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Selling Dragon Nest SEA Raven Account

Discussion in 'Virtual Item(s)' started by 061549, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. 061549

    061549 Registered User

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    Oct 31, 2007
    General info
    Server: Dragon nest sea, springwood + holywood
    Reason for selling: Quitting the game/Starting work
    Account is less than a month old
    Able to provide cherry exchange information
    Prefer to deal via bank transfer or better meetups, but open to buyer's suggestion (only for SG)
    Clean CC Account: No Cash Spent for the account

    Level 90 Raven
    Armor/Weapon: 4 Parts RDU+10(2 Weapons, Helmet and Boots), Evolved Unique Coma Top+10, Coma pants and gloves+10
    Accessory: Ice Squad Earrings, Necklace, 2 Rings(FULL PATK)
    Plates: Standard lv90 Assassin/Raven Plates
    Talisman: Standard lv90 Magic Grade Assassin/Raven Plates
    Jades: Full lv90 Wind Jades+10, Dark Jades on Weapons+10(JADE SLOTS ALL FILLED UP)
    Costumes: 2 Part Wedding Suit Set(Assassin) Glasses and Suit, Pure White Giant Feather Wings(EPIC), Blessing Of Creators Tail & Decal(Event and permanent)
    Contact for further details

    Tons of materials for enhancement of jades and equipments
    10k+ gold in inventory.
    Contact for further details

    whatsapp me at +65-81018990(for sg)
    email me daryn_lim24[at]live.com or
    drop me a pm here.

    ps. Urgent in selling, if there's any Singaporeans interested, please whatsapp me.

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