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Caught touching my sister when i thought she was sleeping

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by awsomehackz21, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. awsomehackz21

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    Jul 10, 2012
    So here goes, I guess I spy on my sister nude sometimes and if I can catch her doing other stuff I watch that too. I have been doing it for a couple years. Shes a couple years older then me and all my friends want her and I guess she is hot because as soon as I see her nude I get a raging hard on and need to jerk off after.

    I let her see me nude sometimes and try to let her seeing me jerking off and she never gets mad or anything, she usually just says sorry and leaves. I also like to jerk off with her panties from her dirty clothes, Im not really sure why that turns me on so much . I guess just smelling them and like smelling her on e them and stuff does it for me.

    But to the whole point of this, we were sharing a room on vacation a couple weeks ago , I cant stop thinking about what happened and am not sure how to react. If it was like akinda positive reaction or just like a whatever. My sister was sleeping in her usual shit, tshirt and panties and she was in one bed and I was in the other bed next to her. We were in a hotel , i dont think i made that clear. We had one room my parents had the other connected by that retarded door.

    My sister went to sleep and i had already looked at her nude once the day before and pretended it was an accident and i had let her see me nude too and pretended it was an accident. I dont know why i was so horny, but I waited for her to go to sleep and when i was sure she was sleeping I started putting my hand in her sheet from like right where her pussy was so I could et it there with the least amount of moving anything. I have touched her friend a couple times like this too when she slept over before and she never woke up.

    So I get my hand to my sister panties and i start feeling around, I could feel her pussy lips and like how warm it was and just kinda rubbed around for a few seconds, maybe like 10 seconds and started trying to get my finger uner her panties. I got my finger under her panties to where i could feel like her hair, because she doesnt shave it bald. When i started feeling that all of a sudden i hear "um what are you doing" as i ripped my hand out of there so fast. I said um you were snoring and i was just trying to get you to stop, and she said "ok" and went back to sleep. I jerked off a couple minutes later under my sheet once i thought she was sleeping again.

    I dont know if she didnt mind it or is just like whatever to it. Thats what im asking I guess. Has anyone got caught touching there sister, or has any sister caught there brother trying to touch them or anything. I dont know if i should try it again cause she likes it or just let it go as she was giving me a get out of jail free card.

    She hasnt said anything about it since it happened.

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