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Release [AD] * Global MuOnline Network * Advance AntiCheat * Super Fast Dedicated Server *

Discussion in 'MU Online' started by GeekSquad, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. GeekSquad


    Likes Received:
    Dec 3, 2011
    Global MuOnline Network (Private server)
    Server Info:
    -Processor: Intel Xeon i7 W3520 4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
    8 Mb L2 - QPI 4.8 GT/sec Turbo Boost Technology @ 2.93GHz
    -HDD: SSD Drives
    -24/7 Uptime
    -Ddos protection
    -Long term game hosting : Yes
    -Premium Files: Yes (Powered By Muengine)
    -AntiHack: Yes (Premium Muguard)
    -Dedicated Server : Yes (France)
    -Network: 1000 Mbp/s Uplink (No Laggs)
    -Version: Season 5 Episode 4 (Jpn)
    -No database refresh
    -Credits to Vcorp for my main loop 512 items system ( Always been professional and good )

    Speed Test :

    Server Config:
    -Exp: 9999x
    -Drop rate: 80%
    -Chaos Machine: 90%
    -Max level: 400
    -Max Stats: 32767
    -Reset Level: 400
    -Clear Stats: NO, stats stay
    -Jewel of Bless (+1 - +6) - 80%
    -Jewel of Soul (+7 - +9) - 85% (90%)*
    -Jewel of Life - 85%
    -Chaos Machine (+10 - +13) - 65%/60%/55%/50% (80%/75%/70%/65%)*-*Items +luck
    -Socket system
    -Balance Character

    /post Global Chat Message
    /pkclear PK Reset Level
    /addagi Add stats to Agility
    /addstr Add stats to Strength
    /addvit Add stats to Vitality
    /addene Add stats to Energy
    /addcmd Add stats to Command
    /reset Reset char ingame
    /help view more info
    /lock char_name account security
    /vault 1-4 multy ingame vaults

    In Game Events:
    -Blood Castle
    -Devil Square
    -Chaos Castle
    -Golden Invasion
    -Red Dragon Invasion
    -Kantru Event
    -Crywolf Event
    -Caslte Siege
    -Kalima Lord of Kundun Event
    -Player vs Player Last stand event
    -Auto Scramble Words Event
    -Account Lock System ( Manage your account security )
    -Extra EXP Event
    -Dungeon Race Event

    -Custom Items
    -Online Exchange Hours
    -3d Camera (Credits to Vcorp)
    -512 loop system
    -Unique Webshop


    -Register: GlobalMuOnline
    -Downloads: GlobalMuOnline
    -Forum: Global MuOnline Forum

    Server Administrator: neo6

    Click Here To Watch Video

  2. cryheart


    Likes Received:
    Nov 23, 2005
    Re: [AD] * Global MuOnline Network * Advance AntiCheat * Super Fast Dedicated Server

    Server specs looks stable enough.

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