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4 level 85's for sale with alts! Wow EU

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by renetjuh, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. renetjuh

    renetjuh New Member

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    I am selling my account. It has the following chars on it:

    Level 85 human PVE Fury warrior with tank off spec.
    Item level in Fury is PVE 391 and item level in tank spec is PVE 383.
    525 bs and 525 Mining.

    Level 85 PVE draenei restro shaman with elemental off spec.
    Item level in restro is PVE 392 and item level in elemental spec is PVE 388.
    Also has a full set of PVP gear. (4.2k resil)

    Level 85 PVP gnome rogue. 4.15k resil.

    Level 85 PVE human protection paladin with DPS off spec.
    Item level in protection PVE is 384 and item level in DPS PVE is 376

    Level 70 human death knight. Fully epic PVP geared.
    Level 60 dwarf hunter. Fully heirloom geared.
    Level 48 human mage. Fully heirloom geared.
    Level 47 human priest. Fully heirloom geared.

    I know the recovery questions and have the E-mail of the account.
    For more information: mandy-gotha@hotmail.com or reply here.

    Sirious biddings please.

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