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Enigma Gunz Gamers

Discussion in 'Trash Can' started by thekiller193, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. thekiller193


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    Sep 29, 2011
    I invite you to play Enigma Gamerz Gunz
    Link: http://gunz.enigmagamerz.com/index.php?Ref=48715
    A completely free server that offers entertainment and fun Events Every 15 minutes, tournaments with prize money and ranking Clan War 1 gets 50 dollars a month, and much more come and see yourself come to our server!
    By registering you send items for 40 days fail
    This gives you great opportunity Enigma GUNZ >>
    Register: http://gunz.enigmagamerz.com/index.php?Ref=48715
    Downloads: http://gunz.enigmagamerz.com/index.php?Page=Download
    Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EnigmaGunz/
    Forum: http://forum.enigmagamerz.com/
    Specifications Specifications // // oculi
    Clan War Quest // // // Duel Tournament Player War
    150 Users Online
    Maximum Level 999
    Anti-Lead and Lead
    Server Online 24/7Version 1.5
    // Own Web Staff
    Copetente // Events Daily
    Dash free color // Color Names
    Anti UC Hacks // // Anti Anti Anti SB // Wall
    Anti DDOS // // Anti Ant HitBox Godmode
    Multilanguage : // Ingl├ęs Spanish Portuguese // // // Korean Ect.
    Game Modes Game Modes // // Os modes Jogo
    Deathmatch Deathmatch + Berserker // // Training
    Team Deathmatch Team Deathmatch + Extream //
    The Gladiator Duel Match // // // Team Gladiator Assassination
    Class (Time / Team) // // Capture The Flag Reverse Berserker
    Bounty Hunter // NPC Death Match (Time / Team) // Quest
    Survival mode [​IMG] Gun // // // Staff Infected Mode
    Spy Mode Roll The Dice // // // TDM Triple Challenge Quest
    Nuevo Referral System
    Some have no money for their donations, we brought the solution as donator and get free coins events, very
    simple and effortless
    - 1. can share their link reference
    - 2. advertise your referral link
    - Here I leave a video as I can get Dcoins and Evcoins !!

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