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[Download+TuT]Install HomeBrew Channel On WII

Discussion in 'Console Discussion' started by asdf371, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. asdf371

    asdf371 Registered User

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    Nov 24, 2008
    I will be showing you who to install HBC on the Wii. It will also show you how to install an application, I will be using WAD Manager in this example. WAD manager will enable you to install downloaded WiiWare games for SD card

    What you need:
    - A Nintendo Wii, preferably version 3.2 for this version of the hack
    - SD Memory Card (make sure that it is 2GB or lower)
    - The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess for the Wii (You can use a burned copy if your Wii is chipped)
    - Some files (look below)

    Files that you need:
    - The Twilight Hack


    - Homebrew Channel beta 8


    - WAD Manager v1.1 (only if you want it, not necessary)


    - WiiWare Games and VC Games (Use WAD Manager)


    Backing up your save file. (Skip this step if you have saved progress in the game or don't mind deleting it)
    - Insert your SD card
    - Go to 'Wii Options" -> 'Data Management' -> 'Save Data' -> 'Wii'
    - Find your Zelda save file and click on it
    - Select 'Copy', Press 'Yes' at the prompt
    - Once finished copying, you will want to save this file somewhere on your computer, pick a place you will remember like your Desktop
    - You may now erase the save file from your SD, now you are ready to begin the hack

    Installing the Zelda save file
    - Download the Twilight hack (twilight_hack_v0.1_beta1.zip) from the links provided at the beginning of the post
    - Extract the contents (use WinRAR or similar)
    - Locate the 'private' folder, this contains your save file, copy this folder to the root of your SD card
    - Insert the SD card into your Wii
    - With your Wii turned on, go to your save files ('Wii Options" -> 'Data Management' -> 'Save Data' -> 'Wii')
    - Delete your Zelda save file if you have one already on your Wii
    - Then click on the 'SD Card' Tab
    - You should see 3 icons, one for USA, one for JPN, and one for EUR
    - Copy ONLY the one for your region, so if you got your Wii in the USA, copy the USA version to your Wii. I live in the USA so I will be using the USA version. (If you are unsure what region your country is, don't hesitate to ask!) Click the save that is for your region and select 'Copy'. Press 'Yes' at the prompt.
    - Now it is installed, the next step will be to install the Homebrew Channel

    Installing HBC
    - Download The Homebrew Channel (the_homebrew_channel-beta_8.tar.gz) from the links provided at the beginning of this post
    - Extact the contents (use Winrar or similar)
    - Within the contents, you should find a boot.elf
    - Place this boot.elf in the root of your SD card
    - Insert the SD card into your Wii
    - Start the Zelda game and load the save file
    *NOTE to all USA users (from the README.txt)
    Since there are two released versions of Twilight Princess
    for the USA region, these users must first check the
    version of their game disc. Take your Zelda disc, flip it
    over so that the data side is facing you, and look for
    a small line of text next to the inner edge of the disc,
    between the raised circle of plastic and the data area. If
    the text reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-0", you have a v0 game and
    you should select the TwilightHack0 savegame. If the text
    reads "RVL-RZDE-0A-2", you have a v2 game and you should
    select the TwiilghtHack2 savegame. If you do not select
    the correct version of the save, the game will freeze and
    the hack will not work.
    - Once the game is started up, simply walk up to the guy standing in front of you and speak to him
    - Immediately you will see lines of text appear on the screen, do not panic!
    - You are told that '1' on the Wii Remote, the 'Start button on the GC pad', and the 'Reset' button on your Wii are for accepting. And the 'Power' on the Wii, and the 'Z' and 'Home' buttons on the Wii are cancel. Accept to continue
    - Accept Disclaimer
    - It will give you info on your System Menu version and stuff, just accept this too.
    - Accept again to install
    - Installation complete!
    - Press accept to return to the system menu! You should now be able to see your newly added Homebrew Channel!

    Cleaning up
    - You may now delete everything on your SD memory card (you won't need to use the Twilight hack once you have the HBC)
    - You may now delete the Hacked Save file from your Wii and replace it with your original if you had one

    Installing WAD Manager (This applies to any app as well)
    - Download WAD Mmanager v1.1 from the links provided at the beginning at the post.
    - Locate the 'apps' and 'wads' folder, copy it to the root of your SD card
    - Place your WAD file in the 'wads' folder
    - Start up the HBC and it should be there!
    - Click on the App and press load, it will take longer to load if you have GC memory cards inserted.
    - Enjoy! Remember you can do this with any app. Just place the Folder that contains the boot.elf or boot.dol into the app folder and it will display in the Channel.

    :pop2:SAY THANKS:pop2:
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2009
  2. subaruuu:D

    subaruuu:D Registered User

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    May 23, 2009
    thanks! never knew you can do that
  3. asdf371

    asdf371 Registered User

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    Nov 24, 2008
    no probs
    just say thanks
  4. CSI

    CSI Registered User

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    May 28, 2009
    Wow thanks man!

    I never knew you could do that too!

    C.S.I Aka Reuben
  5. riffy

    riffy Registered User

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Ty for this tutorial!! It really helped!
  6. tinyman33

    tinyman33 Registered User

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    Oct 1, 2009
    Dont do it~!
    There is a new update for the wii ( in holland )
    And if you have the homebrew channel and that update then crashes you wii.
  7. numero uno

    numero uno Registered User

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    Dec 12, 2009
    this guys is banned
  8. SoccerOwns

    SoccerOwns Registered User

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    Nov 28, 2009
    His prob gonna get banned....
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