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BloodLust Ragnarok Online

Discussion in 'Ragnarok Online Private Server Discussion' started by BL-ROstaff, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. BL-ROstaff


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    Jun 26, 2010
    BloodLust Ragnarok Online

    Description :

    Brand New Server !!!
    A Malaysia Server !!
    Lagless !!!
    No Over Powered Item !!!
    Balanced Item!!
    24 Hours Online !!!
    No Have Custom Item Yet !!
    No GM Power Abusing !!!
    Friendly Game Staffs !!!
    Custom NPC Provided !!!
    Newest Headgear Implanted !!!

    Basic Information :

    Base Exp: 150x
    Job Exp: 150x
    Drop Rate: 50x

    Max stat: 100

    Max Base Level (Normal):99
    Max Job Level (Normal): 50

    Max Base Level (Adv):99
    Max Job Level (Adv):70

    Max Base Level (3rd Job):100
    Max Job Level (3rd Job):70
    With Latest 3rd Job Sprite and Latest Skills Update !!

    Custom Features :

    Max Party Member : 50
    Max Zeny : 2,000,000,000
    Max Refine : +11

    Every Newbie Are Given Some Newbie Stuffs To Begin Their Journey In BloodLust Ragnarok Online !!!

    Custom NPC :

    Healer: YES
    Skill Resetter: YES
    Stat Resetter: YES
    Job Changer: YES
    Platinum Skill NPC: YES
    Coin Exchanger : YES
    Universal Breeder : YES
    Stock Market : YES
    PVP Ladder : YES
    News Boards : YES
    Town Warper: YES
    Dungeon Warper: YES
    War of Emperium: YES
    Marriage System: YES
    MVP Arena: YES
    Npc Dye: YES
    Card Remover: YES
    Custom PVP: YES

    Custom Events :

    Zombie Invasion
    Cluck-Cluck Boom
    Run For Life
    Last Man Standing
    Poporing Catcher
    Bomb Poring Invasion
    Goblin Invasion

    Player Available Commands :

    Website : http://blro-server.co.cc/
    Control Panel : http://bloodlustro.axwebs.com/
  2. [sno0ze_se7en]


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    Jun 7, 2010

    can u post your VS sir?? please? tnx
    ill try it..

  3. wenches


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    Feb 6, 2010
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