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Announcement BEAST Cabal EP8 - Ascension

Discussion in 'Cabal Online' started by BEASTCabal, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. BEASTCabal


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    Apr 1, 2013
    We are pleased to announce the grand opening of [BEAST Cabal EP8 - Ascension]​

    Tired of spending hours & hours doing Class Rank Quests ?
    Tired of spending EVEN MORE time on gathering all the Stain Stones for BM3 ?
    Here on BEAST Cabal, you don't have to do any Class Rank Quests, neither farm any Stain Stones!!
    Check out our features down bellow ->


    # 24/7 uptime, NO PC host. Real Server Host.

    # Instant CR20.

    # Instant Honor Rank 10.

    # Instant Lv.-190.

    # Instant Aura, BIKE + Combo + Board Skill.

    # Instant BM3 Lv1.

    # Instant Beginner SET -> +15 Beginner Armour/Weapon Set + EOX+3

    # x3 Drop

    # Episode 8 Nation War has been changed to Episode 7 Nation War, (Less damage from Guardians, less HP, less Defense.)

    # Nation War will be every 4 hours !!! (Once the population increases we will change it to every 3 hours, let's bring back some epic Nation Wars, and not just 2vs2 so join the fun!!!)

    # High AXP rates. (Maxium AP Limit increased to 50,000)

    # Custom NPC with special features. (WEXP) Exchange For [Cube] - [Extender] - [Board] Boxes!

    # Nation War Costumes were added to the NPC for 100 W-EXP.

    # Custom NPC with special features. (DP) Exchange for all kinds of Change Kit (Face) | (Hair) | (Color) !!

    # Arcane Trace & Orihalcum Weapons & Armour added, 100% working. Added +15 glow effects too, All weapons, and armour also 100% working.

    # EP10 Skills for all classes 100% working.

    # Weekly Saturday Sunset (Saint Calibur Boss) will be spawned during the weekend (LS - LakeSide), so make sure you grab that Weapon!!!!

    # Daily Arcane Golem of Rage (Arcane Trace Boss) will be spawned every day !! (AT -Arcance Trace) -
    The Drops will be
    - Random "New Armour Part" Drops.
    - Random "New Weapon Part" Drops.
    - More original drops will be added soon.

    # "Event Channel" with modifed duration drops (Will be opened by reaching 50 players online at the same time!)

    # Skill book prices changed from 3mill to 300 - 400k

    Now to the Rates. ->
    Perfect SP Rate 1 skill 1 Up

    EXP RATE : 1500x

    Craft EXP 100x
    Drop rate 6x
    Alz bomb rate 3x
    Alz rate 60x
    Pet EXP 40x
    Wexp 7x
    AXP 25x
    Item Drop = x3

    ^Both Servers have the "SAME RATES ONLY"

    The Idea of the INSTANT PVP Server was created by Me & TriEdge himself.
    We had this writtin down ever since EP8 got released, hope all of you will enjoy this :)

    The Server is now available online and whoever is intrested in the server can accsess throught,
    Spread the Word, the more the better!
    I hope each and every single one of you will enjoy playing at,


    [BEAST Cabal EP8 - Ascension]

    As promised, we reopened a new Server with the DB of Serenity [Reborn Server Back online and the Non Reborn Server has been restored aswell (Thanks to TriEdge who was the only one who actually worked on those files) has managed to bring back every account as you remember it.


    NOTE : The same Rates as you know them of Serenity, we made changes to the Drop Table aswell, you drop a bunch of new stuff in Arcance Trace. (HP, CDI, DEF, ATK, Runes etc. - slightly rare) & more.

    Jump right back into your characters and keep on rocking guys.

    NOTE : No Serenity Cabal "Sponsors" or "Staff Members" are with us. And we don't want any of them to be with us, (No offence).

    We're doing it right this time, we will also do updates on both servers from time to time.
    And make sure our Servers are on the latest status possible.

    ONCE AGAIN, The ACCS of the Reborn Server, were added to OUR Reborn Server.

    And the Accounts of the NON REBORN SERVER, were added to our brand new Instant Server.

    So if you see other players ingame that might have an item other than the one you beginn with then it's because those accs have been transfered!!!

    Don't want you guys to get things confused, All ACC'S are 100% back and you did not loose your progress. (DB Rollback of 3-5 Days only)

    Give it a LIKE, & see you ingame !!
    You'll find all the download links on our Forum ->


    Download Mirrors ->

    Multi Upload



    Patch (For old Serenity Cabal Players) But I still recommend the Client.



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