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Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto 5 Hacks & Cheats' started by Mr.iLLEGAL, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Mr.iLLEGAL

    Mr.iLLEGAL Former Staff Member Former Staff

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    Feb 11, 2015




    Changed and Reworked whole menu so it works online again
    Lots of weapon ammo mods(Some corrupted by new update)
    Whole Teleport Menu the has various locations
    GUI edits very basic for the moment
    A Reworked World Options so the functions work better
    IPL Loader worked on a bit not very much
    Animation menu with 16 current Animations
    Level and Recovery options were removed to prevent bans
    Misc options with 9 different things
    Weather Options same as Native Trainer(AB) Doesnt work online
    Time Options safe as Native Trainer(AB) But works online
    Vehicle Options Indepth paint menu as well as vehicle spawning that works online and off
    Player Options with a lot of things that aren't in Native Trainer(AB)


    if on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10
    1. Open your injector and have the DLL ready with GTA5.exe selected
    2. When you get to the screen where it tells you to choose offline or online inject
    3. Go in game and have some major fun knowing your a modder that got past Rockstar (Open Key F4)

    if on windows 7
    From @alphakenny1 a tester
    If you have problems on Win7 Ult. 63+1 bit
    1. Just delete settings.xml for Injector
    2. go to settings and launch in secure mode and stealth inject.


    Started Working on Safe methods for RP
    Working on teleport method for other players
    I think the online bypass is working(to spawn cars) even if the game gets updated

    Hello im back. As we all know the modding community is pretty much dead. All of the indepth menus have been made private/paid, and the few menus that arent paid that work online have very little functions. So here it is a menu that has various functions safe for online and is FREE. A lot of people messaged me over the v0.2 of my menu so here it is. To use the menu inject Crystal Meth.dll via your favorite DLL injector!



    @Tucker20011 Creator
    @melvin.d.b Worked with me on the DLL Bypass
    @Scouboy_14Tested somewhat
    @GoodCharles Tested as well
    @itzneutron worked on GUI(No longer working with me)
    Alexander Blade for the Native Trainer
    s0beit for the injection method(which needed to be changed A LOT!)
    @ObsessedHacker Thread Designer


    Added scrolling text for Liscence plate
    Reorganized a little bit better
    Fixed teleport gun from teleport you under the map
    Added a VIP check(Does not connect online)
    Redid the entire World Options
    Fixed the Rocket Gun
    Added a Valkyrie Gun
    Added Force Gun
    Added a Tank Gun
    Added add 3 star wanted level for online players
    Added Show coords(its a Work In Progress, doesnt work currently)
    Enhanced Firework Gun
    Enhanced the Wanted Level Changer
    Added Add Clan Logo in the players vehicle menu
    Added Clone Players Vehicle in the players vehicle menu
    Added Stun Player to the players menu(Needs some work)
    Added Enable Zones Such as the Zancudo Military Base without getting a wanted level
    Added attach nearby Vehicles and Peds to Player
    Added kill all speaking players(Needs work)
    Changed GUI
    Added Blackout in World Options
    Fixed Delete Vehicle
    Redid the entire Teleport Menu
    Fixed object attaching(Used to not be really "Attached" it would just be a static prop)
    Fixed Play Next Track(Wouldnt work with mobile radio now does)
    Added GUI tab(For customization not much yet, Old/New GUI, and Right/Left side)
    Added Extra Zoom(When aiming adds a extra zoom for better accurracy)
    Enhanced Paint Menu
    Added Rich Peds(Gives all nearby peds 10k)
    Added Give ALL Players Explosive Ammo
    Added better Liscense Plate customization
    Removed Level and Recovery options(Until a safe method is found)
    Added Give All Players Explosive Ammo(Works in a Radius)
    Made the Name ESP not show your name anymore
    Enhanced the Vehicle gun
    Fixed on screen boxing from crashing menu(Only if you pressed Escape the menu wouldnt come back, note: sometimes when you press enter in a dialog box you have to pause the game)
    Removed **Invalid** Names from online player lists(Still a Bit Buggy)
    Removed Clear Cheat Reports(Bannable Feature)
    Added Freeze Players Vehicle
    Bypassed Rockstars Anti-Cheat
    Some of the weapons mods are broken due to the new injection method (the WEAPON::GET_LAST_IMPACT_COORD is broken)
    Dont use noclip it just Crashes.

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  2. Mojow

    Mojow Registered User

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    Oct 3, 2015
    This menu is so bloody amazing! THANKS FOR SHARING IT
  3. Melrpm

    Melrpm Middleman / Moderator Former Staff

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    May 20, 2008
    Yeah great stuff being released here.
  4. Mr.iLLEGAL

    Mr.iLLEGAL Former Staff Member Former Staff

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    Feb 11, 2015
    No problem! Glad i could help!

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