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Auto Donation!! CPS

Discussion in 'Conquer Online Private Server Discussion' started by mid0o, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. mid0o

    mid0o New Member

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    he program name is tasker its made to record marcos and stuff like that
    and i am using this program out of others like it cuz its fast and easy to use!

    this is for private servers only

    how to use IT??
    1: to start recording (if u already opened a macro it will record over it and ask u if you want to save when exit it)

    2: to save for sure!

    3: to open a macro

    4: new macro
    5: to make repeat times (this option is accessible if continuous is unchecked
    6: choose this one to make the macro plays continuous times
    7: playback speed (Warning donot make it "as fast as possible" cuz it will lag , make it fast only it will work very fast
    8: to start opened macro
    9: stop played macro

    Guide :

    all yo have to do is open tasker program and click the blue button for recording and go fast to game and open donation and write 999999999
    then pay CPS and then click ok then go fast to tasker and click red one
    now save it and then play it "FINSHED!"
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    Link: http://www.filesin.com/02C20156895/download.html

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