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Tutorial Drow Ranger build (traxex)

Discussion in 'Scourge Heroes Guides' started by trophy, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. trophy

    trophy Registered User

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    Aug 10, 2009

    1. description
    2. skill build
    3.item build
    5. how to stay safe

    Okay, so for those of you that don't know, Drow ranger or Traxex is one the best supportive heros in the game. you wont see her be the main carry but she will serve her purpose. traxex is a an agility hero, who lives off her 4 skills Frost arrows, silence, trueshot aura, marksmenship.

    2. skill build

    level 1: trueshot aura
    level 2: frost arrows
    level 3: silence
    level 4: trueshot aura
    level 5: frost arrows
    level 6: marksmenship
    level 7: frost arrows
    level 8: trueshot aura
    level 9: frost arrow
    level 10: trueshot aura
    level 11: marksmenship
    level 12-15: silence
    level 16-25: stats

    Reasoning for the build:
    well first of all im sure alot of you are wondering why i did aura first and an early silence, so please let me explain. when Drow starts of the game she has very little hp so if she gets laned with an early game nuker like tinker or lina, or crystal maiden, you may find urself in a bad postion. so silence will be able to save you by stopping those heavy nukes and the aura will grant better damage for lowering their hp early game.

    3. Items build
    to start of the game you will have 603 gold(unless its arem). now you want to start of with some agility and heal so i normally buy 2 SLIPPERS OF AGILITY and 1 CIRCLET OF NOBILITY, as well as 1 ANCIENT TANGO.

    after about 5-8 minutes of the game you should have around 800 gold which will allow you to make 2 WRAITH BANDS and buy more ANCIENT TANGO if needed.

    soon after when you have gotten those you want to get boots of speed so that you can keep up with the heros ur frost arrowing now.

    now after this you have a choice and depending how your game is going is what you will do. If you have been feeding early game and find urself unable to do much i suggest getting a LOATHERS EDGE, which will allow you to go invisible to try and stop feeding. Now if you have been playing well feel free to go for CRYSTALZ which will allow you start hitting crit meaning more damage. now you want both of these items before you move on to the next items.

    assuming that your doing well you want to save up for a BUTTERFLY which will durasticly increase ur speed applying more dps.

    Butterfly is a good item, and when its completed a BURIZA(upgraded crystals) will make ur speed start hitting loads of crit, causing major dps. lastly you have your choice of power treads or boots of travel, and its up to you what you want done

    Luxury items: divine raiper, hyperstone(s), monkey king bar

    4. Tactics:
    1.well first thing i would do, would be to type -ma so you can understand what your up against.
    2. next you would want to LANE WITH A TANK. by lanning with a tank you can do dps while he takes the enemies hits.
    3. use silence well dont try and silence their tanks try to aim for their casters like, luna, cm, tinker, witch doctor, warlock, ogre, all those heros should be silenced and will become uselesss during large fights.
    4. you are an AUTO CAST HERO, so auto cast frost arrows on enemy heros as well as auto attack them.
    5. BEFORE running into an fight use your lothars beacuse ur team mates may back up and you wwill be sitting their as open bait.

    5. how to stay safe
    1. Watch out for people that call mia or when ur lane is mia your a very fragile hero so you can get ganked easy.
    2. one of the heros you want to never be against is bounty hunter if their is a Bh in your game against you i would stay beside the tower beacuse he has the ability early game to ww stab you shurikan and in 2 more hits you will die.
    3. when ur ganking, you want to be in the middle of the heros if all 5 of you are ganking your the support you want to be in the middle to silence their casters using distance, and if they try to get you from behind you dont want to be the 1 to tank.
    4. DO NOT run past towers, until your lv 15+ and good geared and knowing where all the enemy heros are otherwise towers will rip you up.

    hope this guide helps !
  2. 5hya

    5hya Registered User

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    Oct 17, 2009
    any screenies or replays plz:D
  3. lilaznboy011

    lilaznboy011 Registered User

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    Dec 18, 2007
    It would be common sense for someone that is ganking you or laning with you not to aim for the tank (unless they are drawn in by something like berserkers rage or something with axe). Drow can be a main carry, his ult that improves his agi makes him do great dmg with decent items compared to other heroes with just decent items. Getting silence too early won't do you much good either. When your just laning in the beginning and not participating in team ganks / fights, silence will just delay the other heroes to go for you in a couple seconds when silence wears off and you have to stay close by for exp.
  4. Pieftw

    Pieftw Registered User

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    Dec 31, 2008
    I actually prefer ice arrows level 1 over aura at start for easier harass... Generally drow solo is weak, and ice arrows combined with slow/stun early in a lane is dangerous. Your item build is solid, however with 4 wraith bands and treads and aura Drow already has a +100 damage bonus. At that point you can get lothars then proceed to bfly which is ridiculously effective. Furthermore, include orb walking in the guide too many noobs don't know how to take full advantage of a slow orb early to mid game.
  5. iKamote

    iKamote Registered User

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    Mar 14, 2010
    All of your guides are crap.
  6. Zuel

    Zuel Registered User

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    May 3, 2010
    nice thank u!
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