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DBC Editing Creatures and Characters

Discussion in 'Model Editing' started by yoyojz, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. yoyojz


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    Jul 13, 2008
    DBC Editing Creatures and Characters

    Tools you will need:
    CSved (credits to Demonkunga)
    DBCutil (once again, credits goes to Demonkunga)

    Step. 1
    Open Patch-engb-2.mpq in MyWarcraftStudio


    Step 2.
    Export CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc somewhere on your computer. Remember to copy the treepath into notepad or something,


    Step 3.
    Drag the file into DBCutil and convert.


    Step 4.
    Open the converted file with CSved.


    Step 5.
    Find the creature you want to replace your character / creature with (in this case i choosed a squirrel).


    Step 6.
    Double click it, and copy and paste column 2 and 7 into notepad.


    Step 7.
    Now find the creature / character / race you want to edit.
    In this case I took number 53 (Dwarf male).


    Step 8.
    Double click it, and copy and paste the lines you saved in notepad into column 2 and 7, then click "Ready".


    Step 9.
    Save and close CSved, then convert the file back with DBCutil.

    Step 10.
    Make a new archieve in MyWarcraftStudio with the new file in.

    Thats it for now, hope you enjoyed reading my guide as I enjoyed making it.
    Any questions or feedback are welcome.

    Credits to Demonkunga for bringing those two awesome tools up some time ago.

    The Races:
    51 -orcmale
    52 -orcfemale
    57 -UDmale
    58 -UDfemale
    59 -taurenmale
    60 -taurenfemale
    1478 -trollmale
    1479 -trollfemale
    15476 -bloodelfmale
    15475 -bloodelffemale
    49 -humanmale
    50 -humanfemale
    53 -dwarfmale
    54 -dwarffemale
    55 -nightelfmale
    56 -nightelffemale
    1563 -gnomemale
    1564 -gnomefemale
    16125 -draeneimale
    16126 -draeneifemale
  2. burtoyul


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    Oct 22, 2009
    oooooo sweet just what y needed thx
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