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[AD] HabbzElite || 24/7 || R63 || VPS Hosted || Stable || No Lag ||

Discussion in 'Habbo Hotel Private Server Advertisement' started by iAubrey, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. iAubrey


    Likes Received:
    Dec 15, 2011


    Habbz Elite started Today January 18, 2012 and I see in the Future that Habbz Elite can Grow Bigger And Bigger With Your Help

    Why Habbz Elite?
    If you're after that retro feeling that only a r63 hotel can provide - choose Habbz Elite! We offer a fantastic, stable server that has a fantastic record of uptime. Our staff and events team will be there for you 24/7 - so if you're ready to read more continue reading!

    What does Habbz Elite offer?

    - The classic shockwave retro, the only decent one currently online!
    - Amazing staff and events team, with regular competitions to win free stuff.
    - Regular radio parties on our own radio network, EliteFM (H-Elite FM) Coming Soon!
    - We offer a Rare Value Site (Habbz Elite Values) Updating Link!

    What are some things will should know about the Economy?

    -You start with 500 coins and 20 pixel. (Should Keep The Economy Stable)
    -Automatic Credits : 75 coins & 15 pixels every 15 minutes
    -Weekly events from Staff

    Problems We May Have?

    -Disconnecting when you load client: This is no problem just reload and it should work straight away.

    Hotel might not load: Use a different browser.(Chrome or IE)



    *I Will Update With More As Soon As Possible*

    Habbz Elite
    HabbElite Forum

    *Going To Update Thread With More Info, Screenshots, & Links*
    Updates & News

    I accidentally corrupted the database. All rooms, furniture, catalog pages, users, etc have all been lost.
  2. javier-russo


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    Mar 27, 2012
    this is a amazing site

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