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Trading [ADVISED TO READ] Soldier Front Trading Rules/Tips/Guidelines [MUST READ]

Discussion in 'Soldier Front Trading' started by Lieutenant_Sf, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Lieutenant_Sf


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    Mar 21, 2008
    Soldier Front Trading Section; Rules, Guidelines and Tips!
    *You must abide by all the rules and/or guidelines or will result in an infraction or closed thread.*

    The Rules:
    *By using this section, you AGREE to abide and follow these set of guidelines or receive consequences.*

    1. You MUST follow the trading template provided or your thread will be CLOSED.
    2. If you make a thread about scamming you will receive an infraction for 'wrong section' and the thread will be closed.
    3. A post made on a thread other than that pertaining to the thread (goodluck, it won't sell, price is to high, etc.) You WILL receive an infraction for spamming.
    4. Your allowed ONE bump per day, any more and you will receive an infraction for bumping.
    5. Posting on a thread "I'll MM for you" is not tolerated, send a pm or add them. You WILL receive an infraction for spamming if you do so.
    6. Do not post anything related to the name of the account, name on forums, or IGN. Failure to do so WILL result in an infraction.
    7. For Obvious reasons, anti-scamming or scamming methods are not allowed to be sold/traded/shared here on GzP, it doesn't matter your intentions. (Consequences range 15-30 points)
    8. Self/false feedback (falsely giving yourself feedback) and anything related to the matter is strictly not allowed.
    9. Accusations of him/her being a scammer or have scammed you will not be allowed, an infraction will be immediately given in relevance to scamming bickering, don't accuse them, report them!
    10. Under any circumstances is back seat modding allowed (no matter your intentions), if you see the rules being violated contact GzP staff or report the post. Back seat modding will be considered spam (5pts).
    Tips and Questions:
    *Follow these to keep youself and the trader safe. As well as to prevent scam.*

    • Pay attention to the traders email and contact information. There will ALWAYS be imposters.
    • Save ALL chat logs(via screenshot or a recording). If so, you may present sufficient evidence to have the accused banned.
    • After every trade (positive or negative), you are required to give feedback (positive or negative) via iTrader.
    • If you are scammed, make a thread in the member feedback section using the template provided there; http://www.gamerzplanet.net/forums/members-feedback/.
    • If the trade seems "out of this world", its more than likely a scam. Be careful.
    • If you receive a random add, chances are they've been banned etc from GzP, have them send you a pm or post on the thread to confirm there identity.
    • Should I use a MM? MM's can be a big help, although there is always the chance. Try to find a well-known trusted MM.
    • Feedback/Reputation; judging by that you can have a lot of insight on a person.
    • We have many reasons behind why we provide a specific trading template, don't ask questions. Use it.
    • You can subscribe to USF Premium for: Access to a private forum on Gzp, Premium support, Download available USF Premium hacks, exclusive premium items
    Trading Template(s):
    *This template must be used and applied or your thread WILL be closed.*

    Account Trading Template(Selling or Trading an Account)
    Requesting/Looking For An Account(Buying)
    Selling/Buying/Offering (An Item or Service)
    **If you have any questions, problems or concerns. Please feel free to send me or any other moderator a private message!**

    Credits (had part of/or information in creating this thread):

    • AznSouljaZ
    • Cube
    • Krnboy323 x2
    • Prodigy
    • SteveSOSP3
    • tonytheviet
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    • Crosshatch

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  2. krineko


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    Dec 26, 2010
    Just one idea, maybe there shouldn't be the template anymore? should let people be able to customize how they want to sell their account. So much threads have been close just because of this and this forum is dying there's about 1 thread every 2 days.

    But again, so much bad threads with not enough info about the account so sometimes there should be a template to keep it organized and give enough info about the account. But it's up to you.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2012

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