before enabling any of the maphack features. Close war3 and close the hacks after the game.

    Guide to follow by the letter if you don't want to get banned:

    1. Join a custom game.
    2. Run DropBnet2.exe
    3. Type "/f l" or another bnet chat command to make sure you are disconnected from bnet.
    4. Inject the hack.
    5. Play the game.
    6. Once game is over you will get disconnected from battle.net, you should then close warcraft 3 and close your hack, then start warcraft III again and repeat the steps.

    Current Bugs:
    - Enemy icons is bugged. It will show all hero icons.

    - Remove zoom angles is bugged too.

    maphack for 1.24
    Don't forget to run as administrator on Vista!
    Make sure config.ini is in the same folder as D3Scene.exe or it will not work.

    Note0: Disabling "bypass AH in Dota" will allow you to fix the non-transparent spider webs bug. Who uses the -ah feature anyway? Just disable it and webs will be fixed.
    Note1: In order for healthbar options to work, disable "Always show healthbars" in Warcraft III options.
    Note2: In order for red invisible units to work, don't enable "Show invisible (cancels red units)"
    Note3: You need to be on LAN or on battle.net for cd-key grabbing to work. Else the program will just hang until you connect to either.
    Note4: Smoothcamera and customcamera must have different bool values. For example, customcamera=true, smoothcamera=false or customcamera=false, smoothcamera=true.





    - Save features in config.ini (customizable all features)
    - Grab your Cd-Keys
    - Reveal units
    - Reveal units on minimap
    - Remove fog
    - Remove fog on minimap
    - Clickable units
    - See ressources
    - See invisible

    - Bypass -ah feature in DotA (Sd333221)
    - Show illusions (Sd333221)
    - Show enemy pings (Sd333221)
    - Clickable invisible units (Sd333221)
    - See cooldowns (Sd333221)
    - See skills
    - Show invisible units as red
    - Show hero icons ally/enemy/all (Sd333221)
    - Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
    - Show hero icons ally/enemy/all
    - Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
    - Working Hotkeys (F4,F5 for on/off and NUM+, NUM- for zoom out/in)
    - Namespoofer with colors
    - Camera Distance Hack (customizable distance)
    - Custom trade amounts
    - Minimize to tray button

    - Show all HP bars (For the HP bars features, you have to have the option always show healthbars in warcraft III DISABLED)
    - Show only enemy HP bars (Darimus)
    - Show only ally HP bars

    - Top view feature (removes the angle so you look over everything at 180 degrees)
    - Remove zoom angles (removes the deviation when zooming)
    - 90 degree spin (spins camera by 90 degrees)
    - Smooth Camera (Max Camera distance that doesn't lock the zoom)

    Thanks to:

    SD333221 and the rest.

    Become a fan on facebook Search Names: tyrano | Facebook

    Direct download: TyranOd3_V4_DropBnetButton2.zip

    Note: I did NOT make this.
    All credits go to TyranO on www.d3scene.com
    It is detected, and you WILL get a ban, unless you use DropBnet2.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2009
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