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Aurakingdom.to Best Aurakingdom Private Server

Discussion in 'Private Server Discussion' started by heartlesss, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. heartlesss

    heartlesss Registered User

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    Mar 20, 2008

    Server Rates
    - Exp: x5
    - Drop: x2
    - Level cap: lv95
    - Content: lv90
    - Full translated

    Unique Features
    - one 120-Slot Backpack for every account
    - No gold bots
    - a lot of of costumes
    - more content than OS
    - stay online for +3h to receive 12 AP every day
    - every dungeon boss gives you 10 LP and 4x gold
    - most of the dungeon have their reset times halved
    - Item Mall, Bonus Mall & Loyalty Shop offer a large selection of items
    - weekly discounts & special offers
    - you can purchase an unlimited amount of 200 RC for 274 LP each
    - you can earn Bonus Points (BP) by spending AP (10 AP = 1 BP)
    - Fortification Potential doesn't reset when you successfully increase the level of your equipment
    - items that you can open (such as weapon crates, fishies, recipes, etc.) give you 2 items instead of one
    - items cost less compared to OS (22nd January 2017: Lv80 DPS Set - Damned Hat recipe for 25g on Auction)
    - Lv70 Refined Chests drop from Cadilla Felwood, Titan's Root, Frozenlea Plains (Drops 2 random Lv70 Orange Gear)
    - Necros start at Lv55 and require 3-5 quests to reach Lv60. (Other classes start at Lv1 as usual)
    - Exchange Valor and War Coins for useful items such as 1- / 2-Star Armor Fusion Stone

    Download: [AK Full Client] Updated 4/5/2017

    Register: AuraKingdom - Private Server - AuraKingdom.to

    Forum: AuraKingdom Forums for more info

    Classes Available


    Affordable and balance economy


    Weekly LP and AP promotions!


    Challenge our custom Sky Tower Hell Mode!


    The Crowd!


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