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Tutorial Failed to update protection modules.

Discussion in 'Combat Arms' started by Rs_trader, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Rs_trader


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    Aug 23, 2009
    Ok I can see that since the update many people are having problems with loading the game, [Combat Arms] and the 404 error. I understand this is my first post, and people are going to say " Oh well he's going to mess my computer up." Well then don't use this thread. Ok well first of all you can try the most commonly used way, which I don't trust because AhnLab, I just don't trust lol. Ok so, you could do it that way.

    1.Turn off your FireWall.
    2.Go to C:\Nexon\Combat Arms
    3.Make sure your folder is named HShield
    4.Open HSield and run HSUpdate.exe
    5.Open the game and run it.

    Well this method never did work for me, so I took it into my own hands to find a solution :D.

    Please note I did this for Windows XP I don't know if it will work for Vista, ect. But hey, give it a shot. Ok well what I relized is that if you go into your C: drive and go into:
    1.Documents and settings.
    2.Open Family PC
    3.Open Application Data
    5.Open Nexon
    Note: Some people don't have combat arms in that nexon folder, thus being the problem FOR ME.
    6.Once in Nexon make a new folder named Combat Arms.
    7.Go to your original Combat arms folder,copy and paste the files into the one in family PC.
    8.Update, and enjoy.

    Well I hope this works, It did for me. If it didn't please tell me and I'll look into it more thoughrally. :highfive:
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