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[Commands]A full list of GM commands!

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft Private Server Discussion' started by Fook, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Fook

    Fook Retired Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 19, 2006
    Favorite Commands

    Hey guys! I just wanted to point out a few commands that I really like. Hope you enjoy them! (and for anyone who didn't know, you type these commands in chat)

    Command To Get To Designer Island:
    .gotrigger 2416

    Command To Make a NPC Neutral to Horde and Alliance
    .setfaction 120

    Kill All NPC's You Can See

    Kill the targeted NPC or PC

    These are not all but I use these the most, but the rest are here if you scroll down.

    GM Commands

    Informational commands:
    0 .HELP [command] - Displays command list, and help about [command] if it is specified.
    0 .WHERE - Displays map and zone number, coordinates x,y,z and orientation h
    2t .INFO - Displays selected object info
    2np .FACTION - Displays selected object faction
    2 .ONLINE - Displays connected players count on server
    4 .TARGETGO - Selects nearest gameobject and displays its info (selection will not be visible)
    4n .TARGETLINK - Select spawnpoint for currently selected NPC - i.e. if spawn is unreachable,
    you can select its NPC then .targetlink and call for spawn to .come)
    2t .PINGMM - Displays selected NPC on mini map
    2p .LISTSP - List of learned spells
    2p .LISTSK - List of learned skills

    Creation commands:
    4 .ADD <ItemID> [Amount=1] - Add [Amount] items to your backpack
    4 .ADDNPC <CreatureID> - Add paralysed NPC at your location with your orientation
    4 .ADDGO <GameObjectID> - Add gameobject at your location with your orientation
    4 .ADDSPAWN - Add empty spawn if called without parameters
    4 .ADDSPAWN [CreatureID] [Number=1] - Add a spawnpoint that spawns [Number] of specified creature

    Deletion/Kill commands:
    2t .DEL - Delete selected object (your reputation not changed)
    4n .KILL - Kill selected NPC (your reputation decreased)
    4 .KILLALLNPC - Kill all NPC around you
    4 .DELALLCORP - Delete all player dead bodies

    NPC/Objects manipulation:
    4ns .TURN - Turns NPC/spawn to look at you
    4ns .COME - Asks selected NPC/spawn to come to you
    4np .SETLEVEL <Level> - Sets level for NPC/player
    4np .SETMODEL <Model> - Sets model for NPC/player
    5n .SETNPCFLAGS <Flags> - Sets the NPC to hostile or friendly, 4 is Merchant etc...
    4n .SETSIZE <Size> - Sets size for model of NPC
    4np .SETSPEED <Speed> - Sets speed for animation and movement of selected NPC
    4n .PARALYSE - Paralyse or free selected NPC
    4g .MOVE - Moves targeted gameobject (selection not visible on screen) relative to its current X Y Z
    4n .ROTATE - Rotates NPC.

    Spawn control:
    4s .SETSPAWNNPC <CreatureID> [Number] - Sets NPC id and (optional) amount to be spawned
    4s .SETSPAWNGO <GameObjectID> - Sets gameobject to be spawned
    4s .SETSPAWNDIST <min> [max] - Sets spawn radius (or two radii min and max)
    4s .SETSPAWNTIME <min> [max] - Sets interval (or two intervals min and max) to spawn new NPC/gameobject instead of killed one
    6 .EXPORTSPAWNSXY <map> <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <filename> - Exports rectangular world area to file
    6 .DELSPAWNSXY <Map> <X1> <Y1> <X2> <Y2> - Remove spawnpoints in rectangle
    6 .DELSPAWNS - Remove all spawnpoints in current zone
    6 .RESPAWNALL - Respawn all spawnable objects or NPCs
    6 .CLEANUP - Remove all spawned objects or NPCs

    Characters commands:
    2p .RESURRECT - Restores target spirit or body to life.
    6 .EXPORTCHAR <PlayerName> <FileName> - Exports character to separate file
    6 .IMPORTCHAR <FileName> - Loads character from separate file.
    4p .LEARN <SpellID> - Cause targetted player to learn spell
    4p .DELSP <SpellID> - Cause targetted player to forget spell
    4p .UNLEARN <SpellID> - Same as .DELSP
    4p .LEARNSK <SkillID> [SkillLevel] [MaxLevel=SkillLevel] - Cause targetted player to learn skill
    (many skills cannot be learned): to learn a weapon skill, use .learnsk <SkillID> 230 300;
    to learn an armor skill, use .learnsk <SkillID> 1 1.
    Can also be used to change the proficiency of an existing skill.
    4p .DELSK <SkillID> - Cause targetted player to forget skill
    4p .UNLEARNSK <SkillID> - Same as .DELSK
    4p .CLEARREP - Clears all reputation changes for target.
    0 .DISMOUNT - Dismounts you in case you are stuck
    4p .SETXP <XP> - Sets Experience Points for target player
    4p .SETCP <TalentPoints> - Sets Talent Points for target player
    4p .KICK - Kicks player off server

    Teleportation commands:
    2 .GO <Map> [X=0] [Y=0] [Z=0] - Teleport to (map x y z) coordinates.
    If X, Y, Z are left out, they are assumed 0. DO NOT forget map parameter!
    2 .GOTRIGGER <TriggerID> - Teleport to trigger number
    2 .GONAME <PlayerName> - Teleport to player by name
    2 .GOGUID <ObjectGUID> - Teleport to object by GUID
    2 .NAMEGO <PlayerName> - Teleport named player to you

    Server control commands:
    6 .SAVE - Save world and players
    6 .SHUTDOWN - Save World, PP, Players and quits server
    6 .RETCL - Reloads all tcl scripts
    6 .RESCP - Reloads all SCP databases
    6 .REHASH - Rehashes objects
    2 .CLEARQFLAGS - Clears all quest progress, including finished quests
    4 .BROADCAST <Message> - Sends Message to every connected player as a System Message

    Debug commands (don't play with these):
    6 .PPON - Turns on pathpoint collection
    6 .PPOFF - Turns off pathpoint collection
    6 .BYTES - For debug
    6 .ADDDYN - For debug
    2 .STARTTIMER - For debug
    2 .STOPTIMER <TimerID:0..2> - Stop timer visuals
    6 .TEST - For debug
    2 .SETAURA <AuraID> - Set aura by number
    4 .EXPLORATION <ZoneID> <Mask> - Opens your map locations (?)
    6 .FLAG1 - For debug
    2 .SETRESTSTATE <NewRestState:0..5> - Set new rest state for testing
    6npg.SETFLAGS <FlagsType> <Flags> - Set flags bitmask for target
    6t .GFLAGS <GFlags> - Set gflags for selected gameobject
    6t .GTYPE <GType> - Set gtype for selected gameobject

    Honor System:
    5p .SETHONOR <Points> - Set honor points for targetted player
    5p .ADDHONOR <Points> - Add honor points to targetted player
    5p .RESHONOR <Points> - Remove honor points from targetted player
    5p .DELHONOR - Sets honor points to 0 for selected player
    0p .GETHONOR - Get targetted player's honor points.
    0p .GETRANK - Get targetted player's honor rank.

    Jail System:
    0 .FREE - If your time is up, then use this command to get out of jail.
    4p .JAIL <Days> <Hours> <Minutes> - Jail selected player for specified amount of time.
    Using this command on a jailed player will change the amount of time the character is jailed for.
    4p .UNJAIL [PlayerName] - Unjail selected player, or player specified in PlayerName argument.

    Autorescue System:
    0 .STARTRESCUE - Begin autorescue countdown. Wait at least 5 minutes, then use .autorescue to be teleported home.
    0 .AUTORESCUE - Teleport home; use .startrescue first.

    Hope this helps :).

    .where –Tells your position in the world
    .help –List available commands
    .addgo –Add gameobject to your coordinates
    .add –Add item to your backpack
    .add <ItemID>
    .addnpc –Add Paralysed npc to the world
    .add <CreatureID>
    .del –Delete targeted npc or object
    .setlevel –Set level for pc or npc
    .setlevel <desired lvl>
    .setmodel –Set model number to pc or npc
    .setmodel <ModelID>
    .learn –Learn spell by number
    .learn <SpellID>
    .save –Save world to file
    .rehash –Rehash object
    .flag1 –Set debug flags
    .ppon –Turn on pp system
    .ppoff –Turn off pp system
    .turn -Turn targeted npc facing to you
    .come - targeted Npc will come to the your position
    .go- Go to world coordinates
    .go <WorldID> <X Coordinate> <Y Coordinate> <Z Coordinate>
    .gotrigger- Go to world area trigger location, parameter: trigger_number
    .kill- Kill selected pc or npc
    .killallnpc - Kill all npcs in visual range
    .resurrect - Resurect selected pc
    .setsize - Set size for npc. times normal size
    .setsize <desired size>
    .setspeed- Set speed for pc or npc. Times normal speed
    .setspeed <desired speed>
    .setflags- Set flags bitmask for pc or g.o.
    .setflags <ftype> <flags>
    .addspawn- Add spawnpoint to your position.
    .addspawn <CreatureID> <number of npc's>
    .setnpcspawn- Add entry and number of spawned npcs to spawn point
    .setnpcspawn <CreatureID> <number of npc's>
    .setnpcgo- Set entry for spawn gameobject to spawnpoint
    .setspawndist- Set min and max distance for spawn
    .setspawndist <Minimum distance> <Maximum distance>
    .setspawntime- Set min and max respawn time
    .setspawntime <minimum respawntime> <Maximum respawntime>
    .setxp - Set XP for pc
    .setxp <desired XP>
    .paralyse- Paralyse and unparalyse selected pc or npc
    .setaura - Set aura by number
    .setaura <Aura Value>
    .exploration - Open up your map locations
    .dismount- Dismount you.
    .listsp- List your spells
    .listsk- List your skills
    .delsp- Unlearn on spell
    .delsp <SpellID>
    .delsk- Unlearn one skill
    .delsk <SpellID>
    .info- Give you info about selected npc
    .online- Show numbers of players online
    .setreststate- Set new reststate for testing.
    .setreststate <1-5>
    .exportcharacter- Export character <with inventory> to external file
    .exportcharacter <char name> <filename>
    .importcharacter- Import objects from external file
    .importcharacter <filename>
    .goname- Teleport to charname, pc or npc
    .goname <name>
    .goguild- Teleport to guild
    .goguild <guildname>
    .targetgo- Trying totarget nearest gameobject
    .targetlink- Trying to target link of selected objects
    .move- Move objects
    .retcl- Reload TCL Scripts
    .rescp - Reload SCP scripts.
    .clearqflags- Clear quest flags from me
    .bytes - for debug
    .pingmm - Make point on your minimap
    .adddyn –Just for testing
    .starttimer – parameter(s) : timerid(0..2) value maxvalue scale type spell
    .stoptimer – Stop visuals, parameter(s) : timerid(0..2)
    .test – for debug

  2. systemx17


    Likes Received:
    Apr 24, 2007
    This guy's still a trial mod? Give him full ops just 4 effort. Total ups for the dedication man.
  3. Fook

    Fook Retired Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 19, 2006
    LoL, thanks. Appreciate it. I don't get much of that to tell you the truth.
  4. deathdesire0


    Likes Received:
    Dec 10, 2006
    HaHa, well you should man you're an awesome trial mod you should be a real one. :D
  5. Dnmt


    Likes Received:
    Apr 20, 2007
    Main problem is that to teleport somewhere or make some item, you need to know item/map/skill id.
    can somebody post em all here?
  6. Dnmt


    Likes Received:
    Apr 20, 2007
    here is smth, but i cant get some items with mangos.
    p.S.-still need map ids

    *EDITED - Too long and wrong game
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2007
  7. George Angel

    George Angel

    Likes Received:
    Apr 20, 2007
    Ehm..Just use Atlasloot addon to see items ID..
    And for those that doesnt have the ID use the commant
    .lookupitem <name of item>
    and it will give you the items ID..
    For creature use the command
    .Lookupcreature <name of the creature>

    Btw the command .Kill doesnt work (and manny others) for me,but the .die works fine,but not the .dieallnpc ofc (or the .killallnpc)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2007
  8. Fook

    Fook Retired Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 19, 2006
    The ItemID and NPC list is not needed. Besides, that's Runescape..
  9. Dnmt


    Likes Received:
    Apr 20, 2007
    really? :D ... my fault
    yeah, but about that map ids, i still cant teleport normaly, everytime im going somwhere underground.
  10. Napoleon


    Likes Received:
    Apr 25, 2007
    Is it possible to just type these in and it will sireusly work?
  11. zackeeh


    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2007
    Could u please make a list of commands for MaNGOS?
  12. Wow2

    Wow2 Banned

    Likes Received:
    May 2, 2007
    can anyone tell me where i can download WoWemu for free please
  13. Fook

    Fook Retired Staff Member

    Likes Received:
    Jul 19, 2006
    Search on GzP, looking around the stickies, and if not, I can guarantee you will find it on Google.
  14. Vodkakills

    Vodkakills Banned

    Likes Received:
    May 2, 2007
    hey thx for the list mate

    on my GM none of these codes work

    i got only one to work .mod hp 10000 10000

    also i can get or find this GM island u got any info on this you would like to share mate :)


  15. Leroy D

    Leroy D

    Likes Received:
    May 2, 2007
    Hi All :wavey:
    Nice list m8
    Just like to say this is a great site with lots of good stuff to look though and read.
    I to would like to know how I can get GM commands to work on the server I have done,I have made my self GM 4 in PhPMyAdmin but cant get any to work.
    Do I need a specific program to make them work?
    If anyone could explain how they got them to work would be fantastic.
  16. MrPFox


    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2007
    This list really needs updating. :(
    Half of those commands dnt work in Mangos. (2.0.12)
    Was told to read this thread as it gave the GM commands to increase a profession skill......Lies! :(
    Anyone know the command? Or just as importantly, the IDs of the professions?
  17. slickfish


    Likes Received:
    May 4, 2007
    It's a good list but a lot of them don't work for the version of MaNGOS that I am currenlt using.
  18. peocut29

    peocut29 Banned

    Likes Received:
    Dec 13, 2006
    how do we pput in the commands? do we use / then the commands?
  19. cathzal


    Likes Received:
    Apr 29, 2007
    hi can anyone tell me how to make custom vendors and portals to places in mangos i new to all this thanks
  20. MrPFox


    Likes Received:
    Apr 30, 2007
    Ok, got bored of waiting for any answers, so have been digging about in the SQL databases. Dug up a few IDs for use in MANGOS (2.0.12).
    These are the ones used with (.setskill ##) and (.learn ##)
    The setskill command is the only way to raise your profession skills (blacksmithing/mining/engineering) by command.(This sets it to 375/375, you still have to go buy the Journeyman/expert/artisan training. you will also need apprentice training to use the code)

    .setskill #### 375 375
    where ### is:
    164 BlackSmithing
    165 Leatherworking
    182 Herbalism
    185 Cooking
    186 Mining
    197 Tailoring
    202 engineering
    333 enchanting
    356 fishing
    393 skinning
    171 alchemy
    The weapon skills are maxed out by typing .maxskill. (You can buy all the weapon skills by visiting all the weaponmasters or using the learn command)
    The .learn ### command gives you spells or abilities (appears in your ability book).
    where ### is:

    81 dodge
    107 block (shield) --- These 3 sometimes do not work right giving 0% chance
    3127 Parry

    9788 Armorsmith
    9787 Weaponsmith
    9786 Artisan Blacksmith
    13920 Artisan Enchanting
    23338 A stormsaber mount! :D Cool fast black cat!
    118 Dual wield

    Enables these skills:
    43 Swords
    44 axes
    45 bows
    46 guns
    54 maces
    55 2hand swords
    95 defence
    136 staves
    142 survival?
    162 unarmed
    160 2hand maces
    172 2hand axes
    173 daggers
    176 thrown

    And of course, if your feeling like experimenting there is the (.additem [???]##) command! if you type the ".additem " and then shift leftclick an item in your inv, it will add the item's link, (it makes its own squarebrackets) and spawn ## of that item (unless its unique, assuming you have space).
    If you windowmode WoW and load up www.thottbot.com, you can literally copy and paste the full name of an item from there, put square brackets around it and put it in. It may take a few seconds to spawn it. (NB- for one item, you dnt require a number)
    ".additem [Warglaive of Azzinoth (Left)] 1" :love:
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