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Cabal.WS - Hero Shop Reloaded [EP8]

Discussion in 'Cabal Online' started by cabalws, May 4, 2013.

  1. cabalws


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    May 4, 2013

    Stage : OPEN BETA


    I'm admin MuP form Cabal.ws and I will present you our servers.
    The server is running on 2 dedicated machines full DDOS protected, that will assure you a lag free gameplay. The outstanding design or our website and forum allow you to easily find what information you need. Our qualified staff members will solve all your problems in no-time, and will assure a hack free experience. Fast growing community over 8000 registered accounts during BETA, and more the 130 active players on first 48 hours. Enough with speaking, let's show the progress.

    Progress so far :

    • Facebook integration INGAME. (means you can login to facebook and post messages and screenshots from within the game)
    • Multi-Language. (currently: English,German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish.)
    • Fixed all Quests.
    • Implemented "Quest based leveling" concept. (Increased quests reward for EXP/AP/ALZ/HONOR)
    • Anti-hack
    • Launcher finished. (auto download / file check / options, language editor.)
    • Added x2 drop only at chests (to avoid annoying bugs in dungeons)
    • Fine tuned rates
    • Add Hero Coins to drop from bosses
    • Added Starter Pack on both servers. (Description bellow)
    • Added Premium for both servers.(Check spoiler !)
    • Added GM's Blessing (duration 23.5 h) for newly created characters.(Check spoiler !)
    • Added all entry items on DP shop under "Item Shop" tab.(Check spoiler !)
    • LS4 event like on retail servers.(Check spoiler !)
    • Guild icons. (Check spoiler !)
    • Finished Referral System. (Check spoiler !)
    • Finished Lottery System.(Check spoiler !)
    • Increased Guild Lv. to 20 (check spoiler).
    • Added Chaos Infinity.(Check spoiler !)

    To do list :

    • Hero Shop
    • Character page
    • Guild Board (We already have the base for Guild Board, design and actual functionality will be coded soon.)
    • Ingame fancy shop

    We have 2 Realms Mars & Pluto !


    Mars is a mid-rate realm with the new Quest based leveling system and the Unique Hero Shop implemented ! Here is a place to learn and discover the game, not only do PvP's / Wars, hopefully you will discover that fun doesn't always mean being the best, the journey is important too.

    Starter pack.



    Pluto is a high rate realm with a new concept beyond the old rebirth system. The max level was raised to 600, that means you'll get a nice attack/defense bust at max level, but, the part that make this more attractive is that it doesn't kill the PvP, no more 1 hit - kill. This is the perfect idea for a FUN realm, more interactive, tricky and the "player skill" will decide the winner.

    Starter pack.

    You will start with level 170, Class Rank 20, Full BM 3 (all 3 skills), Aura, 200M Alz, Honor Rank 9 and Random Nation (Procyon / Capella), and the starter pack from bellow !



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