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AllureRO - 50/50/50x/1% - No third jobs.

Discussion in 'Ragnarok Online Private Server Advertisement' started by AllureRO, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. AllureRO


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    Sep 14, 2012

    Thank you for visiting this page. You won't regret!


    Wether you're a new player or a vet; AllureRO will amaze you, because we offer you to experience Ragnarok in a different way. Not with your same ol' equip combination with the same ol' cards compounded on them. No! Here, due to our modifications you will have to look for different, new ways to play. Not only against monsters, also player versus player and during War Of Emperium. The unique customizations will keep you entertained and wanting for more.

    One of the most important features that makes our server stand out is our headgears system, this gives the players the possibility to create new builds. Also, thanks to (a slot in some cases and) the good amount of stats that they give you'll be able to archieve instant-cast and (for some classes) maximum attack speed, which usually isn't possible on a server with our rates. Therefor, some players may consider us "unbalanced", we call it different. If you are not up for a change and really wish to stick to the original Ragnarok Online gaming experience, then we strongly recommend you to pick another server.

    - General Information -

    Max Level: ​99/75/50 (No third jobs!)
    ​Rates: 50/50/50x/1% (Double EXP during weekends!)
    ​Max ASPD: 190 - Reachable
    Instant-Cast: 150 DEX - Reachable
    Max Cart Weight: 10.000
    Party (EXP) Share Range: 25 Levels
    Cast delay: -10% on default, for both normal casting and after-casting.
    Guild Tax: +50% Guild Tax
    Server type: rAthena
    Settings: Renewal

    - Special Information -

    - Custom Item- & Card Effects
    - Custom Quests/Instances
    - Custom Maps
    - Custom MVPs & Drops
    - 1500+ Pets (all monsters can be captured!)
    - 227 Extra Stat Points @ Max Level
    - Dynamic Headgear System
    - Slotted Middle Headgears
    - Vote 4 Points
    - Attendance(/Daily) Coin System
    - Exciting Automated Events
    - Amazing Event Rewards
    - Team (2vs2) PVP System
    - Name & Gender Changer
    - Priest Hiring System
    - Same Sex Marriage supported
    - One-Click Rental/Breeder
    - One-Click Identifier
    - One-Click Healer
    - Broadcaster
    - Card Remover
    - Item Signer
    - 27 Hairstyles, 263 Hair Palettes, 533 Cloth Palettes
    - Increased Spawn Rates on popular maps
    - Items drop already-identified

    - Player Commands -

    @load (warps you back to your savepoint), @autoloot, @alootid, @rates, @refresh, @autotrade, @iteminfo, @help, @noask, @who, @noks, @time, @showexp, @whodrops, @commands, @hominfo, @jailtime, @request, @duel, @accept, @reject, @leave

    - Links -

    Domain: Click!
    Control Panel: Click!


    We hope to see you soon!
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012

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