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Problem (18+ game) Offline version of an Online Flash Game (please read thread)

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by asakayosapro, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. asakayosapro


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    Nov 25, 2005
    Just to make things clear:

    I do not intend on hacking, cheating or altering the live online aspect of the game, as there is serious money (who would have thought) and elitistry involved.
    No 18+ content will be posted in this thread, despite the game itself being 18+ or containing sexually explicit content.

    Not sure if this is the correct section for this sort of thing, so please move to whichever section it should be in, thanks.

    Hello, everyone... I was hoping i could get some help understanding what needs to be done to make a difficult endeavor possible.

    There is this flash game that i have been trying to make it possible to work offline with only extremely little success. And no, its not as easy as simply saving a .swf file.

    The game in question is Ultra Adventure - Go Go Osawari Island. For obvious reasons, i can't post the link to it here; use the usual methods.

    Easy enough of a game, sort of like simplified Pokemon, easy to play, somewhat grindy to be proficient at, and more of less can be mastered with good 'Eromon'. And of course, there's the H-scenes for SSR+ rarity mons you acquire, but the gameplay aspect is what i am after.

    The problem is that it was not as simple as saving all the associated flash files and running one - this game is ridiculouslly complicated to the tune of having 20+ flash files it loads for specific aspects of the game, e.g. quest, gacha, eromon list, etc. literally one dedicated flash file per gameplay aspect or feature

    Another reason is the usual one - being able to continue playing the game even after the official developers or hosts pull the plug on it. The DMM version was already shuttered last year, and the only running service that hosts it is re-running past events as the developers have ceased making new events for the game less than a year ago. Yes, it is in English.

    Now, for the technical stuff. I am a total blank when it comes to stuff like flash, java, css/html and all that jazz, but at the very least i can understand or figure out what stuff does, what a variable/s are and what what they do.... or at least the gist of it.

    So far, the only real stuff i have accomplished (with the assistance of an acquaintance who is no longer online for some reason) is getting the Start Game screen to load on a simple HTTP server running off Python. But clicking it does NOTHING except post the usual error screen - the result of not getting the expected 'account data' i.e. player level, main screen mon, etc.

    I believe i have all the basic 'client' files needed to run the game, but the client files are only scratching the iceberg - that is, majority of the game's content is hosted online by the hosting site that has the content, along with the server files that dish out/upload/inject the swf files with the needed data to do their thing.

    I can also somewhat edit said flash .swf objects with an swf editor of sorts (Sothink SWF Quicker) but no idea what to do with them, what variables to edit, etc.

    The questions i have:

    What sort of software can be utilized to emulate an offline server environment where I can upload variables to these flash files? I hear something like Debian or some other similar witchcraft, but have no idea how to work those things, even though i have variable names.

    Is it possible to 'download' all the game content from the cdn:// content host server or whatever it is? or create some sort of script that does that?

    Might have more questions later on the matter. Thank you very much for any assistance you can offer.

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  2. nancytaut


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    Feb 7, 2018
    WOW. That's surely a pure Skill

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