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[2012] [HOT] Revelation Online -Co Private Server- (5527+ Server)

Discussion in 'Conquer Online Private Server Discussion' started by dunken1, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. dunken1

    dunken1 New Member

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    Hey guys this a new Server that is searching for new players!:clap2:

    Watch this promo video to know more about it:

    Revelation Online -Conquer Online Private Server-

    -Official Site: http://eternity-gaming.us/home.html
    -Vote for us: http://xtremetop100.com/in.php?site=1132326782
    -Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RevelationOnline/253993661312921
    -Questions? Chat: http://eternity-gaming.us/chat.html


    -5527+ Server
    -Max Level 140
    -24/7 Vps Hosted
    -Max Rebirths 2
    -Max Composition +12
    -All Classes 100%
    -Reincarnation 100%
    -Sub-Classes 100%
    -Pure Skills 100%
    -Dragon Souls 100%
    -Steeds 100% (Tigers & Deer)
    -Custom Steed Armors
    -Terato & Other Bosses 100%
    -Arena 100%
    -Purification 100%
    -Stabalization 100%
    -Custom Vip System
    -140 Weps & Armor
    -Custom Garms
    -Random Cps Drop
    -Custom Leveling Maps
    -Unbound Item Npc
    -Top Halo's
    -Tons of Custom Quest/Events
    -Class Pk
    -Super Guild War


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