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Critical Error #131 of Frozen Throne Installation

Discussion in 'Warcraft III' started by Gyokumen Koushu, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Gyokumen Koushu

    Gyokumen Koushu Registered User

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    May 1, 2006
    Okie, so my problem is: da installation never ends successfully ....being prompt by that 131 error thingy.
    I've got no problem running and playing ROC. Just the problem installing TFT expansion.

    The error I get is:

      This application has encountered a critical error. 
      ERROR #131 (0x85100083) 
      Program: C:\DOCUME~1\HEAD~\LOCALS~1\Temp\war3_install.exe 
      File: files100\war3x.mpq 
      Press OK to terminate the application. 
    Error 131 being acknowledged by Blizzard:

    I've actually ran through the solution steps recommended by Blizzard and tried em for a couple of times [for the whole day !] but to no avail.

    1st: Closing background applications
    2nd: DMA and Sync Data Transfer
    3rd: Copy the contents of TFT CD to your hd and install the game from there.

    IMHO, da problem occured cause of war3x.mpq [>400mb] which, I think, is decompressed during installation.

    These are what i've attempted so far:

    Copying the CD to my hd and installing from there ... failed.
    Tried a clean boot (Selective Startup)... failed.
    Tried Safe Mode... failed.
    Tried setting my page file [virtual memory] to 1.3GB ... failed.

    My rig: Hp Compaq NX6120
    Proccessor: 173GHz
    Ram: 504mb
    Display: Integrated kinda from Intel [Cldn rmmbr wat's it]

    Guest there's no problem with my rig [actually more to office use]

    Bottomline: Anyone care to enlighten me with this error ?
    Thx in advance.
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