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Abusive tips and normal tips

Discussion in 'ARK: Survival' started by Mr.iLLEGAL, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Feb 11, 2015
    Some guy on reddit just made a huge post after +500 hours played. It includes abusive and normal tips for having an advantage while playing and other cool things. I always forget the rule on posting directly to other posts on websites so I will just copy and paste it here. It is pretty long but definitely has some good stuff in it. This is NOT my work I am just relaying great information because I know a lot of people don't use reddit.

    Personal opinions on the game:
    I'm aLtCure, I play games competitively and professionally for a living. I've started Ark a few weeks ago, and here's the reasons why I'm leaving the game, as well as some tips for players that are looking to get better. I'll probably come back when the game is more balanced/fixed. It's just ridiculous that I alone could police an entire server (I demolished any tribe that kills a low-level on 298 pre-wipe by levelling their base and continuously griefing them daily till they leave the server) Griefing is a part of the game that needs to be fixed. It should take way more effort to grief a person than it is now. I shouldn't be able to respawn as a lvl 1 on HC, make 10 spears and go outside a fully metal base to spear their rex to death. Also, if you abuse the stuff mentioned below, you wouldn't die much at all. Game is just way too easy.
    EDIT: Too many people crying about me griefing, I'll post this here because people don't read all the comments. I don't grief people for no apparent reason. I only grief those who kill my dinos for no reason or attempt to raid my base. It's a PvP server, if you hit my base, expect me to hit yours back. I play competitively and my only goal is to "win". "Winning" in this game is surviving. Whatever it takes to survive in the game, I'll do. If I have to spend 2 hours scouting the map for your base everyday to level it to the ground till you leave the server, I will. If you're hostile, no way I'm letting you stay on the server while I'm still on it. Like hell I'm gonna sit around plucking flowers while you rebuild to raid me back. Also, point I was bringing up is that its too easy for me to be griefing people solo, that takes all the challenge out of the game. For those of you that know nothing about me and think badly of me griefing, ask on 298 or any other server I've played on. I've cleared some of the Chinese streamers that were server hopping and KOS/Wiping servers. I help lowbies all the time, give them mats/saddles, help nakeds that get killed on the beach and even pick people up when they're stuck. But if you're big enough to raid and grief people, you're big enough to get raided and griefed by me. Also, to you guys that were abusing these things before, don't get mad that now the playing field is even.
    --Abusive Tips--
    Abusing render distance
    Set your render distance to the lowest possible, other players will render in before trees do, which lets you see them while they're in forested areas / behind rocks. Also exceptionally useful for hunting and griefing people. Fly above the trees at max render range and easily spot their base since the trees won't render in.
    In the image above, you'll see none of the rocks rendered and a hidden 1 by 1 easily spotted.
    Abusing orbit camera glitch
    Rebind the orbit camera hotkey to your middle mouse or any other key thats easy to hit. If you're playing on hardcore server, its the key you'll be hitting the most. Zoom all the way out and tilt mouse upwards to look under the map to spot people easily (Use with tip #1). You can also use this to fly above the ocean and look below it for oil nodes etc. If you're in the middle of the map, doing this lets you spot ALL the airdrops on the map.
    In the first image above, you'll see that i'm able to look through the mountain before grabbing the drop. The second image shows other uses for it.
    Abuse flying buildings
    There's certain placements you can make with buildings to make them "fly" You destroy the base of the building when its done, and the building will never come down. I won't go into specifics on how this is done, but devs should fix it soon. Its virtually impossible to take this down unless you use RPGs. You can add icing on the cake by spiking the sides so argents can't destroy it. You can make multiple flying buildings beside each other, each containing the equal amount of loot so no matter how they RPG it down, it wouldn't be worth it for them to raid it. They just spend alot more raiding it than they will get out of raiding you. Bonus if you're online and despawn the loot while they're RPGing it down.
    Example. (Turn up gamma for this image)
    Abuse Offline Raiding
    When you find out which players are in which tribe. Go to steam, click servers, press view server info to check if players are online. Personally I leave the server info open on my second screen, and hit them the moment they go offline. Use arrows to bait all the neutral dinos to their fence, then pike them down from outside. Relatively easy to do. Once everything is down, land above their behemoth gate, then spam U to stop your flyer with you. Kill the rest of the small dinos from above, then start grenading.
    Abuse Dino Pens/Glitch T-Rex
    Shoot at anything that's on neutral, aggro it to the edge of the pen/wall. Stab at it with your spear/pike. The spear/pike outranges any dino's attack range (except brontos I believe) so you can technically kill a lvl 100 trex when you're lvl 1.
    Glitch View Through Ceilings
    Grab a friend, drop him off on someone's roof. Run into the ceiling as you pick him up, he'll be able to see INSIDE the base through the ceilings. This is especially useful to look at the interior of the house and decide whether or not to raid it. (Grenade cost vs Loot) and also to look at the layout and decide which direction you should be grenading/c4ing from. This can also be used to look into bases and decide which walls to break so you can get to the higher floors of the base easily.
    Glitch through walls
    Various other dinos do this too, not only the bronto. But if you use the ceiling glitch stated above and see that someone's in the house trying to despawn his loot, you can rear end a bronto (Especially easy now that dinos can backpedal) into someone's house to use the bronto tail to knock him out of his house and get an easy kill.
    Glitch Teleport Through Ceilings
    You can stand above a hatchframe , when it opens upwards, you can glitch through your own ceiling and end up above your house. Especially useful when getting raided by a small group, despawned all your stuff and want to get away safely when they know you don't have a hatchframe at the top of your base.
    Kill a person through a ceiling/walls
    If someone's raiding your base, he's above your ceiling and you have no choice but to despawn loot, try baiting him to talk or hear where he is from his footsteps are coming from. Place 4 spikes to box him in and he'll die if the uppermost layer of your base is 1high. Alternatively, you can demolish the ceiling and box him in, then use spikes to stab him from the sides as shown below.
    Screenshot 1 shows how it looks like when i killed the first guy on the roof. Screenshot 2 shows how I killed the other guy that managed to get through the ceiling. Also, i had a bed placed elsewhere, so I fast TPed off after killing the second guy and despawning the rest of my stuff. Third guy couldn't come in because of the spikes. Wasted over 60 of their grenades and the levels on the other 2. Hardcore server <3
    Gamma for NVIDIA Only.
    Turn up your gamma from here. And toggle between "Other applications control color settings" and "Use NVIDIA Settings". Now at night, you can see clearer than in the day. No more nightvision statfood required.
    Visual aids
    Type "r.bloomquality 0" and "r.lightshafts 0" in console. Now you no longer have glare and reflections. Meaning when facing the sun or moon, you can still see perfectly. Metal buildings also don't shine in your face anymore.
    --Non Abusive Tips--
    Things to bring when you're out raiding:
    2)Fabricated Pistol
    5)Spiked barricades (EXTREMELY USEFUL) Place it down when you have their huge dinos chasing you. Watch them aggro on it and laugh.
    [​IMG]Sleeping Bag (For non hardcore servers)
    9)Stat food.
    10)Storage Boxes (To keep excess loot in nearby spots to come back and take it later, since you wont be able to take everything back in 1 trip)
    Dodging bullets
    When you see someone, and you're ready to take a gunfight, zigzag when you're running towards him by turning left and right while holding w and shift, and double tap the prone key every now and then (I rebinded mine to Q). You're basically unshootable.
    Running from saddled dinos
    Zigzag through forested areas, they 100% cannot catch you. Use orbit toggle trick to tell where they are while running away.
    Underwater Caves
    Consider basing in one. Auto turrets at the edge of the entrance will start shooting at people swimming in, at that point they can't do anything about being shot at. 2-3 auto turrets makes it essentially unraidable.
    Hiding Loot
    For hardcore servers, there's really no point basing till you have enough levels or blueprints. In this scenario, keep your loot crates in murky waters, or underneath corals in the ocean. Underneath corals is always the safer choice. Also, don't place it too deep as people might run into it while hunting for oil. Also have multiple "GrabNGo" boxes set up in the ocean which contains a set of armor, pick, hatchet, blood, and pike. If you ever die, just pick up from that box and you're good to go.
    Image shows example of murky water that you can hide loot in.
    Extra Thoughts
    -Tribes should have a limit of members on official servers. I've played on an official server (29[IMG]http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/IMG] which was dominated by a Chinese tribe with over 50 members. Yep, 50 members when the server cap is 70. Raiding them is virtually impossible when they're always online, base on the coast, and keep respawning and punching out your dinos. I tried raiding them with multiple rexes, they just kept respawning and eventually punched everything out. It was however, possible for me to grief them out of the server by just killing all their dinos repeatedly everyday.
    -Exp bonuses should be given to solo players instead of tribes. It's already so much easier when you have a tribe. The XP boost makes the game virtually impossible to play unless you're like me and play 16-18 hours daily. Also, some people enjoy playing the solo game more than with others.
    People were asking for methods to powerlevel, so here are a few "legal/legit" ways you can do it without using any exploits.
    Method One- for solo players : Make spears and collect berries at lv1. Throw them at argents (headshots) to kill a few till you obtain a bow. Keep killing argents (Which drop bows/arrows/berries/armor, and farmable for meat/hide) while taming a trike. When trike is tamed, you should be high enough for a saddle, saddle it up and start farming narcoberries while argents respawn and make narcotics. Btw, 2 stone arrow headshots kill a lvl 29 argent.
    Method Two- for tribes : Farm a ton of wood, thatch, and fiber. Keep making the small storage boxes. They give approx 4xp(Not sure if exact) Farming cost to XP ratio for this is actually insane. Demolish and remake continuously till max level.
    [B]Proof images
    The images here show what I did to a few guys that attempted to kill me a day earlier, they tried killing me for 20~mins and I escaped alive by zigzagging through a forest armed with tranqs doing spinflicks. It only took me approx half a day solo to get stuff and demolish the work of 3-4 people. They had a rex, 3 argents, 3 sabers, 2 raptors, 1 mammoth, 1 ankylo, 1 scorpion. I killed everything they had and despawned all their loot before leaving the server as revenge. Killed them as they tried to come out too. This was on OC PVP Hardcore 165. Way too easy to grief.
    [URL="http://steamcommunity.com/id/alternativecure"]Steam Community :: aLtCure[/URL][11]
    My profile/hours played.[/B][/B]

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