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all de file extentions ever. Careful- mite lag ur comp PArt one

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Saibot, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Saibot

    Saibot Banned

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    Nov 26, 2005
    whoo long time to do this...

    here goes. FIrst is a letter or the file extention in blue. after the file extention is the program, or what the extention is called. You may click on teh blue if you want, it will bring you to a very specific discription of the file extention:

    here goes im gona list them in alfabetical order

    A ADA Program
    A Assembly Source Code (Macintosh)
    A UNIX Library
    A Free Pascal Archive File for Linux or DOS Version (FPC Development Team)
    A00 Archive Section
    A01 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A01 ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive (can be 01 to 99) (also see .000)
    A01 Archive Section
    A02 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A02 Archive Section
    A03 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A03 Archive Section
    A04 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A04 Archive Section
    A05 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A05 Archive Section
    A06 Lotto Pro 2002 Smart Number Ticket
    A06 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A06 Archive Section
    A07 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A07 Archive Section
    A08 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A08 Archive Section
    A09 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A09 Archive Section
    A1 Free Pascal Archive File for GO321v1 Platform (FPC Development Team)
    A10 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    A11 AOL Instant Messenger Graphic (America Online, Inc.)
    A21 Soundweb Firmware File (BSS Audio)
    A2A IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
    A2A Sharp APL Workspace Export File
    A2B A2B Player Playlist (DigitalPhono.com)
    A2M AudioToMidi Settings
    A2M AdLib Tracker 2
    A3 Unrelated Inventions Audiotools Show Log
    A31 Authorware Ver. 3.x Library
    A3D Amapi 3D Modeling (Eovia)
    A3K Yamaha A3000 Sampler File
    A3L Authorware Ver. 3.x Library
    A3M Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh File
    A3W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
    A41 Authorware Ver. 4.x Library
    A4L Authorware Ver. 4.x Library
    A4M Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh File
    A4P Authorware File Without Runtime
    A4W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
    A51 Authorware Ver. 5.x Library
    A52 Atari 5200 Game Image
    A5L Authorware Ver. 5.x Library
    A5W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
    A5W Alpha Five Web Publishing Page (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    A60 Roland Garros Tennis MVTS File
    A64 Artist 64
    A65 Macromedia Authorware v6.5
    A6P Authorware Application (Macromedia, Inc.)
    A78 Atari 7800 ROM Image
    A8 Cubicomp PictureMaker 24bit 3D Animation
    A86 A86 Assembler Source Code
    AA Audio Book
    AA PROGNOSIS Automated Analyst Document File
    AAA App Cam Automation
    AAA Softphrase Automation File
    AAA Sybase SQLAnywhere Temp File
    AAA Xtal Backup
    AAB Authorware Binary (Macromedia)
    AAC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding File
    AAF Advanced Authoring Format File
    AAM Authorware Shocked File (Map) (Macromedia)
    AAO America's Army Map
    AAP Apollo Advanced Playlist
    AAPKG ArchestrA IDE Package (Invensys)
    AAR Axis Archive (Apache Software Foundation)
    AAS Authorware Shocked Packet (Segment) (Macromedia)
    AAS Bong Script File
    AAS Movie Clip; Autodesk Animation Setup; used by Compton's Reference Collection
    AAS Star Trek Elite Force Bot Support File (Raven Software)
    AAS Audible Words File (Audible, Inc.)
    AAT Arcinfo Line Data Attribute Data
    AATREND ActiveFactory Trend File (Invensys Systems, Inc.)
    AB Applix Builder
    AB$ AutoCAD Spooled Plot (Autodesk, Inc.)
    AB2 Parson's Address Book
    AB3 PhotoImpact Album File
    AB4 ENIAC Computing AB4 Accounting & Business File
    AB6 AB Stat Data
    AB8 AB Stat Data
    ABA Palm Address Book File (Palm)
    ABAP ABAP Source Code (SAP AG)
    ABC ABC Programming Language
    ABC Athena 16 Address Book
    ABC FlowCharter Data File (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
    ABC Musical Notation Language File
    ABC Pro-Act
    ABC ACT! E-mail Address Book File (Best Software CRM Division)
    ABC LithTech Game 3D Model (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
    ABD Adventure Builder Database
    ABD AmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File
    ABD The Bat! Address Book (RITLABS)
    ABF Binary Screen Font (Adobe)
    ABG Fifa World Cup Game Data File
    ABI ABI- CODER (ABI- Software Development)
    ABI AOL 6 Organizer (America Online, Inc.)
    ABI dnaLIMS ABI Trace File (dnaTools)
    ABK AMOS Basic Data (SPSS Inc.)
    ABK Any Automatic Backup
    ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
    ABK HP-95LX Appointment Book File
    ABK Ability Office Write Document Backup (Ability Software)
    ABK Need for Speed: Underground Audio File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    ABK AMOS Music Bank
    ABL Maxagrid Avails Data File
    ABL Xilinx Integrated Software Environment ABEL Hardware Description Language (Xilinx, Inc.)
    ABM Album
    ABM HitPlayer Audio Album File
    ABM Photo Impressions Album (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    ABO Applix Builder Turbo
    ABR Photoshop Brush (Adobe)
    ABS Abscissa Data File
    ABS Abstracts
    ABS MPEG Audio Sound File
    ABS Optocat
    ABS PC GNU Compiler Output
    ABS Absolute Packager Configuration File (Xceed Software Inc.)
    ABT The Arbiter Sports Official Schedule
    ABU ACT! E-mail Address Book File (Best Software CRM Division)
    ABW AbiWord Document File (The AbiSource Community)
    ABX WordPerfect Address Book File (Corel)
    ABY AOL (America Online, Inc.)
    ABZ AbszOrb
    AC CaseWare Working Papers Client File
    AC AC3D Geometry File (Inivis)
    AC$ AutoCAD Undo Info (Autodesk, Inc.)
    AC1 Weaver Spider Software (Weaver Spider Software)
    AC3 AC3 Audio File Format
    ACA Agent Character (Microsoft)
    ACA Project Manager Workbench File
    ACAD AutoCAD Database (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ACB ACMB Graphic Image
    ACB AOL Cab Launcher (America Online, Inc.)
    ACB Photoshop Color Book (Adobe)
    ACC Atari ST Executable
    ACC Composer File (Microsoft)
    ACC DR-DOS Viewmax File
    ACC Graphic Accounts Accounts Data (FKJ Software)
    ACCESS Java Access Control File (Sun)
    ACD Agent Character Definition (Microsoft)
    ACD ALAN Game
    ACD allCLEAR Flowcharting File
    ACD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
    ACD Nascar Racing 2002 Arcade Car Setup (Sierra)
    ACD Sonic Foundry Acid Music File (Sony)
    ACD RSLogix 5000 Project File (Rockwell Automation)
    ACE Aces200
    ACE WinAce Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    ACE Casting Electronic Enterprise CV Archive (Casting Electronic)
    ACE Jupiter Ace Snapshot
    ACE Train Simulator Texture File (Microsoft Corporation)
    ACF Agent Character (Microsoft)
    ACF DB/TextWorks Database Access Control File
    ACF Photoshop Custom Filter (Adobe)
    ACF X-Plane Plane Description File (Laminar Research)
    ACF AdviceCalculator (JRK Software)
    ACF Spectramap Application Colors File (Coloritto BV)
    ACG Agent Preview (Microsoft)
    ACG Age of Wonders Saved Game (Triumph Studios)
    ACGI AppleSearch CGI Interface
    ACH Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
    ACH Speccy Snapshot
    ACH Medlin Accounting Automated Clearing House File (Medlin Accounting)
    ACI ACI Development Appraisal
    ACL Access Control List (Microsoft)
    ACL ACL For Windows
    ACL Corel Draw 6 Keyboard Accelerator
    ACL Office AutoCorrect List (Microsoft)
    ACL RaidenFTPD Rights File
    ACM ACBM Image File
    ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Microsoft)
    ACM Infinity Game Engine Sound (BioWare Corp.)
    ACM Interplay Compressed Sound File
    ACM Movie File in some games
    ACM Photoshop Command Button (Adobe)
    ACM Windows System File
    ACM American Civil War File (Interactive Magic)
    ACMB Graphics File
    ACMD Apache Commander Project (Zecos Software)
    ACO Photoshop Color Swatch File (Adobe)
    ACO Fast-Talk Acoustic Model File (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.)
    ACO ArCon Project (TRIXL GmbH)
    ACP ACB Compressed File Archive
    ACP Acrobat Paper Capture Temporary File (Adobe)
    ACP Office Assistant Preview File (Microsoft)
    ACP Action! Document (Macromedia)
    ACQ AcqURL
    ACR American College of Radiology
    ACR Dicom
    ACR Medlin Accounting Accrual Method Adjustments (Unpaid Invoices) (Medlin Accounting)
    ACS Agent Character (Microsoft Corporation)
    ACT Action! Presentation (Macromedia)
    ACT Animation:Master Action (Hash)
    ACT DataWave Physiological Data File
    ACT FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram (Microsoft)
    ACT Office Actor Program File (Microsoft)
    ACT Photoshop Color Table (Adobe)
    ACT ADPCM Compressed File Recorded by Some MP3 Players/Voice Recorders
    ACT Train Simulator Activity File (Microsoft Corporation)
    ACTIONS Photoline4 Defaults File
    ACTPROJ Visual Studio .NET ACT Project (Microsoft)
    ACU AppleLink-PE Compression Format
    ACU ACUCOBOL-GT Intermediate Object File (Acucorp, Inc.)
    ACV OS/2 Audio Drivers
    ACV Photoshop Saved Curve (Adobe)
    ACW Accessibility Wizard Settings (Microsoft)
    ACW American Civil War Game Save File (Interactive Magic)
    ACW AutoCaption Worksheet File (Image Logic Corporation)
    ACX Atari ST Executable
    ACX FOCUS/WebFOCUS File Description
    ACX Rational XDE (IBM)
    AC_ CaseWare Working Papers Compressed Client File
    AC_ Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
    AD After Dark Screen Saver
    AD Ascend Password Protocol
    AD AxSys Script File (Genomic Solutions)
    AD AppleDouble Encoded File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    AD! OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access QS-Special - Get Marked Online
    AD2 Compressed Voice File
    AD3 Compressed Voice File
    ADA ActiveDocs Answer Set
    ADA ADA Program
    ADA Advanced Digital Audio Compressed Audio
    ADB ADA Package Body
    ADB HP 100LX Organizer Appointment Database
    ADB LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut VB Macro
    ADB ACT! Activity Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    ADB Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ADB Advanced Integrated Maintenance Support System (AIMSS) Runtime Project Configuration File (Raytheon Company)
    ADBA Advanced Integrated Maintenance Support System (AIMSS) Author Project Configuration File (Raytheon Company)
    ADBLOCK Alpha Five Temporary Locking File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ADC ActiveDocs Clipping Catalog
    ADC ADC Data Acquistion
    ADC Chromeleon Demo Data File
    ADC Lingvo Dictionary Text File
    ADC Scanstudio 16-color Bitmap Graphic File
    ADC TI/MIT ADC Format Sound
    ADC ClearSight Analyzer Trace File (ClearSight Networks, Inc.)
    ADC XMap ImageReg Output File (Delorme)
    ADD Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary
    ADD LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut Drawing
    ADD OS/2 Adapter Device Driver
    ADD PageMaker (Adobe)
    ADE Access Project Extension (Microsoft)
    ADE ADC Audio File
    ADEX ADEX Corporation ChromaGraph Graphics Card Bitmap Graphic
    ADF Actual Drawing File
    ADF Adapter Description File
    ADF Admin Config File
    ADF Amiga Disk File (Amiga)
    ADF ArcView ARC/INFO Coverage Data File (ESRI)
    ADF Dog Creek QC Mask File
    ADF MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Aperture Definition File
    ADF ReliaSoft ALTA 1
    ADF Wyatt Technology ASTRA(r)Chromatography
    ADF I-DEAS Associated Data File (EDS)
    ADF Grand Theft Auto Vice City Radio Station (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    ADI Advantage Data Server Database Index File
    ADI AutoCAD Plotter File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ADJ LISCAD Plus Adjustment File
    ADL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access QS-Special Get Marked
    ADL QEMM MCA Adapter Description Library
    ADL DESQview (Symantec)
    ADM Addict Compiled Dictionary
    ADM Advantage Data Server Database Memo File
    ADM After Dark Screen Saver Module
    ADM LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut Parameter Macro
    ADM SCSI Driver
    ADM Windows Policy Template (Microsoft)
    ADM Portfolio Admin-level Acces Flag (Extensis, Inc.)
    ADN Access Blank Project Template (Microsoft)
    ADN 1-2-3 Add-in Utility (IBM)
    ADO Photoshop Duotone Options (Adobe)
    ADO Stata Program
    ADOBENET Studio Snapshot Tool Application (Adobe)
    ADOC Authentica Secure Office Protected Word Document (Authentica)
    ADOS ADOS Compound Document (ADOS Corporation)
    ADP Access Project (Microsoft)
    ADP AOL Server Dynamic Page (America Online, Inc.)
    ADP Astound Dynamite
    ADP FaxWorks Modem Setup File
    ADP LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut Post
    ADPCM Intel/DVI Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation Format Sound
    ADR Address Book
    ADR Address Plus Database
    ADR After Dark Random Screen Saver Module
    ADR Opera Web Browser Bookmark File (Hotlist) (Opera Software ASA)
    ADR Smart Address Address Book
    ADR XAIRON-Addy Address Manager Data File
    ADS ADA Package Specification
    ADS ADS Applications File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ADT AdTech Fax
    ADT Advantage Data Server Database File
    ADT AutoCAD Audit Report (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ADT Casio Travel Phrase Database
    ADT HP NewWave Card Application Data File
    ADT LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut Tools
    ADT Lingvo Dictionary File
    ADT ACT! Document Template (Best Software CRM Division)
    ADT MediSoft Database Dictionary File
    ADV GUS Virtual Device Driver
    ADV TAPCIS Advanced Commands (User Entered)
    ADW ADHAWIN Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
    ADX Archetype Designer Document
    ADX Dynazip Active Delivery Script
    ADX Approach Index File (IBM)
    ADX Dreamcast Audio File (Sega)
    ADZ Amiga GZ-Packed Disk Image (Amiga)
    AE SoftQuad Author/Editor File
    AEB LICOM AlphaCAM Wire EDM VB Macro
    AEC DataCAD Double Precision Drawing (DATACAD LLC)
    AED LICOM AlphaCAM Wire EDM Drawing
    AEG Netmino File
    AEH iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext (Visual Vision)
    AEM LICOM AlphaCAM Wire EDM Parameter Macro
    AEP ArcExplorer Project (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI))
    AEP LICOM AlphaCAM Wire EDM Post
    AEP After Effects Project File (Adobe)
    AER Atmosphere File (Adobe)
    AES After Effects Stablilzer Settings (Adobe)
    AET After Effects Tracker Settings (Adobe)
    AEU AutoRoute Express Europe Route (Microsoft)
    AEX Alpha Five Compiled Add-in Library Script (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    AEX Art Explosion Greeting Card Factory Deluxe Graphic (Nova Development Corporation)
    AEX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Armored Extracted Public Encryption Key (PGP Corporation)
    AEXPK Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Armored Extracted Public Key (PGP Corporation)
    AF 3DPlus2 Model (Serif)
    AF2 ABC Flowchart
    AF3 FlowCharter Ver. 3 & 4 (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
    AFB LICOM AlphaCAM Flame VB Macro
    AFC Apple Sound (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    AFC ArisFlow Commander
    AFD ArisFlow Diagram
    AFD LICOM AlphaCAM Flame Drawing
    AFD Prismo Graphics ActiveFile Data
    AFF AnyForm Form
    AFG Guitar Musik Trainer File
    AFI Truevision Bitmap Graphic
    AFL AnimaFlex RubberFlex Animation
    AFL Lotus Font (IBM)
    AFL X-Plane Airfoil (Laminar Research)
    AFL XMap (Delorme)
    AFM HP NewWave Cardfile Application
    AFM LICOM AlphaCAM Flame Parameter Macro
    AFM LOUT File
    AFM Outline Font Metric (Adobe)
    AFM Abassis Finance Manager Data File (SmartMedia Informatica)
    AFM DESQview (Symantec)
    AFP Flowchart Symbol Palette
    AFP Gangsters Game File
    AFP IBM Transactional Data Format (Advanced Function Print)
    AFP LICOM AlphaCAM Flame Post
    AFP Papyrus Document Storage Format
    AFP Prismo Graphics ActiveFile Proxy
    AFP XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    AFS Filter Factory Photoshop Filter
    AFS Sega Dreamcast Compressed Audio
    AFS Type Manager Font Set (Adobe)
    AFT AnyForm Template
    AFT Flowchart Template
    AFT Ancestry Family Tree Data File (MyFamily.com Inc.)
    AFW Flowchart Work Area
    AFW Industrial Aspect Integrator Platform (ABB Ltd)
    AFX Auto FX Photographic Edges (Auto FX Software)
    AFZ Ancestry Family Tree Backup Data File (MyFamily.com Inc.)
    AG Applix Graphic
    AG Argus Spreadsheet
    AG Agenda Application (IBM)
    AG4 Access G4 File (Microsoft)
    AGC AfterGRASP Compiled Script (John Bridges)
    AGF Atlas GeoFile
    AGG Graphic
    AGM DOTAGM.JAR Packed Audio File (agm digital arts GmbH)
    AGN Psion Series 3 Agenda (Psion PLC)
    AGO Autolog Script (Soft Machines)
    AGP Aspen Graphics Pages
    AGP AppGini MySQL Code Generator Project (BigProf Software)
    AGR APM Graph Vector Graphic (APM)
    AGR Aepryus Graph Image or Screen Saver File (Aepryus Software)
    AGS AfterGRASP Script (John Bridges)
    AGS AppGini Saved Style Sheet (BigProf Software)
    AGT PeerAgent Typed Executable E-mail
    AGW Aspen Graphics Windows
    AGX Rational XDE (IBM)
    AHB AIM High Briefcase Report File (Cosby Clifton Computer Consultants Ltd)
    AHD Asus Probe
    AHF ASP Header
    AHK AutoHotkey Script (AutoHotkey)
    AHP AutoCAD Help (Autodesk, Inc.)
    AHQ AudioHQ Plug-in Module
    AHS Photoshop Halftone Screens (Adobe)
    AHTM HTML File
    AHX WinAHX THX Tracker Music (Abyss)
    AI Advantage Database Server
    AI Corel Trace Drawing
    AI EARS Component File
    AI Illustrator Vector Graphic (Adobe)
    AI Progress Database After Image File (Progress Software)
    AI Ai Archiver Archive
    AI Rise of Nations AI File (Microsoft)
    AI3 Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
    AI4 Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
    AI5 Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
    AI6 Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
    AI7 Generic Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
    AIC Advanced Image Coding Bitmap
    AIF Audio Interchange File
    AIF Knowledgeware Setup Information
    AIF SymbianOS Application Information File
    AIF OS/2 Program Information File (IBM)
    AIFC Audio Interchange File
    AIFF Audio Interchange File
    AIH ArcView Optional Index File (ESRI)
    AIJ Oracle After-Image Journal
    AIL AutoImager
    AIM Asm Text Mode Image File (The Ultimate Draw)
    AIM AOL Instant Messenger (America Online, Inc.)
    AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
    AIN AIN Compressed Archive
    AIN ArcView Optional Index File (ESRI)
    AINSO VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
    AIO APL File Transfer Format
    AIP Audiosoft Parameter File
    AIP Illustrator Plug-in (Adobe)
    AIP Star Trek Armada Arficicial Intelligence Parameters
    AIQ AzureIQ Client
    AIR Align It! Resource
    AIR Automatic Image Registration
    AIR Flight Simulator Aircraft Performance Info File (Microsoft)
    AIRPORT RealFlight Radio Control Flying Site (Knife Edge Software)
    AIS ACDSee Image Sequence File (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    AIS Array of Intensity Samples
    AIS Velvet Studio Instruments
    AIW Formula 1 car race 2001 Season01 School France file
    AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application Data
    AJA AJC Active Backup Backup Revision Control Archive (AJC Software)
    AJB LICOM AlphaCAM Water Jet VB Macro
    AJD LICOM AlphaCAM Water Jet Drawing
    AJG AJC Grep Project File (AJC Software)
    AJL ARCserve Backup Journal File (Computer Associates)
    AJM LICOM AlphaCAM Water Jet Parameter Macro
    AJP LICOM AlphaCAM Water Jet Post
    AJP Anfy Applet Generator Saved File (Anfy Team)
    AJZ Jukebox MP3 Player Firmware Update (Archos)
    AK Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
    AKF Acrobat Key File (Adobe)
    AKM Aksharamala Binary Keymap File (Deshweb.com Pvt. Ltd.)
    AKS Aksharamala Ver 2.0 Binary Keymap File (Deshweb.com Pvt. Ltd.)
    AKT Aksharamala Source Keymap File (Deshweb.com Pvt. Ltd.)
    AKW RoboHELP Help Project Index File
    AL ALAW Format Sound
    AL Oracle File
    AL$ Cubase Compressed File (Steinberg)
    ALA Alan Adventure Language File
    ALA Sharp Fax File
    ALAW ALAW Format Sound
    ALB Image Commander Album (Corel Corporation)
    ALB LICOM AlphaCAM Laser VB Macro
    ALB Photo Soap2 File
    ALB Cubase or VST Backup Song File (Steinberg)
    ALB Pro/DESKTOP Album (PTC)
    ALB Raduga Playlist (WoLoSoft)
    ALB Alpha Five Data Dictionary (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ALB Chief Architect Library File (Chief Architect)
    ALB Web Easy Album (VCOM/Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc.)
    ALBM Photosmart Photo Printing Album (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    ALBM webAlbum Photo Album (Goopers - Logan Mueller)
    ALC MP3 Embedded Dynamic Lyrics
    ALC Norton Internet Security Ad Server File
    ALC ACUCOBOL-GT License File (Acucorp, Inc.)
    ALD LICOM AlphaCAM Laser Drawing
    ALD Aladdin Interactive DSP Document (Hitech Development AB)
    ALE Avid Log Exchange
    ALF Abacus Law (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
    ALF ACT! User Logon Tracking (Best Software CRM Division)
    ALF AdventNet Look and Feel Standards
    ALF Airpro 2000 Landfile
    ALF ALF Logic
    ALF Aventail Connect License
    ALF Cadence Ambit BuildGates
    ALF Color Quick Label
    ALF LANDesk Client Manager Configuration File
    ALF VPCom Remote User Configuration File
    ALG ARCSOLO Activity Log
    ALG Netmino File
    ALH Aladdin Interactive DSP Model Header File (Hitech Development AB)
    ALI OM2 OMALI Native OMALI Document
    ALI SAP Proprietary Format Document File
    ALI DESQview (Symantec)
    ALIAS Alias Image
    ALIGN Insight II Sequence Alignment File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    ALL Arts & Letters Symbols and Characters
    ALL FRQView File List of All Files
    ALL 1-2-3 Always Working Page Format File (IBM)
    ALL Cubase or VST Song File (Steinberg)
    ALL WordPerfect Printer Info (Corel)
    ALL OS/2 Program List (IBM)
    ALM LICOM AlphaCAM Laser Parameter Macro
    ALM Aley's Module v1.0, 1.1, 1.2
    ALM Alpha Five Database Information File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ALM AL-Mail Mailbox File (AL-Mail)
    ALN Grlib Saoimage File
    ALO Almanac Support File
    ALP LICOM AlphaCAM Laser Post
    ALPHA Raw Alpha Bytes Bitmap
    ALR VirusScan Alert File (Network Associates)
    ALR ADRIFT Language Resource (ADRIFT)
    ALS Alias Image
    ALS Calmira Shortcut File
    ALS Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    ALS Arcade Lines Graphic Resource File (Lobstersoft)
    ALT ReliaSoft ALTA 6
    ALT WordPerfect Menu File (Corel)
    ALT Aladdin Interactive DSP Message Text (Hitech Development AB)
    ALV Photoshop Levels (Adobe)
    ALV Vbox Available Languages File (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
    ALX ActiveX Layout File
    ALX OM2 OMALI Plug-in Extension
    ALX Alpha Five Library Index (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ALZ ALZip Compressed File (ESTsoft, Corp.)
    ALZ Game File
    AL_ Audio Utility Juker Compressed File
    AM Advantage Database Server
    AM Anark Studio Media File (Anark)
    AM Applix SHELF Macro
    AM Music File
    AM2 AutoPlay Menu Studio Ver. 2 (Indigo Rose Software)
    AM3 AutoPlay Menu Studio Ver. 3 (Indigo Rose Software)
    AMA Fifa2000 Feart File
    AMAYA Amaya
    AMB LICOM AlphaCAM 3D Mill, 2D Mill VB Macro
    AMB Radiance Ambient File Format
    AMC Ant Movie Catalog
    AMC Wireless Analyzer Captured Data (AirMagnet)
    AMD ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro File (ABBYY Software House)
    AMD LICOM AlphaCAM 3D Mill, 2D Mill Drawing
    AMD AMUSIC AdLib Tracker
    AME ACT! E-mail System Library (Best Software CRM Division)
    AMF Advanced Module Format Music
    AMF Amiga Metafile (Amiga)
    AMF DSMIA/Asylum Module Music
    AMF Autolog Macro (Soft Machines)
    AMF ADRIFT Module File (ADRIFT)
    AMFF Amiga Metafile (Amiga)
    AMG AMG ACTOR System Image
    AMG AMGC Compressed Archive
    AMG Netmino File
    AMI Amiga Paint File (Amiga)
    AMI Cocreate SolidDesigner Annotation File
    AMI AMI BIOS Firmware Update File (American Megatrends Inc.)
    AMIGA Amiga (Amiga)
    AML AutoMage
    AML SAS Activity-Based Management Model File (SAS Institute, Inc.)
    AML Mio Technology Application Markup Language (Mioplanet Technologies, Inc.)
    AMM LICOM AlphaCAM 3D Mill, 2D Mill Parameter Macro
    AMM Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
    AMM Microphone Modeler Model File (Antares Audio Technologies)
    AMODEL ActiveModeler Professional Project File (KAISHA-Tec Co. Ltd.)
    AMOS AMOS Basic Code
    AMP Connectivity Memory Model AMPA and NMDA Parameters Input File
    AMP LICOM AlphaCAM 3D Mill, 2D Mill Post
    AMP Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings (Adobe)
    AMP PlayMedia AMP MP3 Audio File
    AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate ACELP Codec
    AMS Extreme's Tracker Module Format
    AMS Photoshop Monitor Setup (Adobe)
    AMS Velvet Studio Module
    AMT ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro (ABBYY Software House)
    AMT LICOM AlphaCAM 3D Mill, 2D Mill Tool
    AMT ArtMoney Table (ArtMoney Team)
    AMV MTV Movie File (Anime Music Video)
    AMW AMOS Data
    AMW WinScript Show Data (Alcorn McBride Inc.)
    AMX MetaMOD Half-Life Plug-in
    AMX After Effects Motion Exchange File (Adobe)
    AMZ The Amazon Trail Saved Game
    AN Groundworks Text File
    AN1 WWG DA-30 Capture File
    AN1 Street Atlas Draw File (Delorme)
    AN1 XMap Draw File (Delorme)
    AN8 Anim8or 3D Animation
    ANAT XNBC V8 Biological Neural Network Simulation Workstation Network Anatomy
    ANB Analyst's Notebook Analytical Chart (i2 Ltd.)
    ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker File
    ANC LICOM AlphaCAM NC Program
    AND Collins Electronic Dictionary Data (Windows) / Concise Oxford Dictionary (DOS)
    ANF AcuteNotes
    ANG AIMSUN NG Network (TSS-Transport Simulation Systems)
    ANI Windows Animated Cursor (Microsoft)
    ANI NeroMix File (Nero AG)
    ANI NEOchrome Animation
    ANIM Amiga IFF Animation (Amiga)
    ANL LICOM AlphaCAM Nest List
    ANL Project Analyzer Saved Analysis
    ANL Annotis Mail Language File (Emeris Technologies)
    ANL Eisenbahn.exe Professionell Railroad Track Layout (Software Untergrund)
    ANM DeluxPaint Animation
    ANM Infinity Equation Script (MathRevolt)
    ANM Animatic Animation File
    ANM Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Title Sets Images (Epic Games, Inc.)
    ANN Help Annotation
    ANN King-FIX
    ANNOT Amaya Annotation
    ANO Annotation
    ANP Annotis Mail (Emeris Technologies)
    ANR Street Atlas Route File (Delorme)
    ANR XMap Route File (Delorme)
    ANS ANSI Graphic/Text
    ANS Word Text and Layout (Microsoft)
    ANS HotDocs Answer File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    ANSR AnswerTool Question/Answer Document (DTLink LLC)
    ANT SimAnt for Windows Saved Game File
    ANT calcAnt Saved Calculation (SFR GmbH)
    ANTIFRAG DC++ Incomplete Download
    ANV AirNav
    ANX HotDocs Answer File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    AO Free Pascal Archive File for OS/2 Version (FPC Development Team)
    AOB DVD Audio File
    AOF Acorn Object Format
    AOI Art of Illusion Scene File (Peter Eastman)
    AOL AOL (America Online, Inc.)
    AOM Download Manager Online Manager Shortcut (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    AOM After Effects Output Settings (Adobe)
    AOR Searchlight AR3000/AR3000A Radio Scanner Frequency Listing (AOR UK LTD)
    AOS Nokia Phone Add-on Software (Nokia)
    AOT Novell snAppShot Application Binary Object Template File
    AP Applix Presents
    AP Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data File
    AP WHAP-Compressed Amiga Archive
    AP ArmPack Archive File
    AP0 Windows APW_data File
    APA AlfaPad Notes Organizer Document (AlfaAlfa Software)
    APA ArcPad Ver. 6 Applet
    APB LICOM AlphaCAM Punch VB Macro
    APB Avram's PC Backup File List (QuadraSoft)
    APC AiroPeek
    APC Gupta Team Developer Compiled Application File
    APC Lotus Printer Driver Characters (IBM)
    APC APAC Compressed Audio
    APC Cryo Interactive APC Audio
    APD Gupta Team Developer Dynamic Application Library File
    APD LICOM AlphaCAM Punch Drawing
    APD Lotus Printer Driver (IBM)
    APD PageMaker Printer Description (Adobe)
    APE Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio Compression Format
    APE Winamp Plug-ins AVS File
    APF Acrobat Profile File (Adobe)
    APF ArcPad Ver. 5 Profile
    APF Fax2000 File
    APF Homesite Project File
    APF Lotus Printer Driver Fonts (IBM)
    APF MightyFax File
    APF Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
    APG PowerAda Aprobe File (OC Systmes)
    APG Active Page Generator APG Script (Webgecko Software)
    APG Graphic
    APG EasyBase Database File (Pg SoftWorkS')
    API 1st Reader Passed Parameter File
    API Acrobat Plug-in (Adobe)
    API Application Program Interface
    API Lotus Printer Driver Info (IBM)
    API Photoshop Ink Colors Setup (Adobe)
    API WebObjects Interface (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    APIN InDesign Import/Export Filter (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    APJ Angel Debug Monitor Project
    APJ ARM Project Manager
    APJ Music Screen Saver File
    APK GameSpy Arcade Service
    APL APL Workspace/Source
    APL ArcPad Ver. 6 Layer
    APL Gupta Team Developer Application Library File
    APL Monkey's Audio Image Link File
    APM ArcPad Ver. 6
    APM AutoPlay Menu Studio Configuration (Indigo Rose Software)
    APM LICOM AlphaCAM Punch Parameter Macro
    APM Aldus Placeable Metafiles (Adobe)
    APO Apollo Scripts
    APO Paperless Office (Abacre)
    APP ArcPad Ver. 5 Project
    APP Gupta Team Developer Normal Mode Application File
    APP Clarion for Windows Application (SoftVelocity)
    APP dBASE Application Object File
    APP Executable Application
    APP LICOM AlphaCAM Punch Post
    APP Lotus Symphony Add-in Application
    APP R:Base, Symphony, DR-DOS, FoxPro (or other) Application
    APP SymbianOS Application (Symbian Ltd.)
    APP Video CD on CD-i Application
    APP VTech Helio Application (VTech Holdings Ltd.)
    APP Psion Oval Application (Psion PLC)
    APP OrbWorks PocketC CE Application
    APPT Authentica Secure Office Protected PowerPoint Document (Authentica)
    APR ArcView Project File (ESRI)
    APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review File
    APR Approach 97 File (IBM)
    APR MicroSim PCBoard Aperture Information Report
    APR Various Appraisal Software Appraisal File (PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc.)
    APRJ ApacheConf Project (Zecos Software)
    APS Advanced Patching Systems with Error Checking
    APS ArcPad Ver. 5 Symbology
    APS Visual C++ File (Microsoft)
    APS Flash
    APT Gupta Team Developer Text Mode Application File
    APT LICOM AlphaCAM Punch Tool
    APT Approach Data View File (IBM)
    APT Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
    APV Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
    APW Any Password Password File (RomanLab)
    APW Authorware Pro for Windows Packaged FIle (Macromedia)
    APX Ability Office Photopaint Image (Ability Software)
    APX ArcPad Ver/ 6 XML File
    APX C++ Appexpert Database (Borland Software Corporation)
    APX Approach Paradox-specific Information File (IBM)
    APX TheTomb Browser APX Webfile (Apoltix)
    AP_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
    AQ Applix Data
    AQ Ancestral Quest Genealogy File (Incline Software, LC)
    AQ1 AptiQuiz Test File (RJ Software)
    AQA AptiQuiz Test Result (RJ Software)
    AQF Aquifer Content Management System Aquifer-Generated Web Page (Liquid Development, LLP)
    AQL AOL Windows DLL (America Online, Inc.)
    AQM CP/M Information File
    AR Javasoft JRE 1.3 Library File
    AR Midtown Madness City Add-on (Microsoft)
    AR AIX Small Indexed Archive
    ARA ATI Radeon Video Driver
    ARB LICOM AlphaCAM Router VB Macro
    ARC Archive
    ARC Insight II Cartesian Coordinate Archive File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    ARC Schedule+ 1.0 File (Microsoft)
    ARCH Illum Source Dotfiles File
    ARCHIMEDES Speccy Snapshot
    ARCHITECT London Architect Design File (BSS Audio)
    ARD LICOM AlphaCAM Router Drawing
    ARE Infinity Game Engine Area Description (BioWare Corp.)
    ARF AOL Instant Messenger Resource File (America Online, Inc.)
    ARF Automatic Response File
    ARG AutoCAD Profile Export (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ARG HDF Fort_ps File
    ARH Archivers Definitions File (DN)
    ARH ArHymo Hydrologic Simulation
    ARI Aristotle Audio
    ARI Compressed Archive
    ARJ Compressed Archive
    ARJ Robert Jung ARJ Compressed Archive
    ARK Managing Your Money Achive
    ARK QuArk Compressed File Archive
    ARK CP/M Information File
    ARL AOL Organizer (America Online, Inc.)
    ARLOLD AOL 6 Organizer (America Online, Inc.)
    ARM Armadillo Software Protection System
    ARM LICOM AlphaCAM Router Parmeter Macro
    ARM Acorn ROM/Disk Image File
    ARN Astronomical Research Network
    ARN XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    ARO SteelArrow Web Application Server Script (Tomahawk Technologies)
    ARP LICOM AlphaCAM Router Post
    ARP Ahsomme Accounting Package Report Layout Template (Simple Solutions)
    ARPX8 Techno Toys Arp-X8 MIDI Arpeggiator File
    ARQ Compressed Archive
    ARQ Remedy Action Request System Client Macro
    ARR Amber ARR Bitmap Image
    ARR Atari Cubase Arrangement (Steinberg)
    ARR Remedy Action Request System Client Report
    ARR MicroImages Value Array (MicroImages, Inc.)
    ARS Artifax Report Editor
    ARS After Effects Render Settings (Adobe)
    ART Another Ray Tracer Format
    ART AOL Johnson-Grace Compressed File (America Online, Inc.)
    ART Art Director Image
    ART Bernina Artista
    ART Blood Archive
    ART Canon Crayola Art File
    ART Canon Crayola Art File
    ART Central Point Scrapbook
    ART Clip Art File
    ART Compressed Archive
    ART Duke Nukem 3D Archive
    ART First Publisher Raster Graphic
    ART LICOM AlphaCAM Router Tool
    ART pfs:Art Publisher
    ART Vort image
    ART Xara Studio Drawing (Xara)
    ART ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM Insignia Model Data (Delcam plc)
    ARV Arsiv
    ARV AutoRoute User Information (Microsoft)
    ARV Eschalon Setup Archive (Eschelon Development (24-2979 Panorama Dr., Coquitlam BC V3E 2W8, Canada))
    ARX AutoCAD Runtime Extension (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ARX ARX Compressed Archive
    ARY Compaq SmartStart Scripting Toolkit File
    AS Applix Spreadsheet
    AS Macromedia Flash Action Script
    AS Dispatch Alaska/Horizon Timetable File (Scott Andrew Borton)
    AS AppleSingle Encoded File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    AS3 Alternate Sources Data
    AS3 APL*PLUS II/386 and III/Windows Source Code
    AS4 AS/400 Client Access
    ASA Active Server Document
    ASA Visual InterDev File (Microsoft)
    ASAX ASP.NET Source File (Microsoft)
    ASB LICOM AlphaCAM Stone VB Macro
    ASC ASCII Text
    ASC Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Armored Encrypted File (PGP Corporation)
    ASC 3D Studio 3D Scene (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ASCX Web User Control (Microsoft)
    ASD Advanced Streaming Format Description (Microsoft)
    ASD Astound Presentation
    ASD LICOM AlphaCAM Stone Drawing
    ASD Lotus Screen Driver (IBM)
    ASD Word Automatic Backup (Microsoft)
    ASD Origins Embroidery Design (Origins Software Technologies, Inc.)
    ASE Velvet Studio Sample
    ASF Advanced Streaming Format (Microsoft)
    ASF APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File
    ASF Electronic Arts Music File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    ASF Lotus Screen Font (IBM)
    ASF STATGRAPHICS Data File (Manugistics, Inc.)
    ASF FIFA Football 2004 Audio File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    ASG Airport Tycoon Saved Game (Global Star Software)
    ASH TASM Assembler Header
    ASH Sony DSC-F828 Firmware Upgrade File (Sony)
    ASHDISC Burning Studio Disc Image File (Ashampoo GMBH & Co.)
    ASHPRJ Burning Studio Project (Ashampoo GMBH & Co.)
    ASHX ASP.NET Web Handler File
    ASI Assembler Include (Borland Software Corporation)
    ASIC ASIC Language Source Code
    ASJ Aldfaer
    ASK askSam Database
    ASK Astrotite Skin (Fantiusen Software)
    ASK Ad-Aware Skin File (Lavasoft)
    ASL Asmodo 9s
    ASL Photoshop Layer Style (Adobe)
    ASL Quest Adventure Game (Axe Software)
    ASL AppSight Console Log (Identify Software Ltd.)
    ASM Assembler Source Language
    ASM LICOM AlphaCAM Stone Parameter Macro
    ASM Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File (PTC)
    ASM Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
    ASMX ASP.NET Webservices Source
    ASN Asn
    ASN1 Asn Specs
    ASO Assembler Object
    ASO Astound Dynamite Objects
    ASP Active Server Page
    ASP ASAP WordPower WebShow presentation
    ASP Astound Presentation
    ASP EROSION 3D Aspect File
    ASP LICOM AlphaCAM Stone Post
    ASP Photoshop Photo File Index (Adobe)
    ASP Photoshop Separation Setup (Adobe)
    ASP Procomm Plus ASPECT Program
    ASP Software Publishing Corp.
    ASP Terminal Program
    ASP Text Data
    ASPHTML ASP HTML (Microsoft)
    ASPI Audio Catalyst
    ASPX ASP.NET Source File (Microsoft)
    ASR Streets & Trips Route (Microsoft)
    ASR Photoshop Scratch Area (Adobe)
    ASS Assembler/Disassembler 68HC11
    ASS Assistance for the Blind
    ASS Flash
    ASSOC Associate This File Association Database (Spearit)
    AST Astound Multimedia
    AST Claris Works Assistant File
    AST Photoshop Separation Tables (Adobe)
    AST Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard All Custom Memory File
    AST Need for Speed: Underground Audio File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    AST2 Astrotite (Fantiusen Software)
    ASV DataCAD Autosave File (DATACAD LLC)
    ASV Photoshop Selective Color (Adobe)
    ASV QuarkXpress Auto Save File (Quark, Inc.)
    ASV MATLAB Autosave File (The MathWorks, Inc.)
    ASV Pegasus Mail Auto Saved Message (David Harris)
    ASV NotePad 2004 (Finale)
    ASWCS avast! Antivirus Skin (ALWIL Software)
    ASWS avast! Antivirus Skin (ALWIL Software)
    ASX Advanced Stream Redirector File (Microsoft)
    ASX Cheyenne Backup Script
    ASX ActiveSite Extension (Jonathon Rossi)
    ASX Alpha Five Temporary Index (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    ASY LTspice/SwitcherCAD III Circuit Diagram (Linear Technology)
    AS_ Winhelp Compressed File
    AT Rescue Disk file
    AT2 WinControl DCX-AT3000 Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
    AT2 Persuasion Ver. 2.0 Auto Template (Adobe)
    AT3 WinControl DCX-AT3000 Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
    AT3 Airport Tycoon Version 3 Saved Game (Global Star Software)
    AT3 PSP Audio File (Sony)
    ATB LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe VB Macro
    ATB TechMed Annotation ToolBar (TechMed)
    ATC Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology, Inc.)
    ATC AutoCAD Catalog (Autodesk, Inc.)
    ATC AceText Collection (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    ATD LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe Drawing
    ATD MS Systems Management Server SMSADDIN.EXE tool registration
    ATF Photoshop Transfer Function (Adobe)
    ATF Sharp APL Workspace Export File
    ATG Netmino File
    ATH LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe Thread
    ATK Andrew Toolkit Raster Object Bitmap
    ATL Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers
    ATL PROGNOSIS Atlas Document File
    ATL ATP Assembler Source (Brancepeth Computer Publications)
    ATM LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe Parameter Macro
    ATM Terragen Light and Atmosphere (Planetside Software)
    ATM Type Manager Data File (Adobe)
    ATM .nugthat Player (Nuggets Unlimited, Inc.)
    ATM The Universal 3D Model/Texture File (The Universal Development Team)
    ATMN Automation Anywhere Automation Macro (Tethys Solutions, LLC.)
    ATMSPHR TerragGen Atmosphere (Planetside Software)
    ATN Photoshop Action File (Adobe)
    ATO Just Burn File (Sonic Solutions)
    ATOM .nugthat Player (Nuggets Unlimited, Inc.)
    ATP LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe Post
    ATP Visual Studio .NET ACT Project (Microsoft)
    ATP ATRAC Coded File
    ATP Anti Tracks Plug-in (RIGHT Utilities, Inc.)
    ATR Lightscape Material Library
    ATR MicroSim PCBoard Attributes Report
    ATR Atari Disk Image File (Atari)
    ATS Attityd Swedish Survey Program
    ATS Unrelated Inventions Audiotools Plug-in
    ATT AT&T Group 4 Bitmap (fax)
    ATT LICOM AlphaCAM Lathe Tool
    ATT ZipLip Secure E-mail
    ATW AnyTime Deluxe PIM File
    ATW Attityd Swedish Survey Program
    ATX A ZIP-formatted Compressed Archive
    ATX Alphasoft Trueterm 2001 Dictionaries
    AT_ Audio Utility Winatb Compressed File
    AU uLaw/AU Audio File
    AU Audacity Audio Block
    AU3 AutoIt Ver. 3 Script (HiddenSoft)
    AUD Audio File used by Westwood Studios for various games
    AUD DTS Audio Data Stream (Digital Theater Systems Inc.)
    AUD Winamp Media File (Nullsoft)
    AUF LICOM AlphaCAM User Font
    AUF ASAUpdaterV2 Update File (ASA Datec Datensystem GmbH)
    AUP ePocrates File
    AUP Audacity Project File
    AUR Sheffield Thesaurus file
    AUR AutoREALM Map
    AUS Agnitum Outpost Firewall Configuration
    AUS AutoREALM Symbols
    AUT Authentication File
    AUT AutoIt (pre Ver. 3) Script (HiddenSoft)
    AUT Descent Manager Mission File
    AUT GPSMan-autoMapic File
    AUT Interactive Pictures iPIX Format
    AUT PocketWear Car Lease Kit Vehicle Data File
    AUT Signwave Auto-Illustrator File
    AUT TLG Workplace CD Search File
    AUT Xitami Webserver Admin Password File
    AUT AUTHOR eLearning Module (Microcraft)
    AUT Autostart Adware Malware
    AUTOREG Mozilla (Netscape) Auto Registration Clue (Mozilla.org)
    AUX ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary File
    AUX TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference File
    AUX ArcGIS Auxiliary File for GIS Datasets (ESRI)
    AV Final Draft AV Document File
    AVA Avagio Publication
    AVA Photoshop Variations File (Adobe)
    AVB Avid Bins File
    AVB Chat Character File (Microsoft)
    AVB Inoculan Anti-Virus Virus Infected File
    AVC Kaspersky Antivirus Toolkit File
    AVD DOS7 File
    AVD Label Pro Data (Avery)
    AVE ArcView Avenue Script (ESRI)
    AVF AccountsVision Workbook (AccountsVision Ltd)
    AVG Grlib Urt Get Getami File
    AVG AVG Virus Information Database (Grisoft)
    AVI Audio Video Interleave File
    AVL ArcView Theme Legend File (ESRI)
    AVL Video Fun File
    AVM AVISO Geographic Information System Map File (Wojciech Pomianowski)
    AVP ArcView Pallet File (ESRI)
    AVP Avid Project
    AVR Audio Visual Research Sound
    AVS Animation
    AVS Application Visualization System Format
    AVS Avid Settings
    AVS Avisynth
    AVS Stardent AVS X Image
    AVS Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio (Nullsoft)
    AVT A3E Avatar-coding File
    AVX ArcView Extension File (ESRI)
    AVX Avid Extensions
    AW Answer Wizard (Microsoft)
    AW Applix Word
    AW HP AdvanceWrite Text File
    AW Free Pascal Archive File for Windows Version (FPC Development Team)
    AWA Animation Works Accelerated Movie
    AWA ActiveWords Application (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AWB Ad-Aware Backup File (Lavasoft)
    AWB ActiveWords WordBase (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AWB Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband ACELP codec
    AWBS Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) Data Storage File (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
    AWD Award BIOS
    AWD AWK Source Code
    AWD FaxView Document (Microsoft)
    AWE Acrobat Bookmark XML File (Adobe)
    AWF Qui veut gagner des millions Archive
    AWF Who Wants to be a Millionaire Archive
    AWH ActiveWorlds Browser Help File (Activeworlds, Inc.)
    AWK AWK Script
    AWL Ad-Aware Language File (Lavasoft)
    AWM AllWebMenus
    AWM Animation Works Movie
    AWM RenderWare Language Pack (Criterion Software)
    AWP Akimbot Waypoint File
    AWP MS Fax Key Viewer
    AWP ActiveWords Productivity Log (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AWR Ad-Aware Reference File (Lavasoft)
    AWR Telsis Digital Audio File
    AWS AutoCAD Work Space (Autodesk, Inc.)
    AWS ActiveWords System File (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AWSHORTCUT ActiveWords Shortcut (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AWT AlbumWeb
    AWW Ability Office Write Document (Ability Software)
    AWW AWW WML Website Administrator Configuration File
    AWX Custom Application Wizard
    AWX DirectX 8.1 (Microsoft)
    AWX Fax
    AWZIP ActiveWords Compressed Solution (ActiveWord Systems, Inc.)
    AW_ Quartz Sets Compressed File
    AX DirectShow Filter
    AX Modula-3 Linker Information for Libraries
    AX MPEG-4 DVD Filter
    AX ATI DA Interface Handler (ATI Technologies Inc.)
    AXD Actrix Technical 2000 (Autodesk, Inc.)
    AXD Label Pro Re-Index (Avery)
    AXE AutoRoute Export File (Microsoft)
    AXE ChordMaster
    AXE Pchord Powpro Compressed File
    AXE Paradigm C++ Integrated Debugger File
    AXF Mira File List (Mirametrics, Inc.)
    AXG AutoRoute Trip File (Microsoft)
    AXI Axiom Composite File Management System
    AXI MetaToolsFile Kai's Power Goo Picture Library
    AXL ArcIMS XML Project
    AXLS Authentica Secure Office Protected Excel Document (Authentica)
    AXP GraphStore eCADLite File
    AXP AppGini MySQL Code Generator Project (BigProf Software)
    AXP AnvilCad CAD File (Manufacturing and Consulting Services (MCS), Inc.)
    AXQ Ada ADA Editor File
    AXR ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery
    AXR Telsis Digital Audio File
    AXR AXIS Diplomat Report File (Systems AXIS Ltd.)
    AXS HTML; ActiveX Script
    AXS MindAvenue AXEL Stream File
    AXT Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range (Adobe)
    AXT ZenWorks snAPPshot ASCII Application Object Template
    AXX AxCrypt Encrypted File (Axon Data)
    AY AY Chip Sound (Project AY)
    AY Dispatch Finnair Timetable File (Scott Andrew Borton)
    AYA RPG-Maker2000 Project Launcher Saved Game File
    AYM Z80 Music Code With AY Music
    AYS AY Paste Paste File
    AYU AY-Paste Uninstall Information
    AZ WinDVD File
    AZM CP/M Disk Fix File
    AZZ AZZ Cardfile Personal Information Manager
    A_T Atrain


    B Applause Batch List
    B BASIC Language Source
    B Befunge Program
    B Brainf*ck Program
    B Grand Theft Auto IIISave File (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    B Limbo Implementation File
    B Modula-3 Base Program
    B IRIS Editor Shortened Format File (eurobraille)
    B!K Flight Simulator Scenery File (Microsoft)
    B&W 1st Reader Mono Binary Screen Image
    B&W Atari Black and White Graphics
    B&W Image Lab
    B02 ADP Payroll
    B1 21st Century Mahjong
    B1 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
    B16 PCO Graphic
    B1J BookJones
    B1N 1st Reader Binary Screen Image
    B1S BookSmith
    B2 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
    B2D Brutus2D Source Code File (Pewter Software)
    B2Z B2Z dVS Model/Object
    B30 Ventura Publisher Printer Font
    B32 MS-DOS Bcc file
    B3D 3D Builder
    B3D BDE Multipath Movie Digital Viewer
    B3D Blitz3D/Max/Plus Texture or Mesh File (Blitz Research Ltd.)
    B3D Boso View Express Structure Mesh Diagram (Mackoy)
    B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts File
    B4S Winamp 3+ Playlist
    B4U docPointer Visual ReadMe File (docPointer)
    B5 CEDICT Chinese/English Dictionary (Erik E. Peterson)
    B5I DAEMON Tools
    B5I IsoBuster CD/DVD Image File (Container) (Smart Projects)
    B5L BlindWrite Ver. 5 File (VSO-Software)
    B5S Numerical Controlled Machine File
    B5T BlindWrite Ver. 5 File (VSO-Software)
    B5T DAEMON Tools
    B64 Base 64 MIME-encoded File
    B8 PictureMaker Blue Channel Image Data (Cubicomp)
    B8 Piclab Raw Graphic File
    BA$ MS Compressed BAS Decompress with UNPACK.EXE.
    BAB Babble! Data File (Korenthal Associates, Inc, 230 W 13th St, NYC 10011)
    BAC Backup
    BACKPACK Backpack Word List (Mammoet Software)
    BACKUP Ad-Aware Reference File (Lavasoft)
    BACKUP ISAPI Loader Backup of Current ISAPI Application (EGGcentric)
    BAD Brutus Application Definition File
    BAD Oracle BAD File
    BAD Rime Mailer Address File
    BAF Infinity Game Engine Script (BioWare Corp.)
    BAG AOL 6 Organizer (America Online, Inc.)
    BAG Emperor: Battle for Dune Archive
    BAG AOL Instant Messenger (America Online, Inc.)
    BAG OS/2 Netfinity Manager Sysinfo File
    BAG PMMail Mail Index File
    BAG NoX
    BAG Bag Archive File
    BAH Infinity Game Engine (BioWare Corp.)
    BAK Backup
    BAL BAL Borland Programming Language Source
    BAL Ballade Music Score
    BAM Infinity Game Engine Animation and Multi-frame Graphics (BioWare Corp.)
    BAM Infinity Game Engine Zlib Compressed Animation and Multi-frame Graphics (BioWare Corp.)
    BAM OHRRPGCE Music File (Hamster Republic)
    BAM Bob's Adlib Music
    BAM Bravo! Archived Media (Thought Studios, Inc.)
    BAN Sierra Print Artist Banner
    BAN Creatacard Banner Project (Broderbund)
    BAND GarageBand Song (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    BAR dBASE Application Generator Horizontal Menu Object
    BAR Age of Mythology
    BAS BASIC Source Code
    BAS VBDOS Pro 1.0 Source
    BAS QuickBASIC Extended v7.1 Source
    BAS HBasic Source Code
    BAS e.Report Designer Actuate Basic Source (Actuate Corporation)
    BAT Batch Processing (Microsoft)
    BAV The Bat! E-mail Client Anti-Virus File (RITLABS)
    BAY Kodak/Roper Bayer Picture Sequence
    BB Blitz3D/Max/Plus Source Code (Blitz Research Ltd.)
    BB Papyrus Database Backup
    BB Starfleet Battles DOS Game
    BB Art-lantis Billboard Management File (ABVENT)
    BB BrowserBob Project File (BrowserBob weblications)
    BB2 XBBS-OS/2, XGROUP, AV and ZTree Archiver Control File
    BBC BBC BASIC for Windows File (R. T. Russell)
    BBC Babya Photo Workshop Color Collection (Babya Software Group)
    BBE Brainbloom Document Exchange File (Gael Limited)
    BBF FRAMES Body Burden Concentration File
    BBG CyberSports for Basketball Game File (CyberSports, Inc.)
    BBK WWTBAM Game Component
    BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File
    BBM Deluxe Paint Image File
    BBMA Bonzibuddy
    BBNNG BBN BitGraph Terminal Display Pixel Data (DPD) Sequence Bitmap
    BBP Bezier Surface File
    BBP BitBeamer Split File
    BBQ BitBeamer Transfer Queue File
    BBRKPUZZLE BrainsBreaker Puzzle (Juan Trujillo)
    BBRKSAVE BrainsBreaker Started Puzzle Status (Juan Trujillo)
    BBS Bulletin Board System Text
    BBS FTN Software Hudson-style Messagebase
    BBT CyberSports for Basketball Team File (CyberSports, Inc.)
    BBZ Bitblaze Audio File
    BC Mikmak 203 file
    BC Sierra Print Artist Business Card
    BC! BitLord Incomplete Download
    BC3 BCC 3 Make File
    BC3 Fiebdc-3 Format File
    BCA Railroad Tycoon 3 Building (PopTop Software Inc.)
    BCB3 BC3 Make File
    BCC C++ File/Makefile (Borland Software Corporation)
    BCC Calendar Creator 8 Collection
    BCD Cosmi Business Card Maker
    BCD Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    BCD Binary Cartographic Data File
    BCD OfficePrinter Document (Moss Bay Software)
    BCF ConfigSafe Snapshot Index
    BCF The Sims 3D Body Mesh File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    BCH Datalex Entry Point 90 Data File (Phoenix Software)
    BCH dBASE Application Generator Batch Process Object
    BCI Advisor Computer Profile Report (Belarc)
    BCK Backup
    BCKP Ad-Aware Quarantine File (Lavasoft)
    BCM Works Communications File (Microsoft)
    BCM Compaq Easy Access Keyboard Driver
    BCMR BC Framer (Boise Cascade)
    BCN Business Card Pro Design
    BCO Bitstream Fontware
    BCO MicroSim PCBoard Backward Engineering Change Order
    BCP C++ Makefile (Borland Software Corporation)
    BCP Business Card Designer Plus Design File (CAM Development)
    BCS Infinity Game Engine Compiled Script (BioWare Corp.)
    BCS Windows95 Browse Information
    BCS Brian's Compression Shell (BCS) Image Animation/Video Shell
    BCT Business Card Designer Template
    BCT Clarion for Windows Backup Dictionary (SoftVelocity)
    BCW C++ Version 4.5 Environment Settings (Borland Software Corporation)
    BD4 West Point Bridge Designer Ver. 4 Bridge Design
    BDB Works Database File (Microsoft)
    BDB CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Executable (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
    BDC Lingvo dictionary
    BDC West Point Bridge Designer
    BDE Borland Database Engine (Borland Software Corporation)
    BDE Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    BDF Backup To CD-RW Backup Definition File
    BDF Bupdate Binary Update File
    BDF Egret Data File
    BDF Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe)
    BDF NuGraf Scene file
    BDF West Point Bridge Designer
    BDF X11 Bitmap Distribution Format
    BDF Brother BES-100E Embroidery Software File (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
    BDF RD Birthday Reminder Data File (Christian Weiske)
    BDF Quartus II Block Design File (Altera Corporation)
    BDF UNIX Font File
    BDF TXRDWIN X-ray Diffraction Pattern (Omni Scientific Instruments, Inc.)
    BDG Badge Designer 2000 Photo ID
    BDI Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    BDL OneSpace Designer Bundle (CoCreate)
    BDM Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    BDR Publisher Border (Microsoft)
    BDSPROJ Developer Studio Project File (Borland Software Corporation)
    BDT Lingvo Dictionary
    BDW Budget For Windows Data File (Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC)
    BDX BarBack Drink Exchange File
    BDX FUSE Science Pipeline Bad Data File
    BDX JavaBib Index File
    BEA Beamer Song File (The Beamer Project)
    BEC Break Even Calculator
    BED InfoSnorkel Blue Elephant Definition
    BEE Beeline-AIR System File
    BEE The Bee Archiver Compressed Archive
    BEF Boomi Integration Platform Setup Information (Boomi, Inc.)
    BEL Belon Compressed Archive
    BEL HPXView Binary Event Log Archive (Haliplex Communication Systems)
    BEL Beamer Layout File (The Beamer Project)
    BEN Syssoft Sandra File
    BEP Beamer Playlist (The Beamer Project)
    BER German Bericht Report File
    BEX BOOM Extensions To Dehacked
    BEX British National Bibliography File
    BEX Kashmir 3D Transparent Color Definition
    BEX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Binary Extracted Public Key (PGP Corporation)
    BEXPK Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Binary Extracted Public Key (PGP Corporation)
    BEZ Bezier Surface File
    BEZ Bitstream Fontware
    BF Befunge Program
    BF Brainf*ck Program
    BF Beyond Good & Evil Game Archive (Ubi Soft Entertainment)
    BF2 Bidfax 2000 SE Database
    BF2 Bradford 2 Font
    BFA Blowfish-encrypted File
    BFB Ralcgm File
    BFC Windows 95 Briefcase File
    BFF AIX Backup File Format
    BFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
    BFFM B17 Flying Fortress Game File
    BFL Big Flexible Line Interpretation (C64) Bitmap
    BFL Colin McRae Rally 2 Data File
    BFLI Big Flexible Line Interpretation (C64) Bitmap
    BFM UNIX Font Metrics File
    BFR NI Observer Capture File
    BFS Tivoli Storage Manager File (IBM)
    BFX BitFax Document (Bitware)
    BG Backgammon for Windows Game File (Microsoft)
    BG Lotus Agenda File
    BGA OS/2 Bitmap Graphic Array (IBM)
    BGB Chat Background Graphic (Microsoft)
    BGDB Global Virtual Accademy E-Learning File
    BGI Borland Graphic Interface (Borland Software Corporation)
    BGL Babylon Glossary File (Babylon.com Ltd.)
    BGL Flight Simulator Scenery File (Microsoft)
    BGM Jane's Combat Simulations F-15
    BGO BigOven Recipe Card (sdmventures)
    BGT Quicken 2002 Internet Common File
    BGT Graphic Accounts Budget Data (FKJ Software)
    BGV BonanzaGraf
    BGW Final Fantasy XI Music (Square Enix Co., LtdSquare Enix Co., Ltd)
    BGX BC45 BGI File
    BH BlackHole Archive Format File
    BHF pcAnywhere Host File (Symantec)
    BHI Partminer Lib file
    BHL Partminer Lib file
    BHS Rise of Nations Script (Microsoft)
    BHTML BabuHTML Embedded Software File
    BHX BinHex Compressed File ASCII Archive
    BI Binary File
    BI Progress Database Before Image File (Progress Software)
    BI Quick Basic or Visual Basic for DOS Include File (Microsoft)
    BI$ MS Compressed BI Decompress with UNPACK.EXE.
    BI7 Rukus 110 File
    BIB Bibliography
    BIB JavaBib BibTeX File
    BIB Papyrus Database
    BIB TeX/BibTeX Literature Database
    BIBTEX BibTeX Document
    BIC Civilization III Scenario
    BIC Neverwinter Nights Character Sheet (Bioware)
    BID BidMaker 2002
    BIE JBIG File
    BIF Baldur's Gate Archive
    BIF Binary Information File
    BIF GroupWise Initialization File
    BIF Image Capture Board Binary Black & White Image
    BIF BioWare Infinity Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
    BIF Planescape: Torment Archive
    BIF UltraISO Boot Information File (EZB Systems, Inc.)
    BIF byLight Graphic
    BIF MagicISO Boot Information File (MagicISO Inc.)
    BIFF XLITE 3D file
    BIFF BioWare Infinity Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
    BIG Cartes Michelin
    BIG Chinese Text
    BIG Fifa World Cup Game File
    BIG Homeworld (Sierra)
    BIG Electronic Arts Game MOD File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    BIG Home World 2 SGA Archive (Relic Entertainment Inc.)
    BIG5 Chinese Text
    BIK Bink and Smacker Game Video File Codec (RAD Game Tools, Inc.)
    BIK BioCharter Profile Backup
    BIL ArcView Image File (ESRI)
    BIN Binary File
    BIN MacBinary Archive Format Often used on Macintosh.
    BIN Micrografx Designer 7 Project Image
    BIN SGI Powerflip
    BIN CDRWin CD Image File
    BIN Linux Executable
    BIN TenCORE Plug-in Helper Application (TenCORE)
    BIN AVG Anti-Virus Update File (Grisoft, Inc.)
    BIO BioCharter Profile
    BIO Infinity Game Engine Character Biography (BioWare Corp.)
    BIO OS/2 Bios File
    BIO BioArc Compressed Archive
    BIP ArcView Image File (ESRI)
    BIT Worms Armageddon Imported Map
    BIT Worms World Party Imported Map
    BIT X11 Bitmap Image
    BIT Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Bitstream File (Xilinx, Inc.)
    BIU BidMaker 2002 Update
    BIX BIX Archiver Compressed Archive
    BIX Index to a .BIB BibTeX Bibliography Database
    BIX Civilization III Scenario
    BIZ Print Shop Business Card File (Broderbund)
    BIZ Creatacard Business Card Project (Broderbund)
    BIZ ShowBiz Project File (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    BIZ BIZ dVS Model/Object
    BJF NTI Backup NOW! File
    BJG DESQview (Symantec)
    BJK Scanner Recognita file
    BJL BJL Business Systems Active Translation Document (The BJL Group)
    BJO Tabrite Banjo Tablature (Janet Davis Music)
    BK Backup
    BK FrameMaker BookFile Document (Adobe)
    BK JetFax Faxbook File
    BK LinguAssist File
    BK! Backup
    BK$ Backup
    BK1 Bach Preludes and Fugues MIDI akmi Source, Book 1
    BK1 Backup
    BK1 VirtuaGirl Graphics Container (Totem Entertainment)
    BK2 Bach Preludes and Fugues MIDI akmi Source, Book 2
    BK2 Backup
    BK2 VirtuaGirl Graphics Container (Totem Entertainment)
    BK3 Backup
    BK3 VirtuaGirl Graphics Container (Totem Entertainment)
    BK4 Backup
    BK5 Backup
    BK6 Backup
    BK7 Backup
    BK8 Backup
    BK9 Backup
    BKC Collectorz.com Book Collector Book Collection Data (Collectorz.com)
    BKC Backup4all Backup Catalog File (Softland)
    BKF Moto Racer Archive
    BKF WindowsXP Backup Utility Backup Set (Microsoft)
    BKG Background File
    BKG UWXAFS Binary Format Data File
    BKI Backup Index
    BKI IBM BookManager Backup Index
    BKI IBM Softcopy Reader (Bookmanager) Bookshelf (and Book) Index File (IBM)
    BKP Backup
    BKP Write/TurboVidion DialogDesigner Backup File
    BKR Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
    BKR ReplaceEm Fileset (Custom Fit Software)
    BKS BookManager Read Bookshelf (IBM)
    BKS Works Spreadsheet Backup (Microsoft)
    BKS Windows 2000 Scheduled Backup Script (Microsoft)
    BKS IBM Softcopy Reader Bookmanager Book File (IBM)
    BKT Zortech 3 tools Samples File
    BKU Timeslips Backup (Peachtree Software)
    BKW FontEdit Fontset Mirror Image
    BKY bookkey Bookmark/Keyword Data (Michael Valentiner-Branth)
    BL Binary Linework TIFF Bitmap
    BLA Black Color Separation (Adobe)
    BLA Blat E-mail
    BLB DreamWorks Resource Archive
    BLB Blorb Game Resource Package
    BLB ACT! Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
    BLC BIACORE Instruments and BIAlite Project (Biacore)
    BLD ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
    BLD BASIC Bload Graphics
    BLD Developer Studio MAK (Microsoft)
    BLD MegaPaint
    BLD RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
    BLD VersaPro Block Build Info
    BLD Weinberger Picture Sequence
    BLD Yoot Tower Saved (Game) Building (Sega)
    BLD EnergyPro (EnergySoft, LLC)
    BLD My Personal Programmer Project File (M:pact Technologies)
    BLE Photoline4 Blends file
    BLE BIAevaluation Ver 2.x Project (Biacore)
    BLEND Blender 3D File
    BLEND Blender Publisher Data File (Stichting Blender Foundation)
    BLF Beast 2.02 Trojan File
    BLF BIACORE Instruments and BIAlite Project (Biacore)
    BLF Telerate Workspace File
    BLF BancTec Scanner Driver (Kofax)
    BLF ObjectStore Distribution File (Franz Inc.)
    BLF Advanced Computer Architecture Car Simulation
    BLF DriveBlockEditor Function Block Programming Data (Rockwell Automation)
    BLF Rally Online Car Texture File (GameSpy Industries)
    BLG ARCSOLO Backup Log
    BLG BibTeX Log
    BLG MicroSim PCBoard Backward ECO Log File
    BLG Windows Binary Performance Log
    BLI BLINK Archiver Archive (De Trans Software)
    BLK Amiga IFF (Amiga)
    BLK Lightscape Block Library
    BLK ProWORX Nxt Block Data (Schneider Electric)
    BLK VersaPro Block
    BLK Wavefront Image (Alias)
    BLK WordPerfect Temporary File (Corel)
    BLK Win32Forth Block Data
    BLL INPRISE Format Language Library (Borland Software Corporation)
    BLL VBS/European-A Worm
    BLN Rise of Nations Campaign Media File (Microsoft)
    BLOB Cosmic Blobs Model (SolidWorks Corporation)
    BLP Blizzard Game Picture (Blizzard Entertainment)
    BLR BIACORE Instruments and BIAlite Project (Biacore)
    BLS BIACORE Instruments and BIAlite Project (Biacore)
    BLS Brush Lettering Saved Brush Lettering Style (EK Success, Ltd., pcCrafter, Inc.)
    BLT AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Saved Buddy List File (America Online, Inc.)
    BLT Wordperfect for DOS (Corel)
    BLT CATC Merlin Bluetooth Trace Files (Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC))
    BLW ArcView World File For BIL Image (ESRI)
    BLY Fifa World Cup Game Art Loadgame file.
    BLZ Bitmap Graphic
    BLZ Blazon Heraldic Shield
    BLZ Emblaze.Creator File
    BLZ Serial Number File
    BLZ Twinkle Bulbs Bulb File
    BLZ N-Gage Game File (Nokia)
    BM X Windows System Bitmap
    BM$ Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
    BM1 Apogee BioMenace Data
    BM2 Subspace/Continuum Graphic
    BMB SLICS Bounding Box Information
    BMB Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    BMC IBM Voice Type languages Newuser File
    BMC Embroidery Graphic File
    BMD Mu Online Data File (WEBZEN, Inc.)
    BME Beatmania Music Simulator File (Konami Broadcasting)
    BMF Corel Flow Image File (Corel)
    BMF FloorPlan Project File (IMSI (International Microcomputer Software Inc.))
    BMF BMF Bitmap
    BMF BrainMine Mind Map (Neural Matters Limited)
    BMG Bert's Dinosaurs File
    BMI Blue Martini Import File
    BMI Buzz Instrument
    BMI 3ds Max Executable (Autodesk, Inc.)
    BMK BMC Software Patrol Icon File
    BMK Help Bookmark
    BML Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) File
    BML BPM Studio Skin Bitmap (ALCATech)
    BML Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    BMM Tacmi Pixia Palette File
    BMP Infinity Game Engine Palette Information (BioWare Corp.)
    BMP Windows OS/2 Bitmap Graphics
    BMP24 Bitmap Graphic
    BMS Backup Magic Backup Set
    BMS BeMusic Script
    BMS Beatmania Music Simulator File (Konami Broadcasting)
    BMT Ami Pro Button Image (IBM)
    BMT Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    BMU Music/Sound File
    BMW Buzz Music File with Waves
    BMX Buzz Music File
    BMX Siemens Mobile Phone Animation (Siemens)
    BMX BMXdesign Extended Bitmap Graphic (Container) (HEIDENHAIN)
    BMX Alpha Five Image Library File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    BMZ Compressed BMP File
    BMZ Demon Stalkers: Raid on Doomfane
    BM_ Mumath 30 File
    BM_ WebCD Fread File
    BN AdLib Instrument Bank
    BN2 Bojanov Encryptor Encrypted File (Bojanov Software)
    BN7 Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language PcGive 7 Data File
    BNC Bojanov Encryptor Encrypted File (Bojanov Software)
    BND Flight Simulator Panels File (Microsoft)
    BND Typequick File
    BND DB2 Bind File
    BNF IBM Voice Type Languages Map File
    BNK AdLib Instrument Bank
    BNK Bink Compressed Video/Audio File
    BNK SimCity Game File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    BNK ExamView Question Bank (FSCreations, Inc.)
    BNL MicroSim PCBoard Netlist File For The Board Layout
    BNR Banner - Poster Graphic Banner
    BNR Binary News Reader File
    BNSKIN BeatNik Clock Skin (Something Decent)
    BN_ Ntgraph Ze32v215 file
    BOA BOA Constrictor Archiver Compressed Archive
    BOB Bob Raytracer
    BOB BobDown Downloading Program
    BOD Data Designer Ddbac File
    BOD Roland Garros Tennis Terrain File
    BOE Outlook Express Backup File (Microsoft)
    BOF IBM Voice Type Language Task Enroll File
    BOI Botje Bot-file (TNHteam)
    BOL Booasm Compressed Archive Library (Microsoft)
    BOM MicroSim PCBoard Bill of Materials
    BOM Orcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File
    BOM Softshare Delta Business Object Model
    BOM Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    BOM Bill of Materials File
    BONK BONK Lossless/Lossy Audio Compressor
    BOO Book
    BOO Compressed Archive File
    BOO IBM BookManager Book
    BOO Image File
    BOO Kermit Protocol Binary Bootstrap File
    BOOK FrameMaker Book (Adobe)
    BOOK ICE Book Reader Book File (ICE Graphics)
    BOOT InstallShield (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    BOOTSKIN BootSkin Windows Boot Skin (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    BORLAND C Makefile (Borland Software Corporation)
    BOS Brotherhood of Steel Compressed File
    BOT Frogbot Editor
    BOT LinkBot document
    BOT Robot Arena: Design & Destroy Robot (Gabriel Group, Inc.)
    BOT Soldat Bot Information File (Michal Marcinkowski)
    BOW Back Orifice 2K Workspace
    BOX Lemmings Revolution Archive
    BOX Notes Mailbox
    BOX ThrottleBox Multimedia Viewer
    BOX Vbox Helper Application File (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
    BOX Calypso Email Mailbox (Rose City Software)
    BOX Foxmail E-Mail Box
    BOX VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) Box File (Paul Raedle)
    BOXR Boxerjam Interactive Game System
    BOZ BZIP Over ZIP Compressed File Archive
    BP Binary Picture TIFF Bitmap
    BP BankPerfect Accounts File (Fabio Chelly)
    BPC BuildPro File
    BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart
    BPD BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Data Transfer Format (BizInt Solutions)
    BPD FARSITE Burn Period File (The Fire Sciences Lab (FiSL))
    BPD Cash Compass Plan (Palo Alto Software, Inc.)
    BPD Data Designer Database Backup File
    BPD PCIScope PCI and ISA PnP Subsystem Information (APSoft)
    BPD Pscript Binary PostScript Printer Description File
    BPD catDB Template Property Dictionary
    BPD DTLplot Beadpull Data File
    BPD Business Plan Pro Business Plan Data (Palo Alto Software, Inc.)
    BPF Cash Compass Table Formatting (Palo Alto Software, Inc.)
    BPG Borland Project Group (Borland Software Corporation)
    BPI IBM Voice Type languages Newuser file
    BPJ Bravo! Project (Thought Studios, Inc.)
    BPK C++ Builder Package File (Borland Software Corporation)
    BPKEY Blender Publisher License Key (Stichting Blender Foundation)
    BPL AutoCAD R2000 Batch Plot List (Autodesk, Inc.)
    BPL Delphi Library (Borland Software Corporation)
    BPL Winamp Ver 3 Playlist File (Nullsoft)
    BPLIB BrilliantPhoto Photo Library File (Brilliant Labs, Inc.)
    BPM Brazil r/s Photon Map Storage File (SputterFish, LLC)
    BPP Clarion for Windows Backup Application (SoftVelocity)
    BPP MUSICMATCH Burner Plus Project
    BPP Taskmaster Batch Pilot Project (Datacap Inc.)
    BPR BackupXpressPro Project File
    BPR C++ Builder 6 Project (Borland Software Corporation)
    BPR Reference Count 01 File
    BPS Bulletproof FTP Settings
    BPS Business Plan Toolkit
    BPS Works Document (Microsoft)
    BPS XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    BPT Corel Bitmap Master File
    BPT Belarc Product Key (Belarc)
    BPV BallPark Business Valuation Valuation Scenario File (BulletProof Business Plans)
    BPW ArcView World File For BIP Or BMP Images (ESRI)
    BPX Lumena BigPix
    BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap
    BPX BusiPlan File (Manager-Pro)
    BQW ArcView World File For BSQ Image (ESRI)
    BQY BrioQuery File
    BR Bridge Script
    BR Omnis7 Data (Omnis Software)
    BR The Playa File
    BR1 Wincmd Fle
    BR3 Bryce 3D Scene File (Corel)
    BR4 Bryce 4 (Corel)
    BR5 Bryce 5 (Corel)
    BRAIN Msdev Common Addins File
    BRC Bryce 2 Scene File (Corel)
    BRC Onset Design Briefcase Briefcase (Onset Design)
    BRD EAGLE Layout Editor Board File (CadSoft Computer GmbH)
    BRD Allegro (Cadence Design Systems)
    BRD BizInt Smart Charts for Pharmaceuticals Data Transfer Format (BizInt Solutions)
    BRD RPG Toolkit Board Design File (Christopher Matthews)
    BRD Winning Bridge Saved Hand (Gerald Wilson)
    BREP Boundary Representation File Format
    BREP Open CASCADE 3D Model File (Open CASCADE Company)
    BRF Braille ASCII File
    BRF Brief
    BRF Duxbury Braille Translator Cross Platform Braille File (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
    BRI Basic Rate Interface File
    BRI FirstClass
    BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail File
    BRK The Brake! Mailer REXX Script
    BRL Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
    BRLCAD Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
    BRN PersonalBrain Data (Brain) File (TheBrain Technologies Corp.)
    BRN BrainStorm Data File (Brainstorm Software Ltd)
    BRO BR-532 Digital Studio
    BRO Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator File
    BRO Creatacard Booklet/Brochure Project (Broderbund)
    BRO Embroidery File
    BRP Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
    BRS Corel Painter Brush File
    BRS RoboHELP Browse Sequence
    BRS Batchrun Batch File (Outer Technologies)
    BRT Brooktrout Fax-Mail File
    BRT Micrografx System4 Browser file
    BRU Brutus Restore File
    BRU Photoline4 Brushes File
    BRUSH Xerox Doodle Brush File
    BRW Application File Associated with financial institution(s) loan applications.
    BRX Multimedia Browsing Index
    BRZ DbBRZ File
    BS Infinity Game Engine Compiled Script (BioWare Corp.)
    BS Printfox/Pagefox Bitmap
    BS1 Apogee Blake Stone Data
    BS2 Basic Stamp 2 Code File
    BSA BSARC Compressed Archive
    BSB MapInfo Sea Chart
    BSB SWAT Sub-basin Output File
    BSC Apple II Compressed Archive (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    BSC Boyan Script
    BSC Developer Studio Browser File (Microsoft)
    BSC Fortran Pwbrmake Object
    BSC Source Browser Database
    BSCS Strategy2Act Balanced Scorecard File (AKS-Labs)
    BSCT Strategy2Act Balanced Scorecard Strategy File (AKS-Labs)
    BSD FacetWin Bitwise Backup Set (FacetCorp)
    BSE CRiSP Harvest File
    BSF BadukSearch/BadukTracer Selected Game File
    BSF Bridge-Soft Quarterly File
    BSF JCanyon: Grand Canyon for Java DEM File
    BSF Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Buildspace File (Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.)
    BSH BeanShell Script
    BSI BSPlayer Configuration
    BSK Bryce 4 File (Corel)
    BSL BSPlayer Configuration
    BSN MIDI File
    BSN BSA Packing Program Archive (PhysTechSoft Ltd.)
    BSP arahnoWare Enterprise Sever 6 BSP Code Editor
    BSP Half-life/TFC/CS Map
    BSP Quake Map (id Software)
    BSP Star Trek Elite Force Map File (Raven Software)
    BSP Valve Game Map File (Valve Corporation)
    BSP Getic 3D Scene/Model File
    BSP Steam Source SDK Compiled Game Map File (Valve Corporation)
    BSP BestAddress HTML Editor Site Project File (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.)
    BSQ Apple II BINSCII-encoded (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    BSQ ArcView Image File (ESRI)
    BSQ Oracle Control File
    BSQ BCDown Download
    BST BibTeX Style File
    BST Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Structure/Ship Info File
    BSU Brindys BriTray
    BSV BASIC Bsave Graphics
    BSY FTN Soft Busy Flag
    BSY VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) Learning Cardfile (Paul Raedle)
    BSZ BSplayer Compressed Skin File (BST2K Networks)
    BS_ Bookshelf Find Menu Shell Extension (Microsoft)
    BT VTBuilder Binary Terrain
    BT3 Control Runner Button Configuration File (MomSoft)
    BTAB Base Guitar Tabulature
    BTC Becker Tools Compressed Archive
    BTF Brother Scanner File
    BTG FlightGear Scenery File (The FlightGear Crew)
    BTL Inmos BooTabLe File
    BTL INPRISE Format Language Library (Borland Software Corporation)
    BTL American Civil War File (Interactive Magic)
    BTL Pokémon NetBattle Battle Replay File (Smogon)
    BTM 4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
    BTN ButtonWare File
    BTN JustButtons Animated Bitmap (Lincoln Beach Software)
    BTO Baytex Organix! 2001 Language Kit
    BTOA Binary-to-ASCII Format
    BTR Btrieve Database File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
    BTR FrontPage Binary-Tree Index (Microsoft)
    BTS Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR File
    BTT ICQ Find Users File (ICQ Inc.)
    BTW Steuer2001 File
    BTW BarTender Barcode Label (Seagull Scientific, Inc.)
    BTX DB/TextWorks Database Term and Word Indexes
    BTX SEEDIS Index
    BTX BibTeX Document
    BTY Railroad Tycoon 3 Building (PopTop Software Inc.)
    BU Pegasus Mail Temporary File (David Harris)
    BUB Ipix Spherical Panorama
    BUB Photobubble File
    BUD Quicken Backup
    BUF WinXL File
    BUFR Binary Universal Form for the Representation
    BUFR Meteorological Data
    BUG Bug (Problem) File
    BUGS Generally Bugs File
    BUL Holiday Lights Screen Saver Bulb File
    BUL Capella Report Card Data File (Castor & Pollux Software Inc.)
    BUM Poser Bump
    BUN Cakewalk Audio Bundle File (Cakewalk)
    BUN Monkey Island 3
    BUNDLE iMovie 3 Plug-in Bundle (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    BUP DVD Info File Backup
    BUP Brother Embroidery System File
    BUP CD Indexer
    BUP PC-Bibliothek Update File
    BUP Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup
    BUS Netmino File
    BUT Buttons! Button Definition
    BUY Movie Data File
    BV1 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV2 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV3 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV4 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV5 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV6 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV7 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV8 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BV9 WordPerfect Overflow File (Corel)
    BVC IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    BVH Biovision Motion File
    BVI IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    BVL Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Textures File
    BVS BVS Solitaire Collection
    BW Silicon Graphics Raw Black and White Bitmap (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
    BW1 Byteworx FMEA² FMEA Database (Byteworx Inc.)
    BWA BlindWrite CD Image (VSO-Software)
    BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet File
    BWC BeadWizard Color Palette (Black Hills Software)
    BWD Rally Online Car Description File (GameSpy Industries)
    BWI BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
    BWP BeadWizard Pattern (Black Hills Software)
    BWP Book Writer Project
    BWR Kermit Beware Bug List
    BWS BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
    BWT BlindWrite CD Image File (VSO-Software)
    BWT CDmage Table of Contents
    BWU BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
    BWV Business Wave File
    BWZ WinImage Batch Configuration File
    BXB BasicX Compiled Project Bytecode (NetMedia, Inc.)
    BXD Broken Cross Disk Manager Database (Kevin Fucik)
    BXF Man's Best Friend Software Breeder Exchange Format
    BXM BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
    BXP BootXP File
    BXP BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Module List
    BXX blaxxun Contact
    BY Spice Pspice File
    BYO CartoExploreur Cartographic Map (Bayo)
    BYU Movie File
    BZ Bzip UNIX Compressed File
    BZ1 WinTOTAL Automatic Backup (a la mode, inc.)
    BZ2 Bzip 2 UNIX Compressed File
    BZ2 ZPoc Christian Music Networks User File List (ZPoc)
    BZA BZA Compressed Archive
    BZF Textures and Other Information
    BZN Star Trek Armada Map File
    B_T Eru/erd File
    B_W 1st Reader Mono Binary Screen Image
    B_W Atari/Macintosh Black and White Graphic
    B_W Image Lab
    B~K Backup


    C ADS Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
    C C/C++ Program File
    C Check Point Site Configuration for Secure Remote
    C Desktop Color Separation Specification Cyan Layer
    C UNIX Compact File Achive
    C Origin C Program File (OriginLab)
    C V Cvip File
    C!_ Audio Utility Midimach Compressed File
    C#= C# (Microsoft)
    C++ C++ Source Code
    C-- Sphinx C-- Source
    C00 Ventura Print File
    C00 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C01 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C01 Genesis 2000 (Genesis 2000, Inc.)
    C02 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C02 (C02-C38) Driveimage Ace File
    C03 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C04 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C05 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C06 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C07 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C08 Lord Of Destruction Game File
    C08 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C09 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C1 Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 Scenes Advanced Newltpot File
    C10 WinAce Compressed File Split Portion of Compressed File (e-merge GmbH)
    C13 Charlie Packer
    C2 Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 Scenes Advanced Newltpot File
    C2D WinOnCD CD Image (Sonic Solutions)
    C2E NJStar Chinese Word Processor Dictionary File Index (NJStar Software Corp.)
    C2I Driver File
    C2I Tt File
    C2L Cequadrat WinonCD File
    C2X WinonCD File
    C3 Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 Scenes Advanced Newltpot File
    C39 (C39-C56) Quicken Ace File
    C3D Chem3D Chemical File
    C3D Cult3D Designer Intermediate File
    C3D Micrografx
    C3D Coordinate 3D
    C3E Cype
    C3T Chem3D Chemical Template File
    C4 Edmics
    C4 Joint Engineering Data Management (JEDMICS) DoD Engineering Data Format
    C4D Cinema 4D 3D Model (MAXON Computer GmbH)
    C4D Clonk Object Definition (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C4F Clonk Round File (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C4G Clonk System File (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C4P Clonk Player File (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C4S Clonk Scenario (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C4V Clonk Video (RedWolf Design GmbH)
    C6 Ashlar-Vellum
    C64 Commodore 64 Game ROM
    C86 Computer Innovation C86 C Program
    CA FlexPlus Data File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    CA Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File
    CA0 Installer Packed and Split File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CA1 Delphi Install Disk11 File
    CA1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
    CA1 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CA2 Delphi Install Disk12 File
    CA2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CA3 Delphi Install Disk9 File
    CA4 Delphi Install Disk10 File
    CA4 Electronics Workbench Circuit
    CA4 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CA5 Delphi Install Disk11 File
    CA7 Beta 44 Job File
    CA7 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CAB Cabinet File (Microsoft)
    CAB Install Shield v5.x or 6.x Compressed File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    CAC dBASE IV Executable File
    CAC Infoview (Microsoft)
    CAC Collage Alarm Clock Alarm File (Collage Alarm Clock)
    CACHE Snacc-1.3 VDA File
    CAD Softdesk Drafix CAD File
    CAD QuickCAD CAD Drawing (Autodesk, Inc.)
    CAD Inago Rage Compact Arena Definition (Dejobaan Games)
    CAF Southern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
    CAF Class Action Gradebook Secondary/College Edition Data File (CalEd Software)
    CAG Clip Gallery Catalog File (Microsoft)
    CAJ CAJViewer
    CAL Cakewalk Application Language Script (Cakewalk)
    CAL Calendar File
    CAL CALS Raster
    CAL CyberAudioLibrary Link
    CAL DOS Calendar Creator File
    CAL HTML Calendar Maker Pro
    CAL Radiance Function File Format
    CAL Schedule Data (Microsoft)
    CAL SuperCalc Worksheet
    CAL PhotoSmart 850 Digital Camera Firmware Update (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    CAL Creatacard Calendar Project (Broderbund)
    CAL QV Map Geographic Coordinates (Touratech)
    CALS CALS Raster
    CAM Calibrated Camera File Photomodeller
    CAM Camtasia Project/Producer Files
    CAM Casio QV Digital Camera Image (Casio)
    CAM Minolta CAM File
    CAM NASCAR Racing 2002 Replay Camera Settings (Sierra)
    CAM HouseCall AUTOEXEC.BAT Backup (Trend Micro Inc.)
    CAM Mill Data File (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    CAMS Driver (Atari)
    CAN Canon Navigator Fax
    CAP Agilent LAN Analyzer Capture File
    CAP Compressed Music File
    CAP Fluke Protocol Inspector Capture File
    CAP NetMon Capture File (Microsoft)
    CAP Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology, Inc.)
    CAP ProComm/Telix session Capture File
    CAP Shomiti Surveyor Capture File
    CAP Sun Snoop Capture File
    CAP Telix Session Capture
    CAP TTC FireBerd 500 PC Capture File
    CAP Ventura Caption
    CAP WWG Domino Capture File
    CAP WWG LinkView PRO Capture File
    CAP Generic Network Capture Document
    CAP Code Architect Project File (Embedded Systems Academy)
    CAPS Visimetrics Digital CCTV Recording
    CAR Creatacard Quarter-Fold Card Project (Broderbund)
    CAR AtHome Assistant
    CAR Carrara Environment
    CAR Insight II Cartesian Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    CAR NASCAR Racing 2002 Car Description File (Sierra)
    CAR NeoBook Cartoon
    CAR Viper Racing Car Description File
    CAR PSA Cards Address Book (PSA Software)
    CAR CardMaker Ver. 1.0-2.0 Card File (Avery)
    CAR CAR Archive Compressed Archive (MylesHi! Software)
    CAR Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Properties (PopTop Software Inc.)
    CAR Carnivores / Ice Age Resource File (Action Forms, Ltd.)
    CAR Design-Your-CD Data File (Avery)
    CAR Cellsprings/Web or DT Rule File (J.M.G. Elliott)
    CAS Cascade DTP Ver. 3 Layout File (Price Media)
    CAS Casio Program
    CAS Comma-delimited ASCII File
    CAS i2's Case Notebook Timeline Analysis
    CAS Quest Compiled Adventure Game (Axe Software)
    CAS Atari Cassette Image File (Atari)
    CAS Videoton TVC Computer Tape File
    CAS FLUENT Case (Fluent Incorporated)
    CAS4 Cascade DTP Ver. 4 Layout File (Price Media)
    CASE EnSight Results File (Computational Engineering International (CEI))
    CAT Cognos Impromptu Database Report
    CAT dBASE Catalog
    CAT OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
    CAT PhotoStudio (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    CAT Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
    CAT Rational Rose Logical Package (IBM)
    CAT Security Catalog (Microsoft)
    CAT Todd Osborne Directory Catalog
    CAT Casio Calculator Program (Casio)
    CAT TablEdit Chord Catalog
    CAT Advanced Disk Catalog Disk Catalog (Elcomsoft)
    CAT Catz Cat Description File (http://petz.ubi.com/)
    CAT TAPCIS Forum Library Catalog
    CATALOG CATIA Catalog (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATANALYSIS CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATDRAWING CATIA Drawing (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATFCT CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATMATERIAL CATIA Material Specification (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATPART CATIA Part Description (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATPROCESS CATIA Process Description (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATPRODUCT CATIA Product Description (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATPRODUCT CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATSHAPE CATIA Shape (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATSWL CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
    CATSYSTEM CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
    CAZ Computer Associates Archive
    CA_ Cakepro Compressed Audio File
    CB Brief Macro Source Code
    CB Clean Boot File (Microsoft)
    CB Crystal Button File
    CB COMBAS Source Code (Living Byte Software GmbH)
    CB Gigascape Virtual Town Project (Third Dimension Limited)
    CB3 CliBench Mk III SMP 0.7.10
    CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File
    CBD System DLL Catroot File
    CBF Calendar Builder Saved Calendar (RKS Software)
    CBF Infinity Game Engine Archive of Resources (BioWare Corp.)
    CBF CoffeeCup Button Factory Button (CoffeeCup Software, Inc.)
    CBH ChessBase Chess Database File
    CBI IBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File
    CBK CardScan Backup File (Corex Technologies)
    CBK National Construction Estimator 32 Costbook
    CBK System DLL Catroot File
    CBL COBOL Program
    CBL Contextual Browsing Language Viewer
    CBL RM/COBOL Development System Source File (Liant)
    CBL CD Box Labeler Pro (Green Point Software UK Ltd.)
    CBM Fuzzy Bitmap
    CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
    CBN CBN Selector Smart Image (CBN Systems)
    CBN PaperMaster Cabinet (j2 Global Communications, Inc.)
    CBO COMBAS Object File / Compiled Program (Living Byte Software GmbH)
    CBP CentraBuilder (CentraLearning International)
    CBP CD Box Labeler Pro (Green Point Software UK Ltd.)
    CBR CDisplay RAR Archived Comic Book File
    CBS Borland Computer Based Training (Borland Software Corporation)
    CBS Cardbox Macro Script
    CBS MasterWord Button Bar Configuration
    CBS Computer Based Training (Microsoft)
    CBS Calendar Builder Style Sheet (RKS Software)
    CBT Computer Based Training
    CBV ChessBase Archive File
    CBW Cardbox Workspace
    CBX Rational XDE (IBM)
    CBZ CDisplay ZIP Archived Comic Book File
    CC ADS Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
    CC C++ Program File
    CC CC Language Source Code
    CC dB2K Custom Class File
    CC Picture Window's Color Curve File
    CC Visual dBASE Custom Class File
    CC KODAK Color Control Profile (KODAK)
    CC1 Briggs Softworks Calendar Commander
    CC1 Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 1
    CC2 Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 2
    CC2 ClubControl 2
    CC2 Calendar Commander Calendar File (Briggs Softworks)
    CC5 Calendar Creator 5.x 6.x File
    CCA CC:Mail Archive File (IBM)
    CCA Multimedia Fusion File
    CCA Common Component Architecture (CCA) Component (Dept. of Energy Laboratories)
    CCAD ClarisCAD data
    CCB Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
    CCC Curtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic
    CCC Internet Chat (Comic Chat) Conversation/Chatroom Log (Microsoft)
    CCC WordPerfect Office Calendar File (Corel)
    CCD CloneCD Control File (SlySoft Inc.)
    CCD Vector CAD Program File
    CCD IsoBuster Data Recovery File (Smart Projects)
    CCDOC Rational CCDoctor Output (IBM)
    CCE Calendar Creator 2 Event File
    CCF AudioReQuest Control File
    CCF Card Studio Card File Template (Hallmark)
    CCF OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File
    CCF Remote Control File
    CCF Symphony Communications Configuration File
    CCF Cannondale Motorcycle ECM System Engine Calibration File (Cannondale Corp.)
    CCF CommView Capture File (TamoSoft, Inc.)
    CCF GPS Pathfinder Office Configuration File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    CCH Corel Chart
    CCH Fabasoft Components
    CCH Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) Character Reference File
    CCH Photomodeler Photochip Thumbnail File (OES Systems)
    CCH PhotoModeler
    CCI CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
    CCITT CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
    CCJ Crossword Compiler Compiled Crossword Applet (Antony Lewis)
    CCK Corel Clipart Format (Corel)
    CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
    CCM CC:Mail Mailbox (IBM)
    CCN IMSI Multimedia Fusion Express File
    CCN Vitalize! Game File
    CCN Calendar Constructer Calendar Data (Aspire Software)
    CCO CyberChat Data File
    CCO MicroSim PCBoard Autorouter Session Output
    CCO XBTX BTX Graphics File
    CCP C Converter Profiles
    CCP CalComp Color Palette File
    CCP CloneCD (SlySoft Inc.)
    CCP CaptureCAM-PRO Screen Recording (Click-N-Learn PTY LTD)
    CCP Two Brothers Software Encrypted File Information (Two Brothers Software)
    CCPR CaptureCAM-PRO (Click-N-Learn PTY LTD)
    CCR Internet Chat Room Shortcut (Microsoft)
    CCRF Calcomp Raster Bitmap
    CCS CCS-lib File
    CCS CONKY CeZaR Stribas International
    CCT DesignWorks Schematic File (Capilano Computing)
    CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave Cast
    CCT MicroSim PCBoard Design Information and Rules For Autorouting
    CCT SIL Hebrew Font System Transliteration Table
    CCT LogicWorks Schematic File (Capilano Computing)
    CCT Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Type Description (PopTop Software Inc.)
    CCV Crystal Vision Report (CTMS)
    CCX Corel Compressed Exchange File
    CCX CorelDraw File
    CCX Total Annihilation: Counter-Strike
    CCX Multimedia Fusion Extension (Clickteam)
    CC_ Audio Utility Midimach Compressed File
    CD cdTree Content List
    CD CD-i OptImage CD Image
    CD1 Cafeteria Document System Data File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    CD2 Cafeteria Document System Custom Text File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    CDA CD Audio Track Shortcut
    CDAT Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server Cache File (Microsoft)
    CDB CardScan Database (Corex Technologies)
    CDB Clipboard File
    CDB Nokia 9210/9290 Phone Contact Database (Nokia)
    CDB One Page from a ROM With a View Project File
    CDB PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File
    CDB SymbianOS Contact Database File
    CDB Turbo C Database (Borland Software Corporation)
    CDB The Cleaner Trojan Database (Moosoft Development LLC.)
    CDB Pocket Access Database (Microsoft)
    CDBK SPSS Database File
    CDC Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plug-in
    CDC Nero CD Cover File (Nero AG)
    CDC Canvastic Documnet/Drawing (Canvastic)
    CDD Chromeleon Device Driver
    CDD Claris Draw v 1.2 Document
    CDD Concept Draw Drawing/Diagram (Computer Systems Odessa, Corp.)
    CDD CD-Architect Driver File (Sonic Foundry)
    CDD CADAM Drawing (Dassault Systemes)
    CDD Balder Multiboot Configuration File (Hans Christian Ihlen)
    CDD Cadifra Diagram (Cadifra Inc.)
    CDDA AIFF Audio
    CDE CADKEY Dynamic Extension (CADKEY)
    CDE Honeywell Hybrid Control Designer
    CDF ASCII Format Describing VRML Worlds
    CDF Channel Definition Format (Microsoft)
    CDF Comma Delimited Format
    CDF Cyberspace Description Format
    CDF InstallShield Components Definition File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    CDF MicroSim PCBoard Component Description File For Bill Of Materials
    CDF Unidata NetCDF Graphic File (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
    CDF ANDI/netCDF Mass Spectrometry Data Interchange format
    CDG DART Karaoke Studio CD+G File
    CDI Disc Juggler CD Image File
    CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive Format
    CDI CD Anywhere Virtual CD (V Communications, Inc.)
    CDJ Disc Juggler File
    CDK Calamus Document (invers Software)
    CDK CD Katalog (KRISoftware)
    CDKEY Protocol Used in Communicating from MediaRemote Server to PC MediaRemote Plug-in
    CDL CADKEY Advanced Design Language (CADL) (CADKEY)
    CDL CaseWare Working Papers Document Link
    CDL SignLab Vector Graphic
    CDM Compressed Music Format
    CDM Novell NetWare Disk Drivers NPA
    CDM PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
    CDM Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
    CDO Cdo Navigator
    CDO CADAM Overlay (Dassault Systemes)
    CDP CD/Spectrum Pro
    CDPRJ CD Menu Creator Project File (Drackon Tech)
    CDQ CD Indexer
    CDR Corel Vector Graphic Drawing (Corel)
    CDR Raw Audio-CD Data
    CDR Sound File
    CDR Elite Plus Commander Saved Game
    CDR GameJack Virtual CD or DVD Image (S.A.D. GmbH.)
    CDS ChemDraw Stationery Document
    CDS Delphi TClientDataset Data (Borland Software Corporation)
    CDS United States Postal Service Computerized Delivery Sequence
    CDSG DrawMusic Chord Song (Conrad Albrecht)
    CDT CorelDraw Template (Corel)
    CDT ProWORX Nxt Temporary Long Comment Data (Schneider Electric)
    CDT STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CDU CDU Paint
    CDV CatDV Media Catalog (Square Box Systems Ltd.)
    CDW CADKEY Organized Dialog File (CADKEY)
    CDW CeledyDraw Image
    CDX Active Server Document
    CDX ChemDraw Chemical Structure
    CDX Compound Index
    CDX Corel Draw Compressed Drawing
    CDX Microstation Cell Library Index
    CDX Visual Foxpro Index (Microsoft)
    CDX NovaBACKUP Backup Database Index (NovaStor Corporation)
    CDX Alpha Five Table Index (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    CDXL Old Amiga Movie Format
    CDXML ChemDraw XML ChemDraw Format
    CDZ ROM With a View Project File
    CE CA Clipper Workbench Application
    CE Computer Eyes, Digital Vision
    CE FarSide Computer Calendar File
    CE1 Computer Eyes Raw Low Resolution Image
    CE2 Computer Eyes Raw Medium Resolution Image
    CE3 Calendar Creator 3.x 4.x Event List
    CEF CA Clipper Workbench Application
    CEF CruzerLock Encrypted File (SanDisk Corporation)
    CEF Class Action Gradebook Elementary Edition Data File (CalEd Software)
    CEF CenturionMail Encrypted File (CenturionSoft)
    CEG Continuous Edge Graphic Bitmap (Edsun)
    CEG Tempra Show Bitmap Graphic
    CEI CRiSP Harvest File
    CEL Animator Graphic (Autodesk, Inc.)
    CEL CIMFast Event Language File
    CEL Celestia 3D Rendering Script
    CEL KiSS Paper Doll File
    CEL Audition Loop File (Adobe)
    CEL Lumena CEL Bitmap (Time Arts Software)
    CEL Microstation Cell Library
    CELX Celestia 3D Rendering Script
    CEM Computer Graphics Metafile
    CEM Empire Earth Game File
    CEN Master Tracker Financial Analysis
    CEO Extension associated with Winevar Worm
    CER Internet Security Certificate File
    CER Lahey Fortran Compilation Error Messages
    CER Sierra Print Artist Certificate
    CER Creatacard Certificate Project (Broderbund)
    CES Sheffield Dictionary File
    CEV LOUT Character Encoding File
    CEV Software License Tracking Tool
    CEX INMOS Transputer Development System Occam User Program
    CEX The Currency Exchanger Rate File
    CEX ThumbsPlus File
    CF Imake Configuration File
    CF Sendmail Configuration File
    CF1 Common File Format 1
    CF2 Common File Format 2
    CF4 Catfish File Manager Support File
    CFB Comptons Multimedia File
    CFB Inmos Binary Configuration File
    CFC Cold Fusion File
    CFD CryptoForge Document (Ranquel Technologies)
    CFDG Context Free Design Grammar
    CFE CryptoForge Encrypted File (Ranquel Technologies)
    CFF Capabilities File for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
    CFF Common File Format
    CFF BoomTracker 4.0
    CFG Configuration
    CFG Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
    CFG Proxomitron Configuration File (Scott R. Lemmon (deceased))
    CFH Capabilities File for FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE
    CFK Kardplay 1.62 File
    CFK MS Developer Studio Diagram
    CFL Corel Flowchart File
    CFL Developer Studio Diagram (Microsoft)
    CFL Compressed File Library File (Compressed File Container)
    CFM Cold Fusion Template File
    CFM Corel FontMaster
    CFM Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form
    CFML Cold Fusion Markup Language
    CFN Calamus Font Data (invers Software)
    CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C Form Object
    CFO Turbo C (Borland Software Corporation)
    CFP Complete Fax Portable Fax File
    CFR IBM Configurator Report
    CFR NRC Inspection Manual CFR Guidance
    CFS Inmos Configuration File
    CFS Signal Data (Cambridge Electronic Design Limited)
    CFT Animation Studio CFast Graphics File (Disney)
    CFT Cumberland Family Tree
    CFT Flow Chart; Corel Flow Template
    CFW ChemFinder Form
    CFX Creative DSP File
    CFX Flow-Cal File
    CG Norton Crashguard File
    CG3 Dungeons & Dragons Character File
    CGA CGA Resolution BMP Bitmap
    CGA Color Graphics Adapter Graphics Data
    CGA Ventura CGA Screen Characters
    CGB Gameboy Color
    CGF Asm Objasm
    CGF ProWORX Nxt CODEGEN Batch File (Schneider Electric)
    CGF Family Tree Creator Deluxe (Broderbund)
    CGF Egrid32 Grid Format File (Sweetheartgames.com)
    CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
    CGL CodeGuard Error Log
    CGM Computer Graphics Metafile [Old Style]
    CGM Computer Graphics Metafile [New Style]
    CGO Railroad Tycoon 3 Car Properties (PopTop Software Inc.)
    CGP NetCaptor CaptorGroup (Stilesoft, Inc.)
    CGR Quest3D Program Part (Act-3D B.V.)
    CH Clipper Header
    CH OS/2 Configuration File
    CH1 Freelance CHart
    CH3 Harvard Graphics Chart (Harvard Graphics)
    CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation
    CHA Character Data
    CHA mIRC Chat File
    CHA PageMaker Kerning Data (Adobe)
    CHANGES Squeak Change File
    CHAT PIRCH98 Chat File
    CHB Oledb Checkbook File
    CHD Ares FontChameleon Font Descriptor
    CHD ChartFX File
    CHD MAME Compressed Hard Disk File (MAME Team)
    CHF pcAnywhere Remote Control File
    CHG Quicken On-line Data File (Intuit)
    CHH C++ Header
    CHI ChiWriter Document
    CHI Help File Index (Microsoft)
    CHJ Help Composer Project
    CHK Sophos Intercheck File
    CHK Starcraft Campaign Map
    CHK WordPerfect Temporary File (Corel)
    CHK SSConvert Multilanguage Video Subtitle Data (Screen Subtitling Systems Ltd.)
    CHK 3D Movie Maker Interface Data File (Microsoft)
    CHK EpiData Check File (EpiData Association)
    CHL Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
    CHL Configuration History Log
    CHL Internet Explorer Channel Information (Microsoft)
    CHL RealPlayer Live Channel
    CHM Ares Font Chameleon Source Font; font outline
    CHM ChemDraw Chemical Structure (CambridgeSoft Corporation)
    CHM HTML Help Compiled Help File (Microsoft)
    CHN Ethnograph Data File
    CHO Animation:Master Choreography (Hash)
    CHO Ares Font Chameleon Output Font
    CHO Chord Pro Song Format (Mussoft)
    CHOPRO Chord Pro Song Format (Mussoft)
    CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter (Corel Corporation)
    CHP FLOWer (Pallas Athena)
    CHP BizInt Smart Charts for Patents Document (BizInt Solutions)
    CHP DVD Chapter File
    CHQ Help Combined Full-text Search File (Microsoft)
    CHR Borland Language Stroke Font File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CHR Character or Font File
    CHR Infinity Game Engine Exported Character Info (BioWare Corp.)
    CHR Wormhole 2.0/ Liero Graphics Editor Liero Graphics Mod
    CHS ATI Radeon Video Driver
    CHS Corel WP Chart Style
    CHS ChessRally Saved Game/E-mail Attached Game (Ingenuware, Ltd.)
    CHT ChartFX Template File
    CHT Chartist from Novagraph
    CHT ChartViewer dBASE Interface File
    CHT Cheat Machine Data File
    CHT Sierra Generations Family Tree Chart (Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
    CHT Harvard Graphics Vector File (Harvard Graphics)
    CHT ICQ Saved Chat Session (ICQ Inc.)
    CHT Novagraph Chartist File
    CHT ZSNES Cheat Code (ZSNES Team)
    CHT BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines Document (BizInt Solutions)
    CHU Infinity Game Engine GUI Elements File (BioWare Corp.)
    CHW HTML Help General Index Funtionally comparable to .GID.
    CHZ ChArc Compressed File Archive
    CI CitectSCADA File
    CI2 Calin Lawyer's Interest Calculator Ver 2 Data File (Lawtech (Aust) Pty Ltd.)
    CI3 Calin Lawyer's Interest Calculator Data File (Lawtech (Aust) Pty Ltd.)
    CIA Sheffield Dictionary File
    CIF CalTech Intermediate Graphic
    CIF Chip Layout Information
    CIF Colombo Ipermedia File
    CIF Crystallographic Information File
    CIF Easy CD Creator Image (Sonic Solutions)
    CIF Ariba Buyer Catalog Information Format (Ariba Inc.)
    CIF pcAnywhere Caller File
    CIF Ventura Chapter Information
    CIF Ventura Converted Image File
    CIF Creator Document File (MultiAd, Inc.)
    CIG Fastback Plus Compressed Backup
    CIK Corel Graphics Ver. 10 Custom Dual Tone File (Corel)
    CIK Norton CleanSweep Installation Log (Symantec)
    CIL Clip Gallery Download Package (Microsoft)
    CIL Norton CleanSweep Installation Log (Symantec)
    CIM CIMEX Cimpack Design Drawing File
    CIM CompuApps Drive Backup Image
    CIM GE Industrial Systems CIMPLICITY HMI Screen
    CIM SimCity 2000 (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    CIM The Ultimate Draw C Text Mode Image File
    CIN Cinemania (Microsoft)
    CIN Cinetitler Digital Screen Subtitling
    CIN Digital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)
    CIN Cineon Bitmap (Kodak)
    CIN OS/2 Change Control File
    CIN Photo-Sonics Picture Sequence
    CIN Quake II Cinematic Video (id Software)
    CIN96LM See .CIN
    CIN96UPD See .CIN
    CIP Ghost Keylogger File
    CIP CryptoBuddy Encrypted File (Research Triangle Software)
    CIPO Internet Same as .CPI.
    CIQ CableIQ Test Data (Fluke Networks)
    CIR PSpice File (OrCAD)
    CIR SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
    CIR real-PCB Netlist (Crocodile Clips Ltd)
    CIS CheckInbox File
    CIS TAPCIS Parameter/Address Book/Rates File
    CIT Intergraph Scanned Image
    CIT Norton CleanSweep Installation Log (Symantec)
    CIV Empire Earth Custom Civilization Information
    CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
    CIX Rational XDE (IBM)
    CJB cleaner XL Job (discreet (an Autodesk Company))
    CJP WinOnCD Project File (Sonic Solutions)
    CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 Data File
    CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 Data File
    CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 Data File
    CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 Data File
    CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File
    CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 Data File
    CKB C++ Keyboard Mapping File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CKD CADKEY Design File (CADKEY)
    CKI Off by One Browser Persistent HTTP Cookies (Off By One Productions, a division of Home Page Software Inc.)
    CKO KnockOut 2 Image Mask (Corel)
    CKP Ingres Checkpoint File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    CKP Valise Secure Archive (CertainKey, Inc.)
    CKT CADKEY Template File (CADKEY)
    CKT Crocodile Clips
    CKT CircuitMaker Schematic (Altium Limited)
    CL Generic LISP Source Code
    CL ArtIcons Pro Cursor Library (Aha-soft)
    CL3 Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
    CL3 Easy CD Creator Layout File (Sonic Solutions)
    CL4 Easy CD Creator Layout File (Sonic Solutions)
    CL5 Easy CD Creator Layout File (Project) (Sonic Solutions)
    CLA Clarion for DOS Source Code (SoftVelocity)
    CLA Java Class File (Sun)
    CLASS Java Bytecode (Sun)
    CLASS Java Class File (Sun)
    CLB cdrLabel Compact Disc Label
    CLB Corel Library
    CLB ICQ Contact List (ICQ Inc.)
    CLB Office XP Developer Code Librarian (Microsoft)
    CLB Super NoteTab ClipBook Template
    CLB Total Club Manager Single Club Info (Electronic Arts Inc.)
    CLC Corel Catalog
    CLC Schedule+ 7-Habits Mission Statement (Microsoft)
    CLD CA Clipper Debugger Configuration File
    CLD Skerryvore Software Simply Calenders
    CLD Terragen Cloud Layer File (Planetside Software)
    CLD CD-Label Print Label Layout File (Canon, Inc.)
    CLDLYR Terragen Cloud Layer File (Planetside Software)
    CLE Icon Lock-iT Locked File Indicator (Moon Valley Software, Inc.)
    CLF ListPro Database (Ilium Software, Inc.)
    CLG Disk Catalog Database
    CLG Maxagrid CTM Log File
    CLI Client Management System Customer File (HawkSoft, Inc.)
    CLK R.A.V.E. Animation File (Corel)
    CLKX Clicker Grid Set (Crick Software Ltd.)
    CLL Crick Software Clicker File
    CLL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Custom Library Search
    CLM Micrografx Picture Publisher 7 Macro
    CLN Backup Configuration File
    CLO Cloe Ray-Tracer
    CLO SPSS Chart Look (SPSS, Inc.)
    CLOE Cloe Ray-Tracer
    CLP Clipper 5 Compiler Script
    CLP GoDot
    CLP PC Paint/Pictor Picture
    CLP Quattro Pro Clip Art (Corel)
    CLP Windows Clipboard/Picture
    CLR 1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image
    CLR Boxer/2 Color Scheme
    CLR FileMaker Spelling Dictionary
    CLR PhotStyler Color Definition
    CLR WinEdit Colorization Word List
    CLR Flash Color Table File (Macromedia)
    CLR WinMX Color Scheme (Frontcode Technologies)
    CLS ArcView Geocoding Classification File (ESRI)
    CLS C++ Class Definition
    CLS JavaScript Class
    CLS MS VB-4 Class Module Add-In
    CLS MS VisC++/Visual Basic Class Definition
    CLS Visual Basic Class Module
    CLU XNBC V8 Biological Neural Network Simulation Workstation Cluster Names
    CLU Broken Sword 2 Dialog File (THQ Inc.)
    CLU IBM PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor Code File (IBM)
    CLU Phantasmagoria 2 8-bit Playback Pallete File
    CLU Clusse Node File (Heikki Hannikainen)
    CLV Vbox Current Language File (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
    CLV Clovis for Outlook Schema Settings (Steelhead Systems)
    CLW Clarion for Windows Source Code (SoftVelocity)
    CLW Visual C++ Class Wizard File (Microsoft)
    CLX Macro ToolsWorks Macro
    CLX Acrobat (Adobe)
    CLX Rational XDE (IBM)
    CLY Corel Graphics Ver.10 Custom Layouts File (Corel)
    CLY ACT! Layout (Best Software CRM Division)
    CL_ C Poet compressed Disk1 File
    CM Craftman Data File
    CM Unix Puzzle 8-bit Bitmap
    CM2 Curious Labs Poser Camera File
    CM4 ClipMate Data File
    CM4 Championship Manager 4 Saved Game (Sports Interactive Ltd.)
    CMA Applix TM1 Database
    CMA Filetopia Collection Manager List (Filetopia)
    CMA Camomile Library File
    CMAP CmapTools Concept Map (IHMC)
    CMB Chromeleon Backup Archive
    CMB Xtree for Windows Button Bar
    CMC PowerFront File
    CMC Collectorz.com Comic Collector Collection Data (Collectorz.com)
    CMD 1st Reader External Command Menu
    CMD Command File for Windows NT (Microsoft)
    CMD dBASE II Program File
    CMD DOS CP/M Command File
    CMD OS/2
    CMD OS/2 REXX Batch File
    CMDF CrystalMaker
    CME Crazy Machines Level File (Pepper Games)
    CMF Corel Metafile
    CMF Creative Music File
    CMF Connection Manager Fixer File
    CMF CopyMate Data File (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    CMG Chessmaster Saved Game
    CMG cramfs ROM Filesystem Package
    CMI CD Mate CD Burning Image File (An Chen Computers Co. Ltd.)
    CMI Camomile Interface File
    CMK Card Shop Plus File
    CML Cheat Machine Library File
    CML Chemical Markup Language Document
    CML Filetopia Collection Manager List (Filetopia)
    CML PADGen Company Info File
    CML ProWORX Nxt Comment Data (Schneider Electric)
    CML Crazy Machines Saved Laboratory File (Pepper Games)
    CMM CEnvi (ScriptEase:Desktop) Batch File
    CMO Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
    CMP Address Document
    CMP Chord Pro Song Format (Mussoft)
    CMP CorelDRAW Postscript Printer Header
    CMP CraftMan Data
    CMP Discorp CMP Image
    CMP Generic CADD Component File
    CMP Internet Explorer Custom Menu Plug-in (Microsoft)
    CMP JPEG Bitmap
    CMP Leadview (LEAD) Bitmap
    CMP Open Access File
    CMP Photofinish Calibration MaP
    CMP PKWare Compression Library Compressed Data
    CMP Route 66 Address Document
    CMP SWAT 3 Compressed Sound File
    CMP Technics Keyboard Composer File
    CMP Word for DOS User Dictionary (Microsoft)
    CMP HotDocs Template Component File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    CMP Freelancer Physical Model Layout (Microsoft)
    CMQ Culturemetrics
    CMR CribMaster File
    CMR MediaPlayer Movie
    CMRT CraftMan Data
    CMS TrialDirector Compound Media Storage
    CMT Chinon ES-1000 Digital Camera
    CMT Corel Draw
    CMT Culturemetrics
    CMTD Cool Moon To Do To Do List (Cool Moon Software, LLC.)
    CMU Carnegie Mellon Univeristy Stereo Raster Image
    CMU CMU Window Manager Bitmap
    CMUWM Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager Bitmap
    CMV CorelDRAW 4.0 Movie Animation (Corel Corporation)
    CMW COM-Watch
    CMW Custom Maintenance Wizard File (Microsoft)
    CMX Apple Viewer (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    CMX Presentation Exchange Image (Corel)
    CMX Patch File
    CMX The Sims 3D Body Mesh Data (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    CMX Rational XDE (IBM)
    CMXA Camomile Packed Library File
    CMY Corel40 Custom File
    CMYK Raw Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black Samples
    CNB Pegasus Mail Mail Message in Noticeboard (David Harris)
    CNC Click 'n Create File
    CNC CNC General Program Data
    CND ControlDraw File
    CND Embroidery Design File
    CNF 1-2-3 Configuration (IBM)
    CNF Conference Link
    CNF Configuration File Used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats.
    CNF Inor MinIpaq Software File
    CNF Windows SpeedDial (Microsoft)
    CNF KiSS Paper Doll Set
    CNM Windows Application Menu Options and Setup File
    CNM WinRoute Electronic Mail File (Kerio Technologies Inc.)
    CNM Pegasus Mail New Mail Message (David Harris)
    CNQ Compuworks Design Shop File
    CNR CRiSP Harvest File
    CNR Pegasus Mail Mail Message in Systemwide Folder (David Harris)
    CNREG EULANDA Warenwirtschaft (ERP) Configuration Information
    CNREP EULANDA ERP System Report Template
    CNS Windows2000 Client Connection Manager Export File (Microsoft)
    CNT Help File Contents
    CNT Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab File (IBM)
    CNV Canvas Versions 6, 7, 8, 9 Graphic File (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    CNV Word Data Conversion File (Microsoft)
    CNV WordPerfect Temporary File (Corel)
    CNV WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion File Data
    CNV DB2 Conversion File
    CNX Rational XDE (IBM)
    CN_ Regeditx File
    CO Cult3D ActiveX Player Application
    CO$ MS Compressed COM Decompress with UNPACK.EXE.
    COA TrueSpace 3D Object (Caligari Corporation)
    COA Medlin Accounting Chart of Accounts With Beginning of Year Balances (Medlin Accounting)
    COB TrueSpace Object (Caligari Corporation)
    COB COBOL Program File
    COB RM/COBOL Runtime System Application File (Liant)
    COB TrueSpace2 Object
    COB Total Annihilation Unit Script (Cavedog Entertainment)
    COB Creatures Compiled Object File (Gameware Development Ltd.)
    COD Boxer/2 printer Code Definition File
    COD C Compiler Output (Microsoft)
    COD Charset Code File
    COD Code List
    COD Compiler Program Code
    COD dBASE Application Generator Template Source File
    COD dBASE Template Source File
    COD Forecast Plus
    COD FORTRAN Compiled Code
    COD Multiplan Data File (Microsoft)
    COD StatPac Gold Datafile
    COD SWAT Input Control File
    COD UUPC Code Definition Table
    COD Video Text File
    COD Agent Charmap (Forté)
    CODE Graal and Related Servers Encrypted Cache (Cyberjoueurs)
    COK Carmageddon Patch File
    COL Autodesk Color Palette (Autodesk, Inc.)
    COL Grand Theft Auto III Collision Data (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    COL Internet Color Wizard Color Scheme
    COL Notes Import Column Description File (IBM)
    COL Movie Maker Collection File (Microsoft)
    COL Multiplan Spreadsheet (Microsoft)
    COL HTML Help Collection File (Microsoft)
    COLLECTION Shareaza Collection (Shareaza Pty. Ltd.)
    COLOR Amaya Configuration
    COM Command
    COM Common Object Module
    COM DOS or CP/M Executable
    COM AOL (America Online, Inc.)
    COM EICAR Anti-Virus Test File (EICAR)
    COM Psion Organiser CommsLink Setup File (Psion PLC)
    COMMANDLINE Commandline Powertoy File
    COMMON Matlab Install File (The MathWorks)
    COMPAT Likely a Text File
    CON Knowledgeware Consolidation File
    CON Simdir Configuration File
    CON Train Simulator Train/Model Identification File (Microsoft Corporation)
    CON Tree Professional Conifer Creator File
    CON WordPerfect Document Concordance (Corel)
    CON Battlefield 1942 Configuration File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    CON Unreal 2 Audio File (Epic Games, Inc.)
    CON LucasArts Container File (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
    CON Trace Data File (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    CONF IRC Related Configuration File
    CONF Linux Configuration File
    CONF Palace Server Server Configuration (Communities.com)
    CONFIG NET Application Configuration Information (Microsoft)
    CONFIG CRiSP Harvest File
    CONSOLE WinNT Console File
    CONTENTSONCLIPBOARD Contents on Clipboard Powertoy File
    COO Cookie File
    COO Fabasoft Components
    COOL QB - Text Analyzer Archive (Sierra Vista Software)
    COP Tree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
    COR Insight II Output Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    COR Protein Structure File
    COR Web GPS Correction Server Export File
    COR WMOVIEC Input File
    COR posem Correction File (Nimal Solutions Ltd.)
    COR Cokriging Software COREG Output File
    CORE Core Software Tech CORE IDC Bitmap
    CORELPROJECT Photo Album Project (Corel Corporation)
    CORRECTION As-U-Type Correction FIle (Fanix Software)
    COS Scarlett Expert System Compiler Query File
    COS Creatures Object Source (Gameware Development Ltd.)
    COUNT Gen Counters File
    COUNTER Netobjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Message File
    COV Fax Cover Page (Microsoft)
    COX Multimedia Fusion Plug-In (Clickteam)
    CP CompuMedic Database
    CP Sound Shared File
    CP1 Compel Show Ver 1 Presentation (Click2learn, Inc.)
    CP2 Compel Show Ver 2 Presentation (Click2learn, Inc.)
    CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale Image
    CPA Colasoft Capsa
    CPA Cimrex Prog (Beijer Electronics)
    CPAN Tucows Info File (Tucows Inc.)
    CPAO 3dize Cool Page Objects Counter File
    CPC CPC Lite Cartesian Perceptual Compressed File
    CPC 3WayPack (The Three-Mode Company)
    CPD Complaints Desk Script
    CPD Corel PrintOffice File
    CPD Fax Coversheet
    CPE Fax Cover Sheet (Microsoft)
    CPF Complete PC Fax File
    CPF ProWORX Nxt Comment Pointer And Length File (Schneider Electric)
    CPF CPF Editor Contract Preparation Form Submission File (CORDIS)
    CPF CircuitCAM Manufacturing Process Definition File (Aegis Industrial Software Corporation)
    CPF Canvastic Preferences (Canvastic)
    CPG 3dize Cool Page File Tutorial
    CPH Corel PrintHouse Image
    CPI Calamus Graphic (invers Software)
    CPI Cartesian Products Compressed Internet Document
    CPI ColorLab Processed Image
    CPI Windows International Code Page (Microsoft Corporate)
    CPIO UNIX CPIO Archive
    CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project
    CPJ Commotion File
    CPK Sega FILM/CPK File Format (Sega Corporation)
    CPL Compel Show Ver 1 Presentation (Click2learn, Inc.)
    CPL Corel Color Palette (Corel)
    CPL Windows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
    CPM Cisco Secure Policy Manager File
    CPM ConceptHDL Project File
    CPM CP/M Executable
    CPM InterComm Project Manager File
    CPM Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CPN Age of Empires I and II Campaign File (Microsoft)
    CPN Rise of Nations Campaign File (Microsoft)
    CPN CPN Tools CPN Model File (CPN Group at the University of Aarhus)
    CPO Corel Print House File
    CPP C++ Builder 6 (Borland Software Corporation)
    CPP Visual C++ Source Code File (Microsoft)
    CPP CA-Cricket Presents Presentation
    CPP Maya OpenGL 3D Scene (Alias Systems, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited)
    CPQ Exam Essentials Exam File (Cyber Pass Inc.)
    CPR Corel Presents Presentation
    CPR INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Code Fold
    CPR Knowledge Access Graphics
    CPR PV-WAVE Compiled Procedure File
    CPR Cubase Project File (Steinberg)
    CPR Patrician II
    CPR Port Royale
    CPR CPC Plus Cartridge Image
    CPS Antivirus Checksum
    CPS Central Point PC Tools Backup
    CPS Classroom Performance System File
    CPS Colored PostScript File
    CPS QEMM Backup of Startup Files
    CPT CA Cricket Presents Template
    CPT Corel Photo-Paint Image (Corel)
    CPT dBASE Encrypted Memo
    CPT After Shot (Corel Corporation)
    CPT Compact Pro Archive (Cyclos)
    CPT CCRYPT Encrypted File
    CPT6 Corel Photo-Paint Image
    CPU Sysoft Sandra File
    CPX Age of Empires I and II Campaign File (Microsoft)
    CPX Code Page Translation File (Microsoft)
    CPX Control Panel Applet
    CPX Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
    CPX CryptaPix Encrypted Image
    CPX Rise of Nations Campaign File (Microsoft)
    CPY eCopy Scanned Document (eCopy, Inc.)
    CPY Atari Ramdrive CPY Commands
    CPY Cobol Include
    CPY Copy Books Data File
    CPY Flexus COBOL Definitions
    CPY RM/COBOL Development System Include File (Liant)
    CPZ COMPOZ Music Text
    CPZ CP Shrink Archive (Symantec)
    CQ CP/M SYSGEN Replacement
    CQQ Cool Quiz
    CQZ Cool Quiz
    CR Crack File
    CR CRiSP Source Code
    CR Iris Printer CT Format Bitmap
    CR$ BASIC VB Kartei File
    CR2 Curious Labs Poser Character File
    CR2 Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format (Canon Inc.)
    CR4 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CR5 Tripod Data Systmes Survey Pro Coordinate File
    CR7 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    CRA Advanced Crack File (usually text)
    CRA Personal Craft Factory File
    CRC JPEG Sheriff CRC Info File (engineering bureau Office Automation)
    CRC Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    CRD Windows Cardfile
    CRD ColdRED Script File
    CRD Guitar Chord File
    CRE Infinity Game Engine Monster Description (BioWare Corp.)
    CRE LiveUpdate Crescendo Catapult File
    CREG CrazayReg Database (Crazy-Team)
    CRF Calcomp Raster Bitmap
    CRF Database Cross-Reference File
    CRF MASM Cross-Reference File
    CRF OM2Cipher Recipient File
    CRF Programming Cross-reference
    CRF Sierra Print Artist Craft
    CRF System Shock 2 Archive
    CRF Thief 2: The Metal Age Archive
    CRF Thief: The Dark Project Archive
    CRF Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File
    CRF CHARTrunner Chart Definition (PQ Systems)
    CRG Calamus Graphic (invers Software)
    CRH Golf Image File (Microsoft)
    CRH Links Games Course File
    CRK Crack File
    CRL Certificate Revocation List
    CRM Capital Research Vendor Bid System
    CRM Netmino File
    CRM CHARTrunner Multi-Chart Definition (PQ Systems)
    CRO Webalizer.01 Lang File
    CRP Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation
    CRP dBASE Encrypted Database
    CRP Visual dBASE Custom Report
    CRS Gold Game Course File
    CRS Links Games Course File
    CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion Resource (Corel)
    CRS Dance With Intensity
    CRT Certificate File
    CRT Oracle Terminal Settings Info
    CRT UNIX Crontab File
    CRT Soft Concert Karaoke File
    CRU CRUSH Compressed Archive
    CRV Corel Graphics Ver. 10 Custom Gradients File (Corel)
    CRW Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format (Canon Inc.)
    CRW Crossword Genius
    CRW Cadrail Train Terrain Layout (Sandia Software)
    CRW CHARTrunner Workspace Definition (PQ Systems)
    CRX Links Games Course File
    CRY Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
    CRYPTOMITE CryptoMite Encrypted Archive (BAxBEx Software)
    CRZ Links Games Course File
    CS Visual C#.NET Source Code (Microsoft)
    CS Tribes 2 Scripting File (Sierra)
    CS Torque Game Engine Script (GarageGames)
    CS Fractal Lab Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    CS-CNF Currency Server Software Configuration (Cloanto Corporation)
    CS1 CaptureShop 1-Shot Image (Sinar)
    CS3 Casio WK-1800 Keyboard Output File
    CS4 CaptureShop 4-Shot Image (Sinar)
    CSA Comma Deliminated Text
    CSA InterComm ASCII Sheet File
    CSA Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster
    CSB CircuitSoft Viewer
    CSB Corel Photo-Paint Script (Corel)
    CSB Pci Ncr3030 Ncrflash File
    CSC Corel Script (Corel)
    CSC Wizard
    CSC CrystalControl LCD Control Software Screen (Crystalfontz)
    CSD Bitstream Fontware
    CSD Chemsoft MSDS Database File
    CSD Embroidery Design File
    CSD EasyLink Measurement Database (Damalini AB)
    CSE Cardinal Studio Template File
    CSE GPS Pathfinder Office Coordinate System (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    CSF GeoMedia Coordinate System File
    CSF Uefa Champions League Logis Cutscene File
    CSF Van Dyke's CRT/SecureCRT Script File
    CSF Brava Reader Content Sealed Format (Informative Graphics Corp)
    CSF Photoshop Color Settings (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    CSFDB Open CASCADE 3D Model File (Open CASCADE Company)
    CSG Statistica Graph File
    CSH CARA-Script-Interpreter-Engine Script
    CSH Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File
    CSH Photoshop Custom Shape (Adobe)
    CSH UNIX csh Shell Script
    CSH csh Script
    CSHRC UNIX C Shell Environment File
    CSI Cyberautograph Signed Item
    CSK Claris Works
    CSK StoryWeaver Template (Storymind Store)
    CSK Copernic 2001 Skin (Copernic)
    CSL AOL Modem Script (America Online, Inc.)
    CSL TestQuest Pro Test Script (TestQuest, Inc.)
    CSL Designer Symbol Library (Corel)
    CSLM Zeiss CSLM Bitmap
    CSM C++ Symbol File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CSM C++ Ver. 4.5 Precompiled Header (Borland Software Corporation)
    CSM Kodak DC265 Camera Script
    CSM CASL Compiled PalmPilot Program (Feras Information Technologies)
    CSN Dreamweaver MX's Snippet
    CSN CopyMate Raw Points Cloud (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    CSP Cardinal Studio Project File
    CSP CaseWare Working Papers Script Page
    CSP Crystal Enterprise Crystal Server Page
    CSP Draw Service Bureau Profiler (Corel)
    CSP Intersystems Caché Server Page File
    CSP PC Emcee On-Screen Image
    CSP AudioZip Encoded Audio
    CSP CASLwin Program (Feras Information Technologies)
    CSPROJ Visual Studio .NET C# Project (Microsoft)
    CSQ Foxpro Query (Microsoft)
    CSS Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet
    CSS InterComm Part Body Definition
    CSS Statistica Datasheet
    CSS Stats+ Datafile
    CSS Citadel SafStor User Script File
    CSS1 Cascading Style Sheet See .CSS.
    CST Macromedia Director Cast File
    CST Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Custom Style File
    CST CHARTrunner Chart Style Definition (PQ Systems)
    CST Medbasin Model Calibration File (National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources Management)
    CSV Comma-Separated Variables
    CSV CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
    CSV Boso View Express Railway and Structure File (Mackoy)
    CSW WordPerfect Setup Info File (Corel)
    CSW Compressed Square Wave
    CSY EPOC Polymorphic DLL
    CS_ Creativ Compressed Sb16 Sbide File
    CT Iris CT Graphic
    CT Scitex CT Handshake Continuous-Tone Bitmap
    CT Continuout Tone TIFF Bitmap
    CT0 Maxagrid CTM File Being Processed
    CT1 Maxagrid CTM File Successfully Processed
    CT2 Maxagrid CTM File Unsuccessfully Processed
    CT2 CTRAN/W Graphical Layout File (Geo-Slope International)
    CT3 CTRAN/W Sketch Lines and Text File (Geo-Slope International)
    CTB AutoCAD Color-dependent Plot Style Table (Autodesk, Inc.)
    CTB NoteTab Clipbar
    CTC PC Installer Control
    CTD Cardtable File
    CTD Cobra Track Dump
    CTD Marine Data File
    CTD Simpsons Cartoon Studio Export File
    CTF Calculator Text Format
    CTF HP-95LX Character Translation File for Datacomm
    CTF PhotoSuite Album File (Sonic Solutions)
    CTF Symphony Character Code Translation (IBM)
    CTF TIFF Compressed File
    CTF WhereIsIt Catalog
    CTF AVG Update Control File (Grisoft)
    CTF BrightStor ARCserve Backup Backup File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    CTG BMC Software Patrol File
    CTG Canon Powershot Pro 70 Info File
    CTG Cartridge Definition File
    CTG ChessBase Opening Book
    CTI Collectorz.com Template Info File (Bitz & Pixelz)
    CTK mSuite License File (CommonTime Limited)
    CTL Setup Information
    CTL User Control
    CTM CGMetafile
    CTM Content Delivery Service
    CTM Crazytalk Talking Animation File
    CTM FreeBSD Content Management File
    CTM Java Charge Transaction Matrix File
    CTM Maxagrid CTM File
    CTM SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Time Marked Conversation Input
    CTP American Greetings CreataCard (Broderbund)
    CTP ChemDraw Template
    CTP BestAddress HTML Editor Combined Template File (Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.)
    CTR Corel40 Trace File
    CTR CATALYST Text Parsing Rules File (Alchemy Software Development Ltd.)
    CTR The Cookie Counter! Hit Count File (CLIQ Services Coop)
    CTR ERGO Receiver Configuration File (Creative Express Corporation)
    CTR Counter File
    CTR CTRAN/W DEFINE Data File (Geo-Slope International)
    CTS ABC Programming Language Permanent Location Contents
    CTT LabView File
    CTT MSN Messenger Saved Contact List (MSN)
    CTT CAIL Suite Terminal Emulation Data (CAIL Systems Inc.)
    CTX Chinese Character Input File
    CTX Compressed Text
    CTX GE Industrial Systems CIMPLICITY Text Version HMI Screen
    CTX LICOM AlphaCAM Compiled Text
    CTX Online Course Text (Microsoft)
    CTX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext File (PGP Corporation)
    CTX Visual Basic User Control Binary File
    CTX Windows Terminal Server INI Backup File (Microsoft)
    CTX CTRAN/W DEFINE Compressed Data File (Geo-Slope International)
    CTX Nokia PC Suite Backup Contact File (Nokia)
    CTY Fog Creek CityDesk Template
    CTY SimCity City File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    CTY Railroad Tycoon 3 Cargo (PopTop Software Inc.)
    CU1 Photoline4 Curves Curve File
    CU3 Photoline4 Curves Clut File
    CUB OLAP Cube File (Microsoft)
    CUB PowerPlay File (Cognos Incorporated)
    CUBE Cubicomp PictureMaker Bitmap
    CUBE Gaussian Cube File
    CUBI Cubicomp PictureMaker Bitmap
    CUE Cue Cards Data (Microsoft)
    CUE CDRWin and Others Description File for a CD-Image
    CUE BPM Studio Cue Points (ALCATech)
    CUF Turbo C Utilities Form Definition (Borland Software Corporation)
    CUL IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
    CUP OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog Library Update
    CUP Roland Garros Tennis Terrain File
    CUR Cursor
    CUR Windows Cursor (Microsoft)
    CUREXSCHEME CursorXP Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    CURL URL Links Curl
    CURSOR Sun Icon/Cursor
    CURXPTHEME CursorXP Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    CUS AutoCAD Custom Dictionary (Autodesk, Inc.)
    CUS ConciseURI Syntax (Clear Methods, Inc.)
    CUS Medlin Accounting Customer Data (Medlin Accounting)
    CUSTOM Personal Paint Custom Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    CUT DataWave Physiological Data File
    CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap Graphic
    CUT INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Utility Package
    CUT Utilitaires
    CUT BPM Studio Cue Points and Marker Information (ALCATech)
    CUZ CropWalker
    CU_ Winhelp Compressed File
    CV CodeView Information (Microsoft)
    CV Versions Archive (Corel)
    CV3 Civilization III Game High Score
    CV4 CodeView Colors (Microsoft)
    CV5 Canvas Version 5
    CV5 CCS-lib.2 JPEG Stream File
    CVA Compaq Diagnostics
    CVB Borland BDE File (Borland Software Corporation)
    CVD CVTracker Dictionary File (Netmap Software Inc.)
    CVD Calamus Vector Graphic (invers Software)
    CVD Clam AntiVirus Database (Clam AntiVirus Team)
    CVF SuperStor Compressed Volume
    CVF Train Simulator Cab View File (Microsoft Corporation)
    CVG Calamus Vector Graphic (invers Software)
    CVG CVTracker Personal Goal File (Netmap Software Inc.)
    CVH Sound File
    CVH CVTracker Proprietary Help File (Netmap Software Inc.)
    CVIP CVIPlab File
    CVJ Cabinet Vision Solid Job Document (Planit Solutions, Inc.)
    CVL Coastal Vector List Text Format
    CVL VLBI and Tied Array Cover Letter Tasking Document
    CVP Kodak File
    CVP Portrait
    CVP WinFax Cover Page (Symantec)
    CVQ Coastal Vector List Compressed Format
    CVR Bitware Fax File
    CVR ElectraSoft Fax Cover Sheet
    CVR WinFax Cover Page (Symantec)
    CVS Sound File
    CVS Canvas Drawing File
    CVS Outlook Express File
    CVSAUTO Call Management System (CMS) Automatic Script (Avaya Inc.)
    CVSIGNORE Snort File
    CVT dBASE Converted Database Backup
    CVT Convert Data File (Joshua F. Madison)
    CVT Follett Conversion Tool
    CVT CVTracker Position and Company Template File (Netmap Software Inc.)
    CVW CodeView Colors (Microsoft)
    CVX Canvas Versions 6, 7, 8, 9 Graphic File (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    CW3 Chem Draw Molecular Structure
    CW3 Claris Works Win 3 Document
    CW3 Crossword Construction Kit Puzzle Group
    CWA See .CLC
    CWA Castelware Inventory Hardware/Software Audit File (Castelware GmbH)
    CWB WebNote Document
    CWD StarDraft CWAD File
    CWD Cardwar Card Deck (Stefan Sarbok)
    CWDOC CopyWrite Project Document (Bartas Technologies)
    CWE Crossword Express (AUS-PC-SOFT)
    CWEB C Web
    CWF CodeWatch for Windows Workspace File (Liant)
    CWK Claris Works Data
    CWK GCPrevue Work File (Graphicode)
    CWL ClarisWorks Library
    CWP Cakewalk SONAR Audio Project (Cakewalk)
    CWPB CopyWrite Project Binder (Bartas Technologies)
    CWR Crystal Reports Report (Crystal Decisions)
    CWS Claris Works Template
    CWS combustion Workspace (Discreet)
    CWW Crossword Weaver File
    CWZ CropWalker File
    CW_ Corel Graphics Ver. 10 Workspace (Corel)
    CX CodeMapper Script
    CX3 click.EXE 3.0 Script File (ASXperts Inc.)
    CXB ComicGuru (Fay Solutions)
    CXB Custody X Change Data File (Custody X Change, Inc.)
    CXC Custody X Change Data File (Custody X Change, Inc.)
    CXD SimplePCI Combined Graphics and Data (Compix Inc., Imaging Systems)
    CXE Common XML Envelope
    CXH Custody X Change Data File (Custody X Change, Inc.)
    CXM QuadColor Color Correction Master
    CXM XYZ-Company.com Proprietary File
    CXP Core Media Player XML-based Playlist File
    CXP XYZ-Company.com Proprietary File
    CXP CX-Programmer PLC Program File (Omron Electronics LLC)
    CXS ConciseXML Format File (Clear Methods, Inc.)
    CXT Macromedia Director Protected Cast File
    CXT Vegas Jackpot Gold Game Data File
    CXT Crocodile Technology Circuit (Crocodile Clips Ltd)
    CXV Custody X Change Data File (Custody X Change, Inc.)
    CXX Visual C++ Source Code File (Microsoft)
    CXX Zortech C++ Program
    CX_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
    CY CCS-lib.2 JPEG-v4 File
    CYA Cyan Color Separation (Adobe)
    CYC CYCAS Design Project (Verlag Frese)
    CYL Ribbons Molecular Cylinder
    CYM Callus Game Sound File (Bloodlust Software)
    CYN Cynex Root55 Program Extension
    CYP Cypherus Encrypted Archive
    CYP Crocodile Physics Simulation File (Crocodile Clips Ltd.)
    CYT Crocodile Technology Simulation (Crocodile Clips Ltd.)
    CZE NHL Ice Hockey 2002 Required File
    CZE Personal Paint Czech Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    CZIP ZipGenius Compressed Archive (M.Dev Software)
    CZP Cloze Pro Archive (Crick Software Ltd.)
    C_ Winhelp Compressed File
    C_M Eru/erd File
    C__ C++ Source; C__ is C++ in Win32
    C~G Windows 3.x System File


    D D Programming Language Source Code File
    D Dialect Source Code File
    D SPPACK File
    D GBG DraftMaker Drawing File (think3, Inc.)
    D$W MindStor Driver
    D00 AdLib Format File
    D00 Blaster Master Pro File
    D00 Edlib Tracker Mod Compressed
    D00 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in
    D01 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in
    D01 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D01 Tonline DB File
    D02 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D02 Tonline DB File
    D03 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D03 Tonline DB File
    D04 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D05 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D06 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D07 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D08 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D09 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D1 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
    D10 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
    D11 Macro Mania Data File
    D15 Beat Master 62 File
    D2 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
    D2 Diablo II Character Data File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    D2D 3D Fassade Plus 2D/3D Object
    D2H Diablo II Hack It Module File
    D2I Diablo II Item File
    D2J d2jsp Script File (Paul Taulborg and The d2jsp Team)
    D2R Dazzle Dazzle Realization
    D2S Diablo II Character and Equipment File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    D2V DVD Ripper File
    D2WMODEL WebObjects Web Script (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    D2X Diablo II Stash File
    D30 Driver
    D32 Visualisation (IBM)
    D3D CorelDream 3D File
    D3D Direct3D File
    D3F MechCommander 2 Encyclopedia (Microsoft)
    D3T Doom Texture (id Software)
    D4 Dataphor D4 Script (Alphora)
    D4C Dataphor D4 Catalog File (Alphora)
    D5P Dragon UnPACKer 5 Language Pack (Dragon Software)
    D64 Commodore 64 Disk Image/Game ROM
    D67 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    D71 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    D80 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    D81 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    D82 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    D8A AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
    DA DynApp Dynamic Application Template File ( e-Synaptix (DynApp Inc.))
    DA! Dinfo Data File
    DA$ MS Compressed DAT Use UNPACK.EXE.
    DA0 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA0 Windows Registry Backup
    DA1 Registry Backup
    DA1 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA2 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA2 DeepAnalysis 2 eBay Auction Data (HammerTap)
    DA2 Windows Dancer (Microsoft)
    DA3 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA4 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA5 Green Line File
    DA5 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA6 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA7 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA8 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DA9 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
    DAC Pclhandler Image File
    DAC Sound File
    DAD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
    DAF Mobius Document Archive
    DAF OM2 911 Xchange Version 3 & 6 Document
    DAF Pelesoft DAF
    DAF Download Accelerator (SpeedBit Ltd.)
    DAF dKart Office Cartographic Data Exchange Format (HydroService AS)
    DAG Aralia Format Fault Tree
    DAI DAIProcessor
    DAL SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus DAP List
    DAN ATI Radeon Video Driver
    DAN Winphone Address Book
    DAN Personal Paint Danish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    DAO Duplicator CD File
    DAO Windows Registry Backup
    DAP Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
    DAP Omnis5 Application File (Raining Data Corporation)
    DARBY TheWord & Bible Companion Darby's Bible Translation Bible
    DAS PackRat Index
    DAS Download Accelerator File List (SpeedBit Ltd.)
    DAT Data
    DAT Digital Audio Tape
    DAT Exchange Server Error Message (WINMAIL.DAT) (Microsoft)
    DAT Commodore 64 Audio
    DAT Gunlok Archive
    DAT Internet Explorer Cache File (Microsoft)
    DAT MapInfo Native Data Format (Mapinfo Corporation)
    DAT Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
    DAT MS Word for DOS File
    DAT Nascar Racing Archive
    DAT Nero CD Speed Results File (Nero AG)
    DAT Novell Message File
    DAT RDXR020305.DAT is Morpheus Adware
    DAT SHARP MZ-series Emulator RAM-Disk File
    DAT SPOT Graphic
    DAT Terrasoft Dataset Definition File
    DAT Unfinished FastTrack Download
    DAT VCD and/or SVCD File
    DAT Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 Movie
    DAT VMS Data File
    DAT WordPerfect Merge Data (Corel)
    DAT Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format
    DAT Windows Registry Hive (Microsoft Corporation)
    DAT PestPatrol Data/Scan Strings (PestPatrol, Inc.)
    DAT Oric Atmos Snapshot
    DAT Allegro Generic Data
    DAT My Personal Programmer Distributed Project (M:pact Technologies)
    DAT LithTech Game Compiled Level File (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
    DAT Walkman NW-S23 MP3 File Storage Container (Sony)
    DAT Chuzzle Saved Game
    DAT Peachtext List Manager (Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.))
    DATA Font2D Resources File
    DATA SID Tune
    DAWN Experimental File Format
    DAX Daxaif Compressed Audio
    DAY Journal
    DAZ Poser 3D File
    DB ANSYS Database
    DB ArcView Object Database File (ESRI)
    DB Paradox Ver 7 Table Database (Borland Software Corporation)
    DB data by Synopsys Design Compiler, dbVista, Paradox, Smartware, XTreeGold
    DB dBASE IV or dBFast Configuration
    DB MSWorks
    DB MultiEdit Configuration
    DB Mozilla (Netscape) Client Certificate or Security Module Database (Mozilla.org)
    DB Novell GroupWise Addressbook Database
    DB Oracle Database
    DB Paradox Database
    DB Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
    DB SmartWare Office Pac File
    DB Solid Database
    DB WindowsXP Thumbnail Database (Microsoft)
    DB DIGIBooster Module/Song
    DB$ Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
    DB$ dBASE Temporary File
    DB0 dBASE Initialization File
    DB1 Adressmn
    DB1 ImageDatabase Index to Image Database (A.I.Soft)
    DB2 dBASE II
    DB2 dBfast File
    DB2 ImageDatabase Image Database (A.I.Soft)
    DB3 dBASE III File
    DB3 Dr Brain 3
    DB4 dBASE 4 Data
    DBA DataEase Data File
    DBA Palm DateBook File (Palm)
    DBA Turbo Prolog Database (Borland Software Corporation)
    DBB ANSYS Database Backup
    DBB DeBabelizer BatchList
    DBB Mopheus Music File
    DBC OrCAD Capture CIS Database Configuration
    DBC PROGNOSIS Database Collection Document File
    DBC Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
    DBC CANdb Network File (Vector Informatik GmbH)
    DBD Business Insight Data
    DBD Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
    DBD DemoShield Project File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    DBD Oracle Record Type
    DBD Psion (Psion PLC)
    DBE ActiveSync Backup File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    DBE Database Engine File
    DBF ArcView Shapefile Attribute Table File (ESRI)
    DBF Database
    DBF JetForm FormFlow Data File
    DBF Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
    DBF ACT! Main Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
    DBF Psion Series 3 Database (Psion PLC)
    DBF Abacus Law Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
    DBF NovaBACKUP Backup Database (NovaStor Corporation)
    DBF Alpha Five Table Data File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    DBF The Network Diary Database (CF Systems Ltd)
    DBG ArcView Problem Debug Log File (ESRI)
    DBG C++ Symbolic Debugging Info (Borland Software Corporation)
    DBG Debugger Script Watcom Debugger
    DBG MS Visual C++ CodeView COFF-format Debugger information
    DBG Oracle Generator File
    DBG Paradox File
    DBG PFE File
    DBG Watcom Debugger Script
    DBI Database Explorer Information (Borland Software Corporation)
    DBI Fifa World Cup Game Data Comin fe File
    DBI Photo Soap2 File
    DBI Isearch Database Information
    DBK dBASE Database Backup
    DBK Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
    DBKIT Doggiebox Drum Kit File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
    DBL LineWriter File
    DBL WindowsXP Product Activation File (Microsoft Corporation)
    DBM Cold Fusion Template
    DBM DataBoss Menu Template
    DBM DataEase / DataEase Express Data File
    DBM OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    DBM DigiBooster Pro Tracker MOD File (APC & TCP)
    DBNML NML Language Database Extension (NevoSoft)
    DBO DB/TextWorks Database Directory
    DBO dBASE IV Compiled Program File
    DBOOK Pocket Diary Text
    DBP Visual Studio .NET Database Project (Microsoft)
    DBP SignIQ Data Broker Project (ImpulseLogic)
    DBPRO DarkBASIC Professional Project File (The Game Creators Ltd.)
    DBQ AutoCAD DB Query (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DBQ Paradox Memo
    DBQ QuickLink Database
    DBR Comdial VMMI Database
    DBR DB/TextWorks Database
    DBR Golf Courses File
    DBR TCM - MRP Software Compliled Executable (WorkWise, Inc.)
    DBR DeepBurner Burn File List (ASTONSOFT Co.)
    DBS DB/TextWorks Database Textbase Structure File
    DBS DeBabelizer Script
    DBS SQLBase Database (Gupta)
    DBS GPS Data File
    DBS Managing Your Money Database
    DBS PRODAS Data File
    DBS ProDas - SQL Windows Data
    DBS Structured Query Language (SQL) Format Database
    DBS Word Printer Description File (Microsoft)
    DBS Works Printer Description File (Microsoft)
    DBSONG Doggiebox Song File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
    DBT AutoCAD R2000 DB Template (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DBT Database Text File
    DBT dBFast Memo Text for Database
    DBT Foxbase Memo
    DBT FoxPro, Foxbase+ Style Memo
    DBT JetForm FormFlow Data File
    DBT Oracle Template
    DBT OpenInsight Database File (Revelation Software)
    DBT Abacus Law Ver. 9 Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
    DBV Flexfile Memo Field File
    DBV Abacus Law Ver. 10 Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
    DBW DataBoss Database File
    DBX Database Index
    DBX DataBeam Image
    DBX Formula Graphics Project
    DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder (Microsoft Corporation)
    DBX Visual Foxpro Table (Microsoft)
    DB_ CAD File
    DC DesignCAD CAD File
    DC Spice DC Output
    DC Dialect Compiled Script
    DC$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    DC+ DataCAD Plus Drawing (DATACAD LLC)
    DC2 WinControl DC2-PC Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
    DC2 DesignCAD CAD File
    DC2 DC25 Digital Camera File (Kodak)
    DC5 DataCAD Drawing File (DATACAD LLC)
    DCA D-PAS Portfolio Manager File
    DCA IBM DisplayWrite Document Content Architecture Text File (IBM)
    DCA Visual Basic X DateBook File (Microsoft)
    DCA DCA Archiver Compressed Archive
    DCB Concordance Database Control Block
    DCC WordExpress2.0 Dictionary File
    DCD Document Content Description File
    DCD Dynamic-CD-Wizard Project File
    DCD FORTRAN Data File
    DCD INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
    DCE AutoCAD R2000 Dialog Error Log (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DCF Design Rule for Camera File Systems File
    DCF Disk Image File
    DCF Dyadic Data File
    DCF DynSite Configuration File
    DCF HP-95LX Datacomm Configuration
    DCF ProWORX Nxt Database Configuration (Schneider Electric)
    DCF WordExpress2.0 Dictionary
    DCF Taskmaster Batch Pilot Form (Datacap Inc.)
    DCH DraftChoice Drawing (TRIUS, Inc.)
    DCI AOL HTML Mail (America Online, Inc.)
    DCIM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
    DCK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
    DCK Resolume Deck (Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg)
    DCL AutoCAD Dialog Control Language Description (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DCL Delphi Component Library (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCL DesignComposer Addition to Layout Knowledge Base
    DCL DumpSec
    DCLST DC and DC++ Direct Connect
    DCM Atari Disk Image Format (Atari)
    DCM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Image
    DCM Sound
    DCP ArcView Default Codepage File (ESRI)
    DCP Delphi Compiled Packages (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCP OS/2 Data CodePage (IBM)
    DCP Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
    DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Data File (Pavement Technology Ltd.)
    DCPIL Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCR Delphi Component Resource (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCR Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File (Kodak)
    DCR RIF Picture
    DCR Shockwave Movie (Macromedia)
    DCS 1st Reader
    DCS ACT! Activity Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    DCS Bitmap Graphic
    DCS Color Separated EPS Format
    DCS Desktop Color Separation File
    DCS Kodak Professional Digital Camera
    DCS Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification
    DCS AcaStat DataCalc Data Files (AcaStat Software)
    DCT ArcView Geocoding Dictionary File (ESRI)
    DCT Clarion for Windows Data Dictionary (SoftVelocity)
    DCT Delphi Component Template (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCT Dictionary
    DCT GIS (and many others) Dictionary
    DCT Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
    DCT DALiM LiTHO Continuous Tone Bitmap (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
    DCTMP DC++ Incomplete Download File
    DCU Delphi Compiled Unit (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCUIL Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
    DCV DriveCrypt Volume
    DCW Draft Choice for Windows
    DCX DesignCAD (UpperSpace.com)
    DCX ElectraSoft Fax
    DCX Graphics Multipage PCX Bitmap
    DCX Macros
    DCX PC-Paintbrush File (Zsoft)
    DCX Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
    DC~ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    DD C64 Doodle
    DD C64 Image Doodle
    DD Macintosh Compressed Disk Doubler Archive
    DD2 Dungeon Designer 2 Map Design (ProFantasy Software Ltd.)
    DDATA Pocket Diary Text File
    DDB Design Database File
    DDB Device-Dependent Bitmap Graphics File
    DDB INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
    DDB Protel 99SE Design Database File
    DDB ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
    DDB ACT! Sales Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    DDB DProfiler Cost Database (Beck Technology)
    DDC ddoc Print and Preview Print Preview Document (Don Dickinson)
    DDC DivX Descriptor DVD Description File (Daren-Softwares)
    DDD Acrobat Distiller (Adobe)
    DDD BullsEye Style Sheet
    DDD Fuji Xerox 2D CAD Data
    DDD ARC+ Drawing (ACA)
    DDD Alpha Five Table Data Dictionary File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    DDD Medlin Accounting Direct Deposit Information (Medlin Accounting)
    DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
    DDF Bitstream Fontware
    DDF Btrieve Data Dictionary File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
    DDF Doom Definition File
    DDF Grand Theft Auto III File (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    DDF Music Library File
    DDF ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
    DDF ACT! Database Definition File (Best Software CRM Division)
    DDF My Personal Diary Entry Storage File (CAM Development)
    DDF ACDSee Use Database (Photo Disc Data File) (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    DDF GPS Pathfinder Office Data Dictionary (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    DDF Diamond Directive File (MIcrosoft)
    DDI Disk Doubler Image
    DDI DiskDupe Image
    DDIF Digital Equipment (Later Compaq) Used for storing images and word processing documents.
    DDL SQL Data Definition Language File
    DDM Intelliware Data Modeller
    DDM Alpha Five Table Objects (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    DDNA Miramar Systems Desktop DNA
    DDO Tank3d Game File
    DDOC DigiDoc Digital Signature (OpenXAdES Project)
    DDP Delphi 6 File
    DDP Inor DSoft Software File
    DDP OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
    DDP DDAdd Dinkey Dongle Protection Parameters (Microcosm Ltd.)
    DDPOKERSAVE DD Tournament Poker Save File (Donohoe Digital LLC)
    DDR FileMaker Pro Database Design Report (FileMaker, Inc.)
    DDR DDRemote Parameter File (Microcosm Ltd.)
    DDS Battlefield 1942 Unit/Object Texture File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    DDS INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
    DDS Photoshop Compressed Textures (Adobe)
    DDS Orbiter Texture File (Martin Schweiger)
    DDS DirectX (Multiple Versions) DirectDraw Surface (Microsoft)
    DDS XMap XData Dataset (Delorme)
    DDT Jill Game File
    DDT Linux Configuration File
    DDT Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
    DDV Xbase Dbfast Example Ivadbsp File
    DDW CSPro File
    DDW Datadisc Data
    DDX Device Data Exchange Format File (Get Organised Our Dissemination of Die Information in Europe)
    DDX Juno Get File
    DDX Alpha Five Dictionary Index File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    DE MetaProducts Download Express Incompletely Downloaded File
    DE Win Ace 204 File
    DE$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
    DEB Debian Linux Package
    DEB DOS Debug Script
    DEBIAN Debian Make File
    DEC ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
    DEC DEC DX, WPS Plus Document
    DEC Decoded File
    DEC VersaPro Declaration File
    DEC Magic: The Gathering Deck of Cards (Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.)
    DEE Creator Simulator Network Description File (Tufts University)
    DEF 3D Fassade Plus Define Module
    DEF ADS Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DEF AniSprite (CompuPhase)
    DEF ArcView Defaults File (ESRI)
    DEF Bert's Dinosaurs File
    DEF C++ Definition
    DEF Defaults
    DEF Definitions
    DEF Geoworks Assembly Header File
    DEF Modula-2 Definition Module File
    DEF Module Definition/Configuration File
    DEF SGML Tag Definition
    DEF SmartWare II Data File
    DEF TLink - Wlink - Others Linker Definition
    DEF Visual C++ Definition
    DEF ZDP ZEBU's Directory Printer Definitions of User-defined Output Formats (ZEBU Informatics)
    DEF Data Entry/Review Module (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    DEFI Oracle Ver. 7 De-install Script
    DEH Dehacked File
    DEI Gerber Design Engineered Interface
    DEK Memorize-It Multimedia Flashcard Deck (Side-Eight Software)
    DEL Creator Simulator Compiled Module (Tufts University)
    DEL Data
    DEL Deleted Data List
    DEL PCTracker Undelete Tracking File
    DEM Vista Pro Graphic
    DEM ArcView Digital Elevation Model File (ESRI)
    DEM Creator Simulator Temporary File (Tufts University)
    DEM Delphi Edit Mask (Borland Software Corporation)
    DEM Descent Demonstration
    DEM Vista Digital Elevation Model File
    DEM Half-Life Demo File (Sierra)
    DEM Quake/Hexen II .DEM File Format
    DEM USGS US Geological Survey National Mapping Division Topo30 3D File (USGS SDTS)
    DEM Demetra Automated Project (European Commission (Eurostat))
    DEM Raven Shield In-Game Recording (Ubi Soft Entertainment)
    DEM Unreal Tournament Demonstration File (Epic Games, Inc.)
    DEM Turing (Holt Software Associates, Inc.)
    DEMO Demo
    DEO Creator Simulator Compiled Module (Tufts University)
    DEP Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency (MIcrosoft)
    DEPLOY DeployMaster Setup Script
    DER DER Encoded X509 Certificate
    DES Creator Simulator Mozart Source File (Tufts University)
    DES Delphi Description File
    DES Description Text
    DES File Investigator Description File
    DES Interscope BlackBox File
    DES Pro/DESKTOP File
    DES Quickbooks Forms Template (Intuit, Inc.)
    DES Tribes 2 Game File (Sierra)
    DES ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
    DES nProtect GameGuard Game Security Plug-in (INCA Internet Co, Ltd.)
    DES Designer Technical Illustration (Corel)
    DES Medlin Accounting Sales Code Information (Medlin Accounting)
    DESC Description
    DESK Card Deck File
    DESKLINK Desklink Powertoy File (Microsoft)
    DESKLINK Windows Explorer Desktop Controls (Microsoft)
    DESKTOP Desktop Entry Standard Desktop Entry File
    DET ACT! Saved E-mail File (Best Software CRM Division)
    DET Dart File
    DET StageII Detector Properties File (FITS Format)
    DEU ATI Radeon Video Driver
    DEU German File (possibly)
    DEU Personal Paint German Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    DEV Device Driver
    DEV Device Independent TeX
    DEV LaTeX File
    DEV Dev-C++ Project File (Bloodshed Software)
    DEV London Architect Custom Device File (BSS Audio)
    DEVEL Developper File
    DEWF General Sound
    DEWF Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit Recorded Instrument
    DEX Excel File
    DEX WinGlucofacts Data File (Bayer HealthCare LLC)
    DEX DEXIS Digital X-ray (ProVision Dental Systems, Inc.)
    DEZ Data Ease version 4.x
    DEZ DES Encrypted Zip File
    DEZ DeZign for databases Project (Datanamic)
    DE_ Doko Compressed Install File
    DF Data File
    DF Lightscape Parameters
    DF NCSA Hierarchical Data File
    DF Paradox Table Filter
    DF$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    DF1 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF2 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF3 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF3 POV-ray File
    DF4 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF5 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF6 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF7 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF8 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DF9 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
    DFA Amateur Strip Poker Data
    DFC Voicemail File
    DFCLASS Together ControlCenter Development Tool
    DFCOMPONENT Together ControlCenter Development Tool
    DFD ABC Programming Language Dyadic Function
    DFD CWK File
    DFD File Flow Diagram Graphic
    DFD Prosa Data Flow Diagram Graphic
    DFF Digital Animation Format
    DFF Grand Theft Auto III Export Format (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    DFF Dynamic File Format Resource Database (Kreative Korporation)
    DFI Digifont Outline Font Description
    DFI DiskFactory32 Diskette Image (Accurate Technologies)
    DFL Signature Default Program Settings
    DFM C++ Builder 6 Form (Borland Software Corporation)
    DFM Datafax Image
    DFM Delphi Form (Borland Software Corporation)
    DFM File Flow Diagram Model
    DFM Prosa Data Flow Diagram Model
    DFM Wintidy File
    DFM Digital-FM
    DFN Definition File
    DFN DFNWarrior Itemlist
    DFN Delphi Integrated Translation Environment (Borland Software Corporation)
    DFN TalkAssist Icon String Meaning
    DFN Winyaps Style
    DFONT Macintosh OS X Data Fork Font File (Apple)
    DFP Digital Fusion Plug-in
    DFP Stabilogram Diffusion Analysis File
    DFP Zoids Commando Player Data File (D9 Software)
    DFPACKAGE Together ControlCenter Development Tool
    DFS AutoCAD Utility Defaults (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DFS Delight Sound File
    DFS Swirlique Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    DFSEQUENCE Together ControlCenter Development Tool
    DFT BullsEye Style Sheet
    DFT Fakt2000 File
    DFT PC Draft File
    DFT SolidEdge CAD File
    DFT WaveMaker File
    DFT Workshare Synergy File
    DFT cncKad2002 Drafting Tool (Metalix)
    DFV GYYR DVMS Digital CCTV Recording
    DFV Word Print Format Template (Microsoft)
    DFW Derive Math Package (Texas Instruments Inc.)
    DFWEBAPPLICATION Together ControlCenter Development Tool
    DFX AutoCAD 3D Vector Graphics (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DFX Micrografx Designer Effects
    DG Autotrol Graphics
    DG Xsteel Drawing File (Tekla)
    DG-KEY DigiGuide Key File (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGC IBM DataGLANce Capture File
    DGC TurboTax (Intuit)
    DGC Digital G Codec Archiver
    DGC DigiGuide Channel Extension (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGF Acrobat (Adobe)
    DGF GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    DGK Delcam Powershape/Powermill
    DGL DynaGeo License File (EUKLID)
    DGL DigiGuide Language File (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGM Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
    DGM Digital Geospatial Metadata File
    DGM Freelance Graphics Diagram (IBM)
    DGMARKER DigiGuide Marker File (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGN ArcView Design Drawing File (ESRI)
    DGN Dragon 32 Emulator
    DGN Intergraph Graphics
    DGN MicroStation CAD (Bentley Systems, Incorporated)
    DGN EdG Design File
    DGO Dimitrius Settings File
    DGP Creator Simulator Tab Fault List (Tufts University)
    DGPRINT DigiGuide Print Template (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGR DART Pro 98 File Group Details
    DGR Fax Page
    DGR Keeptool ER Diagrammer
    DGR Microstation95 CAD Design File
    DGR Pivot Graphic Fax
    DGR PhoneTools Internal Graphic Format (BVRP Software UK)
    DGS AT Advanced Diagnostics
    DGS Dagesh (GalTech Software)
    DGSCHEME DigiGuide Scheme (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGSCHEME-WEB DigiGuide Scheme (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGSS DigiGuide Smart Search File (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGT Digital Gallery
    DGTOOLBAR DigiGuide Toolbar (GipsyMedia Limited)
    DGW Digi-Watcher Proprietary Video Format
    DGX Rational XDE (IBM)
    DH Geoworks Dependency Information File
    DH2 Pursuit CRM Report Viewer File (Pursuit Services Ltd.)
    DHE Help Workshop Dialog Box Help Editor Document (Microsoft)
    DHE Visual Basic Dialog Box Help Editor Document
    DHF Help Maker File
    DHP Dr. Halo PIC
    DHR Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res Writes 2 colors.
    DHRP Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 2 colors compressed.
    DHT Gauss Data File
    DHT Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language Gauss Data File
    DHT DanTemplate Templated HTML File (DanSoft Australia)
    DI Digital Illusion Format
    DI Sound
    DI Atari Disk Image (Atari)
    DIA Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File
    DIA DIA Drawing
    DIA Diaporama
    DIA Psion Organiser Diary File (CM/XP Format) (Psion PLC)
    DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic
    DIC DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Format Bitmap
    DIC Dictionary
    DIC Notes Dictionary (IBM)
    DIC Timeslips Personal Dictionary (Peachtree Software)
    DIC WordExpress2.0 Dictionary
    DIC Microsoft Business Solutions--Great Plains Program Source Code (Microsoft)
    DIC Mozilla Dictionary File (Mozilla)
    DICM DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
    DICOM DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine Format Bitmap
    DICPROOF Dictionary Proofing File (Microsoft)
    DICT Dicts File
    DID Acrobat Distiller (Adobe)
    DID BullsEye File
    DIF Data Interchange Format
    DIF DVCPRO or DV Video File
    DIF Excel Data Interchange Format (Microsoft)
    DIF OS/2 Display Information File
    DIF Output from diff Command script for Patch command.
    DIF ProWORX Nxt Data Interchange File (Schneider Electric)
    DIF Raytheon Raster Bitmap
    DIF Spreadsheet
    DIF Wright Design's Design Image Format
    DIFF Difference File
    DIG Digilink Format
    DIG Sound Designer Audio File
    DIG Text Document
    DIGI DIGIBooster Module Format
    DII Summation Blaze Load File
    DIL Delphi File
    DIL DesignComposer Input DIL Script
    DIL Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit Import-Export Images
    DIL WordExpress2.0 File
    DIM AutoCAD Dimension File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DIM XMap Symbol File (Delorme)
    DIME MyPublisher BookMaker Book File (MyPublisher)
    DIN ADC Labs eWave File
    DIN DataEase File
    DIP Graphics File
    DIP Watcom Debugger Debug Info Processor
    DIR ArcView INFO Directory Manager File (ESRI)
    DIR CPS Backup
    DIR DEC VAX Directory
    DIR Directory Indicator (Microsoft)
    DIR Macromedia Director Movie (Macromedia)
    DIR Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
    DIR VAX - CPS Backup Directory File
    DIR Worms Armageddon Archive
    DIR Grand Theft Auto III (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    DIR WebSTAR Directory Indexer Plugin File
    DIS Corel Draw Thesaurus
    DIS Data Import Specification Layout File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    DIS DKB Ray Tracer File
    DIS Mobius Distribution Database
    DIS VAX Mail Distribution File
    DIS Oracle Discoverer Workbook (Oracle)
    DIS Soundweb Firmware File (BSS Audio)
    DISCO NET Web Service Discovery File (Microsoft)
    DIT Windows2000 Active Directory Schema (Microsoft)
    DIT DRAWiT Save File (Poster Software)
    DIV DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
    DIVX Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
    DIVX DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
    DIZ Description In Zip File
    DI_ Doko Compressed Install File
    DJE MattBatt iAM-player Track List (MattBatt Productions)
    DJV DjVu File
    DJVU DjVu File (LizardTech, Inc.)
    DJW Datadisc Explore
    DJX Dundjinni Art (Fluid Entertainment)
    DK Danemark
    DKB DKBTrace Ray-Traced Graphics File
    DKB DataKeeper Backup File (Symantec)
    DKD Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
    DKI Doppel Kopf
    DKP Dreamkeys Plug-in
    DKS DataKeeper Configuration File (Symantec)
    DKT DktBot File
    DKX Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
    DKZ Description In Zip File
    DL Animation
    DL MAC Image Format
    DL Masked .DLL File
    DL$ System DLLbackup File
    DL0 ABBYY Finereader 4.0 Sprint (ABBYY Software House)
    DL4 Lindab Dimsilencer File
    DLB SmartBook
    DLB TigerSHARC Processor VisualDSP++ 3.5 C/C++ Compiler Run-time Library File
    DLB Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Data File
    DLC 3ds Max Animation Controller File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DLC Echelon HQ Configuration File
    DLC Model Dislocation File
    DLD DLLdetective
    DLD 1-2-3 (IBM)
    DLE Macromedia Designer 3D Translator File
    DLF Belkin Router Firmware Update
    DLF DataCAD Double Precision Layer (DATACAD LLC)
    DLG ArcView Digital Line Graph File (ESRI)
    DLG C++ Dialogue Script
    DLG Dialog Resource Script
    DLG Digital Line Graph
    DLG Infinity Engine Game Dialog File
    DLG Infinity Game Engine Inter-Character Dialog (BioWare Corp.)
    DLG MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Descriptive File
    DLI Beast 2.02 Trojan File
    DLK INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
    DLK Xprotect License Code List (Milestone Systems)
    DLL CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
    DLL CorelDRAW Export/Import Filter
    DLL Dynamic Link Library
    DLM 3ds Max (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DLM ASCII Delimited File
    DLM Dirty Little Helper Cheat File
    DLM Dynamic Link Module
    DLM FileMaker Pro Data
    DLN Scanner Recognita File
    DLO 3ds Max Plug-in (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DLR TIB Browser
    DLS Blood 2
    DLS dataLive Database Engine File
    DLS DLS/32 Supply Chain Planning (Adapta)
    DLS Downloadable Sounds
    DLS Norton DiskLock Setup File
    DLT VCTEditor Data File (LEONI Wiring Systems UK Ltd.)
    DLU Dirty Little Helper Update File
    DLV CATIA Export File (Dassault Systèmes)
    DLW DALiM LiTHO Line Work Bitmap (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
    DLX Complete Works (Toplevel Computing)
    DLX Premiere Movie (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    DLY Complete Works Wordprocessing Template (Toplevel Computing)
    DLZ Compressed Data File
    DL_ Compressed DLL File
    DL_ The Land Of UM
    DM Paradox Data Model (Borland Software Corporation)
    DM2 Quake 2 Demo File
    DM2 Demetra Detailed Analysis Project (European Commission (Eurostat))
    DM3 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
    DMA Direct Memory Access Programming File
    DMB DHTML Menu Builder Project File (xFX JumpStart)
    DMC Medical Manager DML System Compiled Script
    DMD Corel Data Modeling Desktop
    DMD dB2K/dQuery Web DataModule
    DMD OS/2 Warp Device Manager Driver
    DMD Visual dBASE Data Module
    DME Medical Manager DML System Data Merge
    DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File
    DMF DemoForge Software Demo File (DemoForge)
    DMF Packed Amiga Disk Image
    DMF Windows Disk Map File (Microsoft)
    DMF Macintosh Disk Image
    DMF Digitals/Delta Map File (Geosystem (Ukrainian Mapping Agency))
    DMG Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    DMJ Dustman Selection for Delete
    DMK Digimask File
    DML Darn! Shopping! Mall File
    DML Medical Manager DML System Script
    DMN SAS Stat Studio Metadata (SAS Institute Inc.)
    DMO Derive Demo
    DMO Duke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage Recorded Games
    DMO Game Demo File
    DMO S3M Compressed Module
    DMO The Land Of UM Demo File
    DMO Twin TrackPlayer
    DMP INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
    DMP Precision Guesswork LANWatch Capture File
    DMP Screen or Memory Dump
    DMP Windows Error Dump (Microsoft)
    DMS Amiga DISKMASHER Compressed Archive
    DMS Packrat Database Index
    DMS Exigen Workflow Imaging File (Exigen, Inc.)
    DMT Delcam Machining Triangles
    DMT Delphi Menu Template (Borland Software Corporation)
    DMT Street Atlas Transfer File (Delorme)
    DMT XMap Transfer File (Delorme)
    DMU Digital Mugician Song/Module
    DMV Acrobat Catalog (Adobe)
    DMV MPEG-1 File
    DMW Datamass Ag
    DMW DrawMe Vector Image
    DMX Medical Manager DML System Index for Custom .DME Files
    DMX ProTrader Database
    DMY Container File
    DMY Dummy
    DMZ DMesh 3D Model
    DM_1 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
    DM_2 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
    DM_3 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
    DM_4 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
    DM_48 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
    DM_57 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software, Inc.)
    DM_59 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software, Inc.)
    DM_66 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
    DM_67 Quake 3 Arena Demo File (ID Software)
    DN2 Windows Dancer (Microsoft)
    DN8 Blue Martini UTF-8 Encoded DNA File
    DNA Blue Martini DNA File
    DNA Desktop DNA Data Storage File
    DNA NewMoon Distributed Network Application Information
    DNA Virtual Woman Digital DNA (CyberPunk Software)
    DNA.XML Blue Martini XDNA File
    DNASYM Desktop DNA Compiled Application Script
    DNAX Desktop DNA Exclusion List
    DNC Compressed Dictionary File
    DNC Machine Tool Communications
    DND ClustaW Tree File
    DNE Darn Ver. 5+ Windows Events List
    DNE Netica Bayes Net File (Norsys Software Corp.)
    DNG Dungeon File
    DNG Digital Negative Format (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    DNI realMyst 3D Archive
    DNK Killad File
    DNL DigitalWebBook Electronic Book
    DNL netMod Modem Firmware Upgrade File
    DNP DRM File
    DNP NeatImage Ver. 2.2 Free Ed. Profile File (ABSoft)
    DNS DynSite Plug-in File
    DO DigitalOutrage Hosting Control Panel Info
    DO MicroSim PCBoard File With Autorouting Control Information
    DO Stata Batch Analysis File
    DO$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
    DO0 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
    DO1 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
    DO2 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
    DOB Visual Basic User Document Form File (Microsoft)
    DOC BIFF File (Microsoft)
    DOC DisplayWrite 4 File
    DOC Document or Documentation
    DOC FrameMaker/FrameBuilder Document (Adobe)
    DOC Interleaf Document Format
    DOC Mastercam Material Files (CNC Software, Inc.)
    DOC Maybe RTF
    DOC Palm Pilot DOC File Format
    DOC Word Document (Microsoft)
    DOC Word DOT File (Microsoft)
    DOCHTML Word HTML Document (Microsoft)
    DOCKLET ObjectDock Docklet (Stardock Corporation)
    DOCKPACK ObjectDock Theme Pak (Stardock Corporation)
    DOCKTHEME ObjectDock Theme (Stardock Corporation)
    DOCMHTML Word HTML Document (Microsoft)
    DOCX Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document (Microsoft Corporation)
    DOF Delphi Option File (Borland Software Corporation)
    DOF Racer 3D Geometry File
    DOF WinTidy File
    DOG Laughing Dog Screen Saver
    DOG PAFEC Phase 2 CAD File (SER Systems Ltd.)
    DOG Dogz Dog Description File (Ubisoft Entertainment)
    DOH Geoworks Dependency Information File
    DOK Dokument, often ASCII Text
    DOK German or Dutch Text
    DOL D-PAS Portfolio Manager Flexible Benchmarking Analysis File
    DON Textur Editor File
    DOO Atari Doodle
    DOO Atari Image Doodle
    DOO Vibrants Music
    DOP Digital Orchestrator File
    DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
    DOQQ Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle
    DORE Dore Raster File Format [Steve Hollasch]
    DOS 1st Reader External Command File
    DOS DOS 7 System Files. Win 95 Boot up in DOS.
    DOS General Network Driver File
    DOS NDIS Network Card Driver
    DOS Network Driver File
    DOS Text File/DOS Specification Info
    DOT Bert's Dinosaurs File
    DOT Corel Lines-Definition
    DOT Ribbons Molecular Dot Surface
    DOT Word Document Template (Microsoft)
    DOTHTML Word HTML Document Template (Microsoft)
    DOV Temporary File
    DOW TAPCIS Download Command List
    DOWNLOAD Mozilla Partial Download File (Mozilla)
    DOWNLOADHOST MSN Explorer Download View (Microsoft)
    DOX MultiMate Document
    DOX Text File
    DOX Visual Basic User Document Binary Form File (Microsoft)
    DOX Word Text Document (Microsoft)
    DOZ VENDINFO Description Out of Zip File
    DP Common Group
    DP Daily Planner Calendar File
    DP DataPhile Data File
    DP Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
    DP Text
    DP THOR Database Primary Data
    DP$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    DPA Archive
    DPA Serif DrawPlus Animation
    DPB Dataplore Signals
    DPB Fax Master File
    DPB ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer File (Schneider Electric)
    DPC Delphi Package Collection File (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPC DiscPlay Collection File
    DPC OrCad Design Rule Check Output
    DPC Uefa Champions League Data
    DPD ABC Programming Language Dyadic Predicate
    DPD OmniServer File
    DPD Ovation Pro Document (David Pilling)
    DPD Document Processor DESIGNER Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
    DPF COMPRESS Vessel Drafting Program File
    DPF Dataplore Figure
    DPF DeltaDOS Delta Patch File
    DPF Dictaphone Walkabout Express
    DPF Dynamic Process Format Database (Barco)
    DPF F-Secure Configuration File
    DPF ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer (Schneider Electric)
    DPF Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
    DPF DanProgrammer Script (DanSoft Australia)
    DPF Document Processor FLOW Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
    DPG Deleted program group; Windows Applications Manager
    DPG DPGraph Mathematical Graph
    DPGRAPH DPGraph Mathematical Graph
    DPI Pointline Bitmap
    DPJ Delphi Project (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPJ DeskProto CAM Project File
    DPK Deleted Package, Windows Applications Manager
    DPK Delphi Package File (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPK Lemon Interactive Starmageddon File
    DPL Dasher Playlist File (ChristmasCave)
    DPL Delphi Package Library (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPL Digital Photo Librarian Database
    DPM DataPilot RingTone (Susteen, Inc.)
    DPMI DOS Protected-Mode Interface Programming
    DPO Delphi Object Repository (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPO DECAdry Express Business Cards Business Card File (DECAdry)
    DPP Serif DrawPlus Drawing
    DPP Document Processor CORE Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
    DPQ PCX format
    DPR C++ Default Project (Borland Software Corporation)
    DPR Desk Project
    DPR Wintidy File
    DPR Dance Paranoia
    DPS DivX XP Skin (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
    DPS DPS Reality Video Editing File
    DPS dpsVelocity Split Video File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
    DPT Desktop DNA Template
    DPT Publish-It! Publication File
    DPV PrintView Raw Text (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    DPX Animation
    DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap
    DPX Kodak Cineon Raster Bitmap (Kodak)
    DPY PROGNOSIS Display Document File
    DPY Realpolitik Saved Game
    DP~ BC31 Bin File
    DQA itaz doQument File
    DQB D-PAS Portfolio Manager File
    DQC CP/M Disk Information File
    DQD itaz Default doQument Database
    DQL DataEase Database
    DQY Excel ODBC Query File (Microsoft)
    DR$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
    DR9 Directory File
    DRA Dragon Naturally Speaking
    DRA Dr. Abuse Saved File (Barres & Boronat)
    DRAW 2D Graphic
    DRAW Acorn Object-based Vector Graphic
    DRB DrBeam
    DRC Delphi Compiled Resource File (Borland Software Corporation)
    DRC DriveCrypt Container File
    DRC MicroSim PCBoard DRC Errors Report
    DRC Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
    DRES Diagnosis Results
    DRF DrFrame
    DRF Hummingbird DOCS Open, PowerDOCS, DM
    DRF Photoline Drawing Filter
    DRF Nicolet DataViewer Distributed NRF Files (Nicolet Instrument Technologies, Inc.)
    DRF 3D Studio Scene (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DRG Dyno2000 Car Design (Motion Software)
    DRG VLBI and Tied Array Drudge Tasking Document
    DRI Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
    DRJ Deraj Data File
    DRL DocObject Resource Locator
    DRM Cubase Drum File (Steinberg)
    DRML Protected Digital Content (Digital Rights Management Limited)
    DRN Darn for DOS
    DRO D-Robots Robot
    DRS Age of Empires II Archive (Microsoft)
    DRS BMP Bitmap
    DRS DrawPerfect Ver. 1.0 Font
    DRS Text
    DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource (Corel)
    DRT PCB Designer with PSpice Custom Derating File (OrCAD)
    DRT egseing Direct Mode
    DRT Director MX Shockwave Export (Macromedia, Inc.)
    DRT DataPilot RingTone (Old Style) (Susteen, Inc.)
    DRT CADAM Export Format (Dassault Systemes)
    DRT Windows Draw Template (Corel Corporation)
    DRT Dispatch Route File
    DRT DirectRT Styles File (Empirisoft)
    DRT EPOS Data Recovery Tool Working File (EPOS Ltd.)
    DRU Wfm384s Demo File
    DRV Device Driver
    DRV Program Overlay
    DRV Traverse PC Desktop Drawing (Traverse PC, Inc.)
    DRW Drawing
    DRW Freelance Graphics Version 2 for DOS Drawing/Presentation (IBM)
    DRW Micrografx Vector Graphic
    DRW Pro/E Drawing
    DRW Personal Designer (4Design) CAD Drawing Database (4D Graphics, Inc.)
    DRX Photoshop Tutorial (Adobe)
    DRY Net2000 Executable
    DRY XAIRON Organizer Diary File
    DRZ Draz Paint
    DR_ Compressed DRV File of VFW
    DS Chemisty Software
    DS Dialog Studio
    DS HP Officejet T Series All-in-One TWAIN File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    DS PhotoMax Drive
    DS TWAIN Data Source
    DS Desktop KornShell (DtKsh) File
    DS Dynamics Solver Problem Definition (Juan M. Aguirregabiria)
    DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
    DSA DasyTec DASYLab File
    DSA PKCS7 Signature, DSA
    DSASAVE Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
    DSB DasyTec DASYLab File
    DSB Rayman2 Play
    DSB DiscSafe Backup (Engelmann Media GmbH)
    DSB Embroidery File
    DSB Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    DSC Belief Network (Microsoft)
    DSC Description File
    DSC DPKG-source
    DSC MIME Tag Type
    DSC Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File (Nikon Inc.)
    DSC Oracle Discard File
    DSC PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification Version 3.0
    DSC SoftImage Scene File
    DSCE Diagnosis Scenario
    DSCMD Desktop Sidebar Command File (Idea2 s.c.)
    DSD DataShaper Database File
    DSD Document Structure Definition File
    DSES Diagnosis Session
    DSF Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
    DSF DriveSurf picture
    DSF Designer Vector Graphic (Corel)
    DSF Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop Settings File
    DSF MS Belief Network Document Containing Infix Formula Declarations
    DSF PC-TRUST Document Signer
    DSF ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
    DSF Vicon Kollector 2.0 CCTV Recording
    DSF DataCAD Double Precision Symbol File with Layers (DATACAD LLC)
    DSG Doom Saved Game (id Software)
    DSH Dashboard PDA Wallpaper
    DSH Dasher Grid File (ChristmasCave)
    DSI Digital Sound Module Tracker Format
    DSI R-Studio Hard Disk Scan Results File
    DSI DESI Labeling System Telephone Label File (DESI Telephone Labels, Inc.)
    DSK Apple II or Macintosh Game ROM/Disk Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    DSK Delphi Project Desktop File (Borland Software Corporation)
    DSK Desk
    DSK Notes Design Elements (IBM)
    DSK NetWare Disk Driver (Novell)
    DSK SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    DSK WinImage Disk Image File
    DSK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
    DSK MSX DOS Disk Image
    DSK Extended CPCEMU Style Disk Image
    DSK Standard CPCEMU Style Disk Image
    DSK Generic Disk Image
    DSK Windows XP System Restore Backup (Microsoft)
    DSL DSSSL Style Sheet
    DSL Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
    DSL Product Compass Suite Product Launcher (Deadline Software)
    DSM Delphi Symbol Module (Borland Software Corporation)
    DSM Developer Studio Macro (Microsoft)
    DSM Digital Sound Module Tracker Format
    DSM Dynamic Studio Music Module
    DSMAP Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
    DSN CD Stomper Pro
    DSN Object System Designer Design
    DSN ODBC Data Source
    DSN OLE DB Provider for ODBC (Microsoft)
    DSN Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File
    DSN SureThing Office Labeler Document Formerly DesignExpress.
    DSN6 Ribbons FRODO Map
    DSO Tribes 2 Compiled Script (Sierra)
    DSP Developer Studio Project (Microsoft)
    DSP Norton Viewer DLL File
    DSP Dr. Halo Graphic Display Driver
    DSP Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver
    DSP Dynamic Studio Professional Module
    DSP Signature Display Parameters
    DSPACKAGE Desktop Sidebar Skin/Panel (Idea2 s.c.)
    DSPARTY Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
    DSPLUGIN Desktop Sidebar Plug-in (Idea2 s.c.)
    DSQ Corel QUERY File
    DSQ DASYLab Worksheet Sequence
    DSQSAVE Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
    DSR Micrografx Designer Graphic
    DSR Visual Basic Active Designer File (Microsoft)
    DSR WordPerfect Driver (Corel)
    DSRES Dungeon Siege Resource File (Microsoft)
    DSS DCC Active Designer File
    DSS Digital Soup Digital Sound File
    DSS Digital Speech Standard
    DSS HEC-DSS Hydrologic Database (Hydrologic Engineering Center)
    DSSAVE Dungeon Siege Saved Game (Microsoft)
    DSSL DSSL SGML Style Sheet
    DSSLIDESHOW Desktop Sidebar Slideshow Panel (Idea2 s.c.)
    DSST ConsumerPoint File
    DST C++ Desktop Settings (Borland Software Corporation)
    DST CubicPlayer file
    DST Home Embroidery Format
    DST Micrografx Designer Template
    DST PC-RDist Distribution File (Pyzzo)
    DST Tajima Embroidery Machine Stitch File
    DST WAIN (Scanner Spec) Data Source DLL
    DST MicroImages Priroda Lens Correction Photo-grammetric Distortion Values (radius/distortion pairs) Specification (MicroImages, Inc.)
    DST Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    DST ViPNet Products Encryption Key Set (Infotecs)
    DSU ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
    DSW C++ Desktop Settings (Borland Software Corporation)
    DSW Visual Studio Workspace (Microsoft)
    DSX Micrografx Designer Graphic
    DSX Visual Basic Active Designer Binary File (Microsoft)
    DSY PC Draft Symbol Library
    DSY AJC Directory Synchronizer Project File (AJC Software)
    DSZ Embroidery File
    DSZ Win Help Related File
    DSZ Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    DSZ DynaMaSZ Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    DS_STORE Macintosh OSX Folder Information (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    DT DAT Backup
    DT Macintosh File Data Fork
    DT0 DTED Level 0 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
    DT1 DTED Level 1 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
    DT2 DTED Level 2 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
    DT5 Brother's Keeper File
    DTA Data
    DTA Hidden & Dangerous Archive
    DTA Stata Binary Saved Datasets
    DTA World Bank's STARS Data
    DTA EZ-Forms Data File in Standard EZ-Forms Format (EZ-Forms Company)
    DTAUS Misc
    DTAZV Misc
    DTB After Dark
    DTB Cybermedia Uninstaller
    DTB DesignTools PCB Design and Make
    DTC Windows Applog Journal
    DTD ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
    DTD DesignTools 2D Design
    DTD SGML Document Definition File
    DTE Win Applog File
    DTEA Diagnosis Template Archive
    DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
    DTF Exchange Header File (Microsoft)
    DTF pfs:Q&A Database
    DTF Symantec Q&A Relational Database Data File
    DTF ACDSee Use Database (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    DTF Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
    DTF DanTemplate Template File (DanSoft Australia)
    DTG Windows Applog File
    DTH Windows Applog File
    DTI Delphi Design Time Information (Borland Software Corporation)
    DTI Windows Applog File
    DTJ Windows Applog File
    DTL Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers
    DTL Windows Applog File (Microsoft)
    DTM DigiTrekker Module
    DTM Softshare Delta Translation Map
    DTM DeFy Adlib Tracker
    DTN TunnelCAD Import/Export File (IQSoft)
    DTP ProComm Program Patch
    DTP Page Express Desktop Publishing Document
    DTP PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 Publication
    DTP Pressworks Template File
    DTP Publish-It! Publication
    DTP SecurDesk! Desktop
    DTP Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x
    DTP Timeworks Publisher Text Document
    DTQ Database Tools Query
    DTR DTREG Project File (Phillip H. Sherrod)
    DTS Data Transformation Services (Microsoft)
    DTS Digital Surround Audio File Format
    DTX DocuTech Print6 Engine File
    DTX E-Book File
    DTX LaTeX Source and Documentation Archive
    DTX LithTech Game Model Texture File (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
    DTX pfs:Q&A Index
    DT_ Mac-ette
    DT_ Macintosh Data File Fork
    DUA Fifa 2001 Data Feart Legal Screeen
    DUB Audio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning Compressed File
    DUD DirectUpdate Dynamic DNS Service Description (William Levra-Juillet)
    DUF Beckman Instrument's Spectrophotometer Data Archive
    DUM Ada ADA Tutor File
    DUN Dial-Up Networking Export File
    DUN Dunce File
    DUP Duplicate Backup
    DUR DURILCA Compressed Archive
    DUS Readiris Font Dictionary
    DUT Dutch Text File
    DV DESQview Script (Symantec)
    DV Digital Video File
    DVA dpsVelocity Split Audio File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
    DVB AutoCAD VBA Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DVB Visual Basic for Applications Macro Project (Microsoft)
    DVB DVBLine Document
    DVC 1-2-3 (IBM)
    DVD Animation
    DVD DOS Device Driver File
    DVD DVDMaestro Project File (Spruce Technologies)
    DVDREGIONCSSFREE DVD Region+CSS Free (Fengtao Software Inc.)
    DVF DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
    DVF Sony Compressed Voice File (Sony)
    DVG GraphicWorks Vector Drawing
    DVI Action Media II Digital Video Interactive Movie
    DVI TeX Device Independent Document
    DVI GlossTeX Installation Instructions
    DVM DVM Movie File Format
    DVO DESQview (Symantec)
    DVP AutoCAD Device Parameter (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DVP DESQview Program Information (Symantec)
    DVPRJ Déjà Vu X Translation Project File (ATRIL Language Engineering S.L.)
    DVR Device Driver
    DVR Program Overlay
    DVR DESQview (Symantec)
    DVR DVR-Studio Stream (Haenlein-Software)
    DVR-MS Media Center Recorded Television File (Microsoft)
    DVSD DVMaster Pro Video
    DVT DepoView Digital Video Transcript (inData Corporation)
    DVU DVBControl
    DVU Documat Adaptive Binary Optimization Format File (MatrixView Pte. Ltd.)
    DVW Digital Voice Recorder Voice File (Dektron)
    DVX DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
    DW David Whitaker Format Music File
    DW1 Deathwatch WebCrawler Encrypted Log File (Deathwatch Development Group)
    DW2 DesignCAD Drawing File
    DW2 Deathwatch WebCrawler Crawl Log (Deathwatch Development Group)
    DW3 Deathwatch WebCrawler Temporary Data Storage (Deathwatch Development Group)
    DW4 Visio/DisplayWrite 4 Text
    DWA Project Dogwaffle Animation (TheBest3D.com)
    DWB Coryphaeus Software Designer Workbench
    DWC Compressed Archive
    DWC NetOp Connection File
    DWD Davka Writer File
    DWD DiamondWare Digitized File (DiamondWare, Ltd.)
    DWE DataWarehouse Explorer (CNS International)
    DWE Creator Simulator (Tufts University)
    DWF Autodesk Design Web Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DWG 2D Graphic
    DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DWG BravoDRAFT, Detailer
    DWG Drafix Drawing
    DWG Older Generic CADD Drawing Format
    DWG Pro/ENGINEER Drawing (PTC)
    DWI Dance With Intensity (SimWolf)
    DWI Dependency Walker Image (Steve P. Miller)
    DWJ Dynamic Submission 2000 V6 File
    DWK Locked DWG File
    DWK DADiSP DADiSP Worksheet File (DSP Development Corporation)
    DWL AutoCAD Drawing Database File Locking Information (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DWL Textur Editor Compressed File
    DWM Dwstk File
    DWM DESQview (Symantec)
    DWN Cisco Download File
    DWN Experimental File Format
    DWN Firmware Update File
    DWP DeScribe Document File
    DWP Dweep Game Levels
    DWP SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part File (Microsoft)
    DWP Darwin Pond
    DWR WordEpress2.0 File
    DWR NetOp Recording File
    DWS AutoCAD Standarization (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DWS Dyadic Workspace File
    DWS NetOp Script File
    DWS Creator Simulator Waveform (Tufts University)
    DWS Dreamweaver Site Definition File (Macromedia)
    DWT AutoCAD Template/Prototype (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DWT Demon's World Game Texture File
    DWT Dreamweaver Template File (Macromedia)
    DWT GoLive Web Template (Adobe)
    DWT FrontPage Dynamic Web Template (Microsoft)
    DWX CADLock Locked AutoCAD Drawing (CADLock, Inc.)
    DWY Dwyco Video Clip
    DWZ Compressed AutoCAD Drawing File
    DWZ Designer Projects Template File
    DX Auto-trol Raster Bitmap
    DX Data Explorer Document
    DX Deus Ex Map File (Eidos Interactive Ltd.)
    DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data Exchange File
    DX Document Imaging File
    DX MultiMate Word Processor Document
    DX J-CAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
    DX THOR Database Cross-reference Data
    DXB AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DXB Database
    DXB Drawing Interchange Binary
    DXB Duxbury Braille Translator Braille File (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
    DXD Diogenes Extended Document (Dimensione CAD)
    DXE Amiga Emulator
    DXF 2D Graphic
    DXF 3D Graphic
    DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DXF Drawing Interchange (Exchange) Format
    DXF Image PSP, Fh7
    DXF Micrografx Picture Publisher Special Effect
    DXF XMap Exported Draw File (Delorme)
    DXL Dapyx MP3 Explorer
    DXL DOORS Extension Language
    DXL Domino XML File (IBM)
    DXMAX Oozic File
    DXN Fujitsu dexNet Fax Document
    DXP Piles'O'Tiles Tile Image File (F1 Software)
    DXP Dynamic XML Page (Neolectric)
    DXP Duxbury Braille Translator Duxbury Print File (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
    DXPACK DesktopX Object Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    DXPACKPRO DesktopX Pro Document Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    DXR Acrobat (Adobe)
    DXR AEC DesignWare Model Parameter File
    DXR Dependable Strengths Administrator Resources
    DXR Green Building Advisor File
    DXR Macromedia Director Protected Movie File (Macromedia)
    DXR Vegas Jackpot Gold Game File
    DXS Deus Ex Saved Game
    DXSTUDIO DX Studio Document (Worldweaver Ltd.)
    DXTHEME DesktopX Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    DXTHEMEPRO DesktopX Pro Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    DXU DivX File (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
    DXX AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    DY22 Dyaxis Sound Format
    DY44 Dyaxis Sound Format
    DYC ICUII Videochat File
    DYL EPOC16 Dynamic Link Library
    DYLAN Dylan Source File
    DYN Dyno2000 Engine Simulation (Motion Software)
    DYN 1-2-3 (IBM)
    DYS SwordSearcher Daily Devotional Data File (Akamai Software)
    DZ Dzip Compressed File
    DZ Firefly Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    DZS Character File
    DZS Download Accelerator Skin (SpeedBit Ltd.)
    D_ Seqmax Seqprest Compressed Audio File
    D_1 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM
    D_3 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM
    D_T Eru/erd File
    D~L Creative DLL Copy
    D~V Windows 3.x System File


    E EiffelStudio Source File (Eiffel Software Inc.)
    E Epsilon Editor EEL Macro Language
    E Specman Testbench E-program Source File
    E Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
    E00 ArcInfo Coverage Export
    E01 Encase Forensic Software
    E2 thinkdesign CAD Design
    E2C NJStar Chinese Word Processor Dictionary File Index (NJStar Software Corp.)
    E2P PonyProg Device File (Lanconelli Open Systems)
    E3 thinkdesign CAD Design (think3 Inc.)
    E32 Inno Setup 1.3 File
    E3D Instant3D Project
    E3D Macromedia Extreme3D Object
    E48 Emu48 HP48 Emulator File
    E78 IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator Screen Layout Definition
    E99 Steuer99 Daten File
    EA3 Fifa 2001 Environment Data
    EAC EmEditor Auto Completion File
    EAF Aframe
    EAF MicroEmacs Abbreviation File Format
    EAL Enfocus Action List
    EAM France98 Football Game Audio File
    EAP Enterprise Architect Project (Sparx Systems Pty Ltd.)
    EAR Java Enterprise Application Packaging Unit
    EAR ETI Camcorder Pro Audio File (Eyemail Technology, Inc.)
    EAS Elite Visual Basic API Spy
    EAS OS/2 Extended File Attributes
    EAS EAS 2004 Applicant Reference Database (UCAS)
    EASA EASA Application Development File (AEA Technology plc)
    EASAP EASA Archive (AEA Technology plc)
    EASM eDrawings File
    EAZ Express Assist File
    EBA Mobile Phone Data Manager
    EBB Empower Business Bulletin (Metapraxis Ltd.)
    EBD Empower Business Dashboard (Metapraxis Ltd.)
    EBF EARS Definition Backup
    EBF Pocket PC WindowsCE Form File (Microsoft)
    EBJ Geoworks Error Checking Object File
    EBK EARS Database Backup
    EBK Embiid Reader eBook (Embiid Inc.)
    EBK Email Saver Xe Backup File (Amic Games)
    EBM Attachmate Extra! Macro
    EBO Reader Ebook Format (Microsoft)
    EBP Pocket PC WindowsCE Project File (Microsoft)
    EBP Relic Entertainment Game File (Relic Entertainment Inc.)
    EBP Jes-Soft Sports Program Play Description File (Jes-Soft)
    EBS Rational Rose 98 Script Source (IBM)
    EBS WindowsXP Scanner File
    EBS EyeBatch Command Script (Atalasoft, Inc.)
    EBS E-Scripter Script (CMS)
    EBU Exact Globe 2000/2003 Database Backup (Exact Software)
    EBX Electronic Book Exchange
    EBX Rational Rose 98 Compiled Script (IBM)
    EC Preprocessed GOC Source Code
    EC3 Print CD CD Label Image (Epson America, Inc.)
    ECA electroCAD File
    ECC Ecchi Role-playing Format
    ECC Essential Taceo Crypto Container (Essential Security Software, Inc.)
    ECD Questionnaire Specification Language File
    ECF Micrografx Media Manager
    ECF Outlook Add-in File (Microsoft)
    ECF WinFax Office Add-in File (Symantec)
    ECF Eventcorder Recorded Events and Clickviews (CMS)
    ECG Preprocessed GOC Source Code
    ECHR Explorations RPG System Character/Map System Sprites (Tyrone W. Lee)
    ECL Eclipse (Active Media)
    ECM Cmpro Examples File
    ECO NetManage ECCO File
    ECP eCourse Planner eCourse Template (ICS Corporation)
    ECR Ecrypt E-mail File
    ECS Encrypted Compressed GIS Software Geographic Shape File
    ECS Sony Ericsson Phone Backup File
    ECT Visual C++ Exception Console Template (Microsoft Corporation)
    ECW EclipseCrossword Crossword Puzzle
    ECW Enhanced Compressed Wavelet
    ECW Ensoniq Waveset Format (Creative)
    ECW2002PUZZLE EclipseCrossword Puzzle
    ECW2002WORDS EclipseCrossword Word List
    ED EasyDraw CAD File
    ED Tmx Editor File
    ED LithTech Game Level File (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
    ED5 EDMICS Graphics File
    ED6 EDMICS Graphics File
    EDA Ensoniq ASR Disk Image
    EDB EzyMailManPro (Welshware)
    EDB ROOTS3 Geneological Data
    EDB Business Assessment Manager (E2S n.v.)
    EDB ACT! E-mail Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    EDB Exchange Server Property Store (Microsoft)
    EDB Euphoria Database System (EDS) Database File (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EDC Kryptel (light) Decoder/Encoder
    EDD FrameMaker Element Definition Document (Adobe)
    EDE Ensoniq EPS Disk Image
    EDF Drumbeat Component
    EDF Workshare Synergy Document Change Management
    EDG EdG Command File
    EDH EditHelp Source File
    EDH XEDH Electron-Density Histogram
    EDI EDI Interchange File (Budget EDI)
    EDI EDI Engine EDI File (123 EDI, Inc.)
    EDK Ensoniq KT Disk Image
    EDL Edit Decision List
    EDL ASAP Entity Definition Language File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    EDM CAD Contouring Parameter Data File
    EDM Eclipse Data Module (Active Media)
    EDM Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry
    EDM Setters III 3 Map File
    EDML Dreamweaver MX Extension File
    EDN EDIF Netlist File
    EDN Acrobat Document (Adobe)
    EDP Attachmate Extra! Session
    EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image
    EDR GROMACS Portable Energy File
    EDR Embird Plus Color Paletter (Embird)
    EDRW eDrawings File
    EDS Ensoniq SQ80 Disk Image
    EDT External Editor Definition
    EDT VAX EDT Editor Default Settings
    EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
    EDX Editor Dictionary File (Serenity Software)
    EEB EaseBook File
    EEB WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar (Corel)
    EEE 3eee Triple Encryption Encrypted File (Fasttrack Ltd.)
    EEE EEEWin Archive (Remia s.r.o.)
    EEP Evidence Eliminator (Robin Hood Software Ltd.)
    EER Lahey Fortran Execution Error Messages
    EES Empire Earth Scenario File
    EFA Ensoniq ASR File
    EFC EFCoins File
    EFC Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Effect Memory File
    EFC FAIRCOPY Encrypted Fair Copy (FAIRCOPY)
    EFD EARS Filter Definition
    EFDEMO Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Demo File
    EFE Ensoniq EPS File
    EFF EverQuest Effects File
    EFF Infinity Game Engine Effects File (BioWare Corp.)
    EFG Gambit Extensive Form Representation (The Gambit Project)
    EFI Extensible Firmware Interface Firmware File (Intel)
    EFK Ensoniq KT File
    EFP Exchange Forms Designer Template (Microsoft)
    EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 File
    EFS Ensoniq SQ80 File
    EFS FlowChart; EasyFlow 6.x-8.x
    EFT ChiWriter High Res Screen Characters
    EFT e-Form Form Template (Hong Kong SAR Government Communications and Technology Branch)
    EFT Finale Enigma Tansportable File (MakeMusic!)
    EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD File
    EFX eFax Fax Document (j2 Global Communications, Inc.)
    EG2 eGatherer Collected System Configuration Information (IBM)
    EGA EGA Resolution BMP Bitmap
    EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter Graphics Data
    EGA Ventura EGA Screen Characters
    EGD GIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape File
    EGG EGG Solution 360RealTour
    EGG Wer Wird Millionaer Data Screens File
    EGG Ducks Add-on/Level File (Hungry Software)
    EGP Easy Grade Pro Data
    EGP Egrid32 Form Properties Template (Sweetheartgames.com)
    EGR Egrid32 Form (Sweetheartgames.com)
    EGRP Explorations RPG System MapGroup Object (Tyrone W. Lee)
    EGS GIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape File
    EGWARSAVE War! Age of Imperialism Save File (Donohoe Digital LLC)
    EHP HelpLogic Project (Electric Butterfly, Inc.)
    EHTML Enhanced HTML
    EI EARS Component File
    EI Electric Image
    EID Faena MyID Encrypted File
    EID IBM ViaVoice Vocabulary File
    EIDI Electric Image EIDI File
    EIF Eroiica Graphic
    EIN Skyplot Settings File (Frank P. Thielen Software Design)
    EIO EIOffice Document Binder (Evermore Software)
    EJP Elite Japan Crossword Puzzle (EliteWare)
    EK5 Simrad EK500 Scientific Echosounder Data
    EK6 Simrad EK60 Scientific Echosounder Data
    EKA Eureka Internal Data File (Borland Software Corporation)
    EKM EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Macro
    EKS Empower Site File (Metapraxis Ltd.)
    EL eMacs Lisp Source Code
    ELA TradeStation EasyLanguage Archive (TradeStation Securities, Inc.)
    ELC eMacs Lisp Byte-compiled Source Code
    ELD EARS Label Definition
    ELD TradeStation EasyLanguage Document (TradeStation Securities, Inc.)
    ELEMENT Ampoliros Platform Component Type Handler (Solarix)
    ELETTERHEAD Electronic Letterhead (Basildon Bond)
    ELF Black Belt Systems Extended Layer File
    ELF Electronic Application Form File
    ELF Tasklink for Windows Machine Control Executable and Linking Format
    ELG EARS Log
    ELG EnABLE Activity Log (Energy Scitech Ltd.)
    ELH Electronic Application Help File
    ELI ELI Compressed File Archive
    ELI Encyclopedia Article List
    ELL ATI Radeon Video Driver
    ELM FrontPage Theme-Pack File (Microsoft)
    ELOG McAffee Firewall Log
    ELP HotRecorder Proprietary Audio Format (Porto Ranelli, S.A.)
    ELS EnSight 3D Document (Scenario) (Computational Engineering International (CEI))
    ELS TradeStation EasyLanguage Storage (TradeStation Securities, Inc.)
    ELT Event List Text
    ELT Prosa Event List
    ELX Design Pro Tools Form File (Elixir Technologies)
    ELZ Electronic Application Form Answer File
    EM$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
    EM1 Emax I Bank File
    EM2 Emax II Bank File
    EMAIL Outlook Express Mail Message (Microsoft)
    EMAT ANSYS Element Matrix
    EMB ABT Extended Module
    EMB Everest Embedded Bank File
    EMB IEMBL Nucleotide Format
    EMB Orchida Embroidery System Embroidery Pattern (Orchida Soft)
    EMBL IEMBL Nucleotide Format
    EMD ABT EMD Module/Song Format
    EMD Micrografx System4 Media Manager File
    EMD Embroidery File
    EMDL Softimage XSI Exported 3D Model (Softimage)
    EMF Extended (Enhanced) Windows Metafile Format
    EMK EMK Compress Archive (Elex Media)
    EML Outlook Express Electronic Mail (Microsoft)
    EML QuickMail Pro
    EMM EARS Mail Merge Definition
    EMO Messenger Emoticon (Smiley) (Microsoft Corporation)
    EMP E-Music File Format
    EMP Medlin Accounting Employee Data File (Medlin Accounting)
    EMR Emrite
    EMS PC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
    EMS YoshimuraEMS Motorcycle Fuel Injection
    EMS Revolution EMSA 1.0 Spectrum File (4pi Analysis, Inc.)
    EMT EverQuest (Sony)
    EMU BITCOM Terminal Emulation Data
    EMU Emulation
    EMULECOLLECTION eMule Plus (eMule Team)
    EMX Emax System File
    EMX Enigmacross Puzzle File
    EMX MS-DOS Extender file
    EMY Eericsson Ringtone
    EMZ Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile (Microsoft)
    EN Stratum Template File
    EN$ Cubase Compressed File (Steinberg)
    ENB Census of Employment and Wages Flat Data File (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    ENB eNotebook Saved Notebook (eNotebook)
    ENC BlackIce Evidence Log File
    ENC Dungeon Related File
    ENC Encore Musical Notation File (GVOX)
    ENC Knowledgeware Encyclopedia
    ENC Sniffer (DOS) Capture File (Network Associates Technology, Inc.)
    ENC UUENCODE Encoded File
    ENC Video File
    ENC Census of Employment and Wages Flat Data File (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    ENC My Personal Programmer Encrypted Distributed Project (M:pact Technologies)
    ENC Media Safe Encrypted Data (Nova Epoc Systems)
    END Corel Draw Arrow Definition
    END Census of Employment and Wages Flat Data File (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    ENE GROMACS Binary Energy File
    ENF EndNote Filter File
    ENF RightClick-Encrypt File
    ENF SmartScore Score (MUSITEK Corporation)
    ENFF Extended Neutral File Format
    ENG Dictionary
    ENG EnerGrahics Chart Graphics File
    ENG English Documentation
    ENG Matlab Engine Routines
    ENG RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
    ENG Sprint Dictionary Engine File
    ENG DreamMaker Program Source Code in English (Intelligent Systems)
    ENG Personal Paint English Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    ENG Train Simulator Engine File (Microsoft Corporation)
    ENH CRiSP Harvest File
    ENL Endnote Library File
    ENR Enroute Toolath
    ENS EndNote Style File (ISI ResearchSoft)
    ENS Envox Studio Script (Envox Group)
    ENS REAKTOR Ensemble (Native Instruments)
    ENT Entrust Entelligence Secured File
    ENT SGML Entities, character mapping
    ENT HyperChem Molecule File (Hypercube, Inc.)
    ENT Brookhaven PDB Molecule File
    ENT egseing Engineering HK Data
    ENU ATI Radeon Video Driver
    ENU Win Ace204 File
    ENV Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe)
    ENV Envelope or Environment
    ENV HP-95 Environment; like CNF
    ENV Motocross Madness 2 Track (Microsoft)
    ENV Novell ENVoy Data
    ENV Sierra Print Artist Envelope
    ENV The Golem Project Environment File
    ENV WOPR Enveloper Macro
    ENV WordPerfect Environment (Corel)
    ENV Creatacard Envelope Project (Broderbund)
    ENV TeamQuest View Environment (TeamQuest Corporation)
    ENV X-Plane Scenery File (Laminar Research)
    ENV Train Simulator Environment File (Microsoft Corporation)
    ENW Sierra LandDesigner 3D Terrain Modeling
    ENX Rational XDE (IBM)
    ENZ EndNote Connection File (The Thomson Corporation)
    EOBJ Geoworks Object Code
    EOBJ Explorations RPG System Objects (Tyrone W. Lee)
    EOMODELD WebObjects Data Modeler (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    EOMODELED WebObjects Data Model (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    EON EON Studio File
    EOP EON Studio File
    EOT WEFT Embedded OpenType File (Microsoft)
    EOX EON Studio File
    EOZ EON Studio File
    EP Bonas Jaquard EP Weave Format File
    EP2 EclipsePackager Package
    EPA Award BIOS Logo
    EPC Jill Game File
    EPD EARS Printer Definition
    EPD Express Publisher Publication File
    EPDF Encapsulated Portable Document Format
    EPE EON Studio Personal Edition File
    EPF Entrust Entelligence Profile (Entrust Inc.)
    EPF EdgeCAM Part Data (Pathtrace Engineering Systems)
    EPH NOAA Post-fit GPS Orbit Data
    EPH GPS Pathfinder Office Ephemeris File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML File
    EPI EclipsePackager Invoice
    EPI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format (Adobe)
    EPI Express Publisher Encapsulated PostScript Text and graphics.
    EPJ Java-clients File
    EPJ RapidSQL SCCS Project
    EPL Encirq \PL Programming Language Source File
    EPL Tallyman E-commerce Software
    EPM Destiny MPE Encoder Encrypted Portable Media File (Destiny Media Technologies Inc.)
    EPP EditPad Pro Project (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    EPR Eiffel Project Repository
    EPR Z88 Disk/ROM Image
    EPRT eDrawings File
    EPS Encapsulated PostScript
    EPS Ventura Printer Font (Corel)
    EPS2 Level II Encapsulated PostScript (Adobe)
    EPS3 Level III Encapsulated PostScript (Adobe)
    EPSF Encapsulated PostScript (Adobe)
    EPSI Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format (Adobe)
    EPSON Epson Printer Graphics File
    EPT Clarion for Windows Embed Points File (SoftVelocity)
    EPT Elpoint Presentation File
    EPT Encapsulated PostScript Interchange TIFF Preview (Adobe)
    EPT WITE32 File
    EPZ EON Studio Personal Edition File
    EQF Winamp2/Winamp3 Equalizer Settings File
    EQL DART Pro 98 Fabric Equalization Presets
    EQN Equation
    EQN HP-95LX Solver Equation File
    EQN KaleidaGraph Macro File (Synergy Software)
    EQN WordPerfect Equation (Corel)
    EQP BPM Studio Equalizer Presets (ALCATech)
    EQT ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
    EQU Assembly Language Equates
    EQW SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
    EQX Goldwave 402 File
    ER AOL 3.0 Organizer (America Online, Inc.)
    ER1 AllFusion ERwin Data (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    ER1 Visible Advantage
    ERD Eclipse Resource Database (Active Media)
    ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
    ERD Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Graphic File
    ERF Eclipse Resource File (Active Media)
    ERF Neverwinter Nights Toolset Exported Resource
    ERF SGML Visual DTD Entity Reference File
    ERG Arranger Audio File
    ERI Entis Rasterized Image
    ERI AllFusion ERwin Data (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    ERM Bitmap Graphic
    ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model
    ERM Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Model File
    ERP British Economics & Social Research Council Electronic Form
    ERP NOAA Post-fit GPS Earth Rotation Parameters
    ERR Error Log
    ERS EARS Control File
    ERS Earth Resource Mapping Satellite Image Header
    ERS Eraser
    ERS Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    ERX ERWin File
    ER_ Winhelp Compressed File
    ES EasySIGN Drawing Sheet
    ES Serious Sam Entity Class (Croteam Ltd.)
    ESA ExpertScan Survey Report (AutoData Systems)
    ESA ExeemSkin Archive (Swarm Systems Inc.)
    ESD ExpertScan Survey Document (AutoData Systems)
    ESF Emblaze Audio File
    ESFORM EasySurveyor Form File (Pepto Systems AB)
    ESH Extended Shell Batch File
    ESH Easy Splitter Split File
    ESI Diskeeper Disk Defragmenter
    ESI Esri Plot File
    ESJ Profile Master 2000 Archived Job Database (MAP Ltd.)
    ESJ eCabinet Job (Thermwood Corporation)
    ESK ESK Document Reader
    ESK Longplay Vesa file
    ESL Everest Authoring System Screen Library
    ESL FoxPro Macintosh Runtime Library
    ESL Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library (Microsoft)
    ESM Enhanced Simplex
    ESM The Elder Scrolls Main Game File (Bethesda Softworks LLC)
    ESO FoxPro
    ESP ACD Analysis File
    ESP ACD/CurveManager Analysis File
    ESP E$Planner File
    ESP Eclipse Screensaver Project (Active Media)
    ESP Edskes Software Pakket
    ESP Ethos System Analysis File
    ESP Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls Plug-in (Bethesda Softworks LLC)
    ESP Ventura File
    ESP Extension-Sort Packer Compressed Archive (GyikSoft & MikroLab)
    ESP Personal Paint Spanish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    ESP Email Sentinel Pro Protected Email Attachments (DS Development)
    ESP Easy Setup Program Configuration File (Microscan Systems, Inc.)
    ESPS ESPS Audio File
    ESR 4th Dimension Database Windows Procedure (4D, Inc.)
    ESS EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Style Sheet
    ESS EasySpreadsheet Native Format File (e-press Corp)
    EST ICE 2000 File
    EST Streets & Trips Trip File (Microsoft)
    EST Webalizer.01 Lang File
    ESX Xactimate File
    ESY EmEditor Syntax File
    ES_ Audio Waveprg Sounder Compressed File
    ET1 Energy 10 Weather Data
    ET2 Electronic Tax Return Security File
    ETA eTreppid Audio File
    ETB Seismograph File
    ETC eTreppid Compressed File
    ETC Seismograph File
    ETD Acrobat eBook Reader EBX Transfer Data File (Adobe)
    ETF Enriched Text File
    ETF PolyEdit File
    ETH Ethnograph Document File
    ETH HP Internet Advisor Capture File
    ETL Eclipse Transition Listing (Active Media)
    ETL Windows2000 Trace Log
    ETM eTreppid Audio File
    ETP Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Template Project (Microsoft)
    ETV eTreppid Audio File
    ETX Setext (Structure Enhanced Text)
    EU Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EUC Japanese
    EUC EucliDraw Dynamic Geometry File (Logismos Inc.)
    EUI Ensoniq EPS Family Compacted Disk Image
    EUK Euklides Dynamic Geometry
    EUM Euklides Dynamic Geometry
    EUS EDonkey2000 Serverlist Tool
    EV EchoView File
    EV EV8 File
    EV2 Java File
    EV2 Calendar Commander Event File (Briggs Softworks)
    EV3 EVERLOCK Options File
    EV6 EV8 File
    EVA Viz Modeler 3D Scene Archive
    EVA MSX Video File
    EVB Embedded Visual Basic File
    EVC EchoView Color Scheme
    EVE EmbeddedVectorEditor Diagram (Barry Kauler)
    EVI EchoView Index File
    EVL EchoView Line File
    EVL CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Evaluation Lock File (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
    EVL Business Evaluation Systems Pro Spreadsheet (ValuSource, the valuation software division of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
    EVL Cokriging Software COKRIG Output File
    EVL Echoview Exported Line (SonarData Pty Ltd.)
    EVO CRiSP Harvest File
    EVO EnVideo Video Animation Document (Computational Engineering International (CEI))
    EVP Sound Envelope
    EVR EchoView Region File
    EVR Cokriging Software COKRIG Output File
    EVT Cameo D1 Digital CCTV System Recording Event Log
    EVT PC Tools Event File Scheduler
    EVT Windows NT/2000 Event Viewer Log File (Microsoft Corporation)
    EVY Envoy Document (Corel)
    EVY Tumbleweed Software ActiveX Control A portable format.
    EW Euphoria Include File (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EWB Electronics Workbench Circuit (Electronics Workbench Corporation)
    EWD Express Publisher for Windows Document
    EWF EpicWriter Document (Epic) (Trollzsoft)
    EWL EclipseCrossword Word List
    EWL Encarta Document (Microsoft)
    EWP Evidence Washer Plug-In
    EWP QuickCog Project File
    EWS QuickCog Sample Set File
    EWZ EdgeWize Compressed Encoded Data File (Qivx Inc.)
    EX Cequadrant Backup File
    EX EPM Macro File
    EX Euphoria Source Code (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EX Symantec Ghost Template File
    EX Install Helper File
    EX! Modem Bitware Fax Disk1 File
    EX$ Compressed File
    EX$ MS Compressed EXE Decompress with UNPACK.EXE.
    EX$ Temporary File
    EX1 Renamed .EXE File
    EX2 PC Doctor File
    EX2 ExodusII File
    EX3 Harvard Graphics Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    EXA Examine32 Saved Search Parameters
    EXA Lsys File
    EXAML Examine32 Search Data (Aquila Software)
    EXB Flash Image File
    EXC Mail Exchange Component
    EXC QEMM Exclude File
    EXC REXX Program
    EXC Text Document
    EXC Word Exclusion Dictionary (Microsoft)
    EXCEPTION As-U-Type Exceptions File (Fanix Software)
    EXD Control Information Cache (Microsoft)
    EXE Executable File (Microsoft)
    EXE Out-of-process Code Component Used by COM Clients (Microsoft)
    EXE Self-extracting Archive
    EXE Settlers IV Saved Game
    EXE Playstation Executable File (Sony)
    EXEME Likely an .EXE File Be careful if you rename and run a file of this type.
    EXF Calculus EZ-Fax Fax
    EXF Fuji EXIF Format File
    EXL MIMEsweeper Ver 5 Expression List (Clearswift Limited)
    EXM HP Palmtop 95/100/200LX System Manager Executable File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    EXM RapidExam Test (XStream Software)
    EXO System File
    EXP CATIA Export File (Dassault Systèmes)
    EXP ICQ Saved Chat File (ICQ Inc.)
    EXP Melco Embroidery Design File
    EXP PharLap Protected Mode Executable Program
    EXP QuickBooks
    EXP STEP Express Schema
    EXP Viscal C++ Export File (Microsoft)
    EXP Drawing Express CAD Drawing File (Trial Systems)
    EXP Export File
    EXR OpenEXR Bitmap (Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC.)
    EXT E-mail Text Attachment
    EXT Extinction Corrected Photometry
    EXT Norton Commander Extension File
    EXT WS-FTP ASCII Binary Transfer File
    EXTBASE Associate This Extension Base (Spearit)
    EXU Euphoria Source Code (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EXW Euphoria Source Code (Rapid Deployment Software)
    EXX IBM LinkWay MsgPut Intermediate File
    EXY Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    EX^ Norton Live Update File
    EX_ Compressed EXE File
    EYA eYaViewer Graphic (ESRI China (Beijing))
    EYB Encyclopedia Yearbook File
    EYE CubicEye Cube
    EYE Eyeris Encoded Audio/Video File (Eyewonder, Inc.)
    EYE Glass Eye File
    EYE Renderize Project
    EYE ETI Camcorder Pro Video File (Eyemail Technology, Inc.)
    EYP EasyFP
    EZB EasyBoot Image File (EZB Systems, Inc.)
    EZB EasyBookkeeper Native Format File (e-press Corp)
    EZC EZScreen Screen Saver Editor
    EZC EZGUI Designer Control Definition (Christopher R. Boss)
    EZM Text File
    EZP Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility
    EZP EZ-Pix Image (Xequte Software)
    EZS Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
    EZS EZ-R Stats for Windows Batch Submit File (EZ-R Stats, LLC)
    EZT Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
    EZX WHAP File
    EZX EZ-Forms (EZ-Forms Company)
    E_E Eru file


    F Compressed Archive File
    F FORTRAN Source Code
    F Freeze Compressed File Archive
    F Newing-Hall Computer Engraving Software Graphic
    F Paradox File
    F Win32Forth Source Code
    F&F Netmino File
    F00 Kanji Font
    F01 Perfect Fax Document
    F06 DOS 6-pixel Screen Font
    F07 DOS 7-pixel Screen Font
    F08 DOS 8-pixel Screen Font
    F09 DOS 9-pixel Screen Font
    F1 21st Century Mahjong
    F10 DOS 10-pixel Screen Font
    F11 DOS 11-pixel Screen Font
    F12 DOS 12-pixel Screen Font
    F13 DOS 13-pixel Screen Font
    F14 DOS 14-pixel Screen Font
    F15 DOS 15-pixel Screen Font
    F16 DOS 16-pixel Screen Font
    F2 Biosflash File
    F2 FLASH BIOS File
    F2F File to File
    F2F Byteworx FMEA² Exported Data (Byteworx Inc.)
    F2R Farandoyle Linear Module Format
    F3 FLASH BIOS File
    F32 Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
    F33 ANSYS Plot
    F3R Farandoyle Blocked Module Format
    F6 Fonts File
    F64 Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
    F7 Fonts File
    F77 FORTRAN 77 Program
    F8 Fonts File
    F90 FORTRAN Program
    F96 Frecom FAX96 Document
    FA EROSION 3D Flow Accumulation
    FA1 FAS 132 System Data File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    FA2 FAS 132 System Custom Text File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    FAC Usenix FaceServer Graphic
    FACE Usenix FaceServer Graphic
    FACT Electric Image 3D Image File (Electric image, Inc.)
    FAD Data File
    FAD Fast Atomic Density Evaluator File
    FAM FamicomS Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator ROM Image
    FAM Maxis File
    FAM Paradox TV
    FAM The Sims Family File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    FAP FotoAngelo Project Settings (ACD Systems Ltd.)
    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    FAQT FAQTool XML Contents File (DTLink LLC)
    FAR Farandoyle Tracker Music Module
    FAR The Sims Archive File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    FAR Visual eForms Designer Form File (Cerenade, Inc.)
    FAS 3D Fassade Plus Basic Module
    FAS AutoCAD Fast-load Auto LISP (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FAS Macsyma Compiled Program
    FASTA dnaLIMS Fasta Library (dnaTools)
    FAT Zinf Audio Player Theme File
    FAU Creator Simulator Collapsed Fault List (Tufts University)
    FAV Outlook Bar Shortcuts (Microsoft)
    FAV Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Favorites File
    FAX Fax File
    FAZ DeskMate Generic Character Data (Oska Educational Systems Pty Limited)
    FB Backup
    FB Slim! Compressed Archive (Serge Voskoboynikov)
    FB2 HaaliReader eBook | FictionBook 2.0 (Mike Matsnev)
    FB5 FlowBiz Integrator File
    FBC FamilyTree Compressed Backup File
    FBD DART Pro 98 User-definied Complex Restoration Filters
    FBD F-22 Lightning Advanced Gravis Joystick Control File
    FBD Honeywell Control Builder File
    FBD Remedy Change Management Flashboard
    FBD The Quarterback Pro Coverage Worksheet
    FBDZONES FileBoss Drop Zones Information (The Utility Factory)
    FBFILESET FileBoss File Sets (The Utility Factory)
    FBI Total Annihilation Main Unit Definition File (Cavedog Entertainment)
    FBK FamilyTree Backup File
    FBK Navison Financials Backup
    FBM Fuzzy Bitmap
    FBN ArcView Spatial Index File For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
    FBOPTS FileBoss Options (The Utility Factory)
    FBR FlashBack File (Blueberry Consultants LTD)
    FBS File Burner Skin
    FBS FastBid Plan Sheet (Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc.)
    FBWINS FileBoss Saved Windowing Information (The Utility Factory)
    FBX 3D Data Exchange Format
    FBX ArcView Spatial Index File For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
    FC Harvard Graphics Dictionary (Harvard Graphics)
    FC Harvard Graphics Ver. 2.0 Spell Checking Dictionary (Harvard Graphics)
    FC$ Basic Realizer Disk1 L File
    FC2 Curious Labs Poser Face File
    FCA Omnis Web Client Form Cache (Raining Data)
    FCB FAAST Builder File
    FCB Forest Cover Attribute Processing File
    FCC Basic Realizer Careal Library File
    FCC SiteMinder Security Control File (Netegrity)
    FCC PEERNET File Conversion Center Conversion Job (PEERNET Inc.)
    FCD FastCAD/EasyCAD Output
    FCD Patton & Patton Flow Charting 3 File
    FCD Virtual CD-ROM
    FCE Need for Speed Car Shape (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    FCE Need for Speed Render File
    FCF Quartus II FLEX Chain File (Altera Corporation)
    FCF HP-95LX Filer Configuration File
    FCF SHELXL93 File
    FCG FastCGI Script
    FCG Mystic Photo Format
    FCGI FastCGI Script
    FCI EROSION 3D Inflow Table
    FCL Cyber Audio Library Link File
    FCM FC-M Packer Song/Module
    FCM Fluke Networks CableManager File
    FCM Forward Compression Binary File Patch
    FCM Factory Commander Model Data File (Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc.)
    FCP FLAMES Checkpoint Restart File (Ternion Corporation)
    FCS Canon Zoom Browser EX File
    FCS CD Trustee File
    FCS c-tree Server/Plus Data File
    FCS Fantasy Football League Organizer File
    FCS Flow Cytometry Standard Format
    FCS RealProducer Pro Settings
    FCS Spectrum Server Log File
    FCS Virtual FlashCards Flash Card Set (Alai Productions)
    FCS Foobar2000 Columns UI Settings
    FCT Campaign Cartographer 2 File
    FCT Foxpro Catalog (Microsoft)
    FCT FolderClone Task List (Salty Brine Software)
    FCW Campaign Cartographer 2 (ProFantasy Software Ltd.)
    FCW FastCAD File
    FCX Vax VMS Compressed File
    FD DataFlex Field Compiler Offsets (Data Access Corporation)
    FD FORTRAN Declarations
    FD Front Door Resource File
    FDA System SYSUTIL File
    FDA FF&EZ Uncompressed Data Archive (Jim Carls - Data Management Consultant)
    FDAT Fiasco Database Data File
    FDB Art Explosion Portfolio Catalog (Nova Development Corporation)
    FDB FoxPro Database
    FDB Legacy Family Tree Database (Millennia Corporation)
    FDB Navison Financials Database
    FDB Portfolio Catalog File (Extensis, Inc.)
    FDB Fiasco Database Database
    FDB FlexyTrans Database (Berlitz International, Inc.)
    FDB FlukeView Forms Database (Fluke Corporation)
    FDB FormTool Pro Form File (IMSI)
    FDC Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology, Inc.)
    FDE Fade-It for AOL
    FDE FLAMES Dataset Export (Ternion Corporation)
    FDF Acrobat Portable Document Input Form (Adobe)
    FDF Format Definition File (IBM)
    FDF Origin Fitting Function Definition File (OriginLab)
    FDI Amiga Disk File (Amiga)
    FDL Paradox
    FDL XYRO Active Distribution Console File Distribution List
    FDM Floppy Disk Manager Disk Image
    FDM Exchange Forms Designer Form Definition (Microsoft)
    FDP MapSonic Memory Card Format Map File (Michelin)
    FDPART Fresh Download Partial Download (Freshdevices Corp.)
    FDR Embroidery Design File
    FDR Final Draft Document File (Final Draft, Inc.)
    FDR SideKick 2 Note File
    FDS JetForm FormFlow Data File
    FDS Nintendo Famicom (NES) Disk System
    FDW F3 Design and Mapping Document Form
    FDX Force Index
    FEB WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar (Corel)
    FEC Ferite Programming Language File
    FEC U.S. Federal Campaign Expense Submission File
    FEE Precision Fees Fee Schedule (Kalahari Software, LLC)
    FEF Steuer2001 Formular File
    FEG Art Explosion Greeting Card Factory E-Card (Nova Development Corporation)
    FEI Geoworks Fatal Error Infotable
    FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh File
    FEN FileEncryptor Encrypted File (ARXsoft Co., Ltd.)
    FEP WEFT Embedding Project (Microsoft)
    FES Topicscape Fileless Occurance Export (3D-Scape Limited)
    FEV FLAMES Environment Variable (Ternion Corporation)
    FEX Focus File
    FF AGFA CompuGraphics Outline Font Description
    FF Intelligont FIAS Format
    FF Sigmac Source File
    FF1 PCLTool (Page Technology Marketing, Inc.)
    FF2 Flash Filer
    FF2 Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! Standard file
    FF3 FreeForm 4.1 Database (Creative Companion Europe)
    FF7 Final Fantasy VII Saved Game (Square Enix Co., Ltd)
    FF8 !Miracle Executable
    FFA Fast Find Status File (Index) (Microsoft)
    FFD Flash Filer
    FFD Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! 2.1 file
    FFD Test & Go Preferences File (QualiControl)
    FFE DirectInput Force Feedback Effect (Microsoft)
    FFF defFax Fax Document
    FFF Gravis UltraSound PnP InterWave Patch
    FFF Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics
    FFF Pegasus Mail Extension (David Harris)
    FFI Atech FastFont (AllType)
    FFIVW ASCII File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds (VRML)
    FFL Alien vs Predator Archive
    FFL Fast Find Document List (Microsoft)
    FFL PrintMaster Gold Image File
    FFN Fifa World Cup Game Data FE Art File
    FFO Fast Find Document Properties Cache (Microsoft)
    FFP Corel Graphics10 Custom File
    FFT DCA/FFT Final Form Text
    FFT DisplayWrite Document
    FFT Fast Find (Microsoft)
    FFT Fast Fourier Transform Analysis Data
    FFW File Fission Wizard File Split Information (Gavin Enterprises)
    FFX Fast Find Index (Microsoft)
    FGA Folder Guard Attributes
    FGD Digital Raster Graphic Metadata File
    FGD Folder Guard Data
    FGD Half-life Modification Map Configuration File
    FGL Inno Setup Component Definitions file
    FGP Folder Guard Passwords File
    FGX Formula Graphics Project File
    FGZ Formula Graphics Standalone Presentation Archive
    FH Freehand Graphic (Macromedia)
    FH10 Freehand Ver. 10 File (Macromedia)
    FH11 FreehandMX Ver. 11 File (Macromedia)
    FH3 Freehand Ver. 3 Drawing (Macromedia)
    FH4 Freehand Ver. 4 Drawing (Macromedia)
    FH5 Freehand 5 (Macromedia)
    FH6 Freehand 6 (Macromedia)
    FH7 Freehand 7 (Macromedia)
    FH8 Freehand 8 (Macromedia)
    FH9 Freehand 9 (Macromedia)
    FHC Freehand (Macromedia)
    FHD PCLTool Form File (Page Technology Marketing, Inc.)
    FHD Family Historian Diagram Type (Calico Pie Limited)
    FHIS Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    FHQ Family Historian Query (Calico Pie Limited)
    FHR Family Historian Report (Calico Pie Limited)
    FHT Family Historian Text Scheme (Calico Pie Limited)
    FHTML HTML File (Macromedia)
    FHX Fh5 Usenglsh Xtras File
    FI Bitstream Intellifont
    FI Flash Image
    FI FORTRAN Interface File (Microsoft)
    FI FORTRAN Interface File
    FI Dispatch Icelandair Timetable File (Scott Andrew Borton)
    FIC Sheffield Dictionary File
    FIC WINDEV Hyper File Database (Native File Format) (PC SOFT)
    FID Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
    FIDX Fiasco Database Index
    FIF Altamira Genuine Pixels 1.0 Compressed Format
    FIF Font Information File
    FIF Fractal Image Format
    FIF SpinRite Hard Disk Fingerprint File
    FIG Lahey FORTRAN Linker Options
    FIG REND386/AVRIL Graphic
    FIG Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image
    FIG XFIG Graphic File
    FIG Geometry II Plus Figure (Cabrilog)
    FIL ACL For Windows Data
    FIL Application Generator File Template
    FIL Cardbox Database
    FIL dBASE Files List Object
    FIL File List
    FIL ProWORX Nxt Format Export (Schneider Electric)
    FIL WordPerfect Overlay (Corel)
    FIL ABAQUS File (ABAQUS, Inc.)
    FILE AS/400 Physical File (IBM)
    FILEPLANETCACHE GameSpy Aborted Download (GameSpy Industries)
    FIM Construsyc/Instasyc File
    FIM Paul van Keep's Icon Heaven Icons Package
    FIM Fractal Imaginator Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    FIN ATI Radeon Video Driver
    FIN Perfect Writer Print Formatted Text
    FIN Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE Print-formatted Text File
    FIN WordPerfect Print Format Text (Corel)
    FIN Corel Saved Find/Search Info (Corel)
    FIN Personal Paint Finnish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    FIN ABAQUS File (ABAQUS, Inc.)
    FIO Image PALS Viewer
    FIO PhotoStyler Graphics Filter (Aldus)
    FIO ULead Viewer Support File
    FIP FingerPost Information Processor File
    FIR Webalizer.01 File
    FIR Canon Digital Camera EOS Camera Firmware File (Canon Inc.)
    FIRE FireStarter Project File
    FIRMWARE London Architect Soundweb London Firmware (BSS Audio)
    FIS Dynamite VSP Feature Interpretation Style (3am Solutions (UK) Limited)
    FISH 3d Fish Tank Saved Fish
    FISHES 3d Fish Tank Saved Fishes
    FISHTANK 3d Fish Tank Saved Fishtank
    FIT FITS Graphic
    FIT Windows NT File Index Table (Microsoft)
    FITS FITS Graphic
    FIX Generic Patch File
    FIXED DLLbackup Root File
    FK Shockwave Streamed Media File
    FKD FotoKiss Photo Set Data File (LANSRAD)
    FKY Foxpro Macro (Microsoft)
    FL Floating Format Sound
    FL Freelancer Saved Game (Microsoft)
    FLA Flash Movie Authoring File (Macromedia)
    FLA Free Lossless Audio Codec
    FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
    FLASK FlasKMPEG Language Definition File
    FLB MicroSim PCBoard Footprint Library File
    FLB Papyrus Format Library
    FLB VersaPro Folder Backup
    FLC Corel Show
    FLC FLIC Animated Picture (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FLD 3D Fassade Plus Field Define Module
    FLD Charisma Folder
    FLD Hijaak Thumbnail Folder
    FLD VersaPro Folder Contents
    FLD WinFlash Educator Flashcard Options/Statistics File (Open Window Software)
    FLE Op9630 Settings File
    FLE Scanner Settings File
    FLEX Flexi Data Smoothing
    FLEXRESP Snort File
    FLF Corel Paradox Form
    FLF Firehand Lightning Graphic Collection
    FLF Navison Financials License File
    FLF OS/2 Driver File
    FLF ASCII Editor Font File
    FLG MicroSim PCBoard Log Of Forward Engineering Change Orders Applied To The Layout
    FLH FLIC Animation
    FLI EmTeX TeX Font Library
    FLI FLIC Animation (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FLK File Lock (FuJe Software)
    FLL Foxpro Library (Microsoft)
    FLL Micrografx Designer 7 Image Fill Pattern
    FLL TextPipe Pro Filter
    FLL The Sims Floor File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    FLM AutoCAD Film (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FLM FoxPro Library
    FLM Image Format on Atari
    FLM Medi@Show File
    FLM RealPixel Animation File
    FLM Filmline Document
    FLM Adobe FilmStrip (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    FLN XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    FLO FlowCharter (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
    FLOOR Structural Concrete Software Floor Data File
    FLOW floW Structured Data Definition (ontonym.net)
    FLP Corel Flow Project Flow Chart
    FLP Family Lawyer Saved Document
    FLP FlipAlbum File
    FLP Floppy Disk Image File
    FLP Fractal Explorer Fractal Landscape Project
    FLP Fruityloops Saved File (Track)
    FLP GIFLine V1.0
    FLR Live3D File (Netscape)
    FLR The Sims Floor Texture File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    FLS ArcView Windows Help Supporting File (ESRI)
    FLS DBdemos File
    FLS Farrukh Imposition Purlisher Filelist Document
    FLS WinFlash Educator Flashcard Source File (Open Window Software)
    FLS Creator Simulator Fault List (Tufts University)
    FLS Nokia Phone Flash File (Nokia)
    FLS Stock Prospector Data Export Format (ICLUBcentral Inc.)
    FLT Aldus Import Filter
    FLT Animator Animation (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FLT Asymetrix Graphics Filter Support
    FLT Audition Filter (Adobe)
    FLT Corel Graphic Filter
    FLT FileMaker Filter (FileMaker, Inc.)
    FLT Filter
    FLT FLIC Animation
    FLT Graphics Filter (Microsoft)
    FLT Illustrator Filter (Adobe)
    FLT Lotus 1-2-3 LogAnalyzer Filter File
    FLT Micrografx Picture Publisher Filter
    FLT OpenFlight 3D File (MultiGen-Paradigm)
    FLT OS/2 Warp Filter Device Driver
    FLT StarTrekker Music Module
    FLT WinFlash Educator Flashcard Compiled Test File (Open Window Software)
    FLT Word Import Filter (Microsoft)
    FLT EtherPeek Filter (WildPackets Inc.)
    FLT Qimage Filter (Digitalala.com)
    FLT Flight Simulator Saved Flight In Progress (Microsoft)
    FLT XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    FLUX FluxTime Old Clip Format (pCode Software)
    FLV Flash Video File (Macromedia)
    FLW Kivio Flowchart (theKompany.com)
    FLX Flexstor Database Format
    FLX DataFlex Compiled Binary File/Ordered Binder (Data Access Corporation)
    FLX FLIC Animation
    FLX The Bat! Folder Configuration (RITLABS)
    FLX MicroSurvey CAD Drawing File (MicroSurvey Software, Inc.)
    FLY TerraExplorer Project (Skyline Software Systems Inc.)
    FLY Digiflyer E-mail Document (Digiflyer)
    FLY Quiz-Buddy Quiz Data (Sierra Vista Software)
    FLZ Medi@Show Data File
    FLZ WinFlash Educator Flashcard Compiled Study File (Open Window Software)
    FM FileMaker Pro Spreadsheet
    FM FrameMaker Document (Adobe)
    FM FeatureCAM Document (Engineering Geometry Systems)
    FM1 1-2-3 Release 2.x Spreadsheet File (IBM)
    FM2 Maestro Mama Demo File
    FM3 FileMaker Ver. 3 Database Document (FileMaker, Inc.)
    FM3 Harvard Graphics Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    FM3 1-2-3 Format File (IBM)
    FM5 FileMaker Ver. 5 Database Document (FileMaker, Inc.)
    FMB Oracle Binary Form Source Code
    FMB WordPerfect File Manager Button Bar (Corel)
    FMB OnBelay Flash/Disk Media Backup (CompuApps, Inc.)
    FMC Embroidery Design File
    FMC NCAD File
    FMC System SYSUTIL File
    FMD Open Access File
    FME FMEAPlus Database (Ford Motor Company)
    FMF IBM LinkWay Font or Icon File
    FMF FaxMan Jr Fax File (Data Techniques, Inc.)
    FMG FreeMarkets Graphics Browser
    FMGEN FlexiMusic Generator
    FMK FaxMaker File
    FMK PowerStation FORTRAN Make File
    FMK FlowMake Workflow Design (Praxis. Distributed Systems Technology Centre)
    FML GetRight File Mirror List (Headlight Software, Inc.)
    FML Oracle Mirror List
    FMMUS FlexiMusic Producer
    FMO dBASE Ordered Format
    FMORC FlexiMusic Orchestra
    FMP AutoCAD Font Map (Autodesk, Inc.)
    FMP FileMaker Pro Document
    FMP FantaMorph Project (Abrosoft)
    FMP FLAMES Model Prototype (Ternion Corporation)
    FMR Family Medical Records Data File
    FMS 1-2-3 Impress Add-in (IBM)
    FMS FantaMorph Skin File (Abrosoft)
    FMS FMS32-PRO FMS Protocol File (HeiRueSoft)
    FMT Cardbox Format File
    FMT dBASE IV Format File
    FMT Format File
    FMT 1-2-3 (Lotus)
    FMT Oracle Text Form Format
    FMT Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language Gauss Matrix File
    FMT Schedule+ Print File (Microsoft)
    FMT Style Sheet (Sprint)
    FMT Visual FoxPro Csreen Format File (Microsoft)
    FMV Frame Vector Metafile
    FMV FrameMaker Picture (Adobe)
    FMV Bink Tools Full Motion Video File (RAD Game Tools, Inc.)
    FMX Oracle Executable Form
    FMZ Form*Z Project File
    FMZIP FlexiMusic Zipper
    FN3 Denso BHT-7000 Terminal Executable Program File
    FN3 Harvard Graphics Font (Harvard Graphics)
    FND Explorer Saved Search (Microsoft)
    FND Informida Secure Information Database
    FNG Font Navigator Group File
    FNK FunkTracker Module
    FNO Folio Infobase
    FNP FlashNpack
    FNT Font File
    FNX Exact Inactive Font
    FN_ CAD File
    FO$ Ballade Compressed Audio File
    FO1 Turbo C Font (Borland Software Corporation)
    FO2 Turbo C Font (Borland Software Corporation)
    FOB Navision Attain Object File
    FOC FOCUS/WebFOCUS Database File
    FOCF Folder Organizer Folder Organizer Configuration File (H-SW)
    FOD EZ-Forms ULTRA Relationship File (EZ-Forms Company)
    FOF EZ-Forms Filled Out Form (EZ-Forms Company)
    FOG Computer Generated Forces for Action Fog Defaults
    FOG Fontographer Font
    FOL 1st Reader Saved Message Folder
    FOL pfs:First Choice Database File
    FOLD LockedFolder Encrypted File (AwesomeScripts.com)
    FOLDER Explorer Folder (Microsoft)
    FOM EZ-Forms Fill Out Master Form (EZ-Forms Company)
    FON Font File (Microsoft)
    FON Procomm Plus Call Log
    FON Telix Dialing Directory
    FONT UNIX Font Data
    FOO Kai's SuperGoo Fusion
    FOO Foobar2000 Audio Metadata Database
    FOP Freedom of Press Bitmap Image
    FOR FORTRAN Source
    FOR WindowBase Form
    FOR Font Resource File
    FOT Installed TrueType Font
    FOU SpiceCAD Lowpass File
    FOUR VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
    FOW Family Origins File
    FOX FoxBase/FoxPro+ Executable File
    FP CRiSP Harvest File
    FP FileMaker Pro File
    FP FoxPro Configuration Info (Microsoft)
    FP GoldMine Business Contact Manager Report
    FP Vinal Page Vector TIFF Image
    FP FinePrint Saved or Output File (FinePrint Software, LLC)
    FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows Data
    FP2 HDF Utility File
    FP3 FileMaker Pro 3.0 File
    FP3 Imsi FloorPlan 3D
    FP5 FileMaker Pro Database (FileMaker, Inc.)
    FP7 FileMaker Pro Ver. 7 Database Document (FileMaker, Inc.)
    FPA Franklin Potter Associates Business Invoice Designer
    FPB FLAMES Playback File (Ternion Corporation)
    FPC FoxPro Catalog File (Microsoft)
    FPD MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Footprint Definition File
    FPD TMT Pascal Compiled Unit
    FPF Canadian Flight Wizard
    FPF FilterPro Active Filter Design (Texas Instruments Incorporated)
    FPF IKEA Kitchen Planner Document (Inter IKEA Systems B.V.)
    FPG DIV Game Studio Multi Map
    FPHTML FrontPage HTML Document (Microsoft)
    FPIX FlashPix Bitmap
    FPK JetForm FormFlow File
    FPL FrontDesigner Front Panel (ABACOM Ingenieurbüro)
    FPL Foobar2000 Playlist
    FPM FoxPro Startup File
    FPR FLAMES Prototype File (Ternion Corporation)
    FPR Fruitypro Samples Humanize Presets Grooves File
    FPR MicroSim PCBoard Footprint Statistics Report
    FPR Fiasco Database Print Report Definition
    FPS Operation Flashpoint Game File
    FPT FileMaker Pro File Database Memo
    FPT FoxPro Memo Field (Microsoft)
    FPT ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
    FPT Farandole Composer Pattern
    FPT Abacus Law Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
    FPT NovaBACKUP Backup Database Related Information (NovaStor Corporation)
    FPT Alpha Five Memo Field File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    FPT Liquid Audio Player Faceplate (Theme) File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    FPT Ultimate Family Tree Geneology Database
    FPW FloorPlan Plus Floorplan Drawing
    FPW FoxPro Configuration
    FPWEB FrontPage Disk Based Web (Microsoft)
    FPX Compiled FoxPro Program
    FPX FlashPix Bitmap (Kodak)
    FQF FlashFXP Queue File
    FQY FLAMES (FLARE) Command File (Ternion Corporation)
    FR3 dBASE IV Renamed dBASEIII+ Form
    FR3 Fractal Explorer 3D Attractors/IFS Spots in Internal Parametrical Format
    FR4 Fractal Explorer Quaternion Spots in Internal Parametrical Format
    FRA Fifa World Cup Game Data fe Art Legalscr File
    FRA Fractal Explorer Animation of Fractal Navigation Project
    FRA FrameViewer File
    FRA Fractint Fractal Graphic
    FRA Personal Paint French Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    FRAME5 CVIP Formatted File
    FRC FLAMES RECORD Output File / FLARE Input File (Ternion Corporation)
    FRD Need for Speed Trk2000 Track File
    FRE Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR File
    FRE Fifa 2002 Data Legal Screen File
    FRE Male Normal CT
    FREC Fiasco Database Frequencies File
    FRF FontMonger Font
    FRG dBASE IV Uncompiled Report
    FRI Fractal Explorer IFS Spot in Internal Parametrical Format
    FRI Firefox Bookmark Backup File
    FRK File holding Macintosh Data Fork Information
    FRK File holding Macintosh Resource Fork Information
    FRL Formflow Electronic Form Loader (Adobe)
    FRL GP-Forth Library
    FRM DataCAD Symbol Report File (DATACAD LLC)
    FRM dBASE IV Report File
    FRM Form File
    FRM Fractint Formula
    FRM Frame Stacks
    FRM FrameBuilder Document
    FRM FrameMaker Document (Adobe)
    FRM Insight II Free-Format Files (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    FRM Megalux Frame
    FRM MYOB Form File
    FRM Oracle Executable Form
    FRM Visual Basic Form
    FRM WordPerfect Merge Form (Corel)
    FRM MySQL Ver. 3.23.52 Dictionary File
    FRM EZ-Forms Master Form (EZ-Forms Company)
    FRM Phoenix Visual Designer Form (Prometheus Software)
    FRO dBASE IV Compiled Report
    FRO FormFlow File
    FRO A-Robots Fighting Robot Object
    FRP FaxRush Packages
    FRP Fractal Explorer Palette
    FRP PerForm Pro Plus Form
    FRP Form Flow 2.x Data File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
    FRS Corel Painter Pattern, Selection or Texture File
    FRS Fractal Explorer Formula Spot for Fractals
    FRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver (Corel)
    FRT FoxPro Report File (Microsoft)
    FRT GP-Forth Language Source Code File
    FRW RollerCoaster Tycoon Fireworks Source (Atari)
    FRX FoxPro Report File (Microsoft)
    FRX Visual Basic Binary Form File (Microsoft)
    FRZ EPOC Freeze File
    FRZ FormFlow File
    FS FlexiSIGN File (Scanvec Amiable)
    FS FormSaver File
    FS NetBSD File
    FS PDT Feature Structure File
    FS Usenix FaceServer Bitmap
    FS Taskmaster Paper Keyboard FormSpec (Datacap Inc.)
    FS2 FreeSpace 2 Mission (Volition, Inc.)
    FS5 Flight Simulator Scenery File (Microsoft)
    FS6 Flight Simulator Panels File (Microsoft)
    FSAC Files Search Assistant File List (AKS-Labs)
    FSC Campaign Cartographer 2 File
    FSC FLAMES Scenario File (Ternion Corporation)
    FSC Design Pro Tools Form File (Elixir Technologies)
    FSC Worms Armageddon Fiddler File
    FSD FacetWin Backup File Set (FacetCorp)
    FSD Sheets Document (Leaf Twenty-Five)
    FSF Convert It! Factor File
    FSF fPrint Audit Tool File
    FSG IBM Voice Type Language Map File
    FSH EA Sports Game Graphic Editor File (Electronic Arts Inc.)
    FSH Fifa World Cup Game File
    FSH Coolfish Encrypted File (CompSci)
    FSI FileSplit
    FSL Paradox Version 7 Forms (Borland Software Corporation)
    FSL Corel Paradox Saved Form
    FSM Farandoyle Composer WaveSample Music Format
    FSP Floating Point Data Files
    FSP fPrint Audit Tool File Format
    FSP FormScape Branch File (FormScape, Ltd.)
    FSR File Substring Replacement Utility
    FSS Iomega Backup File Selection Set
    FSS Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Register File
    FSS File Split Pro
    FSSD Sound
    FST dbFast Linkable Program
    FST FastStats Analyzer File
    FST FruityLoops Channel State File
    FSX FormSaver Fields
    FSX 1-2-3 Data (IBM)
    FSY FileSync Profile (FileWare)
    FSY PhotoFantasy Image
    FSZ Fractal Zplot Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    FT Notes Full Text Index (IBM)
    FT5 FH5 File
    FT7 Macromedia Freehand Drawing
    FT8 Macromedia Freehand Drawing
    FT9 Macromedia Freehand Drawing
    FTB Roots3 Index File
    FTB Family Tree Maker Geneology File (MyFamily.com, Inc.)
    FTBL PIPE-FLO Professional Fluid Data Table (Engineered Software)
    FTC FluxTime Clip (pCode Software)
    FTG ArcView UNIX Help Supporting File (ESRI)
    FTG Windows Help Full-text Search Group File
    FTL FutureTense Texture
    FTL Family Tree Legends Family File (Pearl Street Software)
    FTM Family Tree Maker Family File (MyFamily.com, Inc.)
    FTM MicroGrafx Font
    FTM Finale Template File (MakeMusic!)
    FTM Fathom Data File (Chartwell-Yorke)
    FTM FaceTheMusic Song/Module
    FTN FORTRAN Source Code File
    FTO Sistemas Administrativos (ASPEL DE MEXICO, S.A. de C.V)
    FTP FTP Configuration Information
    FTP FTP Voyager Document
    FTR Future Document (SERAFIM Limited)
    FTS ArcView UNIX Help Supporting File (ESRI)
    FTS Borland BDE File (Borland Software Corporation)
    FTS Flexible Image Transport System Bitmap
    FTS StateClock Export to STEP
    FTS Windows Help Full-Text Search Index File (Microsoft)
    FTS FastTrack Schedule File (AEC Software, Inc.)
    FTS CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Help File (CHASE.FTS) (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
    FTV Forest & Trees File
    FTW Family Tree Maker Family Tree File (MyFamily.com, Inc.)
    FTW FontTwister File
    FTW FormTool Pro Form File (IMSI)
    FU F* You Software Key Generator
    FUD FairUse Wizard Data
    FUK POSTAL 2 Map File (Running With Scissors)
    FUL Full Foram Count File
    FULL Cygwin Variable Log File
    FUN Koolmoves File
    FUN Project FUN Editor Game Source Code (DigiPen Institute of Technology)
    FUP FairUse Wizard Project
    FUZZY Fuzzy Logic File
    FVANIM Powerbullet Presenter Animation File (DDD Pty Ltd.)
    FVF Fluke View
    FVML formVista Document (DTLink LLC)
    FVPL Frozen Vertex Pair List File
    FVS Forest Vegetation Simulator Tree Data File
    FVT Interlock Public Computer Utility
    FW Framework Database
    FW Kodak Camera Firmware File (Eastman Kodak Company)
    FW2 Framework II File
    FW3 Framework III File
    FW4 Framework IV File
    FWB FileWrangler Data File Backup
    FWD RollerCoaster Tycoon Fireworks Display (Atari)
    FWEB Fortran WEB
    FWF Xwave FWF File
    FWI PhotoSmart 850 Digital Camera Firmware Update (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    FWK Fireworkz Document (Abacus Training)
    FWL FileWrangler EXE Library
    FWP Worms Armageddon Fiddler Weapons Module
    FWS FileWrangler Data File for File Splitting Configuration
    FX FastLynx On-Line Guide
    FX WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel)
    FX DirectX D3DXEffect Object (Microsoft)
    FX2 WordPerfect Office Calendar File (Corel)
    FX2 G3 Two-dimensional Working with Message Windows Fax
    FXB HALion Sampler File (Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.)
    FXD FAXit Phonebook
    FXD FoxPro FoxDoc Support
    FXD WinFax Sent Document (Symantec)
    FXI File-Ex File
    FXM BigFix
    FXM WinFax Fax (Symantec)
    FXM Fuxoft AY Music Chip Language
    FXO Fax Image Document
    FXP FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
    FXP Steinberg Plug-in Format (Steinberg)
    FXP HALion Sampler File (Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.)
    FXR WinFax Received Document (Symantec)
    FXS The Land Of UM
    FXS WinFax Fax Transmit Graphi (Symantec)
    FXT Cottonwood Software File-Ex Trained Template
    FXT Finale Music Notation Software Plug-in
    FXY Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    FY Fontasy Publisher Regular Font
    FYB Fontasy Publisher Bold Font
    FYI Flow-Cal File
    FYI Fontasy Publisher Italic Font
    FZ AIRLINE City Data File (Efzed Pty. Ltd.)
    FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump
    FZD AIRLINE City Data File (Efzed Pty. Ltd.)
    FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
    FZF FontZip Font Packer
    FZP Fargo Primera Color Printer Dye Sub Support File
    FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump
    FZX CP/M Fix File


    G Gravity News Database
    G Applause Data Chart
    G Ashton Tate Applause Chart
    G Cliq Accessories Datebook Schedule Group
    G Paradox File
    G01 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G02 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G03 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G04 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G05 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G06 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G07 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G08 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G09 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G10 MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork File (Cadence)
    G16 GoldED / DOS Compiled Configuration
    G3 G3 FAX File
    G32 GFA BASIC 32 Program File
    G32 PaperPort Application Link File (32-bit) (ScanSoft Inc.)
    G3D GenDesigner 3.x Genealogy Database
    G3F Zetafax TIFF File
    G3N Zetafax TIFF File
    G3S Goletas 3S Triangle Studio Project (Maksim Goleta)
    G4 Access (Microsoft)
    G4 GTX RasterCAD File
    G42 DLS/32 Supply Chain Planning (Adapta)
    G4B Sokoban++ Level File
    G53 DLS/32 Supply Chain Planning (Adapta)
    G64 C64 Emulator Disk Image
    G8 PicLab Plane Three Graphics
    G8 PictureMaker Green Channel Image Data (Cubicomp)
    G9 Gest Data File (Arktec, S.A.)
    GAB Connectivity Memory Model Axo-axonic Connections Onto Presynaptic Terminals Input File
    GAB Global Address Book Export File (Dencom)
    GAB WINDEV Controls' Styles Description (PC SOFT)
    GAC Global Audio Control Skin
    GAF Total Annihilation
    GAK Win32 Shellext File
    GAL Corel Multimedia Manager Album
    GAL Gallery of Pictures
    GAL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Gallery
    GAM Baldur's Gate Game File
    GAM Dark Engine Games (Looking Glass Studio)
    GAM GammaFax Fax Document
    GAM Infinity Game Engine Saved Game (BioWare Corp.)
    GAM TADS Ver. 2.x Game File
    GAM The Games Factory Game (Clickteam)
    GAM Astro-PC Astrology Data File (Aureas Software & Publishing)
    GAM RPG Toolkit Game Project (Christopher Matthews)
    GAM Vectrex Game
    GAM Rise of Nations Saved Game (Microsoft)
    GAML Generalized Analytical Markup Language
    GAN GanttProject Project Plan File
    GANI Graal Game Animation
    GAP Electrical Generation Analysis and Planification
    GAS Intelligence Tracking System Data File
    GAS Grab-a-Site Project File (BlueSquirrel)
    GAT Gator File
    GAT Genetic Algorithm Timetabler (GATTer) Configuration and Information File (Chris Skardon)
    GAU Flight Simulator Gauge (Microsoft)
    GAU Gaussian Input File (MDL Information Systems, Inc.)
    GAX Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Saved Game (Microsoft)
    GAX Rise of Nations Saved Game (Microsoft)
    GAY Reported as Sometimes a Porn File
    GB CEDICT Chinese/English Dictionary (Erik E. Peterson)
    GB Nintendo GameBoy Emulator ROM Image File
    GB Printfox/Pagefox Graphic
    GB$ BASIC VB Beispiel Kartei File
    GB1 Game Maker Backup (Mark Overmars)
    GBA GrabIt Batch Files
    GBA Nintendo Game Boy Advance ROM Image
    GBC Nintendo GameBoy Color Emulator ROM Image File
    GBD Gator Banner File
    GBD Great Budget Budget Definition File (Great Budget Software)
    GBF InteGrade Pro Gradebook File
    GBF Great Budget Fringe Definition File (Great Budget Software)
    GBK Interbase Database Backup
    GBL VAXTPU Global Definitions
    GBL Visual Basic Global Definition
    GBOOK The Guest Book Egbook file
    GBR Gerber Format File
    GBR GIMP Brush File (The GIMP Team)
    GBS Gameshark Online Save/Snapshot
    GBS Nintendo Gameboy Music/Audio Data
    GBSCR GreenBlue Services Script (Ecyware)
    GBT Photoshop (Adobe)
    GBX Gerber File
    GBX Nadeo Games File Format (Nadeo)
    GBX Great Budget Budget File (Great Budget Software)
    GC Sierra Print Artist Greeting Card
    GC1 Golden Common Lisp 1.1 Source Code
    GC3 Golden Common Lisp 3.1 Source Code
    GCA G Compression Archiver Compressed File
    GCA GOCA Graphics File
    GCB Guitar Chord Buster
    GCC Gnu C++ File
    GCD CD Ghost Task
    GCD Generic CADD Drawing
    GCD GNUe Class Definition
    GCD Prassi CD Image (Prassi Technology)
    GCD GraphiCAD Data File (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    GCF WinXComp Grouped Compressed File
    GCF Graphing Calculator (Pacific Tech)
    GCF Half-Life Game Cache File (Sierra)
    GCF Global Virtual Accademy GVA XT Author File
    GCF Scream! Guralp Compressed Format (Güralp Systems Ltd.)
    GCI GTA2 Game File
    GCI Visual EPR COSEUL.EXE Result
    GCI Sonic Adventure DX Saved Game File (Sega of America, Inc.)
    GCK Giants: Citizen Kabuto Customized Map (Planet Moon Studios)
    GCK NICET Fire Alarm Test-Prep Software Tracking File (Zenith Design Group, Inc.)
    GCM GeoConcept Map File (GeoConcept SA)
    GCM Group Mail CMessage Store File
    GCM GameCube Image File (Nintendo)
    GCP Ground Control Point File
    GCP Spectramap Group Properties (Coloritto BV)
    GCR Visual EPR COSEUL.EXE Output
    GCR GlowCode Profiling Results (Electric Software, Inc.)
    GCT ApplinX Screen Scrapper
    GD2 GDLib Image
    GD3 GreatFamily Family Tree Project (GreatProgs)
    GDA [Unknown]
    GDB ACT! Group Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    GDB Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 File
    GDB Group Mail File
    GDB Interbase Database
    GDB ProMaster Key Manager Key Management Database (Westorn House Software)
    GDB GVA2000 Author Lecture (Youngsan Info & Communication Co., Ltd.)
    GDB GardenBoss Design File (RedBog Software)
    GDF GEOS Dictionary
    GDF IBM Graphics Data Format Bitmap
    GDF Quartus II Graphic Design File (Altera Corporation)
    GDF 3DMove 3D Geological Model (Midland Valley Exploration)
    GDF GlossTeX Definition File
    GDF FutuRUG Group Definition File (Two Brothers Software)
    GDG ReliaSoft RG
    GDM Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards Module
    GDP Scrolling Game Development Kit Project File (Benjamin Marty)
    GDR SymbianOS Bitmap Font File
    GDS Chip Layout Information
    GDS Image File
    GDS McDonnell-Douglas Things
    GDT Guitar & Drum Trainer Song Configuration File (Renegade Minds)
    GDW GedStar Pro Configuration (GHCS Software)
    GE Gecho Configuration File
    GE3 Mastercam Geometry File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    GE3 Mastercam Mill Tool Library (CNC Software, Inc.)
    GEA Fifa World Cup Game Data fe Art Legalscr File
    GEB DR Hardware File
    GED Arts & Letters Graphics
    GED EnerGraphics File
    GED GEDCOM Family History File
    GED GoldED / DOS Compiled Configuration File
    GED Graphic Environment Document
    GED Micrografx Simply 3D Geometry
    GED Wicat Image
    GED Game Editor Project File (Game Editor)
    GED Family Historian Native Data Format (GEDCOM File) (Calico Pie Limited)
    GEF GE Industrial Systems CIMPLICITY Workbench
    GEF Graphics Exchange Format
    GEF Geotechnical Exchange Format (GEONET)
    GEM Digital Research GEM Paint
    GEM GEM File
    GEM Ventura Publisher Vector Graphics
    GEN ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate Format (ESRI)
    GEN Chromeleon Generic Driver Configuration
    GEN dBASE Application Generator Compiled Template
    GEN Genius Family Tree Data
    GEN Ventura-Generated Text File
    GEN Generations Embroidery Software Design File (Notcina Corporation)
    GEO GeoPaint
    GEO GeoSoft Compressed Add-on
    GEO Geoworks Geode
    GEO GoldED / OS/2 Compiled Configuration File
    GEO Homeworld Geometry File (Sierra)
    GEO Trumpf ToPs File
    GEO VideoScape 3D Object
    GEO VideoScope File
    GEO eXplorist GPS Geocache Manager Database File (Thales Navigation, Inc.)
    GER GerberView File
    GER German Text/HTML Info File
    GER Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    GET Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 File
    GETRIGHT GetRight Download in Progress (Headlight Software, Inc.)
    GEX GEcho Configuration File
    GF Geometric Data
    GF gFx UNIX Plotting Program
    GF METAFONT Generic Font File
    GF Pilot Logbook for Grok File
    GF Starfleet Command - Empires At War File
    GFA GFA-BASIC 32 ATARI Tokenized Source Ver. 2.x (GFA Software Technologies)
    GFA Bitmap Graphic
    GFA GFA-BASIC 32 ATARI Tokenized Source Ver. 2.x (Protected) (GFA Software Technologies)
    GFA GFA-BASIC MS-DOS Tokenized Source (GFA Software Technologies)
    GFB GIFBlast Compressed GIF Image
    GFC Patton & Patton Flowcharting 4 File
    GFD Menus for GNUe Forms
    GFD VISUAL EPR Energy, Fields File
    GFF SignalMap Gene-Finding Format (GFF) Data File (NimbleGen Systems Inc.)
    GFI Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GFM Ashton Tate Applause CGM Picture
    GFM Computer Graphics Meta-file
    GFO SGI Radiosity
    GFS Immersioni Underwater Decompression File (Mario Giuseppe Leonardi)
    GFS GGFileSPlit File Fragment (GGNetworks)
    GFT GSP Family Tree
    GFT NeoPaint Font
    GFW ArcView World File For GIF Image (ESRI)
    GFX Cue Club Image File
    GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GFX Instant Artist image
    GFX Print Artist
    GFX WarCraft II Image File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    GFX The Games Factory Extension (Clickteam)
    GFY Grafical 1.0 File
    GG Gridgen File
    GG Koala Paint Compressed File
    GG Sega GameGear Game ROM Image
    GG Sigmac Compiled Machine Code
    GG1 Goofy Golf Deluxe Course
    GG2 Goofy Golf Deluxe Saved Game
    GGDB GGNetworks Database (GGNetworks)
    GGF GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    GGI GGI Extension
    GGP GemCom Graphic Format
    GGS Gameboy Emulator File
    GHI NCSA Mosaic Configuration File
    GHO Ghost Disk Image File (Symantec)
    GHS Lasertank High Scores
    GHS Ghost Disk Image Span File (Symantec)
    GHS Tarshare File
    GI Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
    GI Sony CD Extreme Global Image File
    GI Prassi or PrimoDVD Image
    GI RecordNow MAX CD Image (Stomp)
    GIB Graph-in-the-Box Chart
    GID Windows Help Index File (Microsoft)
    GID GiD Project Directory (CIMNE (The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering))
    GIF Graphic Interchange Format
    GIF2 Netobjects Fusion Styles Lines File
    GIF87 GIF87 File
    GIF89A Gif 89a Image File
    GIFF Graphic Interchange Format
    GIG GigaStudio Sound Bank (TASCAM)
    GIL GILS Document
    GILS GILS Document
    GIM Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GINT Gintor Download Assistant Control File
    GIO Nyquist V2.10 Test File
    GIS ERDAS IMAGINE Gray-scale Bitmap Image (Leica Geosystems , LLC)
    GIW Graph-in-the-Box Presentation
    GIX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GJD 11th Hour Game Archive
    GJD 7th Guest Game Archive
    GJD GetJet Professional Database
    GJF Gaussian Input Data File
    GJT GAJET Input Data File (UK Health and Safety Laboratory)
    GKA GKWIN (Matsushita Electric Works UK Limited)
    GKB General Knowledge Base Database (Baltsoft)
    GKH Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image
    GKS Graphics Kernel System
    GKS Gravis GripKey Document
    GL GALink Script
    GL GRASP - Graphical System for Presentation File
    GL3 Green Line File
    GLB Global Module in Basic Program
    GLB Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Support File
    GLD Glide File
    GLD The GUI Loft Design (Johan Lindström)
    GLF Golf Save File
    GLF Grantleigh Labels
    GLF AfterGRASP Font (John Bridges)
    GLG MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Job Description File
    GLH Wise Installer Temporary File (Wise Solutions)
    GLK PaperPort Application Link File (16-bit) (ScanSoft Inc.)
    GLM Glim Data File
    GLM DInsight Modeling Studio 3D CAD Model (DInsight)
    GLO Global Module in Basic Program
    GLO LaTeX Auxiliary for Glossary
    GLO Instant Text Glossary File (Textware Solutions)
    GLS Across Data
    GLS Babylon Builder
    GLS Sothink Glenda Export Shape File
    GLT Sothink Glenda File
    GLU Cyberglue File
    GLUE GlueMon Song/Module
    GLUT OpenGL Glut-3.6 File
    GLUT2 OpenGL Glut-3.6 File
    GLUT3 OpenGL Glut-3.6 File
    GLV Glove Data File (New Planet Software)
    GLY Word Glossary (Microsoft)
    GLY ACT! Layout (Best Software CRM Division)
    GM Autologic Bitmap
    GM0 S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GM1 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM1 S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GM2 Autologic Bitmap
    GM2 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM2 S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GM3 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM3 S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GM4 Autologic Bitmap
    GM4 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM4 S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GM5 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM6 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM6 Game Maker Project File (Mark Overmars)
    GM7 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM8 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GM9 Heroes of Might & Magic III Saved Game (The 3DO Company)
    GMA S.A.P.S. - Sharp Advanced Presentation Software Professional
    GMAX gmax Game Creator
    GMB GoldMine Business Contact Management Backup Data (FrontRange Solutions Inc.)
    GMB Great Budget Model (Template) File (Great Budget Software)
    GMD Game Maker Stored Game Under Development (Mark Overmars)
    GMD IMAGINE Graphical Model (Erdas)
    GMD Great Budget Model Definition for the Template (Great Budget Software)
    GME Interact DexDrive Playstation Memory Card Save
    GME Multi Game Memory Editor Main Game File (Opencoding.net)
    GME GunBound Main GunBound Executable (Softnyx)
    GMF Applause CGM Graphics
    GMF Robot Arena: Design & Destroy Graphic (Gabriel Group, Inc.)
    GMF Great Budget Fringe Definition for the Template (Great Budget Software)
    GML Game Maker Script (Mark Overmars)
    GML Graphlet Graphscript File
    GML Geography Markup Language
    GML NetRemote XML-based Configuration File
    GMM Group Mail Message Log File
    GMO GNU Gettext GNU Machine Object File (Free Software Foundation)
    GMP Geomorph Tile Map
    GMP Group Mail List Information File
    GMP GTA2 Game File
    GMP Railroad Tycoon 3 Scenarios and Saved Games (PopTop Software Inc.)
    GMR Game Maker Compiled Game (Mark Overmars)
    GMR Schlafhorst Automation Graphical Monitor Record
    GMS Corel Global Macro File
    GMS Corel Graphics10 Draw File
    GMT Scarlett Expert System Compiler Grammar File
    GMX Group Mail Message File
    GNA Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GNI VisiDAQ Strategy File (Visidaq Solutions, Inc.)
    GNM Generator GNM Output Log/Music
    GNO Genopro Genealogy Document File (Genogram) (GenoPro Inc.)
    GNT Micro Focus Generated COBOL Code
    GNUMERIC Gnumeric Default XML-based File (GNOME Foundation)
    GNX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GO CompuServe (CompuServe)
    GO GraphOn Bitmap Image
    GO1 Wingames Go File
    GOA SpiceCAD File
    GOB Dark Forces Game Archive (Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.)
    GOB Indiana Jones 3D Game Archive (Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.)
    GOB Jedi Knights Game Archive (Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.)
    GOBJ Geoworks Object Code
    GOC Geoworks GOC Source Code
    GOE McIDAS System Satellite Image Data
    GOES McIDAS System Satellite Image Data
    GOH Geoworks GOC Header
    GOO Kai's Power Goo / Kai's Supergoo
    GOODNESS Goodness File
    GOR Gorilla
    GOULD Gould Scanner Bitmap
    GOV Netmino File
    GOX The Games Factory Extension (Clickteam)
    GP Geoworks Glue Geode Parameter File
    GP Gofer Project
    GP1 Street Atlas GPS Log (Delorme)
    GP3 CCITT Group 3 File
    GP3 Guitar Pro Ver. 3 Tablature (Arobas Music)
    GP4 CCITT Group 4 File
    GP4 GTX Group IV Format /CALS Picture
    GP4 Guitar Pro Ver. 4 Tablature (Arobas Music)
    GPF Believed to be a Japanese Graphic File
    GPG GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) Public Keyring (Free Software Foundation, Inc.)
    GPH Freelance Graphics for OS/2
    GPH 1-2-3 Graph (IBM)
    GPH Stata Graph
    GPI Bitware Fax File
    GPK Geos Compressed Omnigo File Archive
    GPK Omnigo Program Package
    GPK WaveLab Peak File (Steinberg)
    GPL GPS Log File
    GPL XMap GPS Log File (Delorme)
    GPLT Gnuplot Plot Files
    GPP GraphPap Graph Paper File
    GPP Serif GraphicsPlus Object
    GPR GMS Project File (Environmental Modeling Systems, Inc.)
    GPS Pocket CoPilot GPS Tracks Data File
    GPS Tripod Data Systmes Survey Pro GPS Coordinate File
    GPS BPM Studio File/Play List Structure (ALCATech)
    GPS MicroImages GPS Log File (MicroImages, Inc.)
    GPT MicroImages Text Group (MicroImages, Inc.)
    GPX BASIS File
    GPX GPS eXchange Format (TopoGrafix)
    GPX GraphX Document (FlexSoft)
    GPZ Msdev Common Ide Utility Projects File
    GQ Epson Printer Page Description Language
    GQ QLFC Compressed Archive
    GQA BI/Query Data Model Admin Layer
    GQL BI/Query Data Model
    GQU BI/Query Data Model User Layer
    GR XGMML (eXtensible Graph Markup and Modeling Language) File
    GR2 Windows 3.0 Screen Driver
    GR3 Windows 3.0 Screen Grabber
    GR4 Pathloss Network File Sharing File
    GRA Flight Simulator File (Microsoft)
    GRA Graph Chart (Microsoft)
    GRA SigmaPlot Data File
    GRA STN Express Transcript Graphics File
    GRA OpenGL Object
    GRAAL Graal Level (Cyberjoueurs)
    GRADS Metafile
    GRAFFLE OmniGraffle Drawing (The Omni Group)
    GRAPH Amaya
    GRASP Animation
    GRAY Raw Gray Samples
    GRB HP-48/49 GROB
    GRB HP-48sx Calculator GROB Graphic Object
    GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor
    GRB Gridded Binary
    GRBDROPFILE GetRight (Headlight Software, Inc.)
    GRD Drivers for GRX
    GRD Golden Software Surfer
    GRD Gradebook Power File
    GRD Grid File
    GRD Photoshop Gradient File (Adobe)
    GRD 3D Garden Composer Design File (DiComp, Inc.)
    GRD StrongDisk Encrypted Disk Image (PhysTechSoft Ltd.)
    GRDEF Geoworks UI resource file
    GRE Webalizer.01 Language File
    GREY RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic
    GRF DLG Graphic Format
    GRF Golden Software Graph File
    GRF Grafix Idea File
    GRF Graph Edit File (Microsoft)
    GRF Graph
    GRF Insight II Standard Graph Definition File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    GRF Graph Plus Drawing (Corel)
    GRF Stanford Image
    GRF DPlot Graph File
    GRF Level Up! Site Information File (Level Up!)
    GRG GreatFamily Graphic Gallery (GreatProgs)
    GRIB Gridded Binary
    GRL Matlab Graphic Format
    GRM Minos File
    GRM VISUAL EPR Input Data for FIntGraf
    GRN Drivers for GRX
    GRN Granny 3D Rendering Program
    GRO HP-48/48sx/49 Graphic Object Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    GRO Serious Sam Game File (Croteam Ltd.)
    GRO Warlords Battlecry Archive
    GROB HP-48/48sx/49 Graphic Object Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    GRP Duke Nukem 3D Archive
    GRP PixBase Pictures Group
    GRP Shadow Warrior Archive
    GRP Starcraft Archive
    GRP Windows Program Manager Group
    GRP ACT! Group Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    GRP BPM Studio File/Play List Archive (ALCATech)
    GRP DESQview (Symantec)
    GRQ Quickstep Barco Graphics
    GRS Packedge Barco Graphics
    GRS GetRight Skin (Headlight Software, Inc.)
    GRT VISUAL EPR Calculation Results of Fields
    GRV Cakewalk File (Cakewalk)
    GRV Groove Networks File
    GRX GetRight File List (Headlight Software, Inc.)
    GRY RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic
    GRZ GRZip II Compressed Archive (Magic Software Online)
    GRZ GRZip Compressed Archive (Magic Software Online)
    GS Gofer Script
    GS eXplorist GPS Geocache Waypoint File (Thales Navigation, Inc.)
    GS1 GraphShow Presentation
    GSA GeneStudio Alignment File (GeneStudio, Inc.)
    GSC GeneStudio File
    GSD GSM Internet Realtime Audio
    GSD Professional Draw Vector Graphics
    GSF Golf Seasons File
    GSF Multi Game Memory Editor Date File (Opencoding.net)
    GSF Gedemin Settings File (Golden Software of Belarus, Ltd)
    GSM Raw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream
    GSM US Robotics Modem File GSM Audio over MODEM File
    GSM ArchiCAD Library Object (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
    GSMA Glove Shack Mail Archive (The Glove Shack)
    GSO WinOrganizer or GoldenSection Notes Database (The Golden Section Labs)
    GSP Geometer's Sketchpad Material File
    GSS Geometer's Sketchpad Script (Key Curriculum Press)
    GSS Multi Game Memory Editor Memory Snapshot (Opencoding.net)
    GST MapInfo Geoset File
    GST Need for Speed
    GST Multi Game Memory Editor Template File (Opencoding.net)
    GSV GameShark SP Gameboy Advance Game Save Info (Mad Catz, Inc.)
    GSW GraphShow Worksheet
    GSW GRDSOZ4W Gerdsooz Source File
    GSX Gens 2.0 Save State File
    GT2 Graoumf Tracker Music Module
    GTAR GNU tar Compressed File Archive (GNU Tape Archive)
    GTF PGA Golf Binary File
    GTF Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon Game File (Red Storm Entertainment)
    GTH Domino Document Manager (IBM)
    GTK Graoumf Tracker Music Module
    GTM GPS TrackMaker General Map File (Geo Studio Technologies Ltd.)
    GTO Quicken On-line File (Intuit)
    GTP Atari Executable
    GTP Guitar Pro Tablature (Arobas Music)
    GTP MultiFS Video File
    GTS Genome Software Tempo Alarm Clock
    GTT Guntram's Tabletweaving Thingy
    GTX GTX Group IV Raster Graphic
    GTY Gibson Tray File
    GUN Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon Gun Description File (Red Storm Entertainment)
    GUP PopMail Data
    GUR Gutsch & Exner Software Update Undo
    GUX Gutsch & Exner Software Update
    GV Grandview
    GWC Golfwits Course Map (Siscosoft, Inc.)
    GWF Benthic Golden
    GWI Groupwise File
    GWK GraphiCode Printed Circuit Board Drawing
    GWM Epson Creative Studio 30 Example File
    GWP Greetings WorkShop File
    GWP GoodWay Flight Planner Flight Plan File (GoodWay)
    GWS GeoMedia Geoworkspace File
    GWV Groundwater Vistas Packaged Model File (Environmental Simulations International Ltd (ESI))
    GWX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GWZ Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
    GX1 Show Partner Graphics File
    GX2 Show Partner Graphics File
    GXA General CADD Pro Attributes (General CADD Products, Inc.)
    GXC General CADD Pro Component (General CADD Products, Inc.)
    GXD General CADD Pro Drawing File (General CADD Products, Inc.)
    GXD GX-Reports File
    GXD Jeol EX Spectrometer Data File
    GXF General CADD Pro Font (General CADD Products, Inc.)
    GXF Grid Exchange Format
    GXL Genus Graphics Library
    GXM General CADD Pro Macro Script (General CADD Products, Inc.)
    GXP Jeol EX Spectrometer Data File
    GXR Genexus Report Viewer
    GXR GX-Reports File
    GXS GrafiXML Native Format (Universite Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve)
    GXT Grand Theft Auto II/III Text (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    GYM Geoworks Generic Symbol File
    GYM Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Logged Format (Sega)
    GZ Gzip Compressed Archive
    GZ GIMP Image File (The GIMP Team)
    GZA GZA Compressed Archive
    GZF Webcopier File
    GZIP Gzip Compressed Archive
    GZIP GNU Zip Compressed Archive
    GZL Go!Zilla File
    GZP Giants: Citizen Kabuto


    H ADS Include File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    H Header
    H! Flambeaux Tutorial Database
    H++ C++ Header File
    H-- Sphinx C-- Header File
    H0 Magix Musstu File
    H1 Bruker Aspect NMR Data File
    H1 Magix Musstu File
    H16 VC98 Include 16-bit File
    H2O Water Web Program File (Clear Methods, Inc.)
    H32 BC45 32-bit Include File
    H3M Game Map File
    H4C Heroes of Might and Magic Map File
    H4R Possible Container for .MP3 Files
    H5 HDF5 File (The National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
    H5B SuperHeat 5 Building File (Survey Design Associates Ltd.)
    H6C SPP File
    HA Compressed Archive
    HAD MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Style File
    HAF HEAT Archive File
    HAI NTgraph Nt09b-2b EMX Library File
    HAK GameHack File
    HAK Neverwinter Nights File
    HAL Hyper Access Lite OS/2 Data File
    HAL Mortyr Archive
    HAM Amiga Hold and Modify Image (Amiga, Inc.)
    HAM Novell NetWare Disk Drivers NPA
    HAN Viewpoint Headline Studio
    HAP Hamarsoft HAP 3.x Compressed Archive
    HAT Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat File
    HAT HAT (HOORA Analysis Tool) Model
    HAY MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Content File
    HAZ Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft)
    HAZ Train Simulator Hazard File (Microsoft Corporation)
    HBB HAHTtalk Object File
    HBC Home Buyers Calculator Suite
    HBK Hex Workshop Hex Editor Bookmark File (BreakPoint Software, Inc.)
    HBK Humanic Software Accounting Data
    HBK MathCAD Handbook (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    HBK Auto Backup Backup Archive (Han-soft Software)
    HBM Hotline Book Mark (Hotsprings Inc.)
    HBX Starmoney Macro file
    HBZ Starmoney Macro file
    HC BI/Suite Hypercube
    HC Header File
    HC High Resolution Cantone TIFF Bitmap
    HCC HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Storage Chamber Definition (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCD C Poet Examples Advanced Inc File
    HCE HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Hydrograph File (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCI HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System IDF File (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCL Handwritten Claims Log
    HCM IBM HCM Configuration
    HCOM Macintosh Sound
    HCP HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Project File (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCR Half-fold Card File
    HCR IBM HCD/HCM Production Configuration
    HCR HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Rainfall Definition (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCSP Content Server Web Page (Stellent, Inc.)
    HCSS Hyper Color Swatch Set (SodaBush)
    HCT Symantec Anti-Virus Live Update File
    HCU HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Units Definition File (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HCW HTML Help Workshop Conversion Wizard Macro (Microsoft)
    HCX Harvard Graphics Chart XL Chart (Harvard Graphics)
    HD2 Curious Labs Poser Hand File
    HDA HotDocs Auto-Assemble File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HDAT vStaticIP Data File (Phil Doyle a.k.a. MrJolly)
    HDAT Objective Analysis Package Data File
    HDB Nero HD-Backup (Nero AG)
    HDB ACT! History File (Best Software CRM Division)
    HDC HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE Éditions)
    HDD HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE Éditions)
    HDF Help Development Kit Help File
    HDF Hierarchical Data Format File
    HDF Procomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
    HDF Amiga Hardfile Image
    HDI AutoCAD Heidi Device Interface (Autodesk, Inc.)
    HDI HelloDOC Medical Software File (IMAGINE Éditions)
    HDI HotDocs Auto-Install File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HDK OS/2 Saved SKF Format File (IBM)
    HDK MAXI Disk Disk Image (Herne Data Systems Ltd.)
    HDL Procomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
    HDL HotDocs Library File (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HDM Handheld Markup Language File
    HDML Handheld Markup Language File
    HDMP WinXP Trouble Report
    HDO Helpdesk-One File
    HDP Magix Music/Video
    HDR Apollo HDRU
    HDR ArcInfo Binary
    HDR ArcView Header File (ESRI)
    HDR Egret Data File
    HDR MicroSim PCBoard Hole-Drill Schedule Report
    HDR PC-File+ Database Header
    HDR Photoshop (Adobe)
    HDR Procomm Plus Message Header
    HDR InstallShield Setup Header (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    HDRU Apollo HDRU
    HDS Hierarchical Data System
    HDS XMap Hierarchical Dataset (Delorme)
    HDV Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles Arrows File
    HDW Harvard Graphics Draw Vector Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
    HDX Help Index
    HEA Fifa 2001 Data Feart Legal Screeen
    HEC Grafic Pvquan Quant File
    HED Hi-Eddi
    HED HighEdit Document
    HED ReliaSoft RG
    HEH Scarlett Expert System Compiler Facts File
    HEL Hellbender Saved Game (Microsoft)
    HELI RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
    HEP Novell NetWare Help Librarian Data File
    HEP HostExplorer Telnet Session Profile (Hummingbird Ltd.)
    HER Grafic GIF File
    HESSIAN Insight II Hessian File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    HESSIANX Insight II Hessian File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    HEX Hex Dump
    HEX HUGO Game File
    HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 File
    HF HF File
    HFA ERDAS IMAGINE Hierarchical File Architecture (Leica Geosystems , LLC)
    HFB Ralcgm File
    HFB Hell Fighter Battle File (David Peterson)
    HFD HotDocs Form Document (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HFI HP Font Info
    HFS Macintosh Disk Image on CD
    HFT HotDocs Form Template (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HFV Simulated Macintosh Volumes on PC Hard Drive
    HFX HotFax Fax (Smith Micro Software, Inc.)
    HFX US Robotics Rapid Comm Voice Data File
    HFX Harvard Graphics F/X File (Harvard Graphics)
    HFZ Pinnacle Studio Video Editing File
    HGH Star Wars - Tie Fighter High Score
    HGL DN Highlight Groups Definition
    HGL HP Graphics Language (Plotter File)
    HGP HighGrow (Legal Marijuana Growing Game) Plant File (Slick Software)
    HGS HighGrow Virtual Seed File
    HGT Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Data (SRTM)
    HH C++ Header
    HH HammerHead Drumloop File
    HH Help Topic Map File
    HHA HyperHub Archive (Oracle)
    HHC HTML Help Table of Contents (Microsoft)
    HHC TurboTax Contents File (Intuit)
    HHH Power C Precompiled Header
    HHK HTML Help Index (Microsoft)
    HHL Visual Basic File
    HHP HTML Help Workshop Project (Microsoft)
    HHS HyperHub Subkit (Oracle)
    HHS HTML Help Samples (Microsoft)
    HHTML Realmedia Adstream HTML File
    HI High Scores
    HI Spy-CD CD Search Index File
    HI1 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HI2 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HI4 Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIA Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIB Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIC Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIF Quicken On-line File (Intuit)
    HIG High Scores
    HIH Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIM Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIN HyperChem Molecule File (Hypercube, Inc.)
    HIN Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIP Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIPS Bitmap Graphic
    HIQ Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIR C64 Hires Bitmap Graphic
    HIR Hidden Icon Resource
    HIS DN History of Executing/Viewing/Editing
    HIS Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    HIS Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIS SOBEK Simulation History (WL | Delft Hydraulics)
    HIT HitPlayer Audio File
    HIT Nonags Dialog Killer Data File
    HIT The Sims Sound File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    HIV RegShot Registry Hive File (TiANWEi)
    HIW Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HIX System SYSUTIL File
    HIZ Spy-CD CD Search Database File
    HJT TreePad Hypertext Database File (Freebyte)
    HK5 ACT! Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
    HKC HTML-KIT Auto Complete Short-cuts
    HKI WinHki Compressed Archive (Hanspeter Imp)
    HKI1 WinHki Compressed File
    HKI2 WinHki Compressed File
    HKI3 WinHki Compressed File
    HKT egseing RB HK Data
    HL$ Compressed DOS Help File (Microsoft)
    HLB VAX Help Library
    HLD Structural Desktop Saved Data (Hold File) (Structural Desktop, Inc.)
    HLF BASIC QuickBAS QuickB01 File
    HLF FAR Manager Help File (FAR Group)
    HLI MOJO 620 Logo (TDK)
    HLL Boulderdash Game File
    HLM Winhelp Vbhilfe File
    HLN Microstation Hidden Line File
    HLP HP-95LX Help File
    HLP Stata Statistical Software Help File (Stata Corporation)
    HLP Windows Help File (Microsoft)
    HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File
    HLX Hyperlatex File
    HLX Multi-Edit Help File
    HLX Visual C++ Syntax Coloring Instructions (Microsoft)
    HLX Hollex Cartridge Atari Cartridge Image File
    HLZ Multi-Edit Packed Help File
    HM Windows Help Context IDs used by MAKEHM.EXE.
    HM2 Help & Manual Help File Project
    HM3 Help & Manual Help File Project (ver 3)
    HMA ATRAC3plus Encoded Audio File (Sony)
    HMF HOOPS Metafile (Tech Soft America)
    HMI Descent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
    HMM Procomm Plus Alternate Mail Read Option Menu
    HMP Descent Human Machine Interfaces MIDI File
    HMP Help Magician Pro Project (Stateline Software)
    HMP Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Home Page File
    HMP 3D GameStudio Terrain Entity (Conitec Corporation)
    HMP Frontier: First Encounters Music File
    HMR GeoTIFF Bitmap File (Bentley Systems, Incorporated)
    HMS HMS Archiware File
    HMS MS SMS Inventory File
    HMS Stentura 8000 or Stentura 8000LX Deposition File
    HMT HighMAT (Microsoft)
    HMW Homeword for DeskMate
    HMX MixlleniumEngine (Haydee) Web Server Module Template File
    HM~ Help&Manual Backup Help File Project
    HNC CNC Program File Heidenhain Dialog
    HNC NoteCenter Note File (Domas Savickas)
    HND Hallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) Deep Sky Database File (Han Kleijn)
    HNE NoteCenter Encrypted Note File (Domas Savickas)
    HNF Humax Receiver Settings
    HNS Hallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) Settings (Han Kleijn)
    HNV TheWord & Bible Companion Hebrew Names Version Bible
    HO Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation Hierarchy Outline
    HO Magix Music/Video
    HOB Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Ship Graphic (Atari)
    HOC High Octane Race Course (Fishstick Games)
    HOF Hall Of Fame
    HOG Descent Mission File
    HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
    HOL Personal Paint Dutch Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    HOR Horoscope
    HOT Mosaic Internet Address
    HOT The Sims Sound File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    HOT eFax Messenger Fax (j2 Global Communications, Inc.)
    HP HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
    HP Thor Database Primary Hash File
    HP$ NTgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    HP- HP Distribution Binary File
    HP-UX HP-UNIX File
    HP8 HP NewWave Write ASCII Roman8 Character Set
    HPD Harry Potter Related
    HPD HotDocs PDF Document (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HPD HP Document (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    HPF HotLine Partial Download File
    HPF PageMaker HP LaserJet Font (Adobe)
    HPF NetHelp2 Project File (Netscape)
    HPG HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
    HPGL HP Graphics Language (Plotter)
    HPH Designer Graphics System2 File
    HPI GEM Font Information
    HPI Hemera Photo-Object Image (Hemera Technologies Inc.)
    HPI Total Annihilation Saved Game
    HPJ Help Project File
    HPJ HP LaserJet Print-to-File
    HPJ Visual Basic Help Project
    HPK Compressed Archive
    HPK HPXUpgrade Service Pack Fileset (Haliplex Communication Systems)
    HPL HP Graphics File
    HPLJ Hewlett-Packerd LaserJet Vector Image
    HPM HP NewWave Emm Text
    HPM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu for Privileged Users
    HPM Procomm Plus Alternative Menu
    HPM Quaestor 1.x High Performance Map
    HPP C++ Builder 6 Program Header (Borland Software Corporation)
    HPP C++ Program Header
    HPP Printer Control Language Vector Image (Hewlett-Packard)
    HPP InfoMgr Database File
    HPP Zortech C++ Header
    HPPCL Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language Vector Image
    HPR RoboHELP Configuration File
    HPR ATLAS.ti 4.x Project File (Scientific Software Development)
    HPR5 ATLAS.ti 5.0 Project File (Scientific Software Development)
    HPT HotDocs PDF Template (Matthew Bender & Company, a member of the LexisNexis Group)
    HPW CompuServe Home Page Wizard
    HP_ Winhelp Compressed File
    HP~ V-help File
    HQP CP/M Disc Utility Information
    HQX Macintosh BinHex 4 Compressed Archive
    HR TRS 80 Graphic
    HR2 Curious Labs Poser Hair File
    HR5 Heredis 2000 Family History File (BSD CONCEPT)
    HRC SoftImage Model Geometry File
    HRF Hitachi Raster Format Graphic
    HRH C++ and Resources Common Header
    HRL Herolab EasyWin32
    HRM Netmino File
    HRM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
    HRP Handy Recovery Recovered Partion Information (SoftLogica LLC.)
    HRT Hornet Packer Module/Song
    HRU HRU Bitmap
    HRV Personal Paint Croatian Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    HRX Herolab EasyWin32
    HRZ Slow Scan Television (SSTV)
    HS Hugs Source Code
    HS Literate Haskell Source Code File
    HS HSnapshot Screen Snapshot (PCNetWork)
    HS RAZR Flex File (Motorola, Inc.)
    HS2 Postering Monochrome Image
    HSB HALion Sampler File (Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.)
    HSC HYSYS Simulation (Aspen Technology, Inc.)
    HSC HelpScribble Project Source (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    HSC HSC Tracker 2-op FM Music File
    HSE Dreamweaver Snippet
    HSF HOOPS Stream File (Tech Soft America)
    HSH IIS NNTP Hash File (Microsoft)
    HSI Handmade Software Graphic File
    HSI HSI JPEG Bitmap
    HSK Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
    HSM Assembly Language Header University of Waterloo Engineering convention.
    HSM The Sims Sound File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    HSP HomeSite WWW Page Project
    HSP HSC Packed
    HSQ CAST Application Mining Suite
    HSQ Data File Associated with Qaz Trojan
    HSR RezeptAssist Import and Export File
    HSS Dreamweaver Snippet
    HSS Photoshop Hue/Saturation Information (Adobe)
    HST Corel QuickCorrect and Speller History File
    HST WordPerfect (Corel)
    HST History File
    HST Host File
    HST Image Alchemy Handmade Software Graphics Histogram
    HST Netscape History File
    HST Procomm Plus History File
    HST Symantec Anti-Virus Live Update File
    HST Yahoo Messenger History
    HSZ Handyscript Skin (Ventris, Inc.)
    HT HyperTerminal Data File (Hilgraeve Inc.)
    HT BrailleNote Visual Display File (Pulse Data International Ltd.)
    HT3 HTML File
    HTA Hemera Thumbnail Archive (Hemera Technologies Inc.)
    HTA Hypertext Application
    HTA Tonline BSW4 File
    HTACCESS Apache Access Configuration
    HTB HttpBrowser Database File
    HTC HTML Component
    HTF HTF Sounding File
    HTF Virtual Hypertext Font
    HTF WebBase File
    HTI WebBase File
    HTI Win Help Related File
    HTM Hypertext Markup Language
    HTML Hypertext Markup Language
    HTML Mozilla (Netscape) Bookmark File (Mozilla.org)
    HTMLS Server-side HTML File
    HTN Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 printstyles file
    HTR HTML-like script
    HTR Motion Analysis Software Skeletal File
    HTT Microsoft Hypertext Template
    HTX Extended Hypertext Template
    HTX MS FrontPage Database Results HTML-like query script.
    HTZ HTML Editor Archive
    HUF Huffman Encoded/Compressed File
    HUH HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Unit Hydrograph (HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC)
    HULL Halflife Map Collision Hull File
    HUN Dataview File
    HUN Personal Paint Hungarian Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    HUS Home Embroidery Format
    HUS Husqvarna Designer I Embroidery Machine Format (Husqvarna Viking)
    HUY Eto Dlia Vas
    HVA Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Control File (TiberiumSun.com)
    HVD chosenOS HoverNews Skin File
    HVD CMT Surveyor's Assistant 1.x/2.0x Job
    HVD HerdView Event Data File
    HVD ISIS Hviews File
    HVD HoverDesk Theme File (Hover Inc.)
    HVX Lightwave 3D Hypervoxel (NewTek)
    HW Stanford University EPGY Homework
    HWCFG VersaPro Hardware Configuration File
    HWD Hollywood Presentation File
    HWL Corel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 File
    HWL Hangman Deluxe Word List
    HWM Hillwalker/MapWise/Alpiniste Own Raster Map Parameters (ISYS Computers)
    HWP Hangul (Korean) Word Processor File
    HWPROJ Visual Studio .NET Help Project (Microsoft)
    HWR Hillwalker/MapWise/Alpiniste ISYS Route Card (ISYS Computers)
    HX EARS Component File
    HX THOR Database Cross-reference Hash File
    HXC Help 2 Project/Collection File (Microsoft)
    HXCONV Huelix Audio Converter Session Information (Huelix Solutions Private Ltd)
    HXD Help 2 Validator File (Microsoft)
    HXF Help 2 Include File (Microsoft)
    HXG Help 2 Filter Cache (Microsoft)
    HXH Help 2 Merged Hierarchy (Microsoft)
    HXI Help 2 Compiled Help File (Microsoft)
    HXK Help TOC/Index File
    HXK Help 2 Keyword Index (Microsoft)
    HXL Help 2 Registered Namespaces List (Microsoft)
    HXM Descent2 HAM File
    HXM Procomm Plus Alternate Protocol Selection Menu for All Users
    HXS Help 2 Compiled Help File (Microsoft)
    HXT Help TOC/Index File
    HXT Help 2 Table of Contents (Microsoft)
    HXV Help 2 Virtual Topic Definition (Microsoft)
    HXW Help 2 Merged Keyword Index (Microsoft)
    HXX C++ Header
    HX_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
    HY1 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithm
    HY2 Ventura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithm
    HYC WordPerfect Hyphenation File (Corel)
    HYD WordPerfect for Windows Hyphenation Dictionary (Corel)
    HYP Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe)
    HYP Hyper Compressed Archive
    HYP Hypertext File
    HYP Hyphenation File
    HZ Chinese Text
    H_ Winhelp Compressed File
    H__ C++ Header Seldom used C++ Header (same as H++ and H)


    I C++ Preprocessor Intermediate File (Borland Software Corporation)
    I Phase Vocorder Analysis Data
    I Progress Database Include File (Progress Software)
    I Integra Database (Imagina Software)
    I APLAC Source Code Data File (APLAC)
    I-E i-Enforce Security File (ICM Conversions & Management)
    I0 Winter Windows Scheduler File
    I00 (100-103) Winphone Phonebook
    I16 Nokia Phone Logo File (Nokia)
    I17 Pixel Power Collage
    I18 Pixel Power Collage
    I1C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I1I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I2C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I2I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I2S Invision for mIRC Settings
    I3 Modula-3 Interface Source
    I3C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I3I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    I3ML I3ML Source Page
    I66 Interactive66 Graphic Design Information
    IA Roland Garros Tennis Person File
    IA6 IApproach Data File (Workfile) (Tdata, Inc.)
    IAF Outlook 97 and 2000 E-mail Account Settings (Microsoft)
    IAF Outlook Express Account Settings (Microsoft)
    IAF IAFA Document
    IAF Quikscribe Intelligent Audio File (Quikscribe Pty Ltd)
    IAFA IAFA Document
    IAM Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IAN Sterling Software COOL Business Team Model File
    IAP ASM Palette
    IAP TeamBG File
    IAP Iguana Active Server Active Page Script (ILan Game)
    IAR CD Katalog (KRISoftware)
    IAS Iguana Active Server Script (ILan Game)
    IAX IBM Image Access Executive Bitmap
    IB7 Pixel Power Collage
    IBA IBasic Source Code File
    IBA Image
    IBA InfoHandler Infobase File (MDE Software)
    IBC IncrediBar Cursor File (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IBD PDS Picture
    IBD Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
    IBF Instant Backup
    IBG Bert's Dinosaurs File
    IBG NASA PDS Graphic Format
    IBK National Construction Estimator 32 Picture File
    IBK Sound Blaster Instrument Bank
    IBK (Kodak) Imaging for Windows Bookmark (Microsoft Corporation)
    IBL IBasic Component Language File
    IBL PCLTool Index-by-Location File (Page Technology Marketing, Inc.)
    IBM Archdos Compressed File
    IBM Commodore Amiga Graphics
    IBS i2 iBase File
    IBS IncrediBar Skin (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IBT IBTracer Infiniband Link And Protocol Analyzer InfiniBand Trace File (Computer Access Technology Corporation)
    IBX Interscope BlackBox File
    IBY ROM Image Component Include File
    IC Modula-3 M3CG Intermediate Language File
    IC Spice Initial Condition
    IC1 Imagic Bitmap Graphic
    IC1 ZyIMAGE Index
    IC2 IMagic Bitmap Graphic
    IC3 IMagic Bitmap Graphic
    ICA Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File (Citrix)
    ICA Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
    ICAL iCal Personal Calendar (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    ICB Image Capture Board
    ICB Targa Bitmap
    ICC Animation Softdisk
    ICC Apple ColorSync 2.0 (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    ICC ICC Profile Format File
    ICC IronCAD Catalog
    ICC Kodak Printer Image
    ICD ASTi Model Builder
    ICD File Associated with Many Games
    ICD IronCAD 2D CAD File
    ICD Rate Structure File
    ICD Rayman2 Game File
    ICE Archive
    ICE Cooltalk Audio
    ICE Freeze! Compressed Archive (Reeve Soft)
    ICE ICEOWS Compressed File (Raphaël et Béatrice Mounier)
    ICF Cheyenne AntiVirus
    ICF ICOM CS-2100 Radio Programming Data
    ICF INI Creator for X10 Remote Control
    ICF Insane Chat Saved Conversation
    ICF RapidForm2000 (INUS Compression Format File (INUS Technology, Inc.)
    ICL Clean File
    ICL Icon Library File
    ICM Earl F. Glynn Color Tablecolor Table
    ICM ICC Profile, Acer Monitor Drive
    ICM Image Color Matching Profile File (Kodak)
    ICM Windows Color Matching Control (Microsoft Corporation)
    ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
    ICMS Ragtime Extensions File
    ICN AT&T Graphic Format
    ICN Bert's Dinosaurs File
    ICN Icon Programming Language Source Code File
    ICN Micrografx Icon
    ICN RIPTerm Image
    ICN SunOS Mono Icon
    ICN HP Palmtop 100/200LX Icon
    ICO GIMP Icon (The GIMP Team)
    ICO Windows Icon (Microsoft)
    ICO Sun Icon/Cursor
    ICO OS/2 Icon
    ICON Sun Icon/Cursor
    ICP InterCept File
    ICP UNIX Icontact Parameter File
    ICQ ICQ Saved File (ICQ Inc.)
    ICR NCSA Telnet Interactive Color Raster Graphic
    ICS Image Cytometry
    ICS Inovate 3D CAD File
    ICS IronCAD 3D CAD File
    ICS Outlook Calendar File (Microsoft)
    ICS SwiftView ICS Command File (SwiftView, Inc.)
    ICS iCalendar Calendar Data
    ICT TIFF and ISO Image Related File
    ICV Bond .AVI Film
    ICV In Chair Viewing
    ICW Icon
    ICW InterCAD File
    ICW MS Internet Explorer Internet Connect Wizard
    ICX More Than Words File
    ICX VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise Program Image File (IBM)
    IC_ Compressed LCT File
    ID 3D Graphic
    ID Disk Identification File
    ID Gamecode
    ID AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Icon (America Online, Inc.)
    ID Notes ID File (IBM)
    ID MS Data Map (Microsoft)
    ID Pegasus Mail (David Harris)
    ID3 ID3 Resource
    IDA IIS Server File (Microsoft)
    IDAPI Integrated Database Application Programming Interface (Borland Software Corporation)
    IDB A-B-CD Info File
    IDB Database Used by Disassembler
    IDB Delphi Pascal Object File
    IDB Developer Intermediate File (Microsoft)
    IDB IDA Database
    IDB MS Developer Intermediate MDPX File
    IDC Core IDC
    IDC IDA C Language Source Code
    IDC Internet Database Connector Document
    IDC Structured Query Language (SQL)
    IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
    IDD Complete Works Database-related File (Toplevel Computing)
    IDE C++ Project (Borland Software Corporation)
    IDE Grand Theft Auto III Model IDs and Properties (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    IDE Integrated Development Environment Configuration File
    IDE Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Identity File
    IDE ideCAD Architectural Architectural 3D Design Model (ideYAPI Ltd. Sti.)
    IDE ideCAD Structural Structural 3D Design Model (ideYAPI Ltd. Sti.)
    IDEA Brainbloom Document (Gael Limited)
    IDEMO Instant Demo Project File (NetPlay Software)
    IDF ARTiSAN Real-time Studio ID
    IDF Identification File
    IDF MIDI Instruments Definition File (Microsoft)
    IDF Printed Circuit Board Data Exchange File
    IDI i-deas Web ACCESS File
    IDIF Netscape Saved Address Book
    IDL CRiSP Harvest File
    IDL OMG CORBA Interface Definition Language
    IDL Snappy Devdocs
    IDL Visual C++ Interface Definition File (Microsoft)
    IDLK InDesign Lock File (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    IDM Ulead Photo Express Messages File
    IDMEF Snort File
    IDQ Internet Data Query File
    IDQ Structured Query Language (SQL) Query
    IDR CompactDRAW Object(s) (MediaChance)
    IDS Minos 3D Data File
    IDS IDA Imported Names Format
    IDS Infini-D Scene File
    IDS Infinity Game Engine Numbers to Description Map (BioWare Corp.)
    IDS WFO-A Data
    IDT Identification
    IDT Output of DLL2IDT Utility
    IDT Text Archive Table
    IDT Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
    IDU Interleaf Desktop Utility (BroadVision)
    IDV Inventor Design View Tree (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IDW IntelliDraw Vector Graphic (Adobe)
    IDW Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IDX ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
    IDX Clip Gallery 1.x Index (Microsoft)
    IDX Corel QuickFinder Information
    IDX FAX File
    IDX FoxPro Index (Microsoft)
    IDX ICQ Index (ICQ Inc.)
    IDX Index
    IDX Pro/ENGINEER Index File (PTC)
    IDX LaTeX Index
    IDX Outlook Express Mailbox Index (Microsoft)
    IDX Stork Format Header Information
    IDX Symantec Q&A Relational Database Index File
    IDX AOL Temporary Internet Mail File
    IDX Complete Works Index File (Toplevel Computing)
    IDX NoX
    IDX Java Applet Cache Index (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    IDY Debug Information File
    IDY Index File
    IDZ i-deas Web ACCESS File
    ID_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
    IE1-3 Internet Explorer 3 Address Book
    IE3 Internet Explorer 3 File
    IEE-695 IEEE 695 Information (Hewlett Packard)
    IEF Image File
    IEL Erazer98 File
    IEM Informix Error Message
    IES Photometric File Data
    IF9 Pixel Power Collage
    IFB Siebel Interface Configuration File (Siebel Systems)
    IFC All Image Compressed Image File (Rundegren.com)
    IFD Jet Form Design Form
    IFF Amiga Bitmap Graphic (Amiga)
    IFF Amiga Sound (Amiga)
    IFF Bitmap Graphic
    IFF DESR VFF Greyscale Bitmap Image
    IFF Graphic, Sound
    IFF Deluxe Paint Image (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    IFF Philips CDI File
    IFF ProWrite Document
    IFF Simple Musical Score
    IFF Sun TAAC Image File
    IFF TDI Explore & Alias Wavefront Image
    IFF TextCraft Document
    IFF The Sims Object/Data File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    IFILE Amaya i386 File
    IFL Descent 3 Ship Graphic
    IFM Brighterion iPrevent Fraud Model
    IFM Shana Informed Filler
    IFM IFS Applications Message File (IFS AB)
    IFN Amma Lsb v1.0 Initialization
    IFO DVD Info File
    IFO ImageForge Pro Graphic Object Layer Data
    IFO Info File
    IFP KnowledgeMan Script
    IFR Formula 1 Racing Databin Cars Common File
    IFS Fractint Iterated Function System Fractal
    IFS IconForge Image EXE Library
    IFS OS/2 Warp Installable File System
    IFS Yuvpak Compressed Fractal Image
    IFS Fractint Iterated Function System Parameters
    IFS InfoSlips Secure Information Package (InfoSlips)
    IFU All Image Uncompressed Image File (Rundegren.com)
    IFX ImageSoft v2.00 Graphic
    IFX IMAGINE Effect File
    IFX Rational XDE (IBM)
    IFX Fax File
    IG Modula-3 Generic Interface Source
    IGC Global Positioning System Datalog File (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale)
    IGES IGES-Format
    IGES Initial 2D/3D Graphics Exchange Specification
    IGF Hijack Graphic Bitmap
    IGF Image Systems
    IGF Inset Systems Metafile
    IGF Sound file
    IGF Vector Graphic
    IGL inSORS IGLayout Layout File
    IGM inSORS IGClient Meeting File
    IGN ICQ Igonre List (ICQ Inc.)
    IGNORE Likely a Text File Some programs write out a temporary file with an extension like .IGNORE. These are often text files. Just because it says you can ignore it does not mean you should delete it.
    IGP InfoGest Configuration/Profile Settings (S.C. NVN Group S.R.L.)
    IGP Igor Reader Sheet Music File
    IGR Intergraph SmartSketch Drawing
    IGR SmartSketch Drawing Design
    IGS CAD Overlay
    IGS IGES-Format
    IGS Image Systems Grayscale, 8-bits
    IGV inSORS IGClient Venue File
    IGX Process (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
    IHP Watcom Help File
    IHS Bink Inbound History
    IHT Intranet Connector Script File (SCORT)
    IHTML Inline HyperText Markup Language (Inline Internet Systems, Inc.)
    II Gcc Preprocessed C++ Source Code
    IID Tonline BSW4 Fnstall Lid File
    IIF QuickBooks Import/Export Interchange File (Intuit, Inc.)
    III Intel IPhone Compatible File (Intel)
    III ARC+ Drawing (ACA)
    IIL Norton CleanSweep Installation Log (Symantec)
    IIM Inshape Graphic
    IIM Interscope InstallMaster Setup Project
    IIM iOpus Internet Macro
    IIM Music Module
    IIMG Interleaf Graphic
    IIT Install Maker Install Info File (Clickteam)
    IIX Rational XDE (IBM)
    IJS J Interpretor Script File
    IJX J Language Execution Window (Source Code) (Jsoftware)
    IKL InkBall (Microsoft)
    IKO Windows Icon Resource
    IL FORTRAN 90 Inline Expansion File
    IL Icon Library
    IL MSIL Assembler Input File (Microsoft)
    IL Euphoria Shrouded Source Code (Rapid Deployment Software)
    ILB Scream Tracker Data
    ILBM Deluxe Paint Graphic (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    ILBM Amiga Interleaved Bitmap Format (Amiga)
    ILBM Graphic, Sound
    ILF Omniscope Application-Specific Data (Iokio Ltd)
    ILF SMS Insight Log File (Ag Leader Technology, Inc.)
    ILG TeX MakeIndex Track File
    ILG InstallShield Log File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ILK Ilink Program Format Outline (Microsoft)
    ILL 2D Graphic
    ILL Agati Illustrated Image
    ILL ILL Transaction File
    ILL Illustrator Prologue (Adobe)
    ILM Amiga IFF Image (Amiga)
    ILM CAS 200 QDA v3.0 Image List Mode File
    ILM Illuminatus Opus Multimedia File
    ILM Iomega Zip Drive Speed Configuration File
    ILM Satsang Quiz File
    ILPLOPTIONS InterLock and PowerLock
    ILPLVOUCHERS InterLock and PowerLock
    ILS Internet Security And Acceleration Server Summary (Microsoft)
    ILS Win3 Windows Word File
    ILSR Iomega Reader
    ILV ILOG View File
    ILVG iLiving P-to-P
    IM 3D Graphic
    IM Sun Raster File
    IM AOL Instant Messenger Grey Scale Image (America Online, Inc.)
    IM04 Image Sun Raster
    IM1 Sun Raster File
    IM24 Bitmap Graphic
    IM30 Image Sun Raster
    IM32 Bitmap Graphic
    IM5 Visilog
    IM5 Visilog (NorPix, Inc.)
    IM7 DaVis Graphic (LaVision GmbH)
    IM8 Sun Raster Graphic
    IM? 2D Graphic
    IMA AOL Instant Messenger Grey Scale Image (America Online, Inc.)
    IMA EGO - Chart - Autumn Mirage Vector Graphic
    IMA Mirage Vector Graphics
    IMA ImageMixer (Pixela Corporation)
    IMA WinImage File
    IMA Zenographics image
    IMA IncrediMail Animation (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMAGE Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap Disk Image
    IMAGE Squeak Code File
    IMAGINE Object & Texture Imagine 3.0
    IMAKE Imake File
    IMB IncrediMail (IncrediMail)
    IMC IncrediMail (IncrediMail)
    IMD Caseware IDEA
    IME IncrediMail Emoticons (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IME Global Input Method Editor (Microsoft)
    IMESHDEF iMesh Skin (iMesh)
    IMF ImageForge/ImageForge Image EXE Library Saved Filtered Brush
    IMF IncrediMail Letter/eCard (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMF MIDI Music File
    IMG Grand Theft Auto III .DFF and .TXD Archive (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    IMG Idrisi32 Raster Image
    IMG Image Whatnot / Erdas Imagine MIS / Radiance / Starbase
    IMG Microtek Eyestar
    IMG Planetary Data System
    IMG Radiance Scene Description Image
    IMG Sharp GPB
    IMG Starbase
    IMG Ventura Publisher/GEM VDI Image Format Bitmap
    IMG Vicar
    IMG Vivid Ray-tracer
    IMG ADEX Corporation ChromaGraph Graphics Card Bitmap Graphic
    IMG Alias Bitmap Graphic
    IMG Apple Macintosh Disk Copy Format (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    IMG AutoCAD CAD-Camera (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IMG Bitmap Graphic
    IMG CloneCD Image (SlySoft Inc.)
    IMG Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap Disk Image
    IMG ERDAS IMAGINE Image Format (Leica Geosystems , LLC)
    IMG Floppy Image File
    IMG Grand Theft Auto III File (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    IMG Img Software Set Bitmap
    IMG QEMU Qcow Disk Image (Fabrice Bellard)
    IMG All Image Raw Image (Rundegren.com)
    IMH IncrediMail Data File (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMI IncrediMail Animation (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMI Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    IMJ JFIF File With a Microsoft Windows BMP Header
    IMJ Pegasus Image Corp Bitmap
    IMK IncrediMail License License (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IML ACT! Internet Mail Message File (Best Software CRM Division)
    IMM IncrediMail Trash (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMN IncrediMail Notifier (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMP Babya Installer Archive
    IMP Crayola Art Image
    IMP DVD File
    IMP FileMaker Database Translation Filter
    IMP IMP Archive
    IMP Improv Spreadsheet (IBM)
    IMP Pascal Implementation
    IMP Urban Chaos Game File
    IMP WinIMP Archive (Technelysium Pty Ltd)
    IMP TEX-DESIGN Clothing Design File (Koppermann Computersysteme GmbH)
    IMP Gemstar eBook Publisher eBook (Gemstar eBook)
    IMQ ImageQ Presentation
    IMQ NASA Planetary Image
    IMR Cognos Impromptu Report Writer
    IMS IconForge
    IMS Incredimail Graphic Skin (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMS Music File
    IMS Rebel Assault File
    IMSP Survey Pro Survey File (iMagic Software)
    IMT IMNET Image
    IMT egseing Image Mode
    IMV Yahoo Instant Messenger IMVironment
    IMV ImageMixerVCD Project File (Pixela Corporation)
    IMW Imageware Surfacer 3D CAD Surface Geometry
    IMW IncrediMail Sound (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    IMX SAS/IML Workshop Matrix (SAS Institute Inc.)
    IMX DaVis Binary Image File (LaVision GmbH)
    IMY iMelody Ringtone Format (Infrared Data Association)
    IMZ Compressed Floppy Image
    IMZ WinImage File
    IM_ Improve Compressed Audio File
    IN Input File
    IN McAfee Antivirus
    IN$ HP NewWave Install File
    IN0 INI Backup
    IN1 INI Backup
    IN3 Harvard Graphics Input Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    IN7 Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language PcGive 7 Data File
    INA DOS File
    INB Rebel Assault Backup
    INB Vermont HighTest Script
    INB Visual Expert Source Code Documentation
    INC Active Server Include File
    INC Assembler language or Active Server Include File
    INC Astro Windows
    INC Include File
    INC Internet Connection File
    INC JAWS for Windows Text File (Freedom Scientific)
    INC MS-Backup Incremental File
    INC PovRay 2 or 3
    INC Spice Include File Subcircuit
    INC Wincommander Include File
    INCD InCopy/InDesign Link File (Adobe)
    IND LaTeX or TeX Makeindx Index
    IND Well of Souls Game File
    IND Windows Shared Database File
    IND Windows/Applog Index
    IND Foxmail E-Mail Box Index
    IND InDesign Publication (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    IND Notes List files for Compact Task on Domino Server (IBM)
    IND XMap Dataset Index (Delorme)
    INDD InDesign Document (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    INDEX Index File
    INDIGO Indigo Graphics Format [Eddi Litvak]
    INF Autorun
    INF BLUEWAVE Information File
    INF Information or Setup File
    INF OS/2 2.0 Information Presentation Facility (IPF) Data Format OS/2 PTR file : Cursor image file
    INF OS/2 Buch Hypertext Help System File
    INF Type 1 LaserJet Font Information File
    INF Type Manager Font Information (Adobe)
    INF Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    INFINI-D Infini-D 3.0 Format
    INFO Amiga Icon (Amiga)
    INFO UNIX GNU Info Reader
    INFO ZoomBrowser Image Index (Canon, Inc.)
    ING MasterCook Ingredients
    INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
    INH Visual Basic Basfwin File
    INI Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File
    INI Initialization/Configuration File
    INI MWave DSP Synth's GM-setup File: MWSYNTH.INI
    INI Simple Exchange Rate Information File Format (SERIFF)
    INK Mimio Ink File
    INK Pantone Reference File
    INK Tablet PC Digital Ink File (Microsoft Corporation)
    INL Visual C++ Inline Function File (Microsoft)
    INM Fax Master File
    INN COBOL/2 Overlay (Micro Focus)
    INO Inno Setup Script Files File
    INO Inor IPRO Software File
    INP CHARMM Input File
    INP FRANC2D Mesh File
    INP GIS Software Text Input File
    INP InPage
    INP Oracle Source Code
    INP Self-Extracting Archive Utility Project
    INP Tramo-Seats Input Specification File (Bank of Spain)
    INP ABAQUS Input File (ABAQUS, Inc.)
    INRS INRS-Telecommunications Sound
    INS 1st Reader Install Script
    INS AdLib Instrument Music File
    INS Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument
    INS IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
    INS Inspiration Mind Mapping Software File
    INS InstallShield Script (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    INS Sample Cell / II Instrument
    INS WordPerfect (Corel)
    INS REAKTOR Instrument (Native Instruments)
    INS PUT Compressed File Archive (MicroFox Company)
    INSCRIBE InScribe 2004 Egyptian Hieroglyphs Document (Saqqara Technology Ltd.)
    INST 3D Graphic
    INST Object Oriented Graphics Library (OOGL)
    INSTALL Likely a Text File
    INT Delphi Interface Unit (Borland Software Corporation)
    INT Foxpro Code Page (Microsoft)
    INT Intermediate Code Used for Syntax Checking
    INT Signature Semi-compiled Program
    INT Unreal Tournament Mutator
    INTER Interspector Project File
    INTERLOCKFAVOURITES InterLock and PowerLock
    INTERNETMAILSEND Internet Mail Send Powertoy File
    INTO Interspector Object File
    INU INSPEC Configuration File
    INV Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Inventory File (Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.)
    INV Windows Update file
    INV Lineage Inventory File (NCsoft Corporation)
    INV dnaLIMS Invoice File (dnaTools)
    INV Medlin Accounting Current Year Checks and Invoices (Medlin Accounting)
    INVENTOR Open Inventor File Translator How To [SGI]
    INV_LOWRES Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Inventory File (Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.)
    INX ACL for Windows Index
    INX Foxpro Foxbase Index
    INX InstallShield Compiled Rules File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    INX Rational XDE (IBM)
    IN_ Setup Information (Microsoft)
    IN~ King's Quest 7, Grabriel Knight, Compressed File
    IO Compressed Archive
    IO Modula-3 Object File
    IO IO Language Script (Steve Dekorte)
    IOB 3D Object TDDDB Format
    IOB Imagine File
    IOB Imagine Ver. 1 or 2 TDDDB Format
    IOB iOnly ME Website Generator Backup (iOnly)
    IOB TDDD Format 3D Graphic Database
    IOB Turbo Silver TDDDB Format
    IOC Instant ORGcharting! Organization Chart
    IOC Winamp Io Plug-in (File: IMGORG.IOC) (Nullsoft)
    IOCA Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
    IOD DVGate DVMotion In/Out List
    IOF Findit Document (Microsoft)
    IOF Findit Document
    IOK Omniscope Data File (Iokio Ltd)
    ION 4DOS File Description
    ION Mascot Data
    ION Text Program/Installation Description
    IOP iOnly ME Website Generator File (iOnly)
    IP IconPackager File
    IP Interactive Physics Data
    IP Internet Protocol
    IP NRC Inspection Manual Inspection Procedures
    IP Profile
    IPC Interactive Publisher Pro Church Edition Project Data (Interactive Software Designs)
    IPD InstallPROG 6 EDBS Install Database
    IPD BlackBerry Backup File (Research In Motion Limited)
    IPE ItsPersonal File
    IPE Wacom Pen SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI Backup
    IPF Grand Theft Auto III Animation Data (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    IPF SMS Installer Script (Microsoft)
    IPF Interchangeable Preservation Format (Classic Amiga Preservation Society)
    IPG Mindjongg Format
    IPH InterPaint Hires Image
    IPJ Inventor Project (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IPJ InfinityQS SPC Project File (InfinityQS International)
    IPK NRG iPack File
    IPK Sharp Zaurus PDA Application Install File
    IPK internet PacKage Archive (direct Netware Group)
    IPL Corel Pantone Spot Reference Palette
    IPL Grand Theft Auto III Object Placement Data (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    IPL Ink Palette
    IPL InstallPROG 6 EDBS File Library
    IPL IPLab 3.1
    IPLI IPLab Graphic
    IPM Image Pro Plus Ver. 5 Macro (Media Cybernetics Inc.)
    IPN Inventor Presentation (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IPP Help & Manual Proprietary Image
    IPR IntelliJ Project XML File
    IPR SMART Ideas Document (SMART Technologies Inc.)
    IPS Game Patch File
    IPS International Patching System Binary Patch File
    IPS IPScript File
    IPS MENSI 3Dipsos (MENSI Corporation)
    IPT InterPaint Multicolor Image
    IPT Inventor CAD (Autodesk, Inc.)
    IPTC Newswire Profile
    IPTHEME IconPackager Icon Theme Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    IPU Vocaltech Iphone Internet Phone User File
    IPW UniPlot Graph
    IPX Interactive Pictures Corporation AV File
    IPX Ipix Spherical Panorama
    IPX Viewpoint iPix File
    IPZ ICQ Skin (ICQ Inc.)
    IQ IBM Query File
    IQA AmeriCalc Application
    IQB AmeriCalc Backup
    IQC AmeriCalc Client File
    IQC CADIQ Comparison Analysis Result File (ITI TranscenData)
    IQD AmeriCalc Database
    IQD Webstir File
    IQF Integra 3.0 Query File
    IQI IBM Query
    IQJ CADIQ Specific Tasks/Analysis Details (ITI TranscenData)
    IQL CADIQ Log File (ITI TranscenData)
    IQR IBM Query
    IQR CADIQ View Analysis Results (ITI TranscenData)
    IQS AmeriCalc Security File
    IQS CADIQ Summary Log File (ITI TranscenData)
    IQT IBM Query
    IQU AmeriCalc Update
    IQY Excel Web Query (Microsoft)
    IQY Internet Inquiry File (Microsoft Corporation)
    IRC IRCAM Format Sound
    IRC Nevo Infra-red Device Code (Universal Electronics Inc.)
    IRCD iArcade Game Package (Brooklyn Games, Inc.)
    IRD IRD Append File
    IRD Money Temporary File (Microsoft)
    IRF Phonecat2 Ocp97 File
    IRF RoomBox 6 IR Code File (Living Control)
    IRI Thermography Studio Infrared Image (GORATEC Technology GmbH & Co. KG)
    IRIS Silicon Graphics RGB
    IRIX Irix Make File
    IRIX6 Irix 6 File
    IRIX64BIT Irix 64 Bit Make File
    IRK iArcade Game Package (Brooklyn Games, Inc.)
    IRL ILOG JRules ILOG Rule Language File (ILOG, Inc.)
    IRS WordPerfect Resource File (Corel)
    IRTP Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS Graphic
    IRV XMap Workfile (ImageReg) (Delorme)
    IRX Brewer Lamp Irradiation File
    IRX IBM Mainframe Rule File
    IRX PS2 Modified Elf Object File
    IRZ iROS Application Packaging Unit (Interactive Workspaces Project, Stanford University)
    IS Modula-3 Intermediate Assembly File
    ISBN HM3 Tutorial Software
    ISC RVS-COM Prepaid SMS Package File (Living Byte Software GmbH)
    ISC Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Device Configuration Information (Xilinx, Inc.)
    ISC iScreensaver Designer Project File (Xochi Media Inc.)
    ISC Internet Servide Providers Configuration File
    ISD dynaSight File
    ISD GraphPad InStat
    ISD InstallShield Dialog (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ISD RapidFile Dictionary
    ISF ModelPress Highly-compressed CAD Model (Informative Graphics Corporation)
    ISF Inspiration Concept Map (Flowchart) Document (Inspiration Software, Inc.)
    ISFF Intergraph Standard File Format
    ISH Compressed Archive File
    ISH Image Speeder
    ISH Image System
    ISK Command File
    ISL DB-MAIN Scheme File
    ISL Inno Setup 1.3 File
    ISL InstallShield Temporary Installer File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ISL The Universal Game Server Export File (The Universal Development Team)
    ISM Image System
    ISML Intershop Enfinity
    ISO CALS ISO 8613 Bitmap
    ISO Easy CD Creator Disc Image (Sonic Solutions)
    ISO InstallShield Uninstall File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ISO ISO-9660 Table
    ISO RichWin
    ISO SEGA CD/Sony Playstation Game File
    ISO Cimagraphi CAD File (Graphitech Ltd)
    ISO ISO-9660 CD Disc Image
    ISO Virtual PC Virtual CD-ROM Image (Microsoft)
    ISP IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
    ISP Internet Communication Settings
    ISP Internet Sign-up File
    ISP Internet/Internationnal Communication Settings parameter file
    ISR Go-Moku Game File
    ISR Streets & Trips Route File (Microsoft)
    ISR Uninstaller Text File
    ISS Caseware IDEA IDEAScript
    ISS InstallShield Response File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ISS ISS Graphic
    ISS Inno Setup Script (Jordan Russell's Software)
    ISS The Longest Journey Sound File (Funcom)
    IST Digitrakker Instrument File
    IST Imagine Staging Stage Editor File (Impulse, Inc.)
    IST IsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions
    IST TeX MakeIndex Style Index
    ISTG Imagine Staging Stage Editor File (Impulse, Inc.)
    ISTR IsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions
    ISU Easy CD Creator 4 Uninstall File
    ISU InstallShield Uninstall Script (InstallShield Software Corporation)
    ISU Netscape File
    IT Impulse Tracker Music Module
    IT Intalk Settings
    IT Read.it
    IT Sound
    IT3 Internet Timer 3 Log File
    ITA Italian README File
    ITA Personal Paint Italian Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    ITC Uthscsa Imagetool Calibration File
    ITE E-Tabs Reader File
    ITF Inside Tract File
    ITF JPI TopSpeed Pascal Interface File
    ITG Intergraph Format
    ITH InTether Receiver File (Infraworks Corporation)
    ITHMB iPod photo Thumbnail Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    ITI Impulse Tracker Instrument
    ITL iTunes Music Database File (Apple)
    ITM Infinity Game Engine Inventory Object (BioWare Corp.)
    ITM Item / Article / Zone
    ITM Diablo II Item (Blizzard Entertainment)
    ITP riteMail Mail and Notes File (Pen&Internet, LLC)
    ITR IntroCreator Project File (Klaus Schwenk)
    ITR Icy Tower Replay (Johan Peitz, Free Lunch Design)
    ITS Impulse Tracker Sample
    ITS International Translation
    ITS Internet Document Set
    ITU Sheffield Dictionary File
    ITW Icetips Wizard Editor
    ITW IT Works Database (Simple Solutions)
    ITX Igor Chromatogram File
    ITX Impulse Imagine for Windows
    ITX ISB Raw Song Format
    ITX ITRANS Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
    ITX Texture IMAGINE
    ITZ Amiga and PC Tracker Module
    ITZ Impulse Tracker Music Module
    IUM infoUSA Network Meter File (infoUSA.com, Inc.)
    IV Open Inventor File
    IV VRML File
    IV-VRML Inventor VRML Format Document
    IVB Truevision Targa Format Bitmap
    IVC iView MediaPro Catalog (iView Multimedia Ltd.)
    IVD Beyond 20/20 Microdata Dimension or Variable-level File
    IVD ISPS for Windows Multi-dimensional Data Store (International Planning & Research Corporation)
    IVF Indeo Video File (Intel Corporation)
    IVI MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Topic (Microsoft)
    IVNU Inetba Web Page (Inetba)
    IVP Beyond 20/20 User Subset Profile
    IVP Truevision Targa Bitmap
    IVP PhotoSuite Ver 4 Image-based Virtual Reality Text File (Sonic Solutions)
    IVQ MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 index full-text searches
    IVR Virtual Reality World Live Picture
    IVS iVisit
    IVS ImageView Storage File (Infinite Solutions)
    IVS ISPS for Windows Settings File (International Planning & Research Corporation)
    IVT Beyond 20/20 Table
    IVT Concordance Inverted Full Text Database File
    IVT MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Information Title
    IVU IVUE Live Picture Drawing
    IVUE Live Picture Multi-view Format
    IVWD IntelliVIEW Designer Data/Layout File (Synaptris; products division of Cybernet Software Systems, Inc.)
    IVWL IntelliVIEW Designer Report Layout File (Synaptris; products division of Cybernet Software Systems, Inc.)
    IVWR IntelliVIEW Offline Report File (Cybernet Software Systems Inc.)
    IVWR IntelliVIEW Designer Report File (Synaptris; products division of Cybernet Software Systems, Inc.)
    IVX Beyond 20/20 Extract
    IW IBM Updater File
    IW IconAuthor - HSC InterActive Presentation Flowchart
    IW Iconware Application
    IW Idlewild Screensaver
    IW4 DjVu File
    IWA IBM Writing Assistant Text
    IWC Installwatch Database
    IWC WaveL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap (WaveL Software)
    IWI Ignite Image Optimiser
    IWM IconAuthor Start File (AimTech Corp)
    IWP Wang Text File
    IWP InfinityQS SPC Web Publishing Configuration (InfinityQS International)
    IWR i*write 2.0 File
    IWR_BAK i*write 2.0 Backup File
    IWS InstallWatch Scan Results (Epsilon Squared)
    IWZ ItemWizard File
    IX FrameMaker Index File (Adobe)
    IX Modula-3 Linker Information
    IX PaperPort Search File (ScanSoft Inc.)
    IX WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel)
    IX WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel)
    IX1 Rebel Chess Program Database File
    IX2 Rebel Chess Program Database File
    IX2 WordPerfect Office Template File (Corel)
    IX2 WordPerfect Office Calendar File Calendar File (Corel)
    IX3 Rebel Chess Program Database File
    IX3 Instant.EXE 3.0 Script (ASXperts Inc.)
    IX4 Rebel Chess Program Database File
    IXA Ulead Image File
    IXB Ulead Video Image File (Ulead Systems, Inc.)
    IXC ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Coverages (ESRI)
    IXC Index+ for Windows Code Definition File (System Simulation Ltd.)
    IXE InterEX Control File
    IXF IFX for FAX FAX Document
    IXF Index+ for Windows Form Defintion File (System Simulation Ltd.)
    IXL DB/TextWorks Database Indexed List
    IXP ISIPublisher Publication Information Export (Image Solutions, Inc.)
    IXR Index+ for Windows Report Definition File (System Simulation Ltd.)
    IXS ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
    IXT ISIPublisher Publication Template (Image Solutions, Inc.)
    IXX C++ Include File
    IZD Intrexx Application Export Format
    IZS 1st Page 2000 JavaScript Example File (Evrsoft)
    IZT IZL Binary Token
    IZX Intermezzon Designer E-Learning Published File (Intermezzon Learning Systems AB)
    I_I Eru/erd File


    J JPEG / JFIF Image
    J JAR Compressed File
    J Java Source Code (Sun)
    J1 EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary File
    J2A Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Animation Library (Epic MegaGames Inc.)
    J2B Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Music File (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2D Jazz Jackrabbit Data File (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2E Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Episode File (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2G J2 Fax File
    J2H Jazz Jackrabbit 2 High Scores (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2I Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Internet Server Link (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2K JPEG-2000 JP2 File
    J2L Jaxx Creation Station Level File (Epic MegaGames Inc.)
    J2M Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Recorded Macro (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2S Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Language Data (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2T Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tile Set (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J2V Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cinematic File (Epic MegaGames, Inc.)
    J62 Ricoh Digital Camera File
    J6I Ricoh Digital Camera File (Ricoh Co., Ltd.)
    J92 Javelin Configuration File (Minisoft Inc.)
    JA IBM Tools Updater File
    JACKSUM Jacksum Fingerprint (Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Johann N. Löfflmann)
    JAD Java Application Descriptor File (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    JAG Jaguar Server File
    JAM E-mail
    JAM FTN Software Jam Messagebase
    JAM Image Microprose
    JAM JamTracker Music Module
    JAM Joaquim-Andrew-Mats Message Base Proposal
    JAP Fifa World Cup Game Data fe Art Legalscr File
    JAP JAlbum Project File (Datadosen)
    JAR Java Archive (Sun)
    JAR JAR Archive (ARJ Software, Inc.)
    JAR JARCS Compressed Archive (JPMdL Archival System)
    JAR Java Applet (Sun)
    JAS Paint Shop Pro Compressed Graphic (Corel Corporation)
    JASC JAS Compressed Graphic
    JAU Jauge
    JAV Java Source Code (Sun)
    JAVA Java Source Code (Sun)
    JAW IchiTaro Web Japanese Extended WordProcessor (Justsystem Corporation)
    JB2 JBIG2 Bitmap Graphic
    JBC BestCrypt Container (Jetico, Inc.)
    JBC Jam Byte-Codec File
    JBD SigmaScan Data File
    JBF Paint Shop Pro Browser Cache (Corel Corporation)
    JBG JBIG File
    JBIG JBIG File
    JBIG2 JBIG2 Bitmap Graphic
    JBK Juno Backup File
    JBK Jot + Notes Backup File for Older Version (King Stairs Software)
    JBL Doom Scene Add-in (id Software)
    JBP DJ Jukebox Project
    JBR Paint Shop Pro Brush (Corel Corporation)
    JBS DesignArt (Anagraph)
    JBX Project Scheduler File
    JC Watcom Source File
    JC FlashGet Intermediate Download
    JC! FlashGet (Amaze Software)
    JCAMP Misc
    JCB CB-JCBrooke Song/Module
    JCC Japan Crossword Dmitry Torshin Format File (EliteWare)
    JCC Code Crusader Project Data (New Planet Software)
    JCD FlashGet Download Database File
    JCE JWPce
    JCF JAWS for Windows Configuration File (Freedom Scientific)
    JCK Liquid Motion JACK Scene Description
    JCL Job Control Language IBM
    JCM Java Commerce Message Commerce Message (Wallet) (Sun)
    JCS Flashget Script HTML Table
    JCS Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
    JCV Baseball/Golf Analyzer (JC Video Systems)
    JD Jigsaw Terminal File
    JDA Winphone Fax Send Journal
    JDB Siren Jukebox
    JDB Winphone Fax Receive Journal
    JDE Cariverona
    JDF JAWS for Windows Voice Synth File (Freedom Scientific)
    JDF Turok 2 Game File
    JDF Job Definition Format Job File
    JDT Capture Classic Filler (Accelio)
    JDX EDICT Index
    JDX JCAMP Chemical Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
    JDX Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
    JDX JSpell UNICODE Dictionary (The Solution Cafe)
    JDX J Database Exchange (JDX) O/R Mapping Specification (Software Tree, Inc.)
    JED JEDEC Programming Specification
    JED Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Device Configuration Information (Xilinx, Inc.)
    JEF Janome NH10000 Sewing Machine Stitch File (Janome America, Inc.)
    JEQ Jet Audio Saved Equalizer Setting (JetAudio, Inc.)
    JET Hybrid JetFax Fax
    JET Jetpack User-created Level Map
    JFD FormWare Job
    JFD JAWS for Windows (Freedom Scientific)
    JFF JPEG Image
    JFF JAWS for Windows (Freedom Scientific)
    JFG jEEPers User Specific Information
    JFM Capture Classic (Accelio)
    JFX J2 Fax File
    JG6 BigJig Jigsaw
    JGCSCS EditPad Pro Custom Coloring Scheme (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    JGD Paint Shop Pro Gradient (Corel Corporation)
    JGF JAWS for Windows Configuration File (Freedom Scientific)
    JGF Jetcam Geometry File (JETCAM International, Ltd.)
    JGL QWS3270 PLUS Session Layout File (Jolly Giant Software Inc.)
    JGP QWS3270 PLUS Session Parameter File (Jolly Giant Software Inc.)
    JGS QWS3270 PLUS Script (Jolly Giant Software Inc.)
    JHTM Dynamo Server Page
    JHTML Dynamo Server Page
    JIF Jeff's Image Format Bitmap
    JIG Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles (Carolina Road Software L.L.C.)
    JIG Jigsaw Game (GameHouse, Inc., a division of RealNetworks, Inc.)
    JIGDO Jigsaw Download Download Instruction File (Richard Atterer)
    JIS Japanese Industrial Standard Text File
    JJ C64 Doodle Compressed File
    JJ JavaCC File
    JJC Canvas Compressed Audio File
    JJF Jester Jugglor File
    JKL Jedi Knight
    JKM JAWS for Windows Configuration File (Freedom Scientific)
    JKS Jedi Knight Backup
    JL Sawfish Lisp-based Script
    JLA VisualPro BMP Image
    JLAB JLab Program Source Code (Linova)
    JLC Sawfish Byte Compiled Lisp-based Script
    JLF JetLinks Bookmark Managment
    JLP JLIP Video Capture (Video Producer) Index Format Display (JVC)
    JLS JAWS for Windows (Freedom Scientific)
    JLS JPEG-LS File
    JMAN Illum Source Irohaserver File
    JMD Paint Shop Pro Image Map Settings (Corel Corporation)
    JMF Java Multimedia File (Sun)
    JMH JPEG File Interchange Format
    JMK Code Crusader Build Script (New Planet Software)
    JMM Digital Camera Video Clip (JVC)
    JMP SAS JMP Discovery Chart-to-Statistics File
    JMS UltraForce Music Format
    JMS Voxtron TeleButler Graphical Voice Response Call Flow
    JMS SpamProx Blocking List (Dewqs' Tribes)
    JMX JMeter File
    JN1 Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle Data File
    JNB Sigma Plot Workbook File
    JNC Communication Log File
    JNG JPEG Network Graphic Bitmap
    JNK Junk
    JNL Ingres Journal File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    JNL Journal Macro Data File (Chosen Software)
    JNLP Java Web Start (Sun)
    JNT Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Journal (Microsoft)
    JOB AI Research
    JOB BETA 44 Job File
    JOB File Invesigator Script Commands
    JOB Job File
    JOB MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Job File
    JOB QuestVision Vector Graphics File
    JOB Windows Task Scheduler Task Object (Microsoft)
    JOB Tripod Data Systmes Survey Pro Job
    JOBOPTIONS Acrobat Job Options File (Adobe)
    JOBS VirtualDub Job Control File (Avery Lee)
    JOC Context4 DOS Word Processor File
    JOD MS.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Related File
    JOI Xboard Join Conferences File
    JOR Gupta SQLWindows Journal
    JOR SQL Server Journal File (Microsoft)
    JOT JDesignerPro File
    JOT WinJottr Desktop Note
    JOT Jot + Notes Note Data File (King Stairs Software)
    JOU VAX Edt Editor Journal File
    JOY Joystick Calibration File
    JOY Trackjoy GUS Tracker Module
    JP2 JPEG-2000 JP2 File
    JP3 Electric Quilt File
    JP4 Electric Quilt File
    JP5 Electric Quilt File
    JPC Japan Picture Format
    JPC JPEG-2000 Code Stream Bitmap
    JPC Jprobe Coverage Memory Snapshot (Quest Software Inc.)
    JPF Biz Plan Pro Business Plan Contents (JIAN Tools For Sales, Inc.)
    JPG CompactDRAW e-JPG Graphic (MediaChance)
    JPG_T JPG Image File
    JPH Jprobe Memory Debugger Memory Snapshot (Quest Software Inc.)
    JPL Siren Jukebox
    JPL Jprobe Settings File (Quest Software Inc.)
    JPM LuraDocument.jpm Compressed PDF File (Algo Vision LuraTech GmbH)
    JPN Photomodeler Lite File
    JPOW JPowered Java Bar Charts
    JPP Jprobe Profiler Memory Snapshot (Quest Software Inc.)
    JPP Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Definition (B&P Games B.V.)
    JPR Javasockets File
    JPR Oracle JDeveloper Model JProject
    JPS Stereo Image
    JPS Jigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Completion Status (B&P Games B.V.)
    JPS Print Studio Graphic (Jolly, Inc.)
    JPT Jprobe Threadalyzer Memory Snapshot (Quest Software Inc.)
    JPT Print Studio Template (Jolly, Inc.)
    JPX JBuilder Project File (Borland Software Corporation)
    JPX JPEG-2000 JP2 File
    JQX Windows Help Related File (Microsoft)
    JRC Jrchive Compressed Archive
    JRF The Jumbot Bot Level Navigation File
    JRL Top Secret Crypto Gold Top Secret Journal File (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
    JRP Electric Quilt File
    JS JACOsub Script
    JS JavaScript Source Code
    JS Mozilla (Netscape) Settings (Mozilla.org)
    JS JetScript Output File
    JSB JAWS for Windows Script Binary File (Freedom Scientific)
    JSCRIPT GoLive JavaScript (Adobe)
    JSD eFAX Jet Suite Document (j2 Global Communications, Inc.)
    JSD JAWS for Windows Script Documentation File (Freedom Scientific)
    JSD Join-Split File
    JSD Paint Shop Pro Image Slice Settings (Corel Corporation)
    JSDB JumpStart Database (Jumpstart-it.com)
    JSE Fichier Encoded Javascript
    JSE JScript Encoded Script File
    JSF Macromedia Fireworks Batch Script
    JSH JAWS for Windows Script Header File (Freedom Scientific)
    JSL Paint Shop Pro Shapes File (Corel Corporation)
    JSL Visual J# Code (Microsoft Corporation)
    JSM Gray Design Associates Jigsaws Galore Jigsaw File
    JSM JAWS for Windows Script Message File (Freedom Scientific)
    JSM JugWin Jigsaw
    JSM Jig ShapeMap (Steamboat Software)
    JSP Java Server Page (Sun)
    JSP10 Java Server Page (Sun)
    JSPF JSP Page Fragment (Sun)
    JSS Gray Design Associates Jigsaws Galore Saved Game Jigsaw File
    JSS JAWS for Windows Script Source File (Freedom Scientific)
    JSS JSheet
    JSS JugWin Jigsaw
    JST Jnes Saved Game State File (JaboSoft)
    JST Code Crusader Symbol Database (New Planet Software)
    JSV HyperRail 3D Coaster Design Construction File
    JSV Japanese Flash Card File
    JSV Java Structure Viewer
    JSV VXML JavaServer Page
    JSW WML JavaServer Page
    JT JT Fax
    JTD Ichitaro 11
    JTF Hayes JT Fax
    JTF JPEG Tagged Interchange Format Image
    JTIF JPEG Tagged Interchange Format Image
    JTK Java ToolKit File (Sun)
    JTP JetForm File
    JTP Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Journal (Microsoft)
    JUP Code Crusader User-Specific Project Preferences (New Planet Software)
    JUT Jutvision Scene
    JVC Digital Camera File
    JW Jigsaw Terminal File
    JW Justwrite Text
    JW Legacy Version 1.1
    JW MS Wordpad, Works for windows v3.0 & 4.0
    JW Q & A Write for Windows 3.0
    JWC JewelCase Maker Saved File (NewTech Infosystems Inc.)
    JWL Easy CD Creator's CD Label (Sonic Solutions)
    JWL Jewel Case Creator CD Disc Case
    JWL Justwrite Text File Library
    JWP Easy CD Creator Label File (Sonic Solutions)
    JWP JWP Document
    JWS WebLogic Workshop Java Web Services (BEA Systems, Inc.)
    JXDM Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Markup Editor Java Server Page with XDIME Markup/Java Code (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    JXX C++ Header File
    JZZ Jazz Spreadsheet


    K Desktop Color Separation Specification Black Layer
    K NRJ Live File
    K IRIS Editor Format File (eurobraille)
    K00 Tonline DB File
    K01 Tonline DB File
    K01 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K02 Tonline DB File
    K02 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K03 Tonline DB File
    K03 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K04 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K05 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K06 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K07 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K08 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K09 Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
    K1S Wave Glib19 File
    K2 Kar2ouche Storyboard File
    K25 Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
    K25 Kurzweil 2500 Sample (Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc.)
    K3D 3DS Macro Language Description
    K4E Karaoke 4 Everyone.com Player/Editor File (Karaoke 4 Everyone.com)
    K7 DCMO6 Emulator Tape Image
    KAL Sfkal Calender Kal_40 File
    KAN Kwalitan Annotation (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KAP MapInfo Sea Chart
    KAR FOX+ 2.0
    KAR Karaoke MIDI File
    KAR Keep-It Archive (Remember International Associates Ltd)
    KAT Katorzer Music Composition
    KAU KeyAudit Software Audit
    KB C++ Keyboard Script (Borland Software Corporation)
    KB Knowledge Pro Source Code
    KBD Keyboard Script File Layout (Microsoft)
    KBF MyInfo Documnet/Outline (Milenix Software)
    KBI Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Index
    KBM Reflection Keyboard Script File Layout
    KBM Scala Keyboard Mapping
    KBP Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Profile
    KBR Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Data
    KBR The Drums Pro file
    KBS ACE Studio Model Builder
    KCC KeywordConvert Keyword/Phrase Combine List (FormatBlue Software)
    KCF KiSS Configuration File
    KCH KChess Notation File (Ark Angles)
    KCL Kyoto Common LISP Source Code
    KCL KeywordConvert Keyword/Phrase List (FormatBlue Software)
    KCO Kwalitan Codes (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KCP Keychamp File
    KCT Kwalitan Categories (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KDB kinodb File (datb)
    KDB KeePass Password Database (Dominik Reichl)
    KDB kusziDataBase Database File (kusziNET)
    KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer/Photogen File
    KDC Kwalitan Document (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KDELNK KDE Desktop
    KDF Kinkos Photo (Kinko's, Inc.)
    KDF VisiQuest (Khoros) Standard Data Format (AccuSoft)
    KDH CAJViewer
    KDK Kodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF Format
    KDO Kudo Picture Browser
    KDT Medbasin Evaporation Data (National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources Management)
    KE$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
    KED KEDIT Profile and Macro File
    KEN Player CDcheck Compressed File
    KEP Turbo Pascal DOS TP19 Compressed Kepler File (Borland Software Corporation)
    KEP SapShow Training File (SAP)
    KES Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 Accessible Documents (Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.)
    KEV JAWS for Windows Preload File (Freedom Scientific)
    KEX KEDIT Macro File
    KEXI Kexi Native Database File (KDE e.V.)
    KEXIS Kexi Database Connection Parameter File (KDE e.V.)
    KEXT Mac OS X Kernel Extension (Apple)
    KEY OS/2 Archive .KEY-file
    KEY ArcView Geocoding Matching Keys (ESRI)
    KEY DataCAD Icon Toolbar File (DATACAD LLC)
    KEY Diablo II Key File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    KEY Forecast Pro Datafile
    KEY FractInt Demo Script
    KEY Infinity Game Engine Directory of Resources, Locations and Types (BioWare Corp.)
    KEY Keyboard Definition File
    KEY National Construction Estimator 32 Costbook Key File
    KEY Program Security or Registration File
    KEY Sentry 2020 Encryption File
    KEY TBAV File
    KEY Top Secret Crypto Gold (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
    KEY Business Key Accounting File (Universal Systems)
    KEY Keynote Presentation Wrapper Folder (Apple Computer)
    KEYBOARD Amaya Configuration
    KE_ Ntgraph Ze32v215 File
    KF2 Max Payne Model File (Rockstar Games)
    KFA Dark Age of Camelot Animation
    KFA IRIS Shortened Format (eurobraille)
    KFI IRIS Native Data File (eurobraille)
    KFL Kwalitan Filter (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KFL KFLog Airfield File
    KFL IRIS Literary (eurobraille)
    KFL Pegasus Mail Auto-Reply Memory File (David Harris)
    KFM KEY Form Designer Form Design (Broderbund)
    KFN KaraFun Karaoke Song (RECISIO S.A.R.L.)
    KFP Kinkos File Prep Tool
    KFS Max Payne Model File (Rockstar Games)
    KFS Pegasus Mail Static Kill File (David Harris)
    KFT Matrox X Tools Keyframe (Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.)
    KFX 2D Graphic
    KFX KoFax Group 4 Image
    KGB Kremlin Encrypt File
    KGB Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Formats
    KGP Image
    KHF Kwalitan Tree Structure (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KHS Kwalitan History (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KIC Kodak Image Compression File (Kodak)
    KID Tonline Bsw4 Install Mdmimp File
    KIF AutoCAD Key Index (Autodesk, Inc.)
    KIF Knowledge Interchange Format Draft Proposition
    KIL Interview File
    KIM Commodore KIM-1 Program Image File
    KIN Kinemage Chemical Test
    KIN Protein Structure
    KIT Power Chord Drum Kit
    KIT Raven Toolkit File
    KIT Battery Drum Kit (Native Instruments)
    KIX KiXtart Script
    KIZ Kodak Digital Postcard File
    KIZ UUencoded File
    KJV TheWord & Bible Companion King James Version Bible
    KKW RoboHELP Keyword Help Project Index File
    KLB GraphicWorks Album
    KLB Klemmbretter
    KLD Dungeon Keeper 2 Playable Map (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    KLI KalKulator Linear Algebra File
    KLIP KlipFolio Klip
    KLN COLOGNE Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
    KM BMC Software Patrol File
    KM2 ActiveModeler Professional Process Map (KAISHA-Tec Co. Ltd.)
    KMA Kodak Memory Album
    KMD ABSTAT for Windows Batch File (AndersonBell Corp)
    KMD AIMAX Keyboard Macro (TA Engineering)
    KMD Clicker Module Output
    KMD Media Desktop File (Kaaza)
    KMD Model Browser File (Metis)
    KMF Kwalitan Memo (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KML Emu48 Emulator Keyboard Configuration File
    KML HP48 Emulator Win48 Script
    KML Kedit Macro Library
    KML Keyhole Placemark (Google)
    KML Google Earth Placemark (Google)
    KMN SIL Hebrew Font System Keyboard
    KMP Korg Trinity KeyMaP File
    KMP Knowledge Manager Knowledge Base Compressed Map (Hypersoft-net)
    KMS Model Browser Shortcut (Metis)
    KMV Model Browser File (Metis)
    KMZ Google Earth Saved Working Session (Google)
    KM_ Seqmax Seqprest Compressed Audio File
    KNF Personal Knowbase Custom Import Filter (Bitsmith Software)
    KNF Universal Flat Knitting Machine Pattern Design
    KNF Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
    KNN Clarion for Windows Database Key (SoftVelocity)
    KNO Personal Knowbase Data (Bitsmith Software)
    KNW Known Problems
    KO IBM/Tools/Updater File
    KOA Koala Paint C64 Bitmap
    KOD Code
    KOE Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    KOK DEL MP3 Karaoke
    KOM Kit-O-Mat 3D Model File (KingMill Enterprises LLC)
    KON Konfabulator Widget Code (Konfabulator)
    KOR Korean Text File
    KOR Correction File
    KOS MicroType Pro Document
    KOSIMA Kosima File
    KPD Kapital Database File (K Software)
    KPF Kapere
    KPG Kai'S Power Goo Graphic
    KPJ K Database Magic Project File (Sandor Kovacs)
    KPL Kazaa Playlist
    KPL KPL Source Code
    KPP Kudo Place Pack, Place Module
    KPP SmartPad Toolpad
    KPP Kid Pix Deluxe Slide Show (Broderbund)
    KPR Fifa World Cup Game Data Comon be File
    KPR KPresenter Slide Show (KOffice Web Team)
    KPR Kwalitan Project (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KPS IBM KIPS Bitmap
    KPT KPresenter Template (KOffice Web Team)
    KPX Kid Pix Deluxe Data File (Broderbund)
    KQL Kyle's Quest Level Editor Graphic (Crimson Fire Entertainment)
    KQP Konica Quality Picture
    KR1 Kurzweil 2000 Sample (Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc.)
    KRA Krita Image (The KDE Project)
    KRC Mouse and Key Recorder Recorded File (Kra-Tronic Corporation)
    KRIS Kris Tracker Format Song
    KRISTAL KRISTAL Audio Engine Project File (Kreatives.org)
    KRN NBA99 Ice Hockey Foreground Font
    KRP HiCAD 3D Part File (ISD Benelux B.V.)
    KRX Karaoke MIDI File
    KRY Herolab Krypten
    KRZ Kurzweil 2000 Sample (Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc.)
    KS Works Sheet (Microsoft)
    KS SOF Game File Log
    KSC Korg Trinity Script
    KSE Keepsake Studio Export File
    KSF Korg Trinity Sample
    KSF Kick it Up Stepfiles
    KSG Kwalitan Segment (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KSH Prodigy Internet Registration File
    KSH UNIX Shell Script
    KSH Dazzle Dazzle Realization
    KSHRC UNIX Kom Shell Environment File
    KSL Karaoke Song List Creator Song List (Airwer)
    KSM Kefrens-Sound Machine Format Song
    KSM Embroidery File Format for Pfaff Machines
    KSM Ken Silverman Music Format
    KSS K-ForCE Scoresheet File (Stephan Rakonza)
    KSS KDE [UNIX/Linux Desktop] Screen Saver (KDE)
    KSS MSX Music File
    KST Olivetti Olitext Plus Script File
    KSW Kepler Scientific Workflows (Kepler Project)
    KTI Kelvin TOP-SET Investigator Investigation Data (The Kelvin Consultants Limited)
    KTK Kutoka's Mia
    KTP Clarion for Windows Temporary Key File (SoftVelocity)
    KTT KeyText Data File
    KTX Kwalitan Text (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KU Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation Knowledge Unit
    KUMAC Physics Analysis Workstation Macro File
    KUP Karaoke Song List Creator (Airwer)
    KVB Klick-N-View Business Cards
    KVQ Sega Smash Pack PC Version File (Sega)
    KVT BASIC QuickBAS QuickB03 File
    KVW Google Earth Workspace (Google)
    KW$ NTgraph Visual C Wizzard File
    KWB KeyWord Braille File (Pulse Data International Ltd)
    KWB Kwalitan Workfile (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KWD Keyword
    KWD KWord File
    KWD Dungeon Keeper 2 Playable Map (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    KWF Delphi Pascal Chart
    KWF Kartex
    KWF Kwalitan Word List (Vincent Peters, Department of Research Methodology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
    KWI Navigation System Data File (KIWI Format)
    KWS Kyocera Ringtone
    KXS Kexis Lossless Compressed Audio
    KY Peachtext List Manager (Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.))
    KYB Keyboard Layout
    KYE Kye Game Data
    KYF Visual-Voice Mouth Movement File
    KYS SourceOffSite Server Keys
    KYS Photoshop CS Keyboard Shortcut (Adobe)
    KYS Premiere Keys File (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    KZP Kazoo3D or KazooStudio KazooPicture


    L Cliq Accessories Datebook Lock File
    L LEX Program File
    L Link Instructions
    L LISP Program File
    L WATCOM Wlink Directive
    L Game of Life Pattern File
    L IRIS Editor Literary Format File (eurobraille)
    L2L IBM Voice Type Language Addword File
    L2P IBM Voice Type Language Addword File
    L4D CINEMA 4D Layout (Maxon)
    L5K RSLogix 5000 (Rockwell Automation)
    L64 64LAN Image File
    L95 Library File
    LA Lightscape Animation
    LA Netscape Packetized Audio
    LA LA Lossless Compressed Audio
    LA GNU Libtool Library (GNU Project - Free Software Foundation)
    LA1 Liquid Audio Player Resource DLL (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LAA LucasArts AdLib Audio File Format
    LAB Mailing Labels
    LAB NCSS Data File
    LAB NCSS/SOLO Data File
    LAB NGSofts.com LAB Editor (NGSofts.com LAB Editor)
    LAB Q+E Mailing Label
    LAB Complete Works Label (Toplevel Computing)
    LAB Outlaws Container File (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
    LAD Daylon Leveller Animation Data
    LAF Essential Taceo User License Activation File (Essential Security Software, Inc.)
    LAM Netscape Media Player Streaming Audio Metafile
    LAN ERDAS IMAGINE LAN Sensor Data (Leica Geosystems , LLC)
    LAN Novell NetWare LAN Drivers
    LANDSAT EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper Bitmap Data
    LANG CDex Language File
    LANG Skype Language File (Skype Technologies S.A.)
    LAO EPSON Smart Panel File
    LAR Liquid Audio Player Registration File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LASSO Lasso Studio Database Driven Web Page (Blue World Communications, Inc.)
    LAT Crossword Express Lattice File (AUS-PC-SOFT)
    LATEX LaTeX Source Document (LaTeX3 Project)
    LAV Liquid Audio Player Voucher File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LAV Listlabl File
    LAVS Liquid Audio Player Secure Streaming Voucher File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LAW eLawForms Form File (E*Law Publishing Limited)
    LAY Applause Word Chart Layout
    LAY Lightscape Layer State
    LAY MiTek Engineering File
    LAY Rhino 3D Layer Text File (Robert McNeel & Associates)
    LAY Mastercook Layout File (Sierra)
    LAY Track Builder Simulation Compiler Code (Signal Computer Consultants)
    LAYOUT Premiere Layout (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    LAYUP MSC.Patran Laminate Modeler Composites Ply Layup Information (MSC.Software Corporation)
    LA_ TI Databook File
    LB Novanew File
    LB LB Packer Sound File
    LBA Liberty BASIC File
    LBA Little Billy's Album Photo Album Project File (Little Billy's Album, Inc.)
    LBD Grafic FLI File
    LBD Life Balance User Data (Llamagraphics, Inc.)
    LBE Life Balance XML-based Data Exchange (Llamagraphics, Inc.)
    LBG dBASE IV Label Generator
    LBI Dreamweaver Library File
    LBI Fifa 2001 Data Feart Legal Screeen
    LBK VersaPro Local Logic Block Backup
    LBL British National Bibliography File
    LBL Label
    LBL Creatacard Label Project (Broderbund)
    LBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap
    LBM Deluxe Paint (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    LBM Graphic, Sound
    LBM XLib Linear Bitmap Graphic
    LBM Amiga Interleaved Bitmap Format (Amiga)
    LBO dBASE IV Ordered Labels
    LBR Compressed Archive File
    LBR 1-2-3 Display Driver (IBM)
    LBR Omnis7 Application File (Omnis Software)
    LBR CP/M Information File
    LBS Omnis Studio Application Library (Raining Data Corporation)
    LBT Foxpro Label Memo (Microsoft)
    LBV Tonline Ob4hbci Layout Print File
    LBW CCP Log Server Utility Log File (CCP)
    LBX Foxpro Label (Microsoft)
    LBXADD Libronix DLS Addin
    LBXALV Logos Bible Software Series X Passage In All Versions
    LBXCBV Logos Bible Software Series X Copy Bible Verses Style
    LBXCIT Libronix DLS Citation Format
    LBXCMP Libronix DLS Company Information
    LBXCOL Libronix DLS Resource Collection
    LBXCTB Libronix DLS Custom Toolbar
    LBXDAT Libronix DLS Data File
    LBXDTP Libronix DLS Data Type
    LBXGYQ Libronix DLS Graphical Query
    LBXLBK Libronix DLS License Backup
    LBXLIC Libronix DLS Licenses File
    LBXLLS Libronix DLS Resource
    LBXNOT Libronix DLS Notes
    LBXOEB Libronix DLS Resource
    LBXPDF Libronix DLS Resource
    LBXPLN Logos Bible Software Series X Bible Reading Plan
    LBXPLP Logos Bible Software Series X Parallel Passage
    LBXPLV Logos Bible Software Series X Parallel Bible Versions
    LBXPRF Libronix DLS Preferences
    LBXPRL Logos Bible Software Series X Prayer List
    LBXRAS Libronix DLS Resource Association
    LBXRTP Libronix DLS Resource Type
    LBXSDG Logos Bible Software Series X Sentence Diagram
    LBXSHL Libronix DLS Shell
    LBXUPD Libronix DLS Update Script
    LBXVRS Logos Bible Software Series X Verse List
    LBXWDL Libronix DLS Word List
    LBXWKS Libronix DLS Workspace
    LBZ Leibniz Mathematical Word Processor
    LC Textbridge Classic Bin File
    LCA SimpleFormat Changeables Graphic
    LCB Living Cookbook File
    LCB Concept2 LogCard Utility LogCard Backup Image (Concept2, Inc.)
    LCC IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    LCD ABBYY Finereader 4.0 Sprint (ABBYY Software House)
    LCD CDspace CD Emulator
    LCF HP-95LX Datacomm Script File
    LCF Linker Control File
    LCH IBM Works for OS/2 Chart
    LCH PagePath Technologies LAUNCH! File
    LCI IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    LCK Frontpage-related File (Microsoft)
    LCK Lock File
    LCK PageMaker Database (Adobe)
    LCK Paradox Lock File (Corel)
    LCK ACT! Database Locking File (Best Software CRM Division)
    LCK Pegasus Mail Mailbox Lock File (David Harris)
    LCK Help 2 Lock File (Microsoft)
    LCL FTP Software Data
    LCN WordPerfect Dictionary File (Corel)
    LCO Railroad Tycoon 3 Locomotive Properties (PopTop Software Inc.)
    LCS ACT! History File (Best Software CRM Division)
    LCS L0phtCrack (@stake)
    LCW Lucid 3-D Spreadsheet
    LD Telix Long Distance Codes
    LD Paradox Language Driver (Corel)
    LD PC-Bibliothek User Options (Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG)
    LD1 dBASE Overlay File
    LDA LaserData
    LDB Access Lock File (Microsoft)
    LDB IBM Works for OS/2 Data Filer Database
    LDB Settler for Windows Temporary File
    LDB TrueVector Log Database
    LDB RPG Maker 2000/2003 Database (Enterbrain)
    LDB VisiTrax Music Library Database (Synapsa Productions)
    LDC Steuer2001 File
    LDD Laser Dispatch Data
    LDF Geoworks Glue Library Definition
    LDF IBM Works for OS/2 Data Filer Form
    LDF LuraDocument File
    LDF ProWORX Nxt Logic Data (Schneider Electric)
    LDF SQL Server Transaction Log File (Microsoft)
    LDI LDIF File
    LDIF LDAP Data Interchange Format
    LDL Corel Paradox Delivered Library
    LDL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Download Request
    LDP Label Designer Plus DELUXE Data File (CAM Development)
    LDR LDraw Model File (Estate of James Jessiman)
    LDR Symantec Ghost Template File
    LDS Corel40 Programs Data File
    LDS Laser Dispatch Script
    LDS Trane Trace Load
    LDS LOUDNESS Sound System
    LD_ Visc15 Adressen Setup File
    LE DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender Executable Image
    LEECHGET LeechGet Download Manager Temporary File (Martin Albiez)
    LEF Lenex XML Data (GeoLogix AS)
    LEG Legacy Graphic Format
    LEN PlatePrep
    LEN Sheffield Dictionary File
    LEN XNBC V8 Biological Neural Network Simulation Workstation Axon Lengths
    LEP Label and Envelope Designer Plus 2000
    LES Learn Lesson File
    LES Lesson File
    LES Logitech Entertainment Game Profile
    LES Mklesson Lesson File
    LET Letter
    LET Maestro Icons File
    LET Creatacard Letterhead Project (Broderbund)
    LET Genesis 2000 (Genesis 2000, Inc.)
    LET Nuke Randomic Life Generator
    LEV NetHack Level File
    LEV Worms Armageddon Map
    LEV Worms World Party Map
    LEV Liero Level
    LEX HP-Basic Language Extension
    LEX Lexicon (Dictionary)
    LEX Lexmark Printer Install File
    LEX Acrobat (Adobe)
    LEY Leylines Map File or Saved Game (Crystal Shard)
    LE_ BASIC VB Compressed Disk1 File
    LF SoftwareKey License File
    LFA LifeForm File
    LFA IncrediMail Default Animations (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    LFD LucasArts Games Resource (Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.)
    LFF LucasFilm Format
    LFL LucasFilm Library
    LFM LifeForm File
    LFP LifeForm File
    LFQ LeechFTP Queue File
    LFT 3D Studio Loft File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    LFT ChiWriter Laser Printer Font
    LFXM FaceMail Text to Speech E-mail
    LG Archive Handler by George Lyapko
    LG Arhangel Compressed Archive
    LG Logo Procedure Definition
    LGA Windows Applog File
    LGC Audio
    LGC Corel Layout Designer Logic File for SGML
    LGC Logicator File
    LGC Program Use Log File
    LGC Windows Application Log
    LGC Screen Saver Toolkit (Stardust Software)
    LGD Windows Application Log
    LGE Windows Application Log
    LGF Legal Eagle Text File
    LGF ProWORX Nxt Log Book Note (Schneider Electric)
    LGF Windows Application Log
    LGF Logomotion Graphic File (Logotron Ltd.)
    LGF LeechGet Download Manager FTP Queue (Martin Albiez)
    LGG Windows Application Log
    LGH Windows Application Log
    LGI Windows Application Log
    LGJ Windows Application Log
    LGK Windows Application Log
    LGL Windows Application Log
    LGL LeechGet Download Manager Download Queue (Martin Albiez)
    LGM Windows Application Log
    LGN Windows Application Log
    LGO SuperFax Header/Footer Logo
    LGO Windows Logo Driver (Microsoft)
    LGO Modern ListGeo Output
    LGO MSWLogo Saved Logo Design (Softronics, Inc.)
    LGP Logotron SuperLogo File
    LGP Windows Application Log
    LGQ Windows Application Log
    LGR Elasto Mania Character Skin
    LGR Windows Application Log
    LGS Windows Application Log
    LGT The Sims Lighting File (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    LGT Urban Chaos Game File
    LGZ Windows Application Log
    LH Morph File
    LHA Compressed Archive File
    LHP Electric Butterfly
    LHS Literate Haskell Source File
    LHW Compressed Amiga Archive File
    LHZ LHA Compressed Archive File
    LI$ MS Compressed Library
    LIA P-CAD Schematic Library (Altium Limited)
    LIB Greeting Card Library
    LIB Library Used by an Application
    LIB Program Library Common Object File Format (COFF) (Microsoft)
    LIB Scholar's Aid Library File
    LIB AS/400 Physical File Library (IBM)
    LIB Sibelius House Style File (Sibelius Software Ltd)
    LIC Borland License File (Borland Software Corporation)
    LIC License File
    LID Dylan Library Interchange Description
    LID LabelVision Auto Incrementing Value File
    LID Light Field Description File
    LID Maple V Setup File (Maplesoft, a Division of Waterloo Maple Inc.)
    LID Quicken Ace Quicken 2002 Deluxe File
    LID Scholar's Aid Backup File
    LID WinDVD File
    LIF Knowledge Dynamics Install Archive
    LIF CA Clipper Installer Compressed File Archive
    LIF Compressed Archive File
    LIF Homeworld Layered Image Format File (Sierra)
    LIF HP Logical Interchange Format File
    LIF Game of Life Pattern File
    LIF TurboTax Information Archive (Intuit)
    LIFE Game of Life Pattern File
    LIM Limit Compressed Archive
    LIN ArcView ARC/INFO Lineset Symbol File (ESRI)
    LIN AutoCAD Linetype Definition (Autodesk, Inc.)
    LIN VAX Program Listing
    LIN Medlin Accounting Current Period Invoice Detail (Medlin Accounting)
    LINO LinoLab Source Code (Linova)
    LINUX File for Linux
    LIQ CollegeBAR Bartending Software Liquor Cabinet
    LIQ Liquid Tracker Song/Module
    LIR Liram Application Save Application Setting (Liram Ltd.)
    LIS Compiler Listing File
    LIS Structured Query Reporting (SQR) Output
    LIS VAX Program Listing
    LISP LISP Translators File
    LISPM LISP Machine File Bitmap
    LIST BlindWrite (VSO-Software)
    LIT Movie
    LIT Reader eBook File (Microsoft Corporation)
    LIT AMOS Executable File (Alpha Micro)
    LIV LiveMotion SWF Movie
    LIV Living Actor Actor File (Cantoche)
    LIVEREG Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Update Session
    LIVESUBSCRIBE Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Update Catalog
    LIVEUPDATE Norton Anti-Virus Update Settings File (Symantec)
    LIX Extend Simulation Library File
    LIX Libronix DLS Resource
    LIZ Comprressed List File
    LI_ Rukus File
    LJ HP LaserJet Graphic Bitmap
    LJ Text File for HP LJ II Printer
    LK Advanced Revelation and OpenInsight Primary Data Storage Space (Revelation Software)
    LKB Faverly Data Recorder Output
    LKO Outlook Express Linked Object (Microsoft)
    LKS WinAmp Links File
    LKT Lookup Table
    LKU T9000 Linkable Unit
    LL Links Language Template File
    LL List and Label (combit GmbH)
    LL3 LapLink III Document File
    LLB LabVIEW Application Program Library (National Instruments Corporation)
    LLC LapLink Saved Connection File
    LLD Links Language Data File
    LLG LADSIM Ladder Logic Diagram (Bytronic Ltd)
    LLP Digital Chart of the World Data File
    LLP Lotto Logic 2002 Lottery Configuration File (Timersoft)
    LLP VersaPro Local Logic Block
    LLT Digital Chart of the World Data File
    LLX Laplink Exchange Agent
    LLX Tonline Ob4hbci File
    LLX List and Label Extension Object (combit GmbH)
    LM8 Picture File
    LMA Netscape Packetized Audio
    LMD ABBYY Finereader 4.0 Sprint (ABBYY Software House)
    LMD Tune Smithy List of Modes for a Musical Scale
    LME LegglessMusicEditor Sound/Module
    LMI HomePortal Firmware Recovery File (2Wire, Inc.)
    LMK Sprint-Layout Macro (ABACOM Ingenieurbüro)
    LML LOGML File
    LMP Doom Recorded Demo File (id Software)
    LMP Quake File
    LMT RPG Maker 2000/2003 Map Tree (Enterbrain)
    LMU RPG Maker 2000/2003 Map File (Enterbrain)
    LMV LEGO CAD Movie (The LEGO Group)
    LMW LMW Examples File
    LMX Lomax Software Game File
    LN03 DEC LN03+ Sixel Bitmap
    LNB Logomanager File
    LND 3D Landscape Data
    LNF Oyoaha lookandfeel Interface Elements (Oyoaha)
    LNG Acrobat Language Plug-in (Adobe)
    LNG Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment)
    LNG Jasmine Language File
    LNG Lahey FORTRAN Language Extension
    LNG Language File
    LNG Lingo Script File
    LNG NRG SDR Language File
    LNG SourceEdit Language Definition
    LNG DeepBurner Language File (ASTONSOFT Co.)
    LNG Launch-n-Go Shared Keyboard Shortcuts (Tethys Solutions, LLC.)
    LNK Linker File
    LNK Windows Shortcut File (Microsoft Corporation)
    LNK Advanced Revelation Database File (Revelation Software)
    LNK XNBC V8 Biological Neural Network Simulation Workstation Link Configuration File
    LNM WordPerfect SGML Alias (Corel)
    LNR Lunar Invasion Saved Game
    LNS LinkStash Bookmark File
    LNT LiveNote Case File (LiveNote Technologies)
    LNT ARMACON Data File (LNT Engenharia [LNTinfopage])
    LNX Lynx Project File (Zippety Software)
    LNX Atari Lynx ROM Image
    LO GNU Libtool Library Object File (GNU Project - Free Software Foundation)
    LOC Localisation String Resource Header File
    LOC MicroSim PCBoard Component Locations Report
    LOC Suppose Locations File
    LOC EasyGPS TerraByte Location File (TopoGrafix)
    LOCAL Xset Setup Program Bin File
    LOCK .NET Framework Database Lock File (Microsoft)
    LOCKED Softwrap Locked and Encrypted EXE File (Softwrap)
    LOD Load File
    LOF LaTeX Auxiliary File for List Of Figures
    LOG Log File
    LOG MS HTMLHelp Log
    LOG ProWORX Nxt Text Log File (Schneider Electric)
    LOGONXP LogonStudio File Document (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    LOK FileWrangler/ZipWrangler/SecurDesk! Encrypted Archive
    LOK OmniPage Ver 9 File (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    LOOP Soundtrack Hinted Audio Loop (Apple)
    LOP Sierra Mastercook Layout File
    LOT LaTeX Auxiliary File for List Of Figures
    LP FlexRip/B
    LP Lightscape Preparation File
    LP LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
    LP NASCAR Racing 2002 Track Configuration Options (Sierra)
    LP3 Hansen Software Label Printer
    LP4 Hansen Software Label Printer
    LP7 LP7Signer Digital Signed File (Lex Persona)
    LPA LPA-View Laser Particle Analyser Test Analysis Software
    LPB LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File
    LPB ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer (Schneider Electric)
    LPC Linear Predictive Coding Sound
    LPC Teko Printer Driver
    LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts File
    LPD Label Pro Ver. 2.0-3.02 Data File (Avery)
    LPD LogonProcessor Configuration Database (VAI)
    LPD LECTURNITY Multimedia Audio/Video/Clips Presentation Document (IMC AG)
    LPF Lytec's Direct Electronic Medical Claims ClaimsDirect
    LPF ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer (Schneider Electric)
    LPG Lowrey Organ Registration (Setup) File (Lowrey Organ Company)
    LPI Live Pictures
    LPJ PASSOLO Localization Project
    LPJ SoftwareShield License Manager License Project File (SoftwareShield Technologies Inc.)
    LPK License Package
    LPL Darkstone Character Information File
    LPN LVPlan - Planification of Low Voltage Aerial Distribution Networks
    LPR LAPRO Source Code File (Marco Mugnatto)
    LPROJ Mac OS X Localized Project Folder
    LPT LogPlot/LogView Compiled Boring Log (RockWare, Inc.)
    LPU PASSOLO Localization Project
    LQF Leech FTP Save Queue File
    LQP Liquid Audio Player Passport File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LQT Liquid Audio Player File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LQT Winamp File
    LR Chaos Desktop Layer List (Chaos systems AB)
    LRC Intel Video Phone File
    LRC Dance With Intensity
    LRF C/C++ Linker Response File (Microsoft)
    LRG Macromedia XRes Multi-resolution Bitmap
    LRM Encarta Class Server Learning Resource (Microsoft)
    LRP IBM Works for OS/2 Report
    LRP Linux Router Project Package
    LRR Mercury LoadRunner Test Results File (Mercury Interactive Corporation)
    LRS Daylon Leveller Rendition Style
    LRS Language Resource File (Corel)
    LRS Mercury LoadRunner Scenario (Mercury Interactive Corporation)
    LRT Yacc Log File
    LRZ Lotto Hat File
    LS Freeware Dictionary Project Data File
    LS Lightscape Solution File
    LS Links 98 Game File
    LS Unix ls Directory File
    LS1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Listing
    LS1 Winhelp Source file
    LS1 Cokriging Software VARIO Output File
    LS2 Cokriging Software COREG Output File
    LSA LightScape Technologies ASCII Data
    LSA Liquid Audio Player Skin File (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LSB LightScape Technologies Binary Data
    LSC Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
    LSC LOGO!Soft Comfort Circuit File (Siemens AG)
    LSD Fifa World Cup Game Data Environment File
    LSD RPG Maker 2000/2003 Saved Game File (Enterbrain)
    LSD ABBYY Lingvo Non-changaeble System Dictionary (ABBYY Software House)
    LSD LECTURNITY Presentation File Source Format (IMC AG)
    LSE Audio Manager (Nokia)
    LSF Libronix DLS Resource
    LSF Streaming Audio/Video File
    LSF Totem Cash Profile File
    LSG LocStudio Glossary (Microsoft)
    LSI Audio
    LSI Corel Layout Specification Instance SGML
    LSL Corel Paradox Saved Library
    LSL Daylon Leveller Shape List
    LSL Lotus Script Library (IBM)
    LSL Liquid Audio Player Resource DLL (Geneva Media, LLC)
    LSN Works File (Microsoft)
    LSO BHV Tonstudio Platin File
    LSO Logic Audio File
    LSP AutoLISP Application Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
    LSP LISP Program File
    LSP Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
    LSQ CalTech PaleoMag Least Squares Format
    LSQ IBM Voice Type Language Addword File
    LSQ VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
    LSR Logos Library System 2.x Standard Reference Definition
    LSS Legato Spreadsheet
    LSS LotusScript Program File
    LST 1st Reader Keyboard Macro
    LST Family Tree Maker Error File
    LST Ingres Dump List File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    LST Listing or List
    LST Oracle Spool File
    LST OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Listing
    LST PowerPoint View File (Microsoft)
    LST BPM Studio Play List (ALCATech)
    LST Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    LST Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
    LST SignIQ Field List (ImpulseLogic)
    LSW Golf Swapfiles File
    LSW Technics Keyboard Current Panel File
    LSX Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut
    LSZ Adressmn File
    LSZ WinFax (Symantec)
    LSZ LiteStep Installer Theme File (beyondconvention)
    LS_ Unix ls Directory File
    LT PC LTAS Printer Configuration File
    LT2 Curious Labs Poser Lighting File
    LTB Amma Lsb v1.0
    LTD LivingTime Data File (Lifescope Inc.)
    LTE Adressmn
    LTF Frogans Short-cut (STG Interactive SA)
    LTG Lasertank Bitmap Graphics
    LTH Sierra Print Artist Letterhead
    LTL Linear Temporal Logic Formula
    LTM EOSAT Landsat Thematic Mapper Bitmap Data
    LTM Lotus Form (IBM)
    LTM LiteMail Database/Project (Sprika Software)
    LTPL Insight II Layout Template File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    LTR ACT! Letter (Best Software CRM Division)
    LTR Letter
    LTT HP Library and Tape Tools Log File
    LTT SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Lexical TREC Transcription
    LTT MicroImages Text Layout (MicroImages, Inc.)
    LTX LaTeX Mathematical Text Document
    LU ThoughtWing Library Unit File
    LUA Lua Source
    LUCS Amaya Tools
    LUDI_PSEUDO_PROTEIN Insight II Exclusion Shell File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    LUL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Upload
    LUN DB-MAIN Project File (REVER S.A.)
    LUP OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Library Update
    LUT LUT File
    LUT Osiris Prefs Colordir File
    LUX Spectramap Database (Coloritto BV)
    LUXB Lux Saved Map File (Sillysoft)
    LV1 Boulder Rash Original Single Level
    LVB Outlaws Binary Mission Files (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
    LVD LPA-View Data File (MP Filtri U.K. Ltd.)
    LVL Boulder Rash Original Full Levels
    LVL Lasertank Level
    LVL Max Payne Uncompiled Level File (Rockstar Games)
    LVL Parallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension Level Extension
    LVL Snood Game Level
    LVP Lucent Voice Player
    LVP LView Pro Image
    LVS Daylon Leveller Selection Mask
    LVT Outlaws Text Mission Files (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
    LVW Daylon Leveller View File
    LW LightWave (ClearJump)
    LW Line Work TIFF Bitmap
    LW3 Lightwright File
    LWA LightWorks Archive (LWA) Material/Scene File (LightWork Design Ltd.)
    LWC Living Word Commentaries Bible File
    LWD LotusWorks Text Document (IBM)
    LWF LuraWave-compressed Graphic File
    LWI LightWorks Image (LightWork Design Ltd.)
    LWM LittleWays Map (hfrmobile)
    LWO LightWave 3D Object (NewTek)
    LWP IBM Works for OS/2 Document
    LWP Wordpro 96/97 Document (IBM)
    LWS Lightwave 3D Object Layout (NewTek)
    LWV Linguistically Enhanced Sound File (Microsoft)
    LX LPEX Customization Command Profile
    LXA Office Speech Lexicon File (Microsoft)
    LXD Lexacom Data File (Aprobrium Limited)
    LXD eDictionary Reader Dictionary Data File (PPCLINK)
    LXF SPLASH Lenex Compressed Data (GeoLogix AG)
    LXF LEGO CAD Scene File (The LEGO Group)
    LXG LEGO CAD PC/Macintosh Exchange Format (The LEGO Group)
    LXL LPEX File Open Command Profile
    LXM Lexacom Mobile PDA Dictation File (Aprobrium Limited)
    LXO LaserMaster Font
    LXS LPEX File Save Command Profile
    LXW Lexacom Talk & Type Dictation File
    LY GNU LilyPond
    LY+ DataCAD Plus Layer (DATACAD LLC)
    LYR DataCAD Layer File (DATACAD LLC)
    LYR Lyrics for Audio CD
    LYR Song Lyric File
    LYS DataCAD Layer Control File (DATACAD LLC)
    LYT SignMaking Application Extension
    LYT TurboTax Install Log File (Intuit)
    LYT MicroImages Text Layout (MicroImages, Inc.)
    LYT DESQview (Symantec)
    LYX LyX
    LZA LZA Animation/Video
    LZD Binary Difference File
    LZF 3ds Max Lens Effect Flare (Autodesk, Inc.)
    LZH Compressed Archive File
    LZO lzop Compressed Archive
    LZS Compressed Archive File
    LZS LARC Compressed File Archive
    LZS Skyroads Data File
    LZW Compressed Amiga Archive File
    LZW LHWarp Compressed Amiga File Archive
    LZX Compressed File


    M Brief Macro Source
    M Cliq Accessories Datebook Modification File
    M Desktop Color Separation Specification Magenta Layer
    M Limbo Interface Declaration
    M Maple Common Binary File (Maplesoft, a Division of Waterloo Maple Inc.)
    M Mathematica Functions and Commands (Wolfram Research, Inc.)
    M Matlab Function or Script
    M Miranda language Script File
    M Objective-C Source
    M Winamp3 Uncompiled Script
    M$S MindStor Firmware Update File
    M0D Malete Options (Record 0) File (OpenIsis)
    M11 Farallon's MacRecorder Format Sampling Rate 11k
    M11 MASS11 Text File
    M12 Hydrographs Synthesis Project File
    M12 Proprietary Data Format for Interchange of Defense Form Data with Mil-Pac Technology Software Products
    M12 S-BASIC File
    M12 SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    M14 Steuer2001 File
    M15 Apple MPEG-1 Video (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    M18 Accolade Golf Course File
    M1A Apple MPEG-1/2 Audio (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    M1A MPEG-1 Audiostream
    M1C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M1I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M1S MPEG Media File
    M1V MPEG-1 Video File
    M2 Modula 2 Language Source
    M22 Farallon's MacRecorder Format Sampling Rate 22k
    M2A Apple MPEG-1/2 Audio (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    M2A MPEG-2 Audio
    M2C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M2I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M2O Modula Fitted Modula2 File
    M2P MPEG-2 Program Stream Format File
    M2S MPEG-2 Audio and Video
    M2V MPEG-2 Video Only File
    M3 Modula 3 Program File
    M32 Dr.T MIDI File
    M3A MPEG Archive Enhanced .M3U Playlist File
    M3C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M3D 3D Animations Macro
    M3D Corel Motion 3D Animation
    M3D EverQuest File
    M3I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M3S Myst III Exile Saved Game
    M3U MP3 Playlist File
    M3URL MP3 Playlist File
    M4 Meta4 Source Code (Meta4)
    M4 UNIX M4 Preprocessor File
    M4A MPEG-4 Audio Layer
    M4B MPEG-4 Audio Layer Bookmarkable File
    M4C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M4I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    M4P Protected AAC File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    M68 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    M7 Farallon's MacRecorder Format Sampling Rate 7k
    M75 Apple MPEG-1 Video (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    M8 Grlib Scry PCserv File
    M8 Heretic II MipMap
    M?? Ingres Modify Table/Index File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    MA Mathematica ASCII File (Wolfram Research, Inc.)
    MA Diablo II Map File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MA hDC Products for MicroApp Executable Files
    MA Maya ASCII Scene (Alias Systems, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited)
    MA0 Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MA1 SKY Mobile Phone Icon/Ringtone
    MA1 Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MA2 Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MA3 Harvard Graphics Macro (Harvard Graphics)
    MA3 Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MAB Mozilla (Netscape) Personal Addressbook or Collected Addressbook (Mozilla.org)
    MAC MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
    MAC Macro
    MAC Access Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAC TASM Macro (Borland Software Corporation)
    MAC MINITAB Macro (Minitab, Inc.)
    MAC Geometry II Plus Macro File (Cabrilog)
    MACP MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
    MAD Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAD Game Movie File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    MAD Mlat AdLib Tracker
    MAE Maestro File
    MAF Access (Microsoft)
    MAFF Firefox Saved Web Page Archive (The Mozilla Organization)
    MAG Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAG Magenta Color Separation (Adobe)
    MAG Magic Mail Monitor Mailbox File
    MAG MagIchan Graphic
    MAG MPS Magro Paint System Graphic
    MAG Magic 1 2 3 Acounting File (Universal Systems)
    MAG Fortis and File Magic Document File (Westbrook Technologies, Inc.)
    MAGIC Magic Mail Monitor Mailbox
    MAH Mahjongg Solitaire Settings
    MAI MS Mail Message
    MAI VAX Mail
    MAI Sony Video Thumbnail
    MAI Pegasus Mail Message Directory (David Harris)
    MAIL NeoPlanet Mail Client
    MAILHOST E-mail Server Preferences File (Microsoft)
    MAILVIEW MSN Mail Message List (Microsoft Corporation)
    MAJ Profile Master 2000 Job Data (MAP Ltd.)
    MAK Make File
    MAK Visual Basic Ver. 3.0 Project (Microsoft)
    MAK Visual C++ Project (Microsoft)
    MAKE Makefile
    MAKEFILE Makefile
    MAKETAIL Sourcecontrol File
    MAKI Winamp3 Compiled Script
    MAL Connect Server Configuration (AvantGo, Inc.)
    MAL Webalizer.01 Language File
    MAM Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAN Manual
    MAN Windows 2000 Mandatory User Profile
    MANIFEST Windows Visual Stylesheet XML File (Microsoft)
    MANX Manual File
    MAP AccView Network Map
    MAP Atlas MapMaker Map
    MAP Blood Game File Map
    MAP Route 66 Card Document
    MAP Color Palette
    MAP ColorMAP Intensities and Indices Color Palette
    MAP Debug Info Used by Some Programming Languages
    MAP DIV Game Studio Map
    MAP Duke Nukem Game Level Data File
    MAP Fenix Map
    MAP Geography Maps
    MAP Image
    MAP Ingres Termcap Mapping File (Computer Associates International, Inc.)
    MAP Visual Studio .NET 2002 Linker Map (Microsoft)
    MAP Manifold Map
    MAP MAPIMail
    MAP Micrografx Picture Publisher Format Data
    MAP Poser 3D Map File
    MAP PROGNOSIS Map Document File
    MAP Server-side Image Map
    MAP WorldCraft Quake/Half-Life Game Level File
    MAP 3Com Network Supervisor Network Topolgy Map (3Com)
    MAP Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Mission File (Westwood Studios)
    MAP Diablo II Map (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MAP OziExplorer Map (Des & Lorraine Newman)
    MAP Hex Workshop Hex Editor Character Map (BreakPoint Software, Inc.)
    MAP SpellForce Level Map (JoWooD Productions Software AG)
    MAP Carnivores / Ice Age Map File (Action Forms, Ltd.)
    MAP MapInfo Map (MapInfo Corporation)
    MAPF MainActor Project (MainConcept AG)
    MAPIMAIL Outlook Express Mail File (Microsoft)
    MAPIMAIL Mail SentTo Drop (Microsoft)
    MAPISEND MAPISEND File (Microsoft)
    MAPLET Maplet Design File (Blitz Research Ltd.)
    MAQ Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAR Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAR Bibliographic Data Format
    MAR VAX Macro Assembly Program
    MAR MSN Archive (Microsoft Corporation)
    MAR Mozilla Archive (Mozilla)
    MAR Pegasus Mail Attributes Records Per User (David Harris)
    MARM EPOC Makefile for MARM Platform
    MAS Access Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
    MAS Focus Master Data Definition
    MAS Freelance Graphics Smartmaster File (IBM)
    MAS QuickCard File
    MAS Make A Storybook Storybook (Kennard Consulting)
    MASS Mass Downloader Partial Download (MetaProducts Corporation)
    MASSAGESOAPBOOK WinCity Massage SOAP Notes Soap Book (WinCity Custom Software, Inc.)
    MAT 3D Studio (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MAT Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAT Animation:Master Material (Hash)
    MAT ArcView Geocoding Matching Parameters File (ESRI)
    MAT CRiSP Harvest File
    MAT Matlab Variables Binary File
    MAT Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language Matrix File
    MAT Poser 3D Pose File
    MAT Pro/ENGINEER Material Properties File (PTC)
    MAT Sound File
    MAT Freelancer Model Textures File (Microsoft)
    MATH Amaya
    MAUC Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Audio Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MAUD Sound File
    MAV Access View Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MAW Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
    MAX 3D Studio Scene (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MAX Kinetix's 3D Studio MAX Scene
    MAX Max Source Code
    MAX Maximizer Contact & E-business Program
    MAX OrCAD Layout File
    MAX PaperPort Scanned Image (ScanSoft Inc.)
    MAX OmniPage Image (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    MAZ Division's dVS/dVISE File
    MAZ Hover Maze Data
    MAZ 3ds Max Archived Network Rendering Job (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MB Mathematica Binary File (Wolfram Research, Inc.)
    MB Maya Binary Scene (Alias Systems, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited)
    MB Paradox Memo Holder
    MB MapBasic Program (MapInfo Corporation)
    MB1 Apogee Monster Bash Data
    MBA Martus Human Rights Bulletin System (Benetech)
    MBB MannaBook (MannaBook Software, Inc.)
    MBD Multimedia Builder MP3 Authoring File
    MBD Revolution EDX Catalog (4pi Analysis, Inc.)
    MBF Corel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
    MBF Money Backup File (Microsoft)
    MBFAVS Stardent AVS X Image
    MBFS Stardent AVS X Image
    MBG Mailbag Assistant E-mail Archive
    MBG MS Mail Mailbag
    MBI MBasic Source Code
    MBK Atari
    MBK dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup
    MBK VersaPro Motion Block Backup
    MBL Logger Pro Experiment Data File (Vernier Software & Technology)
    MBM SymbianOS Multi BitMap Image
    MBOX OS-help Mbox File
    MBP Balder Multiboot Project (HCData)
    MBP Medbasin Project File (National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources Management)
    MBR AS/400 Physical File Member (IBM)
    MBS Mailbag Assistant Script
    MBS Micrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
    MBT HASLEMERE / Other MBT Applications MBT Data File (Modern Business Technology Limited)
    MBT ecBuilder Template
    MBTN Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Button Image Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MBU Neverwinter Nights Music File
    MBV Corel.visualDTD.7
    MBW MarketBrowser
    MBX Database Index; dBASE Index
    MBX Mailbox Message File
    MBX MapBasic Compiled Program (MapInfo Corporation)
    MC MetaCard Script
    MC Modula-3 M3CG intermediate Language File
    MC NRC Inspection Manual Chapter
    MC PlaySaver and PSEmuPro Memory Card Save and Single Game Save
    MC Windows Localized Message Table Resource
    MC$ Magic Xchange Package
    MC1 MedCalc Data File
    MC2 Mastercook File (Sierra)
    MC3 Bridge Design Modeler 3D Match-Casting Geometry Control
    MC5 Grafic Jpg Bcc file/microsoft C v5 related file
    MC6 C File/Makefile (Microsoft)
    MC7 Mastercam 7 File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    MC8 Mastercam 8 File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    MC9 Mastercam 9 File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    MCA i-deas Web ACCESS File
    MCB Grlib Ravekit File
    MCB Merak Email Server Configuration Backup (IceWarp Ltd.)
    MCC Dialer10 Calling Card
    MCC Incite Media Assistant File
    MCC MathCAD Configuration (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    MCC Monu-Cad Pro CAD File
    MCC Mylar City Character Editor
    MCC The Microsoft Network Shortcut (Microsoft)
    MCC VectorWorks/MiniCAD File
    MCC Amiga MUI External Class/Library (SASG)
    MCD Bleem! Memory Card Save
    MCD Craig McDowall.com NotePad
    MCD MathCaD Document (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    MCD MediaCD Configuration File (Bot Productions)
    MCD Monu-Cad Pro CAD File
    MCD MinCAD 7 Drawing/Texture (Nemetschek North America Inc.)
    MCD VectorWorks Drawing (Nemetschek)
    MCF Hotsauce Graphics
    MCF Master Command File
    MCF MathCAD Font (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    MCF Meta Content Format File
    MCF Public Browser Platform Configuration File (Myriad Communications Ltd)
    MCF Sierra Mastercook Cookbook File
    MCF TMPGEnc Conversion Template (Pegays Inc.)
    MCF Media Container Format
    MCF SignIQ Media Collection File (ImpulseLogic)
    MCH Xtra Cache File (Macromedia)
    MCHT Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Chart Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MCI Media Control Interface Command Set
    MCL Macro Command Language
    MCL MultiEdit Macro Library
    MCL Multimedia Manager Collection File
    MCL MUSHclient World Information File
    MCL VectorWorks Template (Nemetschek)
    MCL MCell Cellular Automaton Ffile (Mirek Wojtowicz (Miroslaw Wójtowicz))
    MCM Enable Macro
    MCO MSN Messenger Wink File (MSN)
    MCP Capsule Application Script
    MCP MathCAD Printer Driver (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    MCP Metrowerks CodeWarrior Project
    MCP NetMC Player Composed Media Multimedia File
    MCP Master Compiler Profile
    MCP MUSICompress Encoded Audio (Soundspace Audio LLC)
    MCP WaveZIP Lossless Compressed Audio
    MCP Amiga MUI Preference Class/Library (SASG)
    MCQ McAfee Quarantined File
    MCR CuteFTP Script (GlobalSCAPE)
    MCR DataCAD Keyboard Macro File (DATACAD LLC)
    MCR Freemagic Source Imageanalysis File
    MCR PlaySaver and PSEmuPro Memory Card Save and Single Game Save
    MCR Generic CADD Macro
    MCR Perfect Keyboard Macro (Pitrinec Software)
    MCR Macro Magic Macro (iolo technologies, LLC.)
    MCS HalfLife MapCycle - Editor
    MCS MathCAD Format File (Mathsoft Engineering & Education Inc.)
    MCS VirusScan TC Installation File (Network Associates)
    MCS Mimics Project File (Materialise NV)
    MCT Musicator
    MCT MapChart Genetic Map Data (Plant Research International)
    MCT MSN Messenger Packaged Wink File (MSN)
    MCW MacWrite II Macintosh Text File
    MCW Word for Macintosh Document (Microsoft)
    MCX Intel Connection Fax File
    MCX Mastercook File (Sierra)
    MCX MacroX Macro File (Millsoft Software Development)
    MC_ Musicato Compressed File
    MD MDCD Compressed Archive File
    MD Technics Keyboard User MIDI Settings File
    MD Teknical eLearning Objects Meta-Data File (Teknical Ltd.)
    MD Chaos Desktop Metadata File (Chaos systems AB)
    MD1 Gear CD Suite File
    MD2 Quake 2 Player Model
    MD3 Quake III Arena Model File (ID Software)
    MD5 Checksum File for .SHN Audio
    MD5 MD5summer Checksum
    MD5 fsum MD5 Checksum File (SlavaSoft Inc.)
    MD5 IsoBuster MD5 Checksum (Smart Projects)
    MD8 CDrom Database File
    MD8 Mediator Project (MatchWare)
    MDA Access Add-in (Microsoft)
    MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)
    MDA MicroDesign Area File (Creative Technology)
    MDA Meridian Data Slingshot
    MDB Access Application (Microsoft)
    MDB Access Database (Microsoft)
    MDB Mediator Multimedia Data
    MDB MS File Viewer
    MDB ProWORX Nxt Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
    MDC MedDC Mail Pouch (Asier Technology Corporation)
    MDC PowerPlay Power Cube (Cognos Incorporated)
    MDE Access MDE Database File (Microsoft)
    MDE Office File (Microsoft)
    MDE Tonline Database File
    MDF Capture Classic Filler (Accelio)
    MDF I-deas Master Drafting Machine Data File
    MDF Insight II Molecular Data File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    MDF Menu Definition File
    MDF SQL Server Master Database File (Microsoft)
    MDF ProWORX Nxt Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
    MDF Star Trek Armada Map File Title & Image Information
    MDF Alcohol 120% CD Image File (Alcohol Software)
    MDHTML Access HTML File (Microsoft)
    MDI Borland Multiple Document Interface (Borland Software Corporation)
    MDI MIDI-sequention Sound
    MDI Office Document Imaging File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MDK Schedule File (Ad Astra)
    MDL 3D Design Plus Model
    MDL Animation:Master 3D Model (Hash)
    MDL ASTi Model Builder
    MDL CA-Compete! Spreadsheet
    MDL Digitrakker Music Module
    MDL Half-life Model
    MDL MapShots Software
    MDL Moray Wireframe Model (SoftTronics)
    MDL Quake Model File
    MDL Rational Rose Object Design Model (IBM)
    MDL Simulink Simulation Model
    MDL Symbian OS MIME Type Library
    MDL 3D GameStudio Model Entity (Conitec Corporation)
    MDL RapidForm2000 Proprietary Format (INUS Technology, Inc.)
    MDL Flight Simulator 3D Model File (Microsoft)
    MDL Steam Source SDK Model Content File (Valve Corporation)
    MDL Mighty Draw DOS Library (theliquidateher Software, An MCS Investments, Inc. Company)
    MDM Telix Modem Definition
    MDM Mario Dash Map File
    MDMP WinXP Trouble Report (Microsoft)
    MDN Access Blank Database Template (Microsoft)
    MDO Internet Information Server Configuration Backup (Microsoft)
    MDP Developer Studio Project (Microsoft)
    MDP Visual C++ MAK File and Visual J++ Project Workspace (Microsoft)
    MDP Visual Studio .NET Project Converter (VC 4.x) (Microsoft)
    MDP MicroDesign Page File (Creative Technology)
    MDPR Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Device Policy Editor Device Profile Repository (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MDR FaxTalk Modem Doctor Modem Report File
    MDR ZX Spectrum Emulator Microdrive File
    MDS Directx Mid2stream File
    MDS Media Descriptor CD Image File
    MDT Access Add-in Data (Microsoft)
    MDT Ilink Incremental Linker Data Table (Microsoft)
    MDV QLAY MDV Image
    MDV M1 Pattern File (H. Stoll GmbH & Co.)
    MDW Access Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
    MDX Borland Database Engine Index (Borland Software Corporation)
    MDX dBASE IV Multiple Index
    MDX Label Pro Re-Index (Avery)
    MDX Rational XDE Model (IBM)
    MDX MidiEx MIDI System Exclusive Dump
    MDYV Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Dynamic Visual Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MDZ Access Wizard Template (Microsoft)
    MDZ Cubic Player/Cross-View Music Module Description
    MDZ Protracker/Module File
    MD_ Visc15 Adressen Setup File
    ME Formatted Manual Page with ME Macros
    ME Information
    ME MultiEdit Configuration
    ME1 Zortech 21 Sample Winexam File
    ME3 Multimedia Email Message (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    MEA Meazure File
    MEB WordPerfect Macro Editor Bottom Overflow File (Corel)
    MEC Maximus MECCA Source
    MED Amiga MED/OctaMED Tracker Module Sound File
    MED WordPerfect Macro Editor Delete Save (Corel)
    MED A2B Player Purchase (DigitalPhono.com)
    MED Medline Document
    MEDLINE Medline Document
    MEF Jaws PDF Server Exported Settings (Global Graphics Software Ltd.)
    MEFP ExerciseRT Sample Data Record (Morgan Medical Ltd.)
    MEFS ExerciseRT Secondary Data Record (Morgan Medical Ltd.)
    MEG MEG 101 B Database File (MEGBase)
    MEK Gearhead Garage Game File (Mekada)
    MEL Ericsson Phone Melody
    MEL Maya Embedded Language Script (Alias Systems, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited)
    MELL Mellel Document (RedleX)
    MEM Context4 File
    MEM FoxPro Memory Variable Save File (Microsoft)
    MEM Memory File of Variables
    MEM WordPerfect Macro Editor Macro (Corel)
    MEM BPM Studio Saved Files for Sampler Functions (ALCATech)
    MEM Clarion DOS Database Memo File (SoftVelocity)
    MEM Mio Technology Mio Object (Mioplanet Technologies, Inc.)
    MEM Medlin Accounting Additional Vendor Data (Medlin Accounting)
    MEMB Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    MEN Menu
    MEN Geometry II Plus Utility (Cabrilog)
    MEP Inor MePro Software File
    MEQ WordPerfect Macro Editor Print Queue (Corel)
    MER Data Interchange Format
    MER WordPerfect Macro Editor Resident Area (Corel)
    MES Message File
    MES WordPerfect Macro Editor Work Space (Corel)
    MES A2B Player File (DigitalPhono.com)
    MESA Opengl Glut-3.6 File
    MET eDonkey Cached Information (MetaMachine)
    MET OmniPage Document (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    MET OS/2 PM Meta File
    MET Presentation Manager Meta File
    MET WordPerfect Macro Editor Top Overflow File (Corel)
    MET eMule Cached Information (eMule Team)
    MET ActiveSky Export File (HiFi Simulation Software)
    METHODS Likely a Text File
    MEU DOS Shell Menus
    MEX Matlab Executable Command
    MEX Matlab for Macintosh Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEX mexReader Multimedia File
    MEX WordPerfect Macro Editor Expound File (Corel)
    MEX Macro Express Macro (Insight Software Solutions)
    MEX4 Matlab for Sun-4/SPARC Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXDS Matlab for DECStation Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXHP3 Matlab for HP9000/Series 300 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXHP7 Matlab for HP9000/Series 700 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXN Matlab for NeXT Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXRS6 Matlab for IBM RS/6000 Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEXSG Matlab for SGI Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MEZ RealArcade Game Information
    MF FrameMaker MakerFile (Adobe)
    MF MetaFont Text File
    MF Manifest Graphic
    MF Java Manifest (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    MF MoonFish Track File (Bram Bos)
    MF2 Mediator5 Multimedia Authorware File
    MFA Site Server 3.0 Report Definition (Microsoft)
    MFASL Mozilla (Netscape) XUL FastLoad File (Mozilla.org)
    MFC Mankind File
    MFD ABC Programming Language Monadic Function
    MFD F1RC Relay Game Code File
    MFD Multiframe Structural Frame Model (Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd)
    MFD Adobe Multiple Master Font Metrics Directory File (Adobe)
    MFF MIDI File Format
    MFG MediaForge Runtime Player Distribution Project (XMLAuthor, Inc.)
    MFI Win98rk File
    MFJ MetaFont Job Batch Input
    MFK Mafuka Audio
    MFL Mozilla (Netscape) XUL FastLoad File (Mozilla)
    MFM DMP Music Format
    MFM mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
    MFM VTeX Multiple Master Font Metrics
    MFMOD Mobile Forces Game MOD (Rage Software)
    MFT MetaFont Source Formatter Style File
    MFW mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
    MFX mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)
    MG Modula-3 Generic Module Source
    MG1 MusiGenesis Project File (Kenneth Adams)
    MGC Clipart Collection Catalog (Microsoft)
    MGC Equation Editor File (MGCSoft)
    MGCF MagicInstall Compressed File
    MGD Master Grade Gradebook
    MGF Image File
    MGF Materials and Geometry Format File
    MGF Micrografx Font
    MGF DataModeler XML Schema Project Data (URL Integration, Inc.)
    MGK Imagemagick-5.3.2 Coders File
    MGL Age of Kings (Microsoft)
    MGL MosASCII Graphics Library
    MGM MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File
    MGMAP Ygnius MindGenius Mind Map (Ygnius)
    MGR MGR Bitmap
    MGRP Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Asset Group (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MGS Intelligence Tracking System File
    MGTPL Ygnius MindGenius Template (Ygnius)
    MGU Band-in-a-Box MIDI File
    MGX Micrografx Picture Publisher Clipart
    MGX Rise of Nations Saved Game (Microsoft)
    MGZ Metal Gear Solid Archive
    MH Graphic File
    MHF Maestro ERP Hot Fix (Maestro Technologies Inc.)
    MHG Multimedia File
    MHK Riven Movie Data File
    MHK Broderbund Mohawk Archive
    MHP Home Publishing Project (Microsoft)
    MHT MHTML Document (Microsoft Corporation)
    MHTM MHTML Document (Microsoft)
    MHTML MHTML Document (Microsoft)
    MI CoCreate CAD File
    MI Miscellaneous
    MI Winamp3 MAKI Scripting Library
    MI4 HDD 100/120 Audio Jukebox Firmware File (Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.)
    MIA MusicIndiaOnline Trident Player Music File (MusicIndiaOnLine)
    MIA Babya bMix/Logic Music Project File (Babya Software Group)
    MIB Management Information Base File
    MIB MyInfo Topic File Backup (Milenix Software Ltd.)
    MIC Image Composer File (Microsoft)
    MID MapInfo Interchange Format
    MID Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention Sound
    MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention Sound
    MIF FrameMaker Interchange Format (Adobe)
    MIF Image Magick File
    MIF Management Information Format (Distributed Management Task Force, Inc.)
    MIF MapInfo Interchange Format File
    MIF MicroHof .MIF Assembler File
    MIF MIDI Instrument
    MIF Software License Tracking Tool
    MIF Watcom Make Script
    MIF EarthLink E-mail Message Index (EarthLink, Inc.)
    MIFF Image Magick File
    MIG Mighty Draw Drawing (theliquidateher Software, An MCS Investments, Inc. Company)
    MII MicroStat II Data File
    MII PageWiz Image (Microtek)
    MIL Group 4 Fax File
    MIL Micro Illustrator Uncompressed Graphic
    MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File
    MIME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File
    MIMG Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Image Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MINGW Mingw Make File
    MINGW32 Mingw Compiler File
    MINIPSF Playstation Sound Format (Miniature Playstation Sound Format) (Sony)
    MINIPSF2 Playstation 2 Sound Format (Miniature Playstation Sound Format) (Sony)
    MIO Iphoto4 Programs Fio File
    MIO mexReader Multimedia File
    MIO MIO Compressed Audio
    MIO Mio Technology Generic Communications Format (Mioplanet Technologies, Inc.)
    MIO MyInfo Topic File (Milenix Software)
    MIP Paint Shop Pro Multiple Image Print File (Corel Corporation)
    MIP MODDE Project (Umetrics AB)
    MIPSEL Mips File
    MIR Bauhaus Mirage Project File (Bauhaus Software, Inc.)
    MIS Delta Force Land Warrior Mission (NovaLogic, Inc.)
    MIS MagicInstall Installation Script
    MIS Mission File
    MIS Tribes 2 Game File (Sierra)
    MIS Tom Clancey's Ghost Recon Mission File (Red Storm Entertainment)
    MIS 3WayPack Missing Data Pointers (The Three-Mode Company)
    MITSU Mitsubishi S340-10 Color Sublimation Printer Bitmap
    MIX Command & Conquer Picture/Sound File
    MIX Don Knuth's MIX Emulator
    MIX OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Index File
    MIX PhotoDraw 2000 Multilayer Picture File (Microsoft)
    MIX Picture It! Multilayer Picture File (Microsoft)
    MIX Power C Object File
    MIX Techno eJay Music Mix File
    MIX Windows Sound MIX (Microsoft)
    MIX Project Dogwaffle Type 2 Mixing Palette (TheBest3D.com)
    MIZ Winamp Compressed MIDI File
    MJ MovieJack DVD Ripper File
    MJB PDA Mystery Juke Box Generation Profile (Paul Duggan - PDAWare)
    MJF Mjuice Secure Music Files
    MJP Media Jukebox File
    MJR Media Jukebox Registration File (J. River)
    MK Make File
    MKA Matroska Audio Stream (Matroska Association)
    MKD Malz++Kassner CAD5 Drawing
    MKE Make File
    MKG Make File
    MKH WinMark Pro Mark File (Synrad, Inc.)
    MKI MagView Japanese Makichan Format Graphic
    MKI MediaKnife Animated Internet Picture
    MKI Picture File
    MKJ MKJamz
    MKL Créatoria
    MKL Malz++Kassner CAD5 Drawing Library
    MKM Matroska Media File (Matroska Association)
    MKR Tonline Bsw4 Internet File
    MKR Train Simulator Marker File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MKR McCullough Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation (Richard H. McCullough, Knowledge Engineer)
    MKS Sierra Mastercook Cookbook File
    MKS Tact Data
    MKS Matroska Subtitles Stream (Matroska Association)
    MKV Matroska Video Stream (Matroska Association)
    MKW Compressed Audio File (Michael K. Weise)
    ML ML language Source Code File
    ML Camomile Configuration/Module File
    ML0 Multiledger Company Name (CheckMark Software)
    ML2 Tripos MOL2 Molecule File
    ML3 Milestones 3.x Project
    ML6 PowerPoint Milestone File (Microsoft)
    ML7 Milestones Professional Schedule (KIDASA Software, Inc.)
    MLB FoxPro for Macintosh Library
    MLB OpenVAX Macro Library
    MLB Symphony Macro Library File
    MLB MyLittleBase Database
    MLB Peachtext List Manager (Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.))
    MLD Multilizer Dictionary
    MLD Polyphonic Ringtone File for Phones
    MLF UpdateEXPERT Machine List File (St. Bernard Software)
    MLI 3D Studio Material-Library File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MLI AutoCAD Material-Library File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MLI Encyclopedia Media List
    MLI Camomile Individual Module File
    MLK Sierra Mastercook Look File
    MLM Novel Groupwise E-mail File
    MLN AutoCAD Multiline Definition (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MLNK Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Link Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MLP Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File (Meridian Audio)
    MLS Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
    MLT Forecast Pro Multivariate Forecast File (Business Forecast Systems, Inc.)
    MLYT Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Layout Policy Editor Layout Policy (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MM Lightscape Material Map
    MM Macro Mania Macro
    MM Meme Virtual Reality World
    MM Multimate Advantage File
    MM Rise of Nations Campaign Media File (Microsoft)
    MM FreeMind Mind Map
    MM3 Mortgage Minder Ver. 3 Saved Mortgage Configuration File (CW Technical Services)
    MM4 Mortgage Minder Ver. 4 Saved Mortgage Configuration File (CW Technical Services)
    MM5 Makromat Macroeconomic Model Data (University of Muenster, Germany)
    MMA Grlib Cppima Scilimag File
    MMA Master Album Maker Album File (Intrepid Mouse Limited)
    MMAP MindManager Brainstorm and Process Control Map (Mindjet)
    MMB MultiMedia Builder
    MMB Oracle Forms Menu Binary Source Code
    MMBK MannaBook (MannaBook Software, Inc.)
    MMBM MannaBook (MannaBook Software, Inc.)
    MMC Clipart DLLbackup Autoshape File (Microsoft)
    MMC Media Catalog
    MMC Office Media Content
    MMD Peristudio/PeriProducer File
    MMD Nigarva Downloader Download List File (K&A Corporation)
    MMD DocsAlive Multimedia Document (Softedge-Systems Ltd)
    MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File
    MMF Mail File (Microsoft)
    MMF Meal Master Format
    MMF Peristudio/PeriProducer File
    MMF Yamaha SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format (Yamaha Corporation)
    MMF AppMind Message Management File (Appmind Software AB)
    MMF McAfee VirusScan Configuration (Networks Associates Technology, Inc.)
    MMG mkvmerge GUI Saved Muxing Settings (Moritz Bunkus)
    MMH MS Media Manager Helper DLL
    MMI Memo Open Client
    MMI Peristudio/PeriProducer File
    MMJB_MIME MusicMatch Jukebox MIME ID File (MUSICMATCH, Inc.)
    MML FrameMaker (Adobe)
    MML Mail Meta Language
    MML MySoftware or ProVenture MailList Program Mail List (Elibrium, LLC)
    MML MathML Math Embedded HTML File
    MML MolMol Molecule Description File
    MMM MacroMind Directory RIFF/RMMP Format Movie
    MMM Multimedia Movie (Microsoft)
    MMM Multiple Master Font File (Adobe)
    MMO RapidFile Memo Writer
    MMO Musicmatch On Demand Playlist (Musicmatch, Inc.)
    MMP Bravado Board Video Output Format
    MMP CoCo Systems VisiMap
    MMP EPOC Makmake Makefile Project
    MMP Gammadyne Mailer Project File
    MMP MindManager Map File (Mindjet)
    MMP Multimedia Player Movie Clip
    MMP MS Music Producer
    MMP Bravado Board Output Video Format
    MMP MixMeister Playlist (MixMeister Technology)
    MMP Master Album Maker Album Project File (Intrepid Mouse Limited)
    MMPBT MindManager Branch Template File
    MMPT MindManager Template
    MMR LOKI Character Template (Synthetic Realms)
    MMS JPEG-6b File
    MMS Miles Sound Tools
    MMS NT MidiMagic Song Information (NovaTech Design)
    MMSCRIPT MindManager Script File
    MMT CoCo Systems VisiMap
    MMT Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File
    MMT egseing Memory Dump Data
    MMV Sony MovieShaker File
    MMW Media Content
    MMW Multimedia World Magazine
    MMW AceMoney Financial Data (MechCAD Software LLC)
    MMX Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Map File
    MMX MarkMagic Import/Export
    MMX Oracle Forms Compiled Menu
    MMZ MusicMatch Theme File (MUSICMATCH, Inc.)
    MN1 Money Ver 1 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN2 Descent2 Mission File
    MN2 Money Ver 2 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN3 Descent3 Mission File
    MN3 Descent 3
    MN3 Money Ver 3 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN4 Money Database (Microsoft)
    MN4 Money Ver 4 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN5 Money Ver 5 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN6 Money Ver 6 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN7 Money Ver 7 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN8 Money Ver 8 Data File (Microsoft)
    MN9 Money Ver 9 Data File (Microsoft)
    MNB MuPAD File
    MNC AutoCAD Compiled Menu (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNC My Notes Center File
    MND AutoCAD Menu Program (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MND Cerious Mandelbrot Image
    MND MNI Mandelbrot for Windows
    MND Fractal Forge Ver. 2.x Fractal Parameters
    MND MusicNet Music Download (MusicNet)
    MNF Saved MSN Search
    MNG Animation Shop Animation (Corel Corporation)
    MNG DeLorme Map'n'Go Map
    MNG Multi-image Network Graphic Animation
    MNG Keyboard File Manager MIDI/MID Files Floppy Database (Yahama)
    MNI Cerious Mandelbrot Image
    MNL AutoCAD AutoLISP Functions Related to Menu (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNL Zortech 3 Binary File
    MNO Macromedia Design Notes
    MNO Monopoly Saved Game
    MNR AutoCAD Compiled Menu (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNR IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    MNS AutoCAD ASCII Menu (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNT Foxpro Menu Memo (Microsoft)
    MNU AutoCAD Menu Template (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNU FoxPro Menu
    MNU HP NewWave Advanced Macro
    MNU Menu File
    MNW Menu File
    MNX AutoCAD Compiled Menu (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MNX Foxpro Menu (Microsoft)
    MNY Money Data File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MO Dymola Simulation
    MO Modula-3 Object File
    MO GNU Gettext Machine Object File (Free Software Foundation)
    MO1 Odyssey Disk/ROM Image
    MO3 MO3 MOD Audio Format
    MOB Device Definitions
    MOB Master of Orion 3
    MOBAPP MOBILedit! Application (COMPELSON Laboratories)
    MOBDRV MOBILedit! Driver (COMPELSON Laboratories)
    MOBSKIN MOBILedit! Skin (COMPELSON Laboratories)
    MOC MOCHA Javascript
    MOCHA MOCHA Javascript
    MOD Amiga and PC Tracker Module
    MOD CATIA Export File (Dassault Systèmes)
    MOD Clarion for Modula-2 Source Code File (SoftVelocity)
    MOD Connectivity Memory Model Cell Specific Plasticity Functions on Incoming Synapses Input File
    MOD Digital Music Sound Clip
    MOD EPOC Model Definition
    MOD File Implementing DOS Support for Windows DLL's
    MOD Model File
    MOD Modula-2 Program File
    MOD Module
    MOD Monarch File
    MOD Multiplan Spreadsheet (Microsoft)
    MOD Multiplan Spreadsheet
    MOD Music File
    MOD Music Module
    MOD ProModel Optimization Software Suite Model
    MOD Windows Kernel Module
    MOD Peachtext Database (Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.))
    MODEL CATIA Model (Dassault Systèmes)
    MODEL Ribbons Molecular Model
    MODEL LEGO CAD Model File (The LEGO Group)
    MOF MSinfo (Microsoft)
    MOI French Text File
    MOL Easy Palette Object Library
    MOL MDL Molfile Molecule File (MDL Information Systems, Inc.)
    MOL MOdule (play)List
    MOM CDrom Runtime Database File
    MOM SPEFO Stellar Spectra Analysis File
    MON ReadMail Monitor
    MON Virgin Games Monopoly Deluxe
    MON Firefox Bookmark Backup File
    MONO Bi-level Bitmap in Least-Significant-Byte First Order
    MONTE CRiSP Harvest File
    MOO MoonRock Language Source Code File
    MOO QuickTime Movie Clip (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    MOOV QuickTime Movie (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    MOP M.Fujimiya's Morpher for Windows 1.4 Work File
    MOP Mopac Input File
    MOP NS/Elite Display 3.12 Macro Object Path File
    MOR Corel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 File
    MOR Poser 3D Morph Target File
    MOS Infinity Game Engine Compressed Background and GUI Tile Info (BioWare Corp.)
    MOS Dymola Simulation
    MOS Infinity Game Engine Background and GUI Tile Info (BioWare Corp.)
    MOS System DOS 6.2 File
    MOS MACAOS Compressed Tranismission File (Elprint AS)
    MOT Linux Load Instructions
    MOT Phoneme Translation File
    MOT Sharp cellphone GX Flash File (Sharp)
    MOTIF Microangelo Motif
    MOV AutoCAD AutoFlix Movie (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MOV QuickTime Video Clip (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    MOVERADDIN Mover Add-in (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVERBACKUP Mover Backup Set (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVERCONFIG Mover Configuration (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVERDB Mover Database (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVERREG Mover Registration Info (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVERTEMPLATE Mover Template (Nicodemous Bytes)
    MOVIE QuickTime Movie (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    MOX Extend Simulation Model File
    MOZ Netscape Temp File
    MP EARS Component File
    MP Maya Personal Learning Edition (Alias Systems, a division of Silicon Graphics Limited)
    MP Multiplan File
    MP Monochrome Picture TIFF Bitmap
    MP cGPSmapper Polski Format Mapy -- Polish Map Format (Stanislaw Kozicki)
    MP+ MPEG Plus Audio File
    MP1 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
    MP2 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
    MP2S Max Payne 2 Saved Game (Rockstar Games)
    MP2S MPEG-2 Video
    MP2V MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
    MP3 mp3PRO Audio File
    MP3 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
    MP3 SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    MP3 Wrapster Wrapped File
    MP3 AlbumWrap Wrapped Music File Archive (Infamus Software LLC)
    MP3PRO mp3PRO Enhanced MP3 File
    MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
    MPA MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III
    MPA Palm Memo File
    MPA E-Designer (Beijer Electronics)
    MPB TruVideo Video-only MPB Stream
    MPB Maintenance Parts Bin Database (Nhuntsoftware)
    MPC Collectorz.com MP3 Collector MP3 Collection Data (Collectorz.com)
    MPC Musepack Audio File
    MPC Project Calender (Microsoft)
    MPC VersaPro Compiled Motion Block
    MPCB ReliaSoft MPC 3
    MPCF MarketPlace Pro Configuration Settings (Claritas)
    MPD ABC Programming Language Monadic Predicate
    MPD Windows Mini-port Driver
    MPD Project Database File (Microsoft)
    MPD SCSI MiniPort Driver (Microsoft)
    MPD My Digital Photos Filmstrip (Super Win Software)
    MPD File List Creator MP3 Playlist (WenSoftware)
    MPD MLCad LDraw Multipart Model File (LM-Software)
    MPDEX MPdex MP3 Database Utility
    MPE MPEG Movie Clip
    MPE.EXE MP3 Digital Player Wrapper
    MPEG MPEG Movie
    MPF Design Gallery (Microsoft)
    MPF MosASCII Project Workspace File
    MPF MainActor Project (MainConcept AG)
    MPG MPEG 1 System Stream
    MPG MPEG Animation
    MPG Salt Lake City Game Movies File
    MPG ProgDVBR MPEG2 Video File
    MPG4 MPEG-4 Media File
    MPGA Mpeg-1 Layer3 Audio Stream
    MPH Photoline4 Morphing File
    MPH Publisher (Microsoft)
    MPI Links98 Golf Game File
    MPI MPlayer Control File
    MPJ Mountain Video Editing File
    MPJ RoboHTML Project
    MPJ Sometimes .MP3 File
    MPJ STOIK Morph Man Project Information File
    MPJ MINITAB Project File (Minitab Inc.)
    MPK Augmented Microsoft-Project (Microsoft)
    MPKG Meta Package File
    MPM Max Payne MOD Archive (Rockstar Games)
    MPM MPEG Movie
    MPM WordPerfect MathPlan Macro (Corel)
    MPN mophun Game File (morphun)
    MPNT MacPaint Bitmap File
    MPO Augmented Microsoft-Project (Microsoft)
    MPO Sheffield Dictionary File
    MPP BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
    MPP CAD Drawing File
    MPP Project Project (Microsoft Corporation)
    MPP Zortech 3 README File
    MPP Musepack Audio File
    MPQ Blizzard Game Data File (Blizzard Entertainment)
    MPR AutoCAD Mass Properties Report (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MPR FileMaker Spelling Dictionary
    MPR Visual Foxpro Solution Menus File (Microsoft)
    MPR Westwood Studios Game File
    MPR Multilizer Project File (Multilizer, Inc.)
    MPS Casio PDL Pocket Streets Map
    MPS MapSource GPS Mapping Interface (Garmin Ltd.)
    MPS Max Payne Saved Game (Rockstar Games)
    MPS MPEG-1 Audio and Video File
    MPS Multimedia File
    MPS MySweetNix!
    MPS Pocket Streets Map File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MPT Multipage TIFF Bitmap
    MPT Project Template File (Microsoft)
    MPV MPEG-1 Video File
    MPV MyPhotoZip File
    MPV Project View (Microsoft)
    MPV2 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
    MPW MosASCII Project Workspace File
    MPW Oc2.316s Cakit File
    MPX BX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
    MPX Foxpro Compiler Menu (Microsoft)
    MPX Project Export File (Microsoft)
    MPX RCA/Lyra Handheld MP3 Player File (RCA)
    MPX Alpha Five Temporary Index Information (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    MPY RCA/Lyra Handheld MP3 Player File (RCA)
    MPZ MyPhotoZip File
    MPZ Moove Resource Description File (moove Corporation)
    MPZ SignIQ Project (ImpulseLogic)
    MQC CP/M Disk Drive Information File
    MQD Malete Query Data (OpenIsis)
    MQL MetaTrader Indicator File (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
    MQP Multiquence Project
    MQV Sony Movie Player Format (Sony)
    MQX Malete Query Access File (OpenIsis)
    MRA VilagRadio Recorded Radio Program (MAVIP Ltd)
    MRB C++ Multiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic
    MRC Bibliographic Data Format
    MRC MIRC Script File
    MRD Infinity Document (MathRevolt)
    MRD Malete Record Data File (OpenIsis)
    MRF Grade Busters Teacher Tools File
    MRF Macintosh Font
    MRF Marks Russel File
    MRF WinMorph Project Information File
    MRF Morpheus Saved Game
    MRF MultiEx Commander Resource File (XeNTaX)
    MRF GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    MRG Merge File
    MRG DESQview (Symantec)
    MRI MRI Scan
    MRK CSI Markup File
    MRK Informative Graphics Markup File
    MRK Windows 95 User Benchmark
    MRK MissionRisk
    MRK TAPCIS Marked Messsage Commands
    MRLV Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Rollover Image Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MRO SharpEye Music Reader File
    MRP Infinity Solution Plot (MathRevolt)
    MRS WordPerfect Macro Resource File (Corel)
    MRW Minolta Diamage Raw Image File (Minolta)
    MRX Malete Record Access File (OpenIsis)
    MS Checksum File for Anti-Virus
    MS Formatted Manual Page with MS Macros
    MS Maple Worksheet
    MS Modula-3 Intermediate Assembly File
    MS1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Message File
    MS3D MilkShape 3D Model
    MSA Magic Shadow Archive
    MSA Atari MSA Disk Image (Atari)
    MSC C Makefile
    MSC Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MSC CRiSP Harvest File
    MSC eYaMosaic Graphic Mosaic (ESRI China (Beijing))
    MSCR Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Script Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MSD Diagnostic Utility Report (Microsoft)
    MSD [Unknown]
    MSD Maxsurf Design File (Formation Design Systems Pty Ltd.)
    MSD Multimedia Studio Document (Burton Software)
    MSDEV Msvc Make File
    MSDL Manchester Scene Description Language
    MSE Bwsb120a Demo File
    MSF Multiple Sequence File
    MSF EarthLink E-mail Message File (EarthLink, Inc.)
    MSF Netscape Mail Mail Summary File (Netscape)
    MSG FoxPro FoxDoc Message
    MSG Mail Message (Microsoft)
    MSG OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Message File
    MSG Program Message
    MSG Pegasus Mail Stored Messages To Be Sent (David Harris)
    MSG OS/2 Help Message File (IBM)
    MSG TAPCIS Captured Messages
    MSH Orbiter Mesh File (Martin Schweiger)
    MSH FLUENT Mesh (Fluent Incorporated)
    MSI Windows Installer File (Microsoft Corporation)
    MSK Animator Mask Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MSK BMC Software Patrol Icon File
    MSK CARA-Script-Interpreter-Engine Mask
    MSK Paint Shop Pro Mask File (Corel Corporation)
    MSL Magick Scripting Language File
    MSL ProWORX Nxt MSL Loadables (Schneider Electric)
    MSL MAINSAIL Source Code (XIDAK, Inc.)
    MSM MultiSIM Circuit Diagram
    MSM Windows Installer Merge Module (Microsoft)
    MSN Descent Mission File
    MSN Microsoft Network Document (Microsoft)
    MSN Microsoft Network MSN Central (Microsoft)
    MSN Network Document
    MSNBAK MSN Mail Backup File (Microsoft)
    MSO FrontPage File (Microsoft)
    MSO Math Script Object File
    MSO Orgchart File (Microsoft)
    MSO Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream (Microsoft)
    MSO MedlySound Sound/Module
    MSP Magix Music Studio File
    MSP Paint Bitmap (Microsoft)
    MSP Technics Sx KN 5000 Keyboard Manual Sequence Pads File
    MSP Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Performance Pads File
    MSP Windows Installer Patch
    MSPLG Modem Spy Plug-in File (SoftCab Inc.)
    MSPX XML-based Web Page (Microsoft)
    MSQ MIDI File
    MSR OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
    MSRCINCIDENT Remote Assistance Request (Microsoft)
    MSS Game Score
    MSS Manuscript Text File
    MSS Miles XMIDI Sequence with DLS Data
    MSSTYLES Windows XP Visual Style (Microsoft)
    MSSYTLES Windows Visual Style File
    MST ChemFinder Chemical Structure Index
    MST Presentation Master Presentation Document (Corel)
    MST Pension System Master File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    MST Minispecification
    MST Visual Test Source File
    MST Windows SDK Setup Transform Script (Microsoft Corporation)
    MST Room Arranger Design File (Jan Adamec)
    MSV Memory Stick Compressed Voice File (Sony)
    MSV MyStars! Saved View (Relative Data, Inc.)
    MSVC Msvc Make File
    MSW Word Text File (Microsoft)
    MSWMM Windows Movie Maker Project (Microsoft)
    MSX Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Multi-player Saved Game (Microsoft)
    MSX Compressed CP/M File Archive
    MSX Image Format
    MSX SuperGraphic Studio Message File (Time-O-Matic, Inc.)
    MSX Magic Splitter Split File Rebuild Information (Kynosoft, Brescia)
    MSZ MiSZle Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
    MS_ Winhelp Compressed File
    MT2 MadTracker File
    MTA Flight Simulator Maintenance File (Microsoft)
    MTB MINITAB Exec File
    MTD Digital Sheet Music
    MTE MadTracker Envelope File
    MTE TargetExpress Target (MCW Technologies Inc.)
    MTF Darkstone Archive
    MTF Mathe Vektor MTF File
    MTF MicroSurfer File
    MTG? Jay Klein Making the Grade Teacher Gradebook Program
    MTH Derive Math File
    MTHM Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Theme Policy Editor Theme Policy (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MTI MadTracker Instrument File
    MTI Musitron MUSILI.ZIT Compressed File
    MTK Matrikon Software License File
    MTK MPU-401 Trakker
    MTL Mastercam Mill Tool Library (CNC Software, Inc.)
    MTL MathLook File
    MTL Wavefront
    MTM MultiTracker Music Module
    MTP L&H Power Translator Pro
    MTP MadTracker Pattern File
    MTR RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
    MTS Encore Samples File
    MTS MadTracker Sample File
    MTS Viewpoint iPix File
    MTT Messenger Saved Contact File (Microsoft)
    MTV MTV Music Generator
    MTV MTV Ray-tracer
    MTW Minitab Data File
    MTW TRADOS MultiTerm Termbase
    MTX Adobe Atmosphere File (Adobe)
    MTX Anjal2000 Tamil Text File Format Description
    MTX File WSOCK32.MTX Associated with MTX Worm
    MTX GROMACS: Molecular Dynamics Hessian Matrix Format
    MTX MadTracker Extension File
    MTX Marked Text Source File
    MTX M-Tx Music-From-Text Translator Source File
    MTX Temporary File often used by a Browser or TWAIN Device
    MTX Viewpoint iPix File
    MTXT Multi-Channel Server (MCS) Component Policy Editor Text Component (Volantis Systems Ltd.)
    MT_ Encore Compressed Audio File
    MU Quattro Menu (Corel)
    MUC Collectorz.com Music Collector Collection Data (Collectorz.com)
    MUD ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
    MUD zMUD Settings File (Zugg Software)
    MUF ProtoMuck Multi User Forth Program
    MUF Alpha Five Temporary Access Control File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
    MUI Configuration Resource File (Microsoft)
    MUI Opengl Glut-3.6 File
    MUI Amiga MUI Default Class/Library (SASG)
    MUL Ultima Online Game
    MUP Music Publisher Data File (Braeburn Software)
    MUS Finale Music Score (MakeMusic!)
    MUS Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, Myriad Music plug-in, Melody Player Music File (MYRIAD)
    MUS Infinity Game Engine Music Control File (BioWare Corp.)
    MUS Music
    MUS MusicTime/Doom Sound
    MUZ Hover Game MIDI File
    MV Miva Script (Prior to Ver. 4.14) (Miva Corp.)
    MV3 Oozic 3D MusicVideo
    MV3 AUPEC Audio File
    MVA Setup Program Archive
    MVA Matrox Video Card Driver
    MVB Database
    MVB Manual Storage Format
    MVB Multimedia Viewer (Microsoft)
    MVC Collectorz.com Movie Collector Data File (Collectorz.com)
    MVC Miva Compiled Script (Ver. 4.14 and Later) (Miva Corp.)
    MVD MicroDVD DVD Movie
    MVD MicroVision Database
    MVE Infinity Game Engine (BioWare Corp.)
    MVE Interplay Video File
    MVE Wing Commander III MVE Movie File Format
    MVE 4DVista Geological Model (Midland Valley Exploration)
    MVE muvee autoProducer Project File (muvee Technologies Pte. Ltd.)
    MVF AutoCAD Stop Frame File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MVF Movie Stop Frame File
    MVG Magick Vector Graphic
    MVI AutoCAD Movie Command (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MVP MediaView Project
    MVR AutoCut Configuration File (Autometrix)
    MVS MUSICMATCH Jukebox Visualization (MUSICMATCH, Inc.)
    MVU EchoView Adaptive Binary Optimization Format File (MatrixView Pte. Ltd.)
    MVW Saber LAN Log File
    MVX Intentia International Movex
    MVX Mixer File
    MW MacWrite II Text Document (Apple)
    MW Mail Wiper Mail Control File (Mail Wiper, Inc.)
    MW Maple Worksheet (Maplesoft, a Division of Waterloo Maple Inc.)
    MW4 MechWarrior 4 Map
    MWD Photo Soap2 File
    MWF MapGuide Author Map Window (Autodesk, Inc.)
    MWF ProMotion Animation
    MWI Medlin Accounting Invoice Layout Information (Medlin Accounting)
    MWII MacWrite II Text Document
    MWL Mighty Draw Windows Library (theliquidateher Software, An MCS Investments, Inc. Company)
    MWM Mail Warrior File
    MWP Word Pro 97 Smartmaster File (IBM)
    MWP MegaWorks Pack File
    MWS Maple Spreadsheet (Maplesoft, a Division of Waterloo Maple Inc.)
    MWS Medlin Accounting Statement Layout Information (Medlin Accounting)
    MWT MetaStock Stock Analysis Template (Equis International)
    MWV MovieWorks File
    MW_ Audio Utility Midimach Compressed File
    MX Matlab Common Matrix Routines
    MX Modula-3 Linker Information
    MX MX Designer Remote Control File
    MX3 Bitbop Tuner Locked Sound File
    MX3 MP3 Encoded File
    MX3 Matlab for Windows Dynamically Linked Subroutines
    MXC ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Coverages (ESRI)
    MXD ArcMap GIS Project File (Map) (ESRI)
    MXD MX Editor Remote Control Device File
    MXE Macro Express
    MXE Mindex Effect Album
    MXE MXEdit File
    MXE Quatro Pro Startup Macro (Corel)
    MXE VCom Error Report (V Communications, Inc.)
    MXF MX Editor Remote Control File
    MXF SimCity Maxis Font File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
    MXF Material Exchange Format File
    MXI Macromedia Extension Information
    MXI Mindex Indices File for Indexed Images
    MXI Proteus File
    MXL PackRat 5.0 Support File
    MXM Mindex Master Index File for a Category
    MXM Project/Outlook Team Assign Task (Microsoft)
    MXP ArcReader Published Map
    MXP Macromedia Extension Manager
    MXS ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
    MXT ArcMap Map Template
    MXT C Data (Microsoft)
    MXV Movie Edit Pro Video Format (MAGIX)
    MYC Simply Safe Backup Archive (Joshua Cannon Butcher)
    MYD MySQL Database
    MYDOCS MyDocs Drop Target (Microsoft)
    MYI MySQL Database Index
    MYL MYLAI Multilingual Transliteration Scheme
    MYP Make Your Point Presentation
    MYR Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, Myriad Music plug-in, Melody Player Music File (MYRIAD)
    MYS Myst Saved Game
    MYV Vivaldi Studio Score File (goVivaldi Inc.)
    MYW MyWorld Education Drawing
    MZ MOZART Music Document
    MZB MegaZeux Board
    MZC MOZART Chord Dictionary
    MZE Maze Creator File
    MZE MidiMaze File
    MZF SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    MZF MediaZip Compressed File (ACE)
    MZM MegaZeux Dynamic Board Section
    MZP MOZART Percussion File
    MZQ SHARP MZ-series Emulator QuickDisk File
    MZS SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    MZT MOZART Template File
    MZT SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    MZX MegaZeux World
    M_C MailCall 2 File
    M_P Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    M_U MazeGold Critical File Backup


    N Nuke Randomic Life Generator
    N1 Nuke Randomic Life Generator
    N1E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 1
    N2E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 2
    N2P Net2Phone File
    N3 Notation 3 Document
    N3D2 The Nebula Device 2 Mesh Resource File in ASCII Format (RadonLabs GmbH)
    N3E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 3
    N4E OM2 OMALI NENA Encrypted Document Version 4
    N64 MiMiX Emulator
    N64 Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
    NA NoAdware Data File (NoAdware.net)
    NA2 Netscape Communicator Address Book
    NAB Netscape Communicator Address Book
    NAB Novell Groupwise Address Book
    NAD Noder File
    NAK Audio
    NAL ArrayScribe (NimbleGen Systems Inc.)
    NAM Office Name File
    NAN Nanoscope File
    NAP Electrical Network Analysis and Planification
    NAP EnerGraphics VideoShow File
    NAP NAP Metafile Vector Image
    NAP Napster Music Security Definition File
    NAP VideoShow/EnerGraphics NAPLPS Vector Image Metafile
    NAP ePolicy Orchestrator Network Associates Package (Policy File) (Network Associates Technology, Inc.)
    NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax = Vector image
    NAR Nikon Capture Advanced RAW File (Nikon Inc.)
    NASB TheWord & Bible Companion New American Standard Bible
    NAV Application Extension (Microsoft)
    NAV Microsoft Network Component (Microsoft)
    NAV MSN Application Extension
    NB Mathematica Notebook (Wolfram Research, Inc.)
    NB Nota Bene Document File (Nota Bene Associates, Inc.)
    NB WordPerfect Notebook (Corel)
    NB7 NovaBACKUP System Configuration File (NovaStor Corporation)
    NBA NBA Game Data
    NBA Nota Bene Configuration Information File (Nota Bene Associates, Inc.)
    NBATTRS NetBeans Project Attributes File (Collab.Net, Inc.)
    NBE Nessus File
    NBF Backup NOW! Backup Archive (NewTech Infosystems)
    NBG NBG Clean Registry File
    NBI BackItUp Document (Ahead Software)
    NBK i-Brarian
    NBK NovaBACKUP Script (NovaStor Corporation)
    NBK Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NBM NetBeans Module (Sun)
    NC Graphics File
    NC Mastercam NC Programs (CNC Software, Inc.)
    NC neatComponents
    NC Numerical Control Machine Instructions
    NC Preprosessed GOC Source
    NC Unidata netCDF Graphics
    NC Geopath Machine Part File (SolutionWare Corporation)
    NC X-editor Program for CNC Machines (X-net ApS)
    NCA NetCam Supervisor Archive
    NCA Nikon Capture Color Adjustment File (Nikon Inc.)
    NCB Developer Studio File (Microsoft)
    NCB Nikon Capture Color Booster File (Nikon Inc.)
    NCB Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NCC Computer Numeric Control File
    NCC NetCam Supervisor Directory
    NCC NetControl V1 1999
    NCC Nokia PC Suite Content Copier File (Nokia)
    NCC Nikon Capture Camera File (Nikon Inc.)
    NCD CoverDesigner CD Cover Picture (Nero)
    NCD Norton Change Directory
    NCD NTI CD-Maker File
    NCD Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Native Circuit Description (Xilinx, Inc.)
    NCE Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NCF Notes Internal Clipboard (IBM)
    NCF Netware Command File (Novell, Inc.)
    NCF GibbsCAM CNC Program Listing (Gibbs and Associates, Inc.)
    NCF Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NCH On Hold Message/Music File
    NCH Outlook Express Folder File (Microsoft)
    NCI Mastercam Toolpath File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    NCI NetCam Supervisor Meta Data
    NCL RHS Nibbles Custom Level (Redwood High School)
    NCM NetCam Supervisor Video
    NCM Communicator Configuration Message (Nokia)
    NCO Nero BackItUp Compressed Backup File (Nero AG)
    NCP NHL Ice Hockey 2002 User NHLcards File
    NCR NCR Image
    NCS Netscape Conference Call File
    NCSA NCSA Hierarchical Data File Bitmap
    NCT Nero Cover Designer Template (Nero AG)
    NCV Nikon Capture Curves File (Nikon Inc.)
    NDA Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDB Intellicom Network Database
    NDB ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
    NDB NetOp Various Information Files
    NDB ACT! Notes Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
    NDB Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDC Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDCT DALiM LiTHO Continuous Tone Bitmap (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
    NDD Nikon Capture Digital DEE File (Nikon Inc.)
    NDF NeoPlanet Browser File
    NDF ProWORX Nxt Short Comment (Schneider Electric)
    NDF SQL Server Secondary Data File (Microsoft)
    NDF NimbleScan NimbleGen Design File (NimbleGen Systems Inc.)
    NDG Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDK Notes Database Design Elements (IBM)
    NDK OS/2 Saved Disk Format (IBM)
    NDL Inmos Hardware Network Description File
    NDL Notes Link (IBM)
    NDL Nodelist File
    NDL Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDO 3D Low-polygon Modeler
    NDP Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDQ Totem Cash Data File
    NDR RAVE Reports Report File (Nevrona Designs)
    NDR Nikon Capture Image Dust Off File (Nikon Inc.)
    NDS Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Saved Game (Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.)
    NDS Nintendo DS Game ROM Image (Nintendo)
    NDS Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NDX ArcView Fonts Index File (ESRI)
    NDX Index
    NDX Rational XDE (IBM)
    NE1 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 1
    NE2 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 2
    NE3 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 3
    NE4 OM2 OMALI NENA Document Version 4
    NEB Nortec H.E.L.P.
    NEC PIMS Notes for Windows CE Audio Record File (Nacetech Co., Ltd.)
    NED MSN Application Extension
    NEF Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File (Nikon Inc.)
    NEN Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NEO Atari NeoChrome Bitmap Image
    NEO NeoPhoto NeoPhoto Album (Archive) (DTLink)
    NES Nintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
    NET Network Configuration
    NET OrCad Netlist Output File
    NET netViz Project (netViz Corporation)
    NET FileMaker Pro Networking Module
    NETA Netica Bayes Net File (Norsys Software Corp.)
    NETCDF Scientific data NETwork Common Data Format
    NEU MENSI 3D Laser Scanner File
    NEW New Information
    NEWS News Bitmap Image
    NEX Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
    NEX Nexcon System File
    NEZ Nintento NES ROM Image
    NF CVIP NF_help File
    NF2 NeverForget Reminder File (National Creative Registry, Inc.)
    NFB Nokia PC Suite Content Copier (Backup) File (Nokia)
    NFC Netware Command File (Typo)
    NFC Nokia PC Suite Content Copier File (Nokia)
    NFE Nikon Capture Fisheye Lens Info File (Nikon Inc.)
    NFF Haines Neutral File Format and WorldToolkit minimal 3D scene description language
    NFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
    NFG Gambit Normal Form Representation (The Gambit Project)
    NFG RHS Nibbles Finished Game File (Redwood High School)
    NFL AutoCAD Multiline Filter List (Autodesk, Inc.)
    NFL Sierra Mastercook Layout File
    NFO Folio Infobase
    NFO JCanyon: Grand Canyon for Java DEM Companion File
    NFO System Info File (Microsoft)
    NFO Text File
    NFO Warez Group Info File
    NFT Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
    NFX Netobjects Fusion Components BBScomp File
    NG Norton Guide Online Documentation
    NGB Nonogram Puzzle
    NGD Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Native Generic Database (Xilinx, Inc.)
    NGD NimbleScan NimbleGen Gene Description File (NimbleGen Systems Inc.)
    NGF Enterasys Networks NetSight Generated Format File
    NGG Nokia Phone Group Graphics/Icons (Nokia)
    NGL Sheffield Dictionary File
    NGO NG Linker Object (NGML)
    NGO Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NGP NeoGeo Pocket ROM Image
    NGS NG Compiler Source (NGC)
    NGS NGSSniff File
    NH NetHack Defaults File
    NHB No Hands Backup Backup Description (Anders Petersson's Free Software)
    NHF Nero HFS-CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NHL NHL Ice Hockey Game 2002 User Teams File
    NHV Nero HD-BURN-Video Compilation (Nero AG)
    NI Netobjects Fusion Preview File
    NIA Nikon Capture Image Adjustment File (Nikon Inc.)
    NIB Corel Graphics10 Photopoint File
    NIB Interface Builder User Interface Resources (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    NIC Nici Encrypted Image/Graphic File (The DiScosel Group)
    NICK Office Data File (Microsoft)
    NICO Nolan's Icon Maker Icon File (Nolan's Games)
    NID Nikon Capture IPTC Data File (Nikon Inc.)
    NIF Navy Image File Format
    NIF GameBryo Format File (Numerical Design Limited)
    NIF Network Initialization File
    NIF Notation Interchange File Format (NIFF)
    NIF NetShift Interface File (NetShift Software Ltd.)
    NIF NetImmerse Format File (Numerical Design Limited)
    NIFF Navy Interchange File Format Bitmap
    NIL Norton Icon Library File
    NIM Nokia Phone Game File (Nokia)
    NIP Network Interface Plug-in
    NIT ArcView INFO Table Definitions File (ESRI)
    NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
    NIV TheWord & Bible Companion New International Version Bible
    NIX Rational XDE (IBM)
    NJP njPipes Compiler File
    NJX NJStar Document
    NK2 Outlook AutoComplete File (Microsoft)
    NKI KONTAKT (Native Instruments)
    NKJV TheWord & Bible Companion New King James Version Bible
    NKM KONTAKT (Native Instruments)
    NKY NUMROTOplus Keyfile (NUM Guettinger)
    NL Norton Desktop Icon Library
    NLB Colin Mc Rae Car Race Network Leader Board
    NLB Oracle 7 Data
    NLC NeroLINUX Compilation (Nero AG)
    NLD ATI Radeon Video Driver
    NLD Windows Media Audio/Video File (Microsoft)
    NLF MicroSim PCBoard Netlist File for Schematics
    NLF ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
    NLM Nokia Phones LogoManager Bitmap (Nokia)
    NLM Netware Loadable Module (Novell)
    NLO NetG Skill Builder
    NLP Newsletter Profi 2001
    NLR NLREG Nonlinear Regression Control File (Phillip H. Sherrod)
    NLS Code Page National Language Support
    NLTRACK NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulator Track File
    NLU Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger File
    NLV Nikon Capture LCHE Editor File (Nikon Inc.)
    NLX FormWorx Form
    NM RM Number Magic Data File (RM plc)
    NMA Normalised Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry
    NMAT NeoEngine (Reality Rift Studios)
    NMD SwordSearcher File
    NMD Nero miniDVD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NMDAR Connectivity Memory Model Input File When Tau1=0.0
    NMF Nuzzler Basic Message File (Securepoint Security Solutions)
    NMF Nuzzler Basic Rule Definition File (Securepoint Security Solutions)
    NMF Lightwave Narmal Map
    NMI SwordSearcher File
    NMK Oc2.316s Cakit File
    NML NewsMail 2.0 E-mail Newsletter (ESU-Soft)
    NML NEURO ONE Static Neuron Model (Netral)
    NML NML Language Source File (NevoSoft)
    NML .nugthat Compiler Source Code (.nugthat Mark-up Language) (Nuggets Unlimited, Inc.)
    NMO Virtools Behavioral Objects
    NMS Numega Softice's Loader File
    NMS Virtools Graphical Scripts
    NMW Netmeeting T126 Compatable Whiteboard Document (Microsoft)
    NNB newnovelist Story Outline
    NNI ANNI Artificial Neural Network Investing
    NNR Nikon Capture Noise Reduction File (Nikon Inc.)
    NOA Cell Phone Video Clip
    NOA Nancy Video CODEC
    NOB Silver Sprites and Data
    NOB Vampire: La Mascarade Archive
    NOB VersaPro Word Exchange File
    NOD NetObjects Fusion
    NOD Noder File
    NOI TGIF-3.0 File
    NOL Nokia Phone Operator (Manager) Logo (Nokia)
    NOM Aonix Nomad
    NON Nonogram Puzzle
    NON Star Wars - Tie Fighter Mouse Options
    NOR ATI Radeon Video Driver
    NOR Personal Paint Norwegian Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    NOT Acrobat Spelling File (Adobe)
    NOT ActiveNote Post-It-Notes
    NOT Notation or Note
    NOT e-Sword Note File (Rick Meyers)
    NOT Broderbund Note Card Type (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NOT Note-It Note File (Veign)
    NOTE WordPerfect for Macintosh Help Document (Corel)
    NOW Text File
    NP Cliq Accessories Notepad Text
    NP Planner Project Schedule (Nokia)
    NPA ReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
    NPAC NeoEngine Resource Package (Reality Rift Studios)
    NPC Jagged Alliance 2 Non-Player Character File (Sir-tech Canada Ltd.)
    NPC Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NPD Noder File
    NPD Ultra Network Sniffer Captured Packet (GJPSoft, Inc.)
    NPF Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NPI dBASE Application Generator Source
    NPI Nikon Capture Filters File (Nikon Inc.)
    NPI Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NPK MikroTik RouterOS Upgrade Package
    NPL DART Pro 98 Noiseprint Info
    NPL Xilinx Integrated Software Environment Project File (Xilinx, Inc.)
    NPM Corel Graphics Ver 10 Draw Media Lines File (Corel)
    NPM Neopaint Mask
    NPM Nokia Phone Picture Message (Nokia)
    NPP Art Explosion Publisher Pro Document (Nova Development Corporation)
    NPS Lotus Agenda File
    NPS NeroMix (Nero AG)
    NPT DART Pro 98 Noiseprint Archive Import
    NQC Not Quite C Source Code (Dave Baum)
    NR3 Nero MP3 CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NR4 Nero AAC CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRA Nero Audio-CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRB Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRC Nero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRD Nero DVD-Video Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRE Nero CD Extra Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRF Neutral Raster File Bitmap
    NRF Nicolet DataViewer Multi-segment Waveform Data (Nicolet Instrument Technologies, Inc.)
    NRG Nero CD-Image File (Nero AG)
    NRG Norton Registration Entries (Symantec)
    NRH Nero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRI Nero ISO CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRL iManage File
    NRM Nero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRS Nero CD-ROM (EFI Boot) Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRSV TheWord & Bible Companion New Revised Standard Version Bible
    NRT Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
    NRU Nero UDF CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRV Nero Video-CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NRW Nero WMA CD-ROM Compilation (Nero AG)
    NS1 NetStumbler NS1 Log
    NS2 Notes Ver 2 Database (Older Form) (IBM)
    NS3 Notes Database (Older Form) (IBM)
    NS4 Notes Database (Older Form) (IBM)
    NS5 Notes/Domino (IBM)
    NSB Novaschem School Schedule
    NSC Noder File
    NSC Windows Media Station File
    NSCE NeoEngine Scene File (Reality Rift Studios)
    NSD NRG Site Database
    NSD Norton System Doctor Sensors Configuration (Symantec)
    NSD Nero Super Video CD Compilation (Nero AG)
    NSDF NevoSoftDB Standard Format Database File (NevoSoft)
    NSF Notes Database (IBM)
    NSF NES Sound File
    NSG Notes Database (Older Form) (IBM)
    NSH Notes Database (Older Form) (IBM)
    NSH Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) Header/Include File
    NSI Install System Script (Nullsoft)
    NSI Symantec Shared File
    NSI NewsStand Reader (NewsStand, Inc.)
    NSK NaShrinK Archive (NashSoft Systems)
    NSL Nokia Phone Startup Logo (Nokia)
    NSM NESticle Movie
    NSO NetStudio Easy Web Graphics File
    NSO Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited)
    NSP Multi-Speech Sound File (Kay Elemetrics Corp.)
    NSP Computerized Speech Lab Audio Speech Format (Kay Elemetrics Corp.)
    NSR Nessus Project
    NSR Nikon Capture Size and Resolution File (Nikon Inc.)
    NSS Norton ScreenSaver Module
    NST Audio
    NST Noise Tracker Music Module
    NSV Winamp3 Video Format File
    NSV Nullsoft (Streaming|S as in Soft) Video (Nullsoft, Inc.)
    NSX SuccessWare SIX 3.00 Compound Index File
    NSX HiPer-Six Index File
    NSX Apollo Database Engine Index
    NT Windows NT Command Script (Microsoft)
    NT0 Adressmn
    NT1 Adressmn
    NT2 Adressmn
    NT3 Adressmn
    NT6 Orchida Knitting System Universal Flat Knitting Machine Pattern (Orchida Soft)
    NT7 Orchida Knitting System Universal Flat Knitting Machine Pattern (Orchida Soft)
    NTC Nikon Capture Camera Curves Information File (Nikon Inc.)
    NTE Holonote Note
    NTF Notes Database Template (IBM)
    NTF National Transfer Format Map File
    NTH Imagemagick-5.3.2 Visualmagick JBIG File
    NTH Series 60 Theme Studio for Symbian OS Theme File (Nokia)
    NTO NTOScanner
    NTP Neato CD Labels
    NTR Netrun Executable Text File
    NTS Netsend Executable Text File
    NTS Norton Tutorial
    NTS Psion Organiser Notepad File (Psion PLC)
    NTS Norman TurboStore Database Data Storage (Norman ASA)
    NTT CD Label Template
    NTV PatternSmith Import File (Autometrix)
    NTW LVNet - Low Voltage Networks Analysis
    NTW Noteworthy Composer Song File (NoteWorthy Software, Inc.)
    NTX NTX Web Audio File
    NTX CARIS Marine Navigation Info
    NTX Clipper Index
    NTX Network Terminal Accelerator Adapter Card Configuration Information
    NTX yEnc32 yEncoded File
    NTX PIMS Notes for Windows CE Text Note File (Nacetech Co., Ltd.)
    NTZ InVircible Directory Integrity Information
    NU4 Norton Utilities DLL Root File (Symantec)
    NU6 Norton Utilities System DLL File
    NUF Procomm Plus New User Message
    NUG .nugthat Player Nugget File (Nuggets Unlimited, Inc.)
    NUL CCS-lib.2 ACS File
    NUL Grand Theft Auto (Playstation 2) Game File (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
    NULL NULL Image
    NUM DOS 7 File
    NUM Guitar Chords in Nashville Numbering System Format
    NUM Nikon Capture Unsharp Mask File (Nikon Inc.)
    NUP NOD32 Digitally Signed Update File (Eset)
    NUT .nugthat Player (Nuggets Unlimited, Inc.)
    NUV MythTV NuppelVideo Video File
    NV Juno Access Number Info File (Juno Online Services, Inc.)
    NV Visicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile Memory Backup File
    NV! Net Transport Partial Download (Exciting Software)
    NV3 Visicontrol MVS-30/35/40 Flash-Memory Backup File
    NVC NeroVision Express Project File (Nero AG)
    NVC Nikon Capture Vignette Correction Information File (Nikon Inc.)
    NVD AOLpress Help
    NVD NetworkView Network Discovery
    NVF Nomad II Voice File (Creative Technology, Ltd.)
    NVF Visicontrol MVS-20 Non-Volatile Memory Backup File
    NVM AOLpress Help
    NVR NeverForget Reminder File (National Creative Registry, Inc.)
    NVV Nvidia Vertex Shader (Nvidia)
    NVX2 The Nebula Device 2 Mesh Resource File in Binary Format (RadonLabs GmbH)
    NW NoteWorthy 2 File
    NW Graal Level (Cyberjoueurs)
    NW Dispatch Northwest Timetable File (Scott Andrew Borton)
    NW3 Netware.3x File
    NW4 Netware.4x File
    NWB Nikon Capture White Balance File (Nikon Inc.)
    NWC NavisWorks File
    NWC Noteworthy Composer Song File (NoteWorthy Software, Inc.)
    NWD NavisWorks File
    NWF NavisWorks File
    NWID NeoEngine (Reality Rift Studios)
    NWS Newsmaster or Newsmaster II Data File
    NWS Outlook Express News File (Microsoft)
    NWS Creatacard Newsletter or Photo Album or Presentation or Report Cover or Resume Project (Broderbund)
    NWV Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Profile File (Scansoft, Inc.)
    NWX NWX Editor (TheOutlawDad)
    NWX Outlaws Choreography (LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC)
    NW_ Noteworthy Compressed Audio File
    NXD ndxCards Index Card Project (TruTamil LLC)
    NXT NeXT Sound File
    NY Nyquist Plug-in
    NYF Mybase Database (WJJ Software)
    NYM Sheffield Dictionary File
    NZ Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
    NZB newzBin USENET Index
    NZL Corel Painter Nozzle File


    O Object File
    O UNIX/GCC Object File
    O Origin C Compiled Program File (OriginLab)
    O Free Pascal Object FIle for Linux or DOS Version (FPC Development Team)
    O$$ Output File
    O$$ Sprint Outfile
    O01 Typhoon Voice File
    O1 Free Pascal Object File for GO321v1 Platform (FPC Development Team)
    O2C Objects to See 3D File Format (mb Software AG)
    O8O Mediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 File
    OAB Outlook Address Book (Microsoft)
    OAF ETH Oberon Applet File
    OAF Outrage Animation Rows
    OAF Flight Simulator Texture File (Microsoft)
    OAZ NetFax Manager OAZ Fax File
    OB IMB LinkWay Object File
    OB ABF Outlook Backup Backup File (ABF software, Inc.)
    OB$ Compressed OBJ (Microsoft)
    OB1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File
    OBA Timespace X100 Digital Video Recorder Video File (Electronics Services Agency)
    OBD Office Binder Document (Microsoft)
    OBD Oracle Forms Online Help File (Oracle)
    OBE Out Of Box Experience
    OBE System DLL Oobe File
    OBJ Metatools Object Bryce Support File
    OBJ Relocatable Object Code
    OBJ Wavefront 3D Object
    OBJ LightWave 3D Object (NewTek)
    OBK Ubi Soft Chessmaster Opening Book File
    OBK Oxygen Phone Manager Phone Book (Oxygen Software)
    OBN Oberon-2 Module Source File
    OBP Bryce 5 Object Preset (Corel Corporation)
    OBPACK ObjectBar Object Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    OBR C++ Object Browser Data File (Borland Software Corporation)
    OBS ObjectScript Script
    OBS OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File
    OBSKIN ObjectBar Skin File (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    OBT Office Binder Template (Microsoft)
    OBTHEME ObjectBar Theme File
    OBTHEME ObjectBar Theme File (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
    OBV ObjectScript Visual Interface
    OBX Rational XDE (IBM)
    OBZ Office Binder Wizard (Microsoft)
    OCA Control Typelib Cache (Microsoft)
    OCA OLE Custom Control Library Information
    OCA Visual Basic Control Typelib Cache
    OCB Origin Precompiled Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
    OCC DB/TextWorks Database Terms and Words
    OCC OptControlCentre Model File
    OCD OCAD Digitized Map (Steinegger Software)
    OCE Brio Query (Hyperion Solutions Corporation)
    OCF Object Craft File
    OCF OM2Cipher File
    OCM AOL Advertising Control File (America Online, Inc.)
    OCM Internet Odyssey 2 Update
    OCM Netscape Communicator Aim File
    OCP Advanced Art Studio
    OCP Offline Commander Project File
    OCR FAXGrapper FAX Text File
    OCS eDoc DigiSign Digitally Signed Document (Fujitsu Denmark)
    OCT Octalizer Musical File
    OCT Radiance Octree Format
    OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension (Microsoft)
    OC_ Doko Compressed Install File
    OD1 Omnis5 Database File
    OD2 Omnis5 Database File
    OD3 Omnis5 Database File
    OD4 Omnis5 Database File
    OD5 Omnis5 Database File
    OD6 Omnis5 Database File
    OD7 Omnis5 Database File
    OD8 Omnis5 Database File
    OD9 Omnis5 Database File
    ODA CALS Group IV Type 2 Raster Image
    ODA ODA Document
    ODA Used with OCX
    ODA AIBO Audio Voice (Sony)
    ODB ArcView Object Database ASCII File (ESRI)
    ODB Psion Organiser Datafile and LZ Diary File (Psion PLC)
    ODB OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Database (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODB ABAQUS File (ABAQUS, Inc.)
    ODC Office Data Connection
    ODC OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Chart (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODCCUBEFILE Office Data Connection
    ODCDATABASEFILE Office Data Connection
    ODCNEWFILE Office Data Connection
    ODCTABLEFILE Office Data Connection
    ODE Office Object Data Embedding File (Microsoft)
    ODF BattleZone Cartographers Guild File
    ODF OnkoS Data (OnkoS)
    ODF Open Document Interchange (ODIF)
    ODF Star Trek Armada Ship/Structure Infomation
    ODF OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Formula (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODG OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Graphics Document (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODH Odigo History File (Comverse, Inc. a part of Comverse Technology)
    ODI OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Image (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
    ODL Object Definition Language
    ODL Visual C++ Type Library Source (Interface Definition Language File) (Microsoft)
    ODM Opendisc Software (Opendisc)
    ODM OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Global Text Document (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODP Oedipus
    ODP OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Presentation (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODS NCompass Labs Internet Script
    ODS Outlook Express Mailbox (Microsoft)
    ODS OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Spreadsheet (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODT OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Text Document (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    ODT MindRender Virtual Reality Explorer Kit (VREK) Object File Format (Themekit Systems Ltd.)
    ODU Odigo User File (Comverse, Inc. a part of Comverse Technology)
    ODZ IBM OpenDoc Editor Package File
    OEB Outlook Express Backup Wizard
    OEM OEM Data Used During Device Install
    OEM SB_AWE Keys SB_NT File
    OEM Text Listing of Supported OEM Devices for WinNT
    OF Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
    OF LessDATA Video System OneFile File
    OF MicroImages Outline Font (MicroImages, Inc.)
    OFC Open Financial Connectivity File
    OFD ObjectView Form Defintion
    OFD OfficeForms Form Data File (Toplevel Computing)
    OFF 3D Mesh Object File Format
    OFF Vector Graphic
    OFM Embroidery Design File
    OFM Font (Adobe)
    OFM OmniForm Form File
    OFM PostScript Font Description File
    OFM OfficeForms Blank Form File (Toplevel Computing)
    OFN Office FileNew File (Microsoft)
    OFR OptimFROG Encoded Audio (Florin Ghido)
    OFT Outlook Item Template (Microsoft)
    OFX Olicom Fax
    OFX Open Financial Exchange File
    OGF OnkoS Graphic File (OnkoS)
    OGF Outrage Graphic Rows
    OGG Ogg Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV File
    OGG Origin Graphic File (OriginLab)
    OGG Salt Lake City Game File
    OGL Overlay Source Code
    OGM Ogg Vorbis Compressed Video File
    OGM Origin Matrix File (OriginLab)
    OGO OriginPro Graphic Object File (OriginLab)
    OGS Origin Script File (OriginLab)
    OGW Origin Worksheet File (OriginLab)
    OGX C++ Component Gallery Exported Classes and Resources (Borland Software Corporation)
    OH Overhoor ( DrillAssistant) List (Efkasoft)
    OH4 Overhoor ( DrillAssistant) List (Efkasoft)
    OHC OpenHelp Table of Contents File (Borland Software Corporation)
    OHI OpenHelp Index (Borland Software Corporation)
    OHL OpenHelp Link (Borland Software Corporation)
    OHP DOS 7 File
    OHP OpenHelp Project File (Borland Software Corporation)
    OHS Bink Outbound History
    OHW Overhoor ( DrillAssistant) List (Efkasoft)
    OID Prosa/OM Object Interaction Diagram
    OIF QuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange File
    OIK Lenné3D Plant Distribution File (Lenné3D GmbH i.G.)
    OIL Open Image Library Format
    OIX Lenné3D Plant Distribution File (Lenné3D GmbH i.G.)
    OJP 3WayPack (The Three-Mode Company)
    OKS OKScript File (Mike Mardesich)
    OKT Oktalyzer Tracker Module
    OKX OKScript File (Mike Mardesich)
    OLB MS Project Object Library
    OLB PSpice Capture Symbols Models (OrCAD)
    OLB VAX Object Library
    OLB Medical Terminology Challenge Data File (Delmar Learning)
    OLD Old Version
    OLE Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Object
    OLF OyezForms Legal Documents (UK) (Oyez)
    OLI Olivetti Text File
    OLK MS Mail Mailbag Lock
    OLK Outlook Address Book (Microsoft)
    OLL TrialDirector Object Load List
    OLN Visual C++ Outline Examples (Microsoft)
    OLT Visual C++ Outline Examples (Microsoft)
    OLV OnLive! Traveler Sound File (The Digital Space Commons)
    OLV OyezForms Legal Documents (UK) (Oyez)
    OM Omicron Compiler File
    OMA Sony Music Format File (Sony)
    OMD Prosa/OM Class Model
    OMF Open Media Format File
    OMG OpenMG Jukebox (Sony)
    OMN Omnipotent, Inc. Collection File
    OMO Oracle Media Objects File
    OMS Briggs Softworks Order Maven
    OMS Macintosh MP3 Music Format
    OMS Omega Downloader Configuration File
    OMX OMAX Make Tool Path File (OMAX Corporation)
    OMX Ots Media Library (Ots Labs Pty Ltd)
    ON Audio Utility Tuningwrench Compressed File
    OND Notes Database (IBM)
    ONE docPointer Visual ReadMe File (docPointer)
    ONE OneNote Note File (Microsoft)
    ONE EdgeCAM Licensing Data Ffile (Pathtrace Engineering Systems)
    ONF Open Navigation Format File
    ONX Onyx Graphics Postershop File
    OO Free Pascal Object File for OS/2 Version (FPC Development Team)
    OOM Shroom Swap File
    OOP OOP Packer Archive (TonyTown Software Ltd.)
    OP Rescue Disk File
    OP Origin Preprocessed Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
    OP2 Musplay 1.72 File
    OP2 Outpost 2 Saved Game
    OPA Psion OPL Object File (Psion PLC)
    OPC Beta 44 Job File
    OPC Office Upgrade Control File (Microsoft)
    OPC Omron OPC Client File
    OPD OmniPage Document (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    OPD Durango Interferometry Software Document (Diffraction International)
    OPF Flip Album File
    OPF KEPServerEX Project Configuration File (Kepware Technologies Inc.)
    OPF Gemstar eBook Publisher Package (Gemstar eBook)
    OPF Obsidium Project File (Obsidium Software)
    OPI OmniPass Exported User (Softex, Inc.)
    OPJ OrCad Project File
    OPJ Origin Project File (OriginLab)
    OPJ OmniPage Schedule (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    OPK Origin Origin Pack File (OriginLab)
    OPL Psion Organiser Programming Language Source File (Psion PLC)
    OPM Quadrox Digital CCTV System Components
    OPN Exact Active Options
    OPN Court Opinion File (Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts)
    OPN Rebel Strip Poker Opponent File (Rebel Software)
    OPN Strip Poker Deluxe Opponent File (Eagle Rock Enterprises, Inc.)
    OPO Psion OPL Output Executable File (Psion PLC)
    OPO Psion Organiser OPL Code (Psion PLC)
    OPP IPhoto File (Keronsoft)
    OPS Office Profile Settings File (Microsoft)
    OPS Dynamite VSP Object Placement Style (3am Solutions (UK) Limited)
    OPT Delphi Project Options (Borland Software Corporation)
    OPT Developer Studio File Workspace Options (Microsoft)
    OPT Options/Configuration
    OPT ProWORX Nxt List Module Option File (Schneider Electric)
    OPT QEMM Optimize
    OPT Segue SilkTest Option Set File
    OPT Psion Organiser OPL Source (Psion PLC)
    OPT pcAnywhere Option Set File
    OPW OrgPlus Organization Chart (HumanConcepts, LLC)
    OPX OrgPlus Organization Chart (HumanConcepts, LLC)
    OPX Exact Inactive Options
    OPX Flip Album File
    OPX OPL Extension DLL
    OPX OrgChart Organization Diagram (Microsoft)
    OPX Psion Organiser Programming Language (Psion PLC)
    OQY Excel OLAP Query File (Microsoft)
    OR2 Organizer Ver 2 File (IBM)
    OR3 Organizer 97 File (IBM)
    OR4 Organizer (IBM)
    OR5 Organizer (IBM)
    OR6 Organizer Data File (IBM)
    OR8 Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report (IBM)
    ORA Oracle 7 Configuration
    ORC MIDI File
    ORC Oracle 7 Script
    ORC Digital Orchestrator Plus Sound File (Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.)
    ORD BC45 Owl File
    ORD OMAX Make Tool Path File (OMAX Corporation)
    ORE 3WayPack (The Three-Mode Company)
    ORF Descent 3 Outrage Room Format
    ORF Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File
    ORG Organiser (IBM)
    ORG Microcal Origin Plot
    ORG Netmino File
    ORG Origin File
    ORI Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit 2 File
    ORI Original
    ORIG Gen Original File
    ORIGINAL Netobjects Fusion Components BBScomp Message File
    ORO 3WayPack (The Three-Mode Company)
    OS3 OS/2 Warp 3 File
    OSC Formula One 2001 Options File
    OSC Fruitypro Samples SS_effects File
    OSC Remote Installation Services Client Installation Wizard File (Microsoft)
    OSD Open Software Description File (Microsoft)
    OSD SoftGrid Program Description (Softricity, Inc.)
    OSF Distribution Bin File
    OSF Descent 3 Sound File (Outrage Entertainment)
    OSF Opera Skin (Opera Software ASA)
    OSG OSG321 Software Application Data File
    OSI Osiris Database (The Shmoo Group)
    OSI SunNet OSI Description File (Sun)
    OSL OckamSoft Log File (Ockam Instruments, Inc.)
    OSS Office Saved Search (Microsoft)
    OST Exchange Offline File (Microsoft)
    OST Outlook Offline File (Microsoft)
    OST Tivoli Storage Manager File (IBM)
    OTB Nokia Phone Graphics Editor (Nokia)
    OTB On-the-air Bitmap
    OTC OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Chart Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTF OnkoS Text Data File (OnkoS)
    OTF Open Type Font Format
    OTF OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Formula Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTG OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Graphics Document Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTH Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
    OTH Origin Graph Properties File (OriginLab Corporation)
    OTH OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) HTML Text Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTHERFOLDER Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
    OTI OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Image Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTL Fookes Super NoteTab Template File
    OTL NoteTab Outline
    OTL OpenTrap Event Log
    OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
    OTL Z-Soft Type Foundry Font
    OTM Origin Matrix Template File (OriginLab)
    OTM Outlook VBA Module (Microsoft)
    OTM IMSI Micro Cookbook File (IMSI)
    OTN OmniPage Training File (ScanSoft, Inc.)
    OTP Origin Graphic Template File (OriginLab)
    OTP Top Secret Crypto Gold One Time Pad Key File (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
    OTP OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Presentation Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTS OtsJuke Sound File
    OTS OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Spreadsheet Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTT Nokia Phone Ring Tone (Nokia)
    OTT OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Ver 2) Text Document Template (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
    OTW Origin Worksheet Template File (OriginLab)
    OTX Olivetti Olitext Plus File
    OU! OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Outbound Messages Online
    OUT Outlines or Output File
    OUT OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Outbound Messages
    OUT Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    OUT NovaBACKUP Backup Set (NovaStor Corporation)
    OUT MyInfo Documnet/Outline (Milenix Software)
    OUT 3WayPack (The Three-Mode Company)
    OUV Sphinx Open Ended Responses (Le Sphinx Développement)
    OV OpenInsight Database Overflow File (Revelation Software)
    OV OrgPlus OrgViewer File (HumanConcepts, LLC)
    OV1 Program File - Overlay
    OV2 Program File - Overlay
    OV3 Program File - Overlay
    OVA Sierra Web Studio Graphic
    OVA Web Studio Project Page (Back To The Beach Software, LLC)
    OVB OnkoS Vocabulary Backup File (OnkoS)
    OVD ObjectVision Datafile (Application) (Borland Software Corporation)
    OVE Cakewalk Overture Score (Cakewalk)
    OVL Program File - Overlay
    OVL RollerCoaster Tycoon Program Sprite (Atari)
    OVM BHV Tonstudio Platin File
    OVR Program File - Overlay
    OVW Cool Edit Pro Overview File
    OVW Cubase .WAV File Image (Steinberg)
    OVW DIANA Overview File
    OVX Psion Oval Control (Psion PLC)
    OW Free Pascal Object File for Windows Version (FPC Development Team)
    OWD OpenWire Project
    OWF OnkoS Wave Data File (OnkoS)
    OWL BC45 Owl File
    OWS Web Studio Project File (Back To The Beach Software, LLC)
    OX Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language File
    OXB OlapX Report Portfolio (OlapX Software)
    OXC OlapX Cube Definition File (OlapX Software)
    OXL OMEGA Product Suite File
    OXO DB-MAIN Compiled Voyager-2 Program
    OXO Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language File
    OXV OlapX Local View File (OlapX Software)
    OYB Organize Your Beanie Babies Data File
    OYZ Lotus Approach Alternate dBASE Index
    OZF2 OziExplorer Map (Des & Lorraine Newman)
    OZFX3 OziExplorer Image File (Des & Lorraine Newman)
    OZM Sharp Organizer Memo Bank
    OZP Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank


    P Applause Picture
    P Cliq Accessories Datebook Permissions
    P PASCAL Program File
    P Progress Database Procedure File (Progress Software)
    P ReaGeniX Code Generator Application Parameter File
    P ZX81 Image File
    P00 C64 Emulator Program File
    P01 Toast CD Image
    P01 Parity Volume Set
    P02 Parity Volume Set
    P03 Parity Volume Set
    P04 Parity Volume Set
    P05 Parity Volume Set
    P06 Parity Volume Set
    P07 Parity Volume Set
    P08 Parity Volume Set
    P09 Parity Volume Set
    P1 MicroImages Print Driver File (MicroImages, Inc.)
    P10 Certificate Request
    P10 Tektronix Plot 10 Drawing
    P10 PKCS #7 Certificate
    P12 Personal Information Exchange File
    P16 ProTracker Studio Music
    P1C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    P1I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    P22 Patch22 Patch File
    P2A IBM Voice Type Language Vocabels File
    P2C IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    P2C pic2clik Photo Album
    P2D PointLineCAD 2D Drawing - 2D Document (Point Line, Inc.)
    P2I IBM Voice Type Language Newuser File
    P2L PointLineCAD 2D Drawing Layer (Point Line, Inc.)
    P2M Peer2Mail Archive Part and Definition (SoftBulldog)
    P2P PeerGuardian IP Blocking List (Methlabs)
    P2P Picture to Part Data File (GraphiTech Ltd.)
    P3 Primavera Project Planner Project File (Primavera Systems, Inc.)
    P34 P34 Lotto File
    P3C IBM Voice Type Language New User File
    P3C Primavera Project Planner Compressed Backup (Primavera Systems, Inc.)
    P3D 3D Graphic
    P3D Operation Flashpoint Game Model
    P3D PointLineCAD 3D Drawing - 3D Document Manager File (Point Line, Inc.)
    P3E PC-Doctor File
    P3I PC-Doctor File
    P3L PointLineCAD 3D Drawing Layer (Point Line, Inc.)
    P3P Platform for Privacy Preferences
    P56 Patch
    P5W Ressource
    P64 H.261 Encoded Video File
    P64 Picasso 64
    P65 PageMaker Version 6.5 File (Adobe)
    P7 XV Visual Schnauzer Thumbnail Format
    P7B PKCS #7 Certificate
    P7C PKCS #7 Certificate
    P7M PKCS #7 MIME Message
    P7R PKCS #7 Certificate
    P7S PKCS #7 Signature
    PA Print Artist Project
    PA1 PageAhead Worktable
    PA2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PA3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PA3 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PA4 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PA5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PA5 Turbo Pascal DOS File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PAA Personal Ancestral File (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft)
    PAC LPAC Lossless Compressed Audio (Tilman Liebchen)
    PAC Desperados: Wanted D|A Archive
    PAC Photo-CD Multi-resolution Image File
    PAC Pacman File
    PAC Sound Blaster Studio II Package
    PAC STAD Graphic
    PAC Win2020 / Polistream Video Subtitle Data (Screen Subtitling Systems Ltd.)
    PAC Windows Applications Manager Added or Changed Package
    PAC CrossePAC Compressed Archive (Digital Strategies, Inc.)
    PAC SBStudio Song + Sound Package
    PACKAGE The Sims 2 DBPF Resource Package (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    PAD MicroSim PCBoard PADS-compatible Netlist File
    PAD Scanner Output
    PAD Telemate Keypad Definition
    PAD Top Secret Crypto Gold True One Time Pad File (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
    PAD Visual Expert Source Code Documentation
    PAD Digital Paper Description
    PAE PowerArchiver 20002 Encrypted Archive
    PAE Projet Personal AVI Editor
    PAF Ensoniq PARIS Audio Format (E-MU)
    PAF Personal Ancestral File Family Database (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    PAG Lmsoft-Hypermedia Page
    PAG Property Page File
    PAG Visual Basic Property Page File
    PAG Psion Organiser Pager File (Psion PLC)
    PAINT MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
    PAK Compressed Archive File
    PAK Dune 2 Archive
    PAK Final Fantasy VIII (Square Enix Co., Ltd)
    PAK Half Life Archive
    PAK Hand of Fate Archive
    PAK Heretic 2 Archive
    PAK Hexen 2 Archive
    PAK Infonie File
    PAK Lands of Lore Archive
    PAK Quake 2 Archive
    PAK Quake Archive
    PAK Trickstyle Archive
    PAK Daikatana
    PAL Color Palette (Microsoft)
    PAL Command & Conquer File
    PAL Compressed File
    PAL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    PAL Lotus Freelance
    PAL PageMaker Library Palette (Adobe)
    PAL Personal Ancestral File
    PAL Protos Process Model (Pallas Athena)
    PAL Tree Professional Palm Creator File
    PAL ZX Spectrum-Emulator
    PAL Dr. Halo Palette
    PAL Rise of Nations Campaign Media File (Microsoft)
    PALM Palm Pixmap
    PALM Programming
    PAM Tonline Ob4hbci Smartupdate File
    PAM Personal Ancestral File (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    PAN Chromeleon Control Panel
    PAN CorelDraw Printer-specific File
    PAN Infinite Pictures, Inc. iMove Viewer
    PAN SmoothMove Pan Viewer
    PAN The Panorama Factory Project
    PANDO Pando Package (Pando Networks)
    PAP Corel Painter Pattern, Selection or Texture File
    PAP Tree Professional Palm Creator Image File
    PAQ HP System Recovery File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    PAQ Quantum Archive
    PAR Digitalk Parts Application
    PAR Fractint Parameter File
    PAR ImageZoom Parameter File (Scalado)
    PAR Mirror Archive Restoration File
    PAR Model Parameter File
    PAR Parity Volume Sets (.P01,...)
    PAR POV-Ray Parameter File
    PAR SAP Enterprise Portal Component
    PAR SmartPar
    PAR SolidEdge 3D CAD Model
    PAR Windows 3.x Permanent Output (Swap) File
    PAR FMS Flight Characteristics File (Roman & Michael Möller)
    PAR Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
    PAR2 Parity Archive Volume Set
    PARAM Kosima Scripts File
    PART eDonkey 2000 Partial Download
    PART Partial Go!Zilla Download
    PART eMule Plus Partial Download (eMule Team)
    PART1 Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
    PART2 Netobjects Fusion Netobjects System File
    PAS C++ Builder 6 Source (Borland Software Corporation)
    PAS Pascal Source Code
    PAS Delphi Source (Borland Software Corporation)
    PASS Quiz Editor Password Protected File (Minimouse)
    PAT Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Patch File
    PAT Arcinfo Coverage
    PAT ArcView Geocoding Pattern Recognition File (ESRI)
    PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PAT Corel Vector Pattern (Corel)
    PAT DART Pro 98 Pattern
    PAT MultiMate 3.3
    PAT File Investigator Pattern File
    PAT Forte Technologies Patch File
    PAT GIMP Pattern (The GIMP Team)
    PAT Hatch Patterns Photostyler
    PAT Paint Shop Pro Pattern (Corel Corporation)
    PAT Patch File
    PAT Polygon Attribute Table
    PAT Smash Simulator Test Pattern
    PAT Sound
    PAT US Patent and Trademark Office Bitmap
    PAT Vector Pattern
    PAT WarHack Warcraft2 exePatch Utility
    PAT Fast-Talk Phonetic Audio Track (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.)
    PAT Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
    PAT Photoshop Pattern File (Adobe)
    PAT PatternSmith Cutting Pattern File (Autometrix)
    PAT Palace Server Rooms Configuration File (Communities.com)
    PAT PCStitch Pattern (M&R Technologies, Inc.)
    PAT Train Simulator Track Path (Microsoft Corporation)
    PATCH General Patch File
    PATTERN Photoline5 Defaults File
    PAU OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Paused Message
    PAV Panda Antivirus File
    PAV MediaMatrix Peavey Architectural View (Peavey Electronics)
    PAV???? Panda Antivirus File
    PAX Project A.R.S.E Brain File
    PAX Pick Ax Secure Graphic File (Smaller Animals Software, Inc.)
    PAX Personal Ancestral File (Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    PAY PriorityRate (Priority Data Sytems)
    PAZ Project A.R.S.E Brain File
    PB FAXability Fax
    PB PixBase Setup
    PB PureBasic Source Code (Fantaisie Software)
    PB PowerBASIC Configuration (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PB Proboard Configuration
    PB WinFax Pro Phone Book (Symantec)
    PB PuffBOMB Extra Level File (Sykhronics)
    PB PocketCache Backup File (Kadena Systems, Inc.)
    PB1 First Publisher Document
    PB2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PB2 OrindaBuild Configuration (Orinda Software Ltd)
    PBA PowerBASIC Source Code (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBA Process Panel Builder (ABB Ltd)
    PBB MS Mail Address Information File
    PBD Faxit Phone Book
    PBD Graphic Format (Adobe)
    PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic Library
    PBD Epicentric Portal Server Module Java Bean (Vignette Corporation)
    PBF Portable Bitmap Format File
    PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
    PBF Grand Prix Legends BMAP (Bitmap) File
    PBF Paragon Disk Image
    PBF PBook E-book Format
    PBH PowerBASIC Help File (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBI PowerBASIC Include File (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBI Profiler Binary Input (Microsoft)
    PBI PC-BSD Setup File (PC-BSD Software)
    PBK ElectraSoft Fax Phone Book
    PBK HP-95LX Phone Book File
    PBK Phonebook (Microsoft)
    PBL PowerBASIC Library (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBL PowerBuilder Source Code Library (Sybase)
    PBL Publitor Data File (Soho Soho Ltd.)
    PBM UNIX Portable Bitmap Graphic
    PBMP Pilot Bitmap
    PBMV Portable Bitmap File
    PBN Portable Bridge Notation
    PBO Operation Flashpoint Archive
    PBO OpFlashpoint Game Mission Folder
    PBO Profiler Binary Output
    PBOB Vbox Preview (Aladdin Knowledge Systems)
    PBP Perl Builder File
    PBP PSP Firmware Update Image (Sony Corporation of America)
    PBP Phoenix Visual Designer Project (Prometheus Software)
    PBPROJ Project Builder Project (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PBQ Audio
    PBQ PunkBuster Query Script
    PBR BI/Suite Hypercube Presentation
    PBR BorderManager 3.5 Support Pack 3 File
    PBR PowerBuilder Resource
    PBR PowerBuilder Resource File
    PBR Publisher Autosave/Autorecovery/Backup File (Microsoft)
    PBR PowerBASIC Resource File (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBS Paint Shop Pro Brush Stroke Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PBS PowerArchiver Backup Script
    PBT Micro Dynamics MARS
    PBT Profiler Binary Table
    PBTPL PowerBASIC Template (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PBV Paint Shop Pro Bevel Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PBX Outlook Express Message Folder
    PC PC-specific Text File
    PC Postcard
    PC Sierra Print Artist Postcard
    PC Oracle Pro*C Source Code (Oracle)
    PC Personal Composer Musical Notation (Personal Composer Inc.)
    PC1 Degas & Degas Elite
    PC2 AutoCAD R14 Plotter Configuration (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PC2 Degas & Degas Elite
    PC2 PrivateChat!
    PC2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PC3 AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Configuration (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PC3 Degas & Degas Elite
    PC3 Harvard Graphics Custom Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    PC3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PC5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
    PC5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PC8 ASCII Text IBM-8
    PC8 NewWave Write ASCII IBM8 Character Set
    PC? 2D Graphic
    PCA MicroSim PCBoard Layout Database File
    PCA PCAnywhere Registry Backup
    PCA Sonic Foundry Perfect Clarity Audio File (Sony)
    PCB ACCEL or Protel Printed Circuit Board File
    PCB Broderbund Print Shop Business Card
    PCB Ivex Winboard Design File
    PCB PADS Printed Circuit Board (Mentor Graphics Corp.)
    PCB P-CAD Database (Altium Limited)
    PCB PC-Doctor File
    PCB PowerPoint Application Data File (Microsoft)
    PCB Print Shop Deluxe Business Card
    PCB Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
    PCB ExpressPCB Printed Circuit Board Layout (ExpressPCB)
    PCC PC Checkup System Information
    PCC PC Paintbrush Cutout Picture Vector Graphic (Zsoft)
    PCC PC Paintbrush Image File
    PCC VideoCraft GIF
    PCD Images CD Creator Corel Adaptec
    PCD P-Code Compiled Test Scripts
    PCD Photo-CD Image (Kodak)
    PCD Visual Test (Microsoft)
    PCDS Photo-CD Image
    PCE Borland Package Collection Editor File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PCE Eudora Mailbox Name Map
    PCE Mail Signature
    PCE PC-Doctor File
    PCE Print Shop Envelope
    PCE PC Engine
    PCF Calyx Point
    PCF HP-95LX Printer Configuration File
    PCF Paint Shop Pro Colored Foil Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PCF Profiler Command File
    PCF UNIX Font File
    PCF Cisco VPN Client Configuration (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
    PCF Process Charter Data (Scitor Corporation)
    PCF DD PrintCenter Document (Imagetech Corporation, Ltd.)
    PCG Photo CD Graphic File
    PCG TRITON Le or Karma Music Workstation Ver. 1.x and 2.x Synthesizer File (KORG)
    PCH C PreCompiled Header (Microsoft)
    PCH Patch File
    PCI PC-Doctor File
    PCI Windows PCI Miniport file (Microsoft)
    PCI1 WinControl DCX-AT3000 Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
    PCI3 WinControl DCX-AT3000 Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
    PCJ IBM Linkaway-Live Multimedia Tool Graphics
    PCK ARIA PIPP Spectrum
    PCK Commandos II File
    PCK Package
    PCK Turbo Pascal Pick File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PCL 2D Graphic Page Control Language
    PCL HP Printer Control Language (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    PCLF PC MightyMax Offline Licensing File (PC MightyMax, Inc.)
    PCM Bliss for Windows (Handicom)
    PCM Embroidery Design File
    PCM Image Photoline
    PCM LaserJet Printer Cartridge Metric (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
    PCM OKI MSM6376 Synth Chip PCM Format
    PCM Sound File
    PCN Paint Shop Pro Contour Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PCP AutoCAD R13 and Prior Plotter Configuration (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PCP PC Paint (DOS) Bitmap Image
    PCP Symantec Live Update Pro
    PCR Creatacard Post Card Project (Broderbund)
    PCR PCMark Benchmark File (Futuremark Corp.)
    PCS Apple Macintosh PICT File Animation (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PCS Painter4 PICT File
    PCS Pfaff Home Embroidery Format (Pfaff)
    PCS PICS Animation
    PCS PowerPoint ClipArt Gallery Picture Storage (Microsoft)
    PCS Ultra Zip Password Cracker (UZPC)
    PCT Bitmap Graphic
    PCT Clipart ClarisWorks
    PCT Honeywell GUS Display Builder
    PCT Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
    PCT PC Paint Bitmap
    PCU PC MightyMax Undo File (PC MightyMax, Inc.)
    PCU XProfan Compiled Unit (Roland G. Hülsmann)
    PCV MozBackup Backup (Pavel Cvrcek)
    PCV PC Upgrade Commander (V Communications, Inc.)
    PCV Move Me Moving Van (Spearit Software)
    PCW PC Write Text File
    PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
    PD Male MRI
    PD Paradox Table
    PD1 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
    PD2 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
    PD3 3ds Max (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PD3 Denso BHT-7000 Terminal Executable Program File
    PD3 ICDD X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns and Digitized Diffractogram
    PD3 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
    PD4 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
    PD5 DFSee Partition Table and Boot Sector Backup (Fsys Software)
    PDA Print Shop Bitmap Graphic
    PDB Protein Databank File
    PDB C64 Emulator File
    PDB Insight II Brookhaven Protein Databand File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PDB MonkeyCard/MonkeyLogo
    PDB Palmpilot Database/Document File (Palm, Inc.)
    PDB Pegasus DataBase
    PDB Photo Deluxe Image
    PDB PhotoDeluxe Image (Adobe)
    PDB Pilot Image Format
    PDB PowerBuilder Dynamic Library
    PDB PowerDesigner Physical Model Backup
    PDB Powerproject Teamplan
    PDB QuickPOS Database File
    PDB Ribbons Data
    PDB Tact File
    PDB TealPaint
    PDB Visual C++/.NET Program Database File (Microsoft Corporation)
    PDB MolMol Molecule Description File
    PDB PowerBASIC Debugger Symbols (PowerBASIC, Inc.)
    PDB BGBlitz Position Database (Frank Berger)
    PDBX Insight II X-PLOR Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PDC PowerDivX NextGen Media Player Chapter File
    PDC PReS Print Control
    PDD PhotoDeluxe Image (Adobe)
    PDE Principalm Student Information Extract (Discovery Software Ltd.)
    PDES PIPE-FLO Professional Design File Template (Engineered Software)
    PDF Acrobat Portable Document Format (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PDF Analyser Protocol Definition
    PDF ArcView Preferences Definition File (ESRI)
    PDF Ed-Scan 24-bit Graphic File
    PDF Netware Printer Definition File
    PDF Package Definition File
    PDF P-CAD Database Interchange Format (Altium Limited)
    PDF Ventura Publisher EPS-variation Page (Corel Corporation)
    PDG PrintShop Deluxe File
    PDG Print Designer GOLD Data File (CAM Development)
    PDI IBM VideoTex
    PDI PowerPoint Import/Export (Microsoft)
    PDI PReS Document Creation Subroutines
    PDI InstantCopy Disc Image (Pinnacle Systems, Inc.)
    PDL C++ Project Description Language (Borland Software Corporation)
    PDL Print Shop Project
    PDL SymbianOS Printer Driver
    PDL WITE32 File
    PDL Programmable Driver Language (Quovadx, Inc.)
    PDM PowerDivX NextGen Media Player
    PDM Sybase Power Designer File
    PDN Plan de Negocio
    PDN Paint.NET Image
    PDO Access Package Deployment Script (Microsoft)
    PDP Broderbund Print Shop Deluxe File
    PDP Photoshop PDF Format (Adobe)
    PDQ BLUEWAVE Sound File
    PDQ Patton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File
    PDQ PDQ Lite Flowchart
    PDR Port Driver (Microsoft)
    PDR SymbianOS Printer Resource File
    PDS IncrediMail (IncrediMail Ltd.)
    PDS NASA Planetary Data System Format Space Mission Data
    PDS Planetary Data System
    PDS PLDASM Source Code
    PDS Print Shop Graphic
    PDS Source Code File
    PDS Telsis HiCall Program File
    PDS VICAR: Video Image Communication and Retrieval Graphic
    PDT ProCite Primary Database
    PDT VersaPro Compiled Block
    PDT InkWriter/Note Taker Template (Microsoft)
    PDV Paintbrush Printer Driver
    PDW HiJaak Vector Graphics
    PDW Professional Draw Document
    PDX Acrobat Catalog Index (Adobe)
    PDX Mayura Draw
    PDX PageMaker Printer Description (Adobe)
    PDX Paradox Files
    PDX ProCite Database Keys
    PDX PDXplorer IPC-2570 Product Data Exchange Information (Active Sensing, Inc.)
    PDZ GZipped Brookhaven Protein Databank File
    PD_ Visc15 Images Setup File
    PE Microsoft Symbol and Type Information
    PE PatentEase File
    PE Portable Executable File
    PE3 PhotoImpact Image Archive (Ulead)
    PE3 QuickViewer Image Archive
    PE4 Photo Explorer Thumbnail
    PE4 PhotoImpact Image Archive (Ulead)
    PEA Peach Text File
    PEA P-Encryption Suite Archive (CadabraSoftware, Inc.)
    PEB WordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File (Corel)
    PEBPRJ PEBundle File
    PEC Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery Format
    PED WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save (Corel)
    PEG Red Faction II Game Data
    PEH Power Email Harvester (YesGoal LLC)
    PEI Performer Software Encrypted Image (Performer Software)
    PEM Audio Module
    PEM WordPerfect Program Editor Macro (Corel)
    PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate
    PEN Paint Shop Pro Enamel Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PEN io Software Digital Pen Ink File (Logitech, Inc.)
    PEO Homeworld MESH File (Sierra)
    PEP TurboProject Project File
    PEPPER Pepper Keeper Shared Package File (Pepper Computer, Inc.)
    PEQ WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File (Corel)
    PER WordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area (Corel)
    PER Rise of Nations AI File (Microsoft)
    PERL Perl Source File
    PES Brother/Babylock/Bernina Home Embroidery Format
    PES WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File (Corel)
    PET Custom CD Menu
    PET Macintosh PICT Image
    PET Magic Petz File
    PET WordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File (Corel)
    PEW IAR Embedded Workbench
    PEX Proboard Executable Program
    PF Aladdin Systems Private Files Encrypted File
    PF Archive
    PF ICC Profile
    PF Monitor or Printer Profile File
    PF Prefetch (also called Scenario) File (Microsoft)
    PF Progress Database Parameter File (Progress Software)
    PF? SmartWare Project Source File
    PFA Formdef or Pagedef Source Code
    PFA PostScript Unhinted Type 3 Font
    PFA Postscript Type 1 Font
    PFB PostScript Type 1 Font (Adobe)
    PFB DESQview (Symantec)
    PFC AOL Preferences/Favorites/Mail (America Online, Inc.)
    PFC First Choice Text File
    PFC New Soft Presto! Page Manager File
    PFC PF Component
    PFC WordPerfect Perfect Fit Filter (Corel)
    PFD ProForm Database Data Entry File (SoftPro)
    PFD Process (iGrafx (a division of Corel Inc.))
    PFDB Password Fortress Secure Database File (Dunning Software)
    PFDT Password Fortress Database Template (Dunning Software)
    PFE Programmers File Editor
    PFF Armored Fist 3 Archive
    PFF Delta Force Archive (NovaLogic, Inc.)
    PFF Zoomify Image Stream (Zoomify, Inc.)
    PFF Tachyon Archive
    PFF Formatta Filler Portable Form Files (Formatta Corporation)
    PFF Comanche 4
    PFF F22 Lightning 3
    PFG jEEPers Program File
    PFK XTree Programmable Function Keys
    PFL Freelance Graphics DOS Version 4.0 Portfolio Presentation (IBM)
    PFL Paint Shop Pro Fine Leather Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PFL SmartStation AppsView File
    PFL Family Lawyer Data File (Broderbund)
    PFL Quicken Lawyer Data File (Intuit)
    PFL PhotoFiltre Plug-in (Antonio Da Cruz)
    PFL Lenné3D-Player (Lenné3D-Plantage) Plant File (Lenné3D GmbH)
    PFM Printer Font Metrics (Adobe)
    PFP The Panorama Factory Project
    PFR Paint Shop Pro Frame (Corel Corporation)
    PFR WebFont Wizard Portable Font Resource
    PFS BIOCCELERATOR Homologous Sequence Names
    PFS First Publisher ART File
    PFS pfs:File Database / pfs:Write Text
    PFT ChiWriter Printer Font
    PFW Symantec Shared Liveadvisor File
    PFX Amiga Pageflipper Plus F/X Animation (Amiga)
    PFX Personal Information Exchange File
    PFX Rapfile
    PFX PFXplus Application Source Code (POWERflex Corporation)
    PF_ Encore Compressed Audio File
    PG 2D Graphic
    PG IBM LinkWay Cut/Paste File
    PG Printfox/Pagefox
    PGA IBM Professional Graphics Adapter Image
    PGA PowerGREP Action File (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    PGA Solitaire Aztec Peg Backup
    PGB Rayman2 File
    PGC Portable Gaming Notation (PGN) Compressed Format
    PGC Compressed Portfolio Graphic
    PGC Egypt Solitaire Back
    PGD Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Virtual Disk File (PGP Corporation)
    PGE Solitaire Peg Back
    *** PGC Portfolio Graphics Compressed Bitmap
    *** Progressive Graphics File (xeraina GmbH)
    *** PowerGREP File Selection (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    *** GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
    PGI PGraph Library Printer Device Driver
    PGL HP Plotter Language
    PGL PowerGREP Library (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    PGM Chromeleon Batch Program
    PGM Portable Graymap Graphic
    PGM Signature Program
    PGM CGI Program
    PGM RS7000 OS Image (Yahama Corporation)
    PGN Portable Game Notation (PGN)
    PGN Picatinny Arsenal Electronic Formstore Form in TIFF Format
    PGP AutoCAD Program Parameter (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PGP Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Key/Signature File (PGP Corporation)
    PGP Program Parameter
    PGP TBAV File
    PGR PowerGREP Results File (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    PGR Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) PGP Groups (PGP Corporation)
    PGS Man4DOS Manual Page
    PGS PGSuper
    PGS PageStream Document (Grasshopper LCC)
    PGS DALiM LiTHO Vector Page (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
    PGT Sothink Glenda Widget Tools File
    PGU PowerGREP Undo History (JGsoft - Just Great Software)
    PGX Visual Basic Binary Property Page File
    PGZ StreamLync Download Archive (PalmGear)
    PGZ TPDesign ver 1.23 Control System Touch Panel Design (AMX Corporation)
    PG_ Improve Compressed Audio File
    PH Help Compiler Phrase Table
    PH Optimized Geoworks .GOH File
    PH PERL Header
    PH Profan Header File (rgh-soft.de)
    PH AOL Phone Home Data File (America Online, Inc.)
    PH3 PHP Script
    PH4 PHP Script
    PHAPACK PhaPacker Format
    PHB PhotoBase (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    PHB ClustaW Tree File
    PHB NewLeaf PhraseBook
    PHB PhoneB Phonebook File
    PHB TreeView File
    PHC Home Embroidery Format
    PHD PC Help Desk File
    PHD PolyHedra Database
    PHE WinChess Game Record
    PHL Database Configuration File
    PHL Icon Collection File
    PHL PHP Source File
    PHM DN - Lync Phone Book
    PHM Phorm
    PHN Compuserve Signup File
    PHN PhoneFree Internet Telephone
    PHN Phormation
    PHN UltraFax/QmodemPro Phone List
    PHO Metz Phone Phone List
    PHO Gerber Photoplot File
    PHP PhotoParade Slideshow (Callisto Corporation)
    PHP PHP Script
    PHP Picture It! Publishing Project File (Microsoft)
    PHP Presentation
    PHP Creatacard Quick Prints Project (Broderbund)
    PHP3 PHP Script
    PHP4 PHP Script
    PHP5 PHP Script
    PHPS PHP Source (The PHP Group)
    PHPT PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Make Test Test Suite (The PHP Group)
    PHQ Handheld Quake Language File
    PHR LocoScript Phrases (LocoScript Software)
    PHR NoExcuse Phrase Checker
    PHS PHScript File
    PHT Partial Hypertext File
    PHTM PHP Script
    PHTML web-iPerl Document
    PHTML Embedded Perl (ePerl) File
    PHTML PHP Script
    PHW PhotoWebber Session File (Media Lab)
    PHX Phoenix
    PHY Spicemod Asic File
    PHY2 Marathon 2 Game Physics File (Bungie)
    PH_ C Poet Compressed Disk1 File
    PI Blazing Paddles
    PI Image Japan PI
    PI Extension Associated with W32.Sobig.D@mm Worm
    PI$ MS Compressed PIF
    PI1 Degas & Degas Elite
    PI2 Degas & Degas Elite
    PI3 Degas & Degas Elite
    PI4 Degas & Degas Elite
    PI5 Degas & Degas Elite
    PI6 Degas & Degas Elite
    PIC Advanced Art Studio
    PIC Animator PIC/CEL Bitmap (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PIC Bio-Rad Confocal Image (Bio-Rad)
    PIC Delcam Picture File
    PIC Handy Scaner Cameron Image
    PIC IBM Storyboard Bitmap
    PIC Lotus Picture (IBM)
    PIC Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
    PIC Micrografx Draw
    PIC Movie BYU File
    PIC MTV & Rayshade Image
    PIC PC Paint Bitmap Graphic
    PIC Pictor Picture
    PIC Picture
    PIC Pixar Picture
    PIC Psion Series 3 Bitmap (Psion PLC)
    PIC QuickTime Picture (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PIC Radiance Scene Description Image
    PIC Rayshade Graphic
    PIC SDSC Image Tool Pixar Picture
    PIC SoftImage 3D Image
    PIC Softimage
    PIC Stad File
    PICIO Pixar Picture
    PICON Personal Icon
    PICS PICT Drawing Sequence
    PICT Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
    PICT1 Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PICT2 Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
    PICTOR PC Paint Image File
    PID UNIX Process ID File
    PIF GDF Format Vector Image
    PIF IBM PIF Drawing
    PIF Macintosh Compressed File Archive
    PIF OS/2 Graphics Metafile
    PIF Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
    PIG Descent Texture File
    PIG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
    PIG Ricoh IS30
    PIGG City of Heros Virtual Drive Game File (Cryptic Studios)
    PILE chum Test Results (Piletest.com Limited)
    PIM Personal Information Manager File
    PIM PixMaker Project File
    PIM Ultimate Draw Pascal Text Mode Image
    PIM1 Pinnacle Systems Video File (Pinnacle Systems, Inc.)
    PIN Atari ST Graphics Format
    PIN Compton's 3D World Atlas
    PIN Epic Pinball Data File
    PIN ArchiCAD (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
    PIN Links Games Player Information File
    PIN Pushpin Set
    PIN PUDL Coded Split File Particle
    PIP JPEG,JPG,JPE, JFIF,PJPEG Compressed Bitmap Picture
    PIP Office Personalized Menu and Toolbar (Microsoft)
    PIPE PIPE-FLO Professional System Model (Engineered Software)
    PIPL Photoshop 5.0 SDK Samplecode Colorpicker File (Adobe)
    PIQT QuickTime Still (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File
    PIV Pivot Stickfigure Animator Cartoon (Peter Bone)
    PIX Island Graphics
    PIX LUMENA .PIX and .BPX File Formats
    PIX PABX Background Bitmap
    PIX PrintMaster Graphic File
    PIX SDSC Alias/Wavefront RLE Image
    PIX Truevision Targa Bitmap
    PIX Vort
    PIX Alias PIX Bitmap
    PIX ESM Software Pix
    PIX Inset Systems Bitmap or Vector Graphic
    PIXAR Pixar Picture
    PIXELPAINT PixelPaint Professional Ver. 1.0/2.0 Image File
    PIZ Pizza Connection 2 Saved Game (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
    PIZ Pizzicato Music Score (ARPEGE sprl)
    PI_ Compressed PIC or PIF File
    PJ MKS Source Integrity File
    PJ PaintJet PCL Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard)
    PJ Project64 Game Progress File
    PJ SuperProject Project File
    PJD Portfolio 7 Exported Categories File (Extensis, Inc.)
    PJF Photojunction Format File (Photojunction Ltd.)
    PJF iAddress Postal Job File (Flagship Software Ltd.)
    PJG Photo Assistant Image
    PJL ProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
    PJP JPEG Image
    PJPEG JPEG Image
    PJR DVDx Project (labDV)
    PJS Purejapan Viewer
    PJT AcuBench Project File (Acucorp, Inc.)
    PJT Codewright Editor Project (Starbase)
    PJT Foxpro Project Memo (Microsoft)
    PJT Rational Rose Project (IBM)
    PJT Photojunction Template (Photojunction Ltd.)
    PJX Foxpro Project (Microsoft)
    PJX Foxpro Project index
    PJXL PaintJet XL PCL Bitmap (Hewlett-Packard)
    PK Audition Graphical Waveform (Adobe)
    PK LaTeX Compressed Font
    PK TeX DVI Driver Packed Bitmap Font
    PK Text
    PK3 American McGee Alice Archive
    PK3 Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Archive
    PK3 Quake III Engine PAK File (id Software)
    PK3 Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Id Software, Inc.)
    PK3 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
    PK4 Railroad Tycoon 3 Packaged Graphics (PopTop Software Inc.)
    PKA Compressed Archive File
    PKA PointLineCAD 3D Keyframe Animation (Point Line, Inc.)
    PKB Oracle Package Body
    PKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File
    PKC Jython JAR Index File
    PKC ForeignDesk Project Archive
    PKD Top Secret Crypto Gold Compressed File (TAN$TAAFL Software Company)
    PKD Turbo Pascal Compressed DOS Batch File (Borland Software Corporation)
    PKD PowerKaraoke Project File (PAW)
    PKF ARTiSAN Real-time Studio
    PKF SecretAgent Key File
    PKG AppleLink Package Compression Format
    PKG Developer Studio Application Extension (Microsoft)
    PKG MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Package Definition File
    PKG Newton File/Application (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PKG Next Installer Script
    PKG P-CAD Database (Altium Limited)
    PKG OneSpace Designer Package (CoCreate)
    PKGLIST Pepper Keeper Package Installation File (Pepper Computer, Inc.)
    PKO PublicKey Security Object
    PKP MS Development Common IDE Pakage Project File
    PKPAK Archive
    PKR Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Keyring (PGP Corporation)
    PKR Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Archive
    PKS Insight II NMR Peak Intensity/Integral (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PKS Oracle Package Specification
    PKT EtherPeek Collected Packets
    PKT Fidonet Packet
    PKT TeX Font
    PKT TTC FireBerd 500 Capture File
    PKX Rational XDE (IBM)
    PKZ Winoncd Images Mask File
    PL Harvard Graphics Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    PL Interleaf Printerleaf or WorldView Format
    PL Linux Shell Executable Binary
    PL PERL Program File
    PL PROLOG Program File
    PL TeX Property List Font Metric
    PL Fractal Zplot Palette File (Mystic Fractal)
    PL1 3D Home Architect Room Plan
    PL3 Harvard Graphics Chart Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    PL4 Micrografx Designer Palette
    PL4 Pathloss Network Data File
    PLA APT Assistant
    PLA Connectivity Memory Model Plasticity Function Additional Precision Input File
    PLA STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PLA Total Club Manager Training Routine (Electronic Arts Inc.)
    PLA ArchiCAD Plan Archive (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
    PLASMA Plasma Fractal Image
    PLAT Platinum Web Package Compiled Web File (Platinum Inc.)
    PLATFORM Topsy File
    PLAYER Asle / ReDoX 6.1 Format
    PLAYER The Player 4.0
    PLB AAICW Log File
    PLB Foxpro Library (Microsoft)
    PLB Insight II Pseudoatom Library (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PLB LogoShow Screensaver
    PLB MicroSim PCBoard Package Library File
    PLB MSC.Fatigue v9.0 Improved Performance Patch
    PLB PCAD Library Management Module File
    PLB STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PLB The Print Shop Multimedia Organizer
    PLB DESQview (Symantec)
    PLC Lotus Add-in (IBM)
    PLC P-CAD Database (Altium Limited)
    PLC PL/B Object File (Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc.)
    PLD PhotoDeluxe PhotoLine Image Document
    PLD PINO 3
    PLD PLD2 Source File
    PLD Messenger Plus! Backup Configuration (Patchou)
    PLE Phone2PC Sound File (Konexx)
    PLE Messenger Plus! Encrypted Logfile (Patchou)
    PLEX Visual Perl File
    PLF InterVideo WinDVD Playlist File
    PLF SalesLogix Pick List Text File (Best Software)
    PLF ProLife Cellular Automata Binary Data File
    PLG ButtonGadget
    PLG Developer Studio Build Log (Microsoft)
    PLG REND386/AVRIL File
    PLG BPM Studio Play List Categories (ALCATech)
    PLG Sibelius Plug-in (Sibelius Software Ltd)
    PLG Aston Shell Plug-in (Gladiators Software)
    PLH Paint Shop Pro Light Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PLI Oracle 7 Data Description
    PLIST Property List XML File
    PLJ PlayJ Music Format
    PLK ATI Radeon Video Driver
    PLK Op9630 Am32 File
    PLL Clipper Prelinked Library
    PLL PAKLEO Compressed Archive
    PLM DisorderTracker2 Module
    PLM Panasonic SD Voice Editor File
    PLN ArchiCAD 3D Model File (Graphisoft R&D Software Development Rt.)
    PLN RealFlight Radio Control Airplane Description (Knife Edge Software)
    PLN WordPerfect Spreadsheet File (Corel)
    PLN Home Plan Pro Architecture Design (Home Plan Software)
    PLN CTP Scene Definition File (Crater Software)
    PLN Psion Organiser Spreadsheet File (Psion PLC)
    PLN Flight Simulator Flight Plan (Microsoft)
    PLN InDesign 3rd Party Plug-in (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PLO STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PLOT UNIX Plot(5) Format
    PLP PicaLoader Project File (VOWSoft, Ltd.)
    PLP protexIP Project License Profile (Black Duck Software, Inc.)
    PLP Messenger Plus! Sound Pack (Patchou)
    PLR Descent Pilot File
    PLR Player File
    PLS DisorderTracker2 Sample
    PLS MattBatt iAM-player (MattBatt Productions)
    PLS MYOB Data File
    PLS Napster MPEG PLayList File
    PLS Real MP3 Playlist
    PLS Shoutcast File
    PLS WinAmp MPEG PlayList File
    PLS Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    PLT AutoCAD Plot drawing (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PLT Clipper Ver. 5 Pre-linked Transfer File
    PLT Clipper 5 Pre-linked Transfer File
    PLT Gerber Sign-making Software File
    PLT HP Graphics Language
    PLT Infinity Game Engine Bitmap Graphic (BioWare Corp.)
    PLT Organiser Paper Layout Definition (IBM)
    PLT MicroStation CAD Driver Configuration for Plotting (Bentley Systems, Incorporated)
    PLT Page Magic Ver. 2.0 Paper Format
    PLT Palette
    PLT Software Platform File
    PLT Windows Update
    PLT X-wing vs. Tie Fighter Pilot File
    PLT dnaLIMS 3700 Sample Sheet (dnaTools)
    PLT OziExplorer Plot Track (Des & Lorraine Newman)
    PLUGIN Amaya Plug-in Library File
    PLW PicoLog Data File
    PLX Executable Perl Script
    PLX Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
    PLX PERL Programming Language Script
    PLY Blaze Media Pro File
    PLY Harvard Graphics Spotlight Presentation Screen (Harvard Graphics)
    PLY Polygon Model Format (Stanford University, Georgia Tech)
    PLY PopMail Data
    PLY AIRO (Odetics Broadcast)
    PLY MiDi PoWeR Playlist File (ACCORG)
    PLZ Lotus Freelance Presentation
    PM Perl Module
    PM Amiga Power Music Song/Module
    PM Presentation Manager Graphic
    PM Rebel Assault File
    PM X Window PixelMap Bitmap
    PM PageMaker Document (Adobe)
    PM Pegasus Mail Frequently Used File (David Harris)
    PM PrintMaster Graphic
    PM! Pegasus Mail Address Book Index (David Harris)
    PM# Pegasus Mail Status/Index File (David Harris)
    PM$ Pegasus Mail Temporary File (David Harris)
    PM0 Pegasus Mail State File (David Harris)
    PM1 Pegasus Mail Auxiliary Address Book File (David Harris)
    PM2 Pegasus Mail UID Information (David Harris)
    PM3 PageMaker Version 3 Document (Adobe)
    PM3 Pegasus Mail (David Harris)
    PM4 PageMaker Version 4 Document (Adobe)
    PM4 Pegasus Mail General Filtering Rules (David Harris)
    PM5 PageMaker Version 5 Document (Adobe)
    PM5 Pegasus Mail New Messasge Template Script (David Harris)
    PM6 PageMaker Version 6 Document (Adobe)
    PM6 Pegasus Mail Reply Template Script (David Harris)
    PM7 Pegasus Mail Folder State File (David Harris)
    PMA MSX Computers Archive Format
    PMA Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
    PMA Pegasus Mail Version 2.2 Data Archive (David Harris)
    PMAP Pocket Mindmap Mindmap File (JKRB Software)
    PMAPZ Pocket Mindmap Compressed Mindmap File (JKRB Software)
    PMB Bitmap Image
    PMB Pegasus Mail Version 2.2 Addressbook (David Harris)
    PMC A4Tech Scanner Graphic
    PMC Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
    PMC Pegasus Mail ASCII Format Mail Filter Rule (David Harris)
    PMD PageMaker (Adobe)
    PMD PlanMaker Spreadsheet
    PMD Polyphonic Ringtone File for Phones
    PMD Pegasus Mail User Dictionary (David Harris)
    PME Pixela Digital Picture (Pixela Corporation)
    PME Plazmic Media Engine File
    PME Pegasus Mail Filter Rule File (David Harris)
    PMF PCLTool PageTech Metafile File Format (Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech))
    PMF ArcReader GIS Mapping
    PMF Pegasus Mail Message Attachment (David Harris)
    PMF AppMind Process Management File (Appmind Software AB)
    PMF Pyrism Map File (Two Brothers Software)
    PMG PageMaker Group File (Adobe)
    PMG Paint Magic
    PMG Pegasus Mail Folder Index (David Harris)
    PMH Pegasus Mail Phonemic Homonym Dictionary (David Harris)
    PMI OS/2 Program Manager Information
    PMI Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File (David Harris)
    PMJ Pegasus Mail WinPMail State File (David Harris)
    PMK Pegasus Mail Keyboard File (David Harris)
    PML NT4 Performance Monitor Log File
    PML PADGen Program Information
    PML PageMaker Library (Adobe)
    PML Pegasus Mail Distribution List (David Harris)
    PML Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
    PMM Amaris BTX/2 Program
    PMM Pegasus Mail Message Folder (David Harris)
    PMN Pegasus Mail Annotation File (David Harris)
    PMO Print Master Gold Text
    PMO Pegasus Mail Saved Message (David Harris)
    PMP AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Model Parameters (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PMP Pegasus Mail Notepad File (David Harris)
    PMP Photomorph Project
    PMP PowerMedia Color Palette
    PMP Project Manager Pro Schedule
    PMP Soldat Map Maker/Soldat Polymap File
    PMP Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot
    PMP ThumbsPlus Graphic
    PMP VideoCraft GIF Animator Project
    PMPPKG Pegasus Mail Pegasus Mail Preferences PacKaGe (David Harris)
    PMQ Pegasus Mail Mail Filter Rules (David Harris)
    PMR PhotoModeler Project (Eos Systems)
    PMR Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
    PMR Pegasus Mail Address Book (David Harris)
    PMS Pop'n Music Script
    PMS Pegasus Mail Signature (David Harris)
    PMS AliceSoft PMS Bitmap
    PMT Technics Keyboard Panel Memory File
    PMT PageMaker Template (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PMT Pegasus Mail Tray File (David Harris)
    PMU Pegasus Mail Pmail Keyboard Macro-related File (David Harris)
    PMV Pegasus Mail Filter Rules (David Harris)
    PMW Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)
    PMW Pegasus Mail Draft Stored Messages To Be Sent (David Harris)
    PMX Pegasus Mail Final Stored Messages To Be Sent (David Harris)
    PMZ Pegasus Mail Pmail Scrap Buffer (David Harris)
    PM_ Musicato MUSICAT.ZIT Compressed File
    PN2 International Systems Consultancy ParsNegar II Word Processor
    PN3 Harvard Graphics Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    PNA Panoramide Java 3D Panoramic Animations (Ki Solutions Group)
    PNA PhatNoise Media/Music Manager Audio File (PhatNoise, Inc.)
    PNB Pokémon NetBattle Trainer/Team File (Smogon)
    PNC IBM Voice Type Language Scripts Data File
    PNC Pegasus Mail Content Control Set Definition (David Harris)
    PND Pension System Pending File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    PND Pegasus Mail Connection Information (David Harris)
    PND NstisApp.exe Hyperspectral Data File (Plain Sight Systems)
    PNF Portable Network Graphics Frame Bitmap
    PNF Precompiled Setup Information
    PNF Windows Precompiled Setup Information (Microsoft)
    PNG Fireworks Image File (Macromedia)
    PNG Paint Shop Pro Browser Catalog (Corel Corporation)
    PNG Portable (Public) Network Graphic
    PNL Panel File
    PNL PEERNET Label Designer File
    PNM PBM Portable Any Map Graphic Bitmap
    PNM Pegasus Mail IMAP Message Flag Status (David Harris)
    PNP PEERNET Publisher (PEERNET Inc.)
    PNP Pegasus Mail POP3 Server Side Filter Rules (David Harris)
    PNQ ICQ Instant Message File (ICQ Inc.)
    PNR PEERNET Label Designer File
    PNS PEERNET Label Designer File
    PNS Pegasus Mail Formatted Signatures (David Harris)
    PNT ARC Format Vector Point Data
    PNT FTN Software Pointlist Segment
    PNT MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
    PNT MacPaint Graphic File
    PNT MarkMail Qwk Reader Pointers
    PNT PaperPort Thumbsview (ScanSoft Inc.)
    PNT Pro/ENGINEER Pen Table Plot (PTC)
    PNT World Data Bank II Country Data File
    PNTG MacPaint Bitmap Graphic
    PNU PEERNET Label Designer File
    PNV CRiSP Harvest File
    PNV PCschematic PowerDistribution Project (DpS CAD-center ApS)
    PNW Poles 'n' Wires Project Data File (PowerMation)
    PNX Pegasus Mail RTF Version of Queued/Draft Message (David Harris)
    PNY QV Map Image File (Touratech)
    PO GNU Gettext Portable Object (Free Software Foundation)
    PO2 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PO3 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    PO5 STABCAL (stability calculation for aqueous systems) File
    POA Fifa World Cup Game Data fe Art Legalscr File
    POB Punch CAD Program 3D Object (Punch! Software)
    POC PocoMail Script (Poco Systems, Inc.)
    POD Terminal Velocity Archive
    POD Text
    POD Punch CAD Program (Punch! Software)
    POD Bloodrayne
    POF Tajima DG/ML Embroidery Design File (Pulse Microsystems Ltd.)
    POG Descent 2 Alternative Texture Set
    POH Optimized Geoworks .GOH File
    POK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
    POL AscToHTM Policy File
    POL InnovMetric Software 3D Polygon Models Format
    POL Music File
    POL Policy Windows 95 Network Setup
    POL Windows Policy File
    POL Personal Paint Polish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    POLICY Java Policy File (Sun)
    POO 8-bit Commodore 64 Machine Code
    POO INITeX String Pool
    POOL TeX Messages File
    POP dBASE Popup Menu
    POP PopMail Message Index
    POR Corel Painter Portfolio File
    POR SPSS Portable Data File (SPSS Inc.)
    POS Paint Shop Pro Polished Stone Preset (Corel Corporation)
    POS POSTER Save File (Poster Software)
    POS ProCite Output Styles
    POS QuickPOS IIF File
    POS WinHex Position Data (X-Ways Software Technology AG)
    POT Animation
    POT Fractint Continuous Potential Bitmap
    POT PowerPoint Template (Microsoft)
    POT GNU Gettext Portable Object Base Translation (Free Software Foundation)
    POTHTML Powerpoint HTML Template (Microsoft)
    POV Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer
    POW PowerChords Chord Chart
    POWER Goo Picture Library
    PP Compressed Amiga Archive File
    PP Topocad Polygon Point Coordinate File (Chaos systems AB)
    PP Free Pascal Source Code File (Free Pascal Development Team)
    PP$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk6 File
    PP1 Free Pascal Compiled Unit for GO321v1 Platform (FPC Development Team)
    PP2 Curious Labs Poser Prop File
    PP2 Ping Plotter Saved Trace Data (Nessoft, LLC)
    PP2 Visual Passage Planner Passage File (Digital Wave)
    PP3 PlanetPress Suite 3 Form File (Objectif Lune)
    PP3NSCALE PlanetPress File
    PP4 Picture Publisher
    PP5 Picture Publisher
    PPA PowerPoint Add-in (Microsoft)
    PPB WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar (Corel)
    PPC Roxio Easy CD Creator File (Sonic Solutions)
    PPC Uefa Champions League
    PPC Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint Sync File (Macromedia)
    PPC XMap Flight Plan or Flight Plan Statistic File (Delorme)
    PPD PageMaker PostScript Printer Description (Adobe)
    PPD PostScript Printer Description
    PPF Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File (Corel Corporation)
    PPF MENSI PointScape 3D Laser Scanner Project File
    PPF Micrografx Picture Publisher File
    PPF PlayStation Patch File
    PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File
    PPF EdgeCAM Part Data (Pathtrace Engineering Systems)
    PPG PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
    PPG Professor Franklin's Photo Print Gold
    PPG ProPixel2D Image (Pacific Software)
    PPI PowerPoint Graphics File (Microsoft)
    PPJ Premiere Video Editing File (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PPK PPK Archive
    PPK PuTTY Win32 Telnet/SSH Client
    PPL Harvard Graphics Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    PPM Insight II Proton Chemical Shifts (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic
    PPMA Portable Bitmap
    PPN Lexmark Firmware Flash File (Lexmark International, Inc.)
    PPO Clipper Preprocessor Output
    PPO Free Pascal Compiled Unit for OS/2 Version (FPC Development Team)
    PPP Enfocus Preflight Profile
    PPP Parson Power Publisher
    PPP Point to Point Protocol
    PPP Punk Productions Picture
    PPP PagePlus Publication (Serif)
    PPP Picture Pump Project File
    PPR PowerPlay OLAP Multidimensional Cube (Cognos Incorporated)
    PPRINT Pics Print File
    PPS ArcView Processing Set Codes (ESRI)
    PPS Personal Producer Storyboard
    PPS PowerPoint Slideshow (Microsoft)
    PPT BIFF File (Microsoft)
    PPT PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
    PPTHTML Powerpoint HTML Document (Microsoft)
    PPTX Power Point Microsoft Office Open XML Format Presentation (Microsoft Corporation)
    PPU Free Pascal Compiled Unit for Linux or DOS Version (FPC Development Team)
    PPV Pocket PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft)
    PPV Punch CAD Program Thumbnail (Punch! Software)
    PPV Pogle Platinum Software Version Archive (Pandora International)
    PPV Vox Proxy Animated Power Point (Right Seat Software, Inc.)
    PPW Micrografx Picture Publisher Wizard
    PPW Free Pascal Compiled Unit for Windows Version (FPC Development Team)
    PPX PowerPlay OLAP Reporting (Cognos Incorporated)
    PPX Serif PagePlus Publication
    PPZ PowerPoint Packaged Presentation (Microsoft)
    PQ PageMaker Default Printer Style (Adobe)
    PQ Progress Quest Saved Character
    PQA Palm Query Application File
    PQB PowerQuest Batch File
    PQF Corel Presentations File
    PQG Rescue ME/OS2/DOS File
    PQI PowerQuest Drive Imaging Software
    PQI PhreeqcI
    PQO PhreeqcI
    PQW Corel Presentations 9 Runtime
    PQX Power Quest Drive Image Index
    PQZ QuaSZ Palette File (Mystic Fractal)
    PR EROSION 3D Precipitation Parameters
    PR Sun Icon/Cursor
    PR0 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
    PR1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
    PR1 Packrat Ver 4.0 Data File
    PR1 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
    PR2 dBASE IV Printer Driver
    PR2 Packrat 4.x data file
    PR2 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
    PR2 Persuasion Presentation
    PR2 Proteus Session
    PR3 dBASE IV PostScript Printer Driver
    PR3 Payroll (CheckMark Software)
    PR3 Persuasion Presentation (Adobe)
    PR3 PFXplus Resource File (POWERflex Corporation)
    PR4 Harvard Graphics Presentation (Harvard Graphics)
    PRB xyALGEBRA File
    PRC Corel Presentation
    PRC Palmpilot Resource File
    PRC Picture Gear Pocket
    PRC filePro Data Table (fp Technologies)
    PRC Rational Rose Processes (IBM)
    PRC Profan Compiled P-Code (rgh-soft.de)
    PRC Medlin Accounting Current Year Paychecks (Medlin Accounting)
    PRD Lode Runner Game
    PRD Printer Driver
    PRD Product Designer Data File (ProductFoundry)
    PRE Freelance Graphics (IBM)
    PRE Insight II Dynamics Scratch File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PRE NeroWave Editor Presets (Nero AG)
    PRE Programmer's WorkBench Settings
    PRE Stork Format CMYK Bitmap
    PREFS Preferences File
    PREL Premiere Elements Project File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
    PREXPORT Premiere Preset (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PRF CheckIt Pro 1.0 Data
    PRF ClarisWorks Preferences File
    PRF dBASE IV Printer Driver
    PRF Director Settings (Macromedia)
    PRF Fastgraph Pixel Run Format Graphics
    PRF McAfee Viruscan Profile
    PRF Monarch Portable Report File
    PRF PICS Rules File
    PRF Plot Reference File
    PRF Polychrome Recursive Format Bitmap
    PRF Preferences File
    PRF Profiler Output
    PRF Rapfile
    PRF Windows System File
    PRF Profan (rgh-soft.de)
    PRF MicroImages Print Driver File (MicroImages, Inc.)
    PRG Atari ST Program (Atari)
    PRG GEM Executable Program
    PRG OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Purged Message File
    PRG Program File
    PRG SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
    PRG SpecEm Snapshot
    PRG WAVmaker Program
    PRG RPG Toolkit Program Script (Christopher Matthews)
    PRG Commodore PET/VIC20/64/128 Executable Programs in BASIC
    PRH Cold Fusion Studio 3.1 Project
    PRH HomeSite 3.0 Project
    PRI LocoScript Printer Definitions (LocoScript Software)
    PRI Prisms
    PRIVY PrivyPad (SlavaSoft Inc.)
    PRJ 3D Studio Project (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PRJ ArcView Projections Definition File (ESRI)
    PRJ AwpHelp Project
    PRJ HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File
    PRJ Monarch File
    PRJ MultiEdit Editor Project (MultiEdit Software)
    PRJ MyCad IC Layout Architecture
    PRJ Project File
    PRJ Visual Basic Project (Microsoft)
    PRJ Visual Café Project (Symantec)
    PRJ FireFly SDK Designer Project (PlanetSquires Software)
    PRK Campground Master/Resort Master Database (Cottonwood Software)
    PRK Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Saved Park
    PRKLOG Campground Master/Resort Master Log File (Cottonwood Software)
    PRL Paint Shop Pro Rough Leather Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PRL Perl Script
    PRL Process Revolution Object Library File
    PRM BullsEye Style File
    PRM Parameter File
    PRM Prolog Module
    PRM MicroImages Parameters File for Radar Slant to Ground Conversion (MicroImages, Inc.)
    PRM MYOB Premier 2004 Data File (MYOB Group)
    PRM Premiere Plug-in (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PRN Calcomp Raster Bitmap
    PRN DataCAD Windows Printer File (DATACAD LLC)
    PRN HP Printer Control Language
    PRN PostScript File
    PRN Printer Text File
    PRN Signature Printer Driver
    PRN XYWrite Printer Driver
    PRO Chord Pro Song Format (Mussoft)
    PRO Configuration File (Profile)
    PRO Creamware Pulsar Audio File
    PRO DOS Graphics Profile File
    PRO Euphoria Profile (Rapid Deployment Software)
    PRO Guitar Chord File
    PRO Infinity Game Engine Projectile Type Description (BioWare Corp.)
    PRO Lorenz Graf HTML Tool Project
    PRO Pagis Pro Ver. 3.0 Graphic
    PRO Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
    PRO PROLOG Program File
    PRO Punch Pro Home Design File
    PRO PV-WAVE Procedure File
    PRO Sid Meier's SimGolf
    PRO Terramodel Project File
    PRO Fast-Talk Pronunciation File (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.)
    PRO Atari Disk Image (Atari)
    PRO Pegasus Mail Profile (David Harris)
    PRO PCschematic ELautomation Project (DpS CAD-center ApS)
    PRO IDL Source Code (Research Systems, Inc.)
    PRODUCT Norton Ghost File
    PROFILE FastTrack Client Profile
    PROFILE UNIX Bourne or Kom Shell Environment File
    PROFILES Amaya Configuration
    PROJ Insight II NMR Project (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PROJ NeXT Interface Builder Project File
    PROJ Poseidon for UML Project Information (Gentleware AG)
    PROJECT Project Builder for WebObjects Project (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PROMIZER Promizer v0.1/v1.0c/v1.8a/v2.0/v4.0 Formats
    PROP Application Visualization System AVS High-end Visualization Environment.
    PROPACKER ProPacker v1.0/v2.1/v3.0 Formats [Asle / ReDoX]
    PROPERTIES Java Properties File (Sun)
    PROPERTIES Netscape Communicator Java Classes File
    PRORUNNER ProRunner v1/v2 Formats [Asle / ReDoX]
    PROTO Windows Amaya File
    PRP InstantDB Database File
    PRP Movie
    PRP Oberon Prospero Data Conversion Saved Project
    PRP Palace Server Server Configuration (Communities.com)
    PRP Rational Rose Model Properties (IBM)
    PRP Compressed GIMP Image with Properties of GIMP Properties File
    PRP Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Page Resource Package (PRP) File (Cyan Worlds, Inc.)
    PRPRESET Premiere Preset (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PRPROJ Premiere Pro Project File (Adobe)
    PRR Perfect Resume Data
    PRS dBASE Procedure
    PRS Harvard Graphics (Harvard Graphics)
    PRS LodeRunner Game
    PRS Lotus Freelance Presentation for OS/2
    PRS Norton Viewer DLL
    PRS Printer Resource File
    PRS WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File (Corel)
    PRSL Premiere Style (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PRT Presentations Template (Corel)
    PRT CADKEY Parts File (CADKEY)
    PRT Dr.Halo Printer Driver
    PRT InterComm Pin Use Definition
    PRT IRMA Workstation for Windows Printer Configuration
    PRT P-CAD Component (Altium Limited)
    PRT Printer Configuration
    PRT Printer-formatted File
    PRT Pro/ENGINEER Model File (PTC)
    PRT Process Revolution Template File
    PRT Pro/ENGINEER Parts File (PTC)
    PRT SCEdit Part File
    PRT Schedule+ Print File (Microsoft)
    PRT Unigraphics Part File
    PRT W32/Parrot-A Worm-related
    PRT Personal Paint Portuguese Language User Interface File (Amiga)
    PRTL Premiere Title (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PRV Backup
    PRV ClarisWorks File
    PRV Previous Version
    PRV psiMail ISP Template
    PRV PsiMail Internet Provider Template
    PRV SecretAgent Private Key File
    PRVKR Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Private Keyring (PGP Corporation)
    PRW Art-lantis Shader's Preview (ABVENT)
    PRW PR Weaver Saved Data File (PR Weaver Software)
    PRX Atari ST Executable
    PRX Foxpro Compiler Program (Microsoft)
    PRX Process Revolution Diagram File
    PRX Media Player Ver. 9 XML/Media File (Microsoft Corporation)
    PRX Primavera Project Planner Compressed Project (Primavera Systems, Inc.)
    PRZ Freelance Graphics 97 File (IBM)
    PR_ Compressed Project File
    PS Works File (Microsoft)
    PS PostScript
    PS PaulShields Song/Module
    PS0 PS/2 File
    PS1 PostScript File
    PS16 Protracker Studio 16 Format
    PS2 Level II PostScript File (Adobe)
    PS3 Level III PostScript File (Adobe)
    PS5 ProSteel 5 Data File (Survey Design Associates Ltd.)
    PSA Pretty Simple Archive
    PSA Intactix pro/space Plus Planogram (Floorplan) (JDA Software Group, Inc.)
    PSA Photoshop Album Photo Album File (Adobe)
    PSAR PSP Update Data (Sony Corporation of America)
    PSB Paint Shop Pro Sunburst Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PSB Pinnacle Sound Bank
    PSB Project Scheduler Configuration File
    PSB Photoshop Large Document Format (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PSC Paint Shop Pro Sculpture Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PSCOLLECTION PornSnatcher Collection Data (PORNSnatcher.com)
    PSD Apple Viewer (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PSD DESIGN II for Windows General Flowsheet
    PSD Periscope Debugger Definition File
    PSD Photoshop Format (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PSE IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
    PSEG IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
    PSEG3820 IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
    PSEG38PP IBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
    PSF ChiWriter PostScript Printer Font
    PSF Insight II X-PLOR Molecular Structure File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
    PSF MicroStation Plot Specification
    PSF PhotoStudio Graphic (ArcSoft, Inc.)
    PSF PostScript Support File
    PSF PowerSoft Report File
    PSF Playstation Sound Format (Sony)
    PSF Photoshop Proof Setup (Adobe Systems Inc.)
    PSF2 Playstation 2 Sound Format (Sony)
    PSFLIB Playstation Sound Format (Playstation Sound Format Library) (Sony)
    PSFLIB2 Playstation 2 Sound Format (Playstation Sound Format Library) (Sony)
    PSH Punch Home Design Series CAD Data File
    PSH Lexmark Firmware Flash File (Lexmark International, Inc.)
    PSI Psion A-law Audio (Psion PLC)
    PSID PostScript Image Data
    PSID Word Sidtune File Format
    PSION Psion A-law Audio (Psion PLC)
    PSL MicroSim PCBoard Padstack Library File
    PSL Sierra Mastercook Layout File
    PSL Accellera Property Specification Language Source Code File (Accellera)
    PSL PATROL Script Language Script (BMC Software, Inc.)
    PSM Epic Games Sound Data
    PSM PrintShop Mail Data File (Atlas Software BV)
    PSM Protracker Studio Module Format
    PSM SolidEdge CAD File
    PSM Turbo Pascal Symbol Table (Borland Software Corporation)
    PSM Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
    PSM5 PrintShop Mail Data File (Atlas Software BV)
    PSMODEL Delcam Powershape
    PSN Post-it Software Notes
    PSN Sound Script Presentation
    PSP Paint Shop Pro Image (Corel Corporation)
    PSP Prodea Synergy Procedure
    PSP Project Scheduler Planning File
    PSP Scenicsoft Preps
    PSP PL/SQL Server Page (Oracle)
    PSP Streets & Trips PushPin File (Microsoft)
    PSPAUTOSAVE Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Auto Save File (Corel Corporation)
    PSPBRUSH Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Brush (Corel Corporation)
    PSPBUMPMAP Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Bump Map (Corel Corporation)
    PSPCACHE Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Cache (Corel Corporation)
    PSPCMYKPROFILE Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ CMYK Profile (Corel Corporation)
    PSPD PhotoSuite Ver. 5 File (Sonic Solutions)
    PSPDEFORMATIONMAP Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Deformation Map (Corel Corporation)
    PSPENVIRONMENTMAP Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Environment Map (Corel Corporation)
    PSPFRAME Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Frame (Corel Corporation)
    PSPGRADIENT Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Gradient (Corel Corporation)
    PSPIMAGE Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Image (Corel Corporation)
    PSPMASK Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Mask (Corel Corporation)
    PSPPALETTE Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Palette (Corel Corporation)
    PSPSCRIPT Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Script (Corel Corporation)
    PSPSELECTION Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Saved Selection (Corel Corporation)
    PSPSHAPE Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Shape (Corel Corporation)
    PSPSTYLEDLINE Paint Shop Pro Ver. 8+ Styled Line (Corel Corporation)
    PSPTUBE Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Tube (Corel Corporation)
    PSPWORKSPACE Paint Shop Pro Ver 8+ Workspace (Corel Corporation)
    PSQ Postscript Grafic
    PSR PowerSoft Report (Sybase, Inc.)
    PSR Project Scheduler Resource File
    PSS Axialis Screen Saver Producer
    PSS Paint Shop Pro Sandstone Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PSS Sony Playstation Game File
    PSS Type Manager PostScript Stub (Adobe)
    PSS AutoCAD Plot Stamp Settings (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PSS Pocket SlideShow Converted PowerPoint Presentation (CNetX)
    PSSD PhotoSuite Ver. 5 Slideshow (Sonic Solutions)
    PST BMail Postbox File
    PST Lahey Fortran Paste Buffer
    PST Mastercam Post Processor File (CNC Software, Inc.)
    PST Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft Corporation)
    PST Ulead Pattern
    PST LightWave 3D Preset (NewTek)
    PST MIDI Studio Preset File (MAGIX)
    PST Medbasin Parameter File (National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources Management)
    PSV Psychedelic Screen Saver Graphic (Synthesoft Corporation)
    PSW Paint Shop Pro Straw Wall Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PSW Print Shop Deluxe Ver. 6 File (Broderbund)
    PSW WinXP Backup Password File
    PSW Pocket Word Document (Microsoft)
    PSX Dirty Little Helper Chat File
    PSX Playstation Single Game Save (Sony)
    PSY PLD2 System File
    PSY Psychedelic Windows Products
    PSY PSYCLE Tune/Song
    PSY Psychedelic Screen Saver Saved Settings (Synthesoft Corporation)
    PSZ Creaf Awedip Doc File
    PT Kodak Precision Color Management System
    PT Kodak Precision Transform
    PT PassMark PerformanceTest File
    PT Pitch Track Sound
    PT Player Tools Game Crack
    PT Pop!site HTML
    PT PTab Spreadsheet (Z4Soft)
    PT3 Harvard Graphics Device Driver (Harvard Graphics)
    PT3 PageMaker Version 3 Document Template (Adobe)
    PT4 PageMaker Version 4 Document Template (Adobe)
    PT4 ProtoTRAK Design Control File (Southwestern Industries, Inc.)
    PT5 PageMaker Version 5 Document Template (Adobe)
    PT6 PageMaker Version 6 Document Template (Adobe)
    PTB Power Tab Guitar Tablature Editor
    PTB Pro/ENGINEER Table (PTC)
    PTB PubTach Batch Works Script
    PTB Peachtree Complete Accounting Backup Data File (Best Software SB, Inc.)
    PTBL PIPE-FLO Professional Pipe Data Table (Engineered Software)
    PTC ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro (ABBYY Software House)
    PTC NRG Symphonie Patch File
    PTC PFXplus Compiled Program (POWERflex Corporation)
    PTD Pro/ENGINEER Table (PTC)
    PTD Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
    PTD PTCS Data File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    PTDB Peachtree Accounting Database
    PTE Picture to EXE Project
    PTE Pop!site
    PTF LiveNote Legal Transcript File (LiveNote Technologies)
    PTF ProTracker Tennis Match File (Fieldtown Software)
    PTH 4th Dimension Database Windows Pathname Document (4D, Inc.)
    PTH VisualGPSXP Path File (VisualGPS, LLC.)
    PTI IBM Configurator Configuration
    PTI Pop!site
    PTI PTI-Plug-in Graphic
    PTI Punch! Professional Home Design Texture Info File (Punch! Software)
    PTIF Pyramid Encoded TIFF
    PTK Quicken On-line Data File (Intuit)
    PTK Red Alert 2 File
    PTL Corel Painter Pattern, Selection or Texture File
    PTL Paint Shop Pro Tile Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PTL Painter4 File
    PTL Python Template Language File
    PTL Rational Rose Export/Import File (IBM)
    PTL Site Builder Path Translation List
    PTL Visual Modeler Petal File (Microsoft)
    PTM MapPoint Map (Microsoft)
    PTM Module audio Poly Tracker
    PTM Page Magic Ver. 2.0 Template
    PTM PolyTracker Music Module
    PTM PubTech BatchWorks Macro
    PTM Polynomial Texture Map
    PTM PTMac Project File (Kekus Digital)
    PTMC PTMac Project File (Kekus Digital)
    PTN Amaya Dicopar File
    PTN CADKEY Pattern File (CADKEY)
    PTN PaperPort Thumbnail Images (ScanSoft)
    PTN Housecall Virus Pattern File (Trend Micro, Inc.)
    PTP ACT! Modem Sync File (Best Software CRM Division)
    PTP C Poet Examples Advanced File
    PTP ToolBook Instructor/Assistant Book (SumTotal Systems, Inc.)
    PTP Primo Computer Emulator Tape File
    PTR OS/2 Cursor Image
    PTR QMail Qwk Reader Pointer
    PTRON Proxomitron Configuration File (Scott R. Lemmon (deceased))
    PTS ABBYY Finereader 5.0 Pro (ABBYY Software House)
    PTS Halflife Map Creation Debug File
    PTS Infinity Engine Game Tileset
    PTT Context4 DOS Word Processor Print File
    PTT MapPoint Template (Microsoft)
    PTU Performer Terrain Utilities
    PTX E-Transcript of Court Proceedings
    PTX Paint Shop Pro Texture Preset (Corel Corporation)
    PTX Pop!site
    PTX Printronix Bitmap
    PTX Rayman2 File
    PTX Punch! Professional Home Design Texture File (Punch! Software)
    PTX PTCS Index File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
    PTY Rational Rose 98 Properties (IBM)
    PUB Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Key Ring (PGP Corporation)
    PUB Print Perfect Gold Template
    PUB Publisher Document (Microsoft)
    PUB The Sims Family Data (Electronic Arts (Maxis))
    PUB Ventura Publisher (Corel Corporation)
    PUBHTML Publisher HTML Document (Microsoft)
    PUBKR Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Keyring (PGP Corporation)
    PUBMHTML Publisher Archived HTML Document (Microsoft)
    PUD Warcraft III PUD Map (Blizzard Entertainment)
    PUF Puffer Encrypted File
    PUI Publish-iT Save File (Poster Software)
    PUL Dinfo File
    PUT Instalit Script
    PUT PUT Compressed File Archive (MicroFox Company)
    PUT Wscan Graphic
    PUZ Across Lite Crossword Puzzle
    PUZ BrainsBreaker Puzzle
    PUZ General Name for a Puzzle File
    PUZ Packed Publisher File (Microsoft)
    PUZ Puzzle
    PUZZ X11 Puzzle Bitmap
    PUZZLE X11 Puzzle Bitmap
    PV Phase Vocorder Analysis Data
    PV CONSEL Output P-Value File (Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    PVA Hauppauge DVB-Software
    PVA PVA Video (TechnoTrend AG)
    PVA Process Panel Builder Application File (Rockwell Automation)
    PVB VirtualBoss PocketPC Data (VirtualBoss Development Co.)
    PVC Process Panel Builder Application File (Rockwell Automation)
    PVD Install-It Script
    PVD Packet Analyzer Data File (Klos Technologies)
    PVD PageRecall (Authentica)
    PVD Picture Browser Cache (Canon Software Publishing)
    PVD ParaView Data Object (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVE GoBeProductive Document (Gobe Corporation, Inc.)
    PVF PageRecall (Authentica)
    PVG Encarta World Atlas Pushpins (Microsoft)
    PVI PVElite Pressure Vessel Analysis File (COADE, Inc.)
    PVI Wave Corrector Anti-piracy File (Ganymede Test & Measurement)
    PVI Picture Browser Cache Index (Canon Software Publishing)
    PVI POD-Bot Knowledge File
    PVK PVK Private Key (Microsoft)
    PVL Instalit Library
    PVM Sonic Adventure DX Game Object (Sega of America, Inc.)
    PVM OSTA.org MusicPhotoVideo (OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association))
    PVP Pan&Vision Project (Akromon)
    PVR Sonic Adventure DX (Possibly) Level File (Sega of America, Inc.)
    PVS Scarlett Expert System Compiler Reserved Words File
    PVS PolyView Slide Show Script (Polybytes, Inc.)
    PVT Local Fidonet Pointlist
    PVTI ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) VTK Image Data (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVTK ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) Legacy VTK File (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVTP ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) VTK Polygonal Data (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVTR ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) VTK Rectilinear Grid (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVTS ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) VTK Structured Grid (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVTU ParaView Parallel (Partitioned) VTK Unstructured Data (Kitware, Inc.)
    PVU PaleoVu Paleoenvironmental Data
    PVW Portfolio Saved View (Extensis, Inc.)
    PVX ParaView Configuration XML File (Kitware, Inc.)
    PW Professional Write Text File
    PWA Password Agent File
    PWC COSMI Street Maps and Vacation Planner
    PWC Pulse Web Content (Pulse Entertainment, Inc.)
    PWD AutoCAD Password (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PWD Password Pro File
    PWD Pocket Word Document (Microsoft)
    PWD TBAV File
    PWD Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
    PWF ProCite Workforms
    PWF POD-Bot Waypoint File
    PWI InkWriter/Note Taker/Pocket Word Document (Microsoft Corporation)
    PWINSURED Policy Works Insured File (Tec4 Systems Inc.)
    PWK Password Keeper File
    PWL Windows Password List (Microsoft)
    PWP Photoworks Image File
    PWP Professional WritePlus Document
    PWP Seattle Film Works Multi-image File
    PWP Smith Corona Word Processor File (Smith Corona)
    PWRK Apple IIGS Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
    PWT AutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PWT HotDog PageWiz Template
    PWT Pocket Word Template File (Microsoft)
    PWX Poles 'n' Wires Registration Data File (PowerMation)
    PWZ PowerPoint Wizard (Microsoft)
    PX Paradox Primary Database Index (Corel)
    PX Primary Index
    PX PC-Axis Family Statistical Data (Statistics Sweden)
    PX1 Image Pixel Paint
    PXA Pegs
    PXA Pixia Color Painter File
    PXB Pixibox
    PXD eJay Mixer File
    PXD ProxyDesigner Design File (ProxySource, Inc.)
    PXE Partial XML Envelope
    PXF Tajima DG/ML Embroidery Design File (Pulse Microsystems Ltd.)
    PXF STAR Transit Translation Project (STAR Medien AG)
    PXI $$D2K.PXI associated with a Trojan
    PXI Pixie File
    PXI PlexTools CD Image (Plextor)
    PXJ Pixtran File
    PXJ RecordNow MAX Project (Stomp)
    PXL Pixclscript Script
    PXL Pixel Data of TeX Driver
    PXL Pocket Excel Worksheet (Microsoft)
    PXM Pixel Magician Graphic
    PXN PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Graphic Image
    PXN Pixtran File
    PXN Twain32 File
    PXO PicoBackup Backup Script (Acubix)
    PXP 3D Studio Process File (Autodesk, Inc.)
    PXP POD-Bot File
    PXR Pixar Picture
    PXS Pegs
    PXT Nte2000 File
    PXT Pocket Excel Template (Microsoft)
    PXW Pixtran
    PXW Tamarack ArtiScan Driver
    PXW Twain32 File
    PXY Topocad (Chaos systems AB)
    PY Oracle Batch Procedure
    PY Python Script (Python Software Foundation)
    PY Yahoo Saved Messages
    PYC Python Compiler Script (Bytecode) (Python Software Foundation)
    PYD Python Dynamic Module (Python Software Foundation)
    PYO Python Optimized Code (Python Software Foundation)
    PYW Python Script (Python Software Foundation)
    PZ PNG Compressed File
    PZ2 Curious Labs Poser Pose File
    PZ3 Curious Labs Poser Document
    PZA MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Album File
    PZC GraphPad Prism Script
    PZD Pizazz Plus Defaults
    PZF GraphPad Prism Project (GraphPad Software, Inc.)
    PZF Piezoelectric Resonance Analysis Program (PRAP) Resonance Spectrum (TASI Technical Software Inc.)
    PZH Presto Job (Soft S.A.)
    PZI Pizazz Plus Graphics File
    PZL Jigs@w Puzzle
    PZL Lode Runner Game Puzzle
    PZL Puzzle
    PZL UNIX Puzzle Bitmap
    PZM GraphPad Prism
    PZO Pizazz Plus Overlay
    PZP MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Project File
    PZP Pizazz Plus Palette
    PZS MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Slide Show File
    PZS Pizazz Plus Settings
    PZT GraphPad Prism Template
    PZT Pizazz Plus Transfer File
    PZX Pizazz Plus Swap File
    PZZ Curious Labs Compressed Poser File

    UHOH Seems like the list is too long. gzp mite crash, and that wont be good... i just make a part two
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    no credit given and a waste of a post.
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