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Release Fantsy Online [ Eudemons Online Private Server ]

Discussion in 'GamerzPlanet Discussion' started by marcbacor, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. marcbacor


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    Dec 28, 2011
    ll old and new eudemons online players to play in our newly made server,
    a free to play mmorpg that is hosted in a vps machine. We assure you that you wont experience any lag in-game.

    *Added Vampire Class
    *Classic Style
    *Normal monsters drops 5 to 600 EPs
    *SpiderQueen drops 100k EPs and some random Stuffs
    *Lots of Quests and Events
    *Pets/Eudemons compose is standard rate
    *Bosses drops random items and 1m eps


    - Ophius Quest
    - Pks 1 VS 1
    - MasterChef Quest
    - Token Quest
    - Astral Quest
    - Hide & Seek Event
    - Red Token Event
    - Luck Token Event
    - Hurdle Race Event
    - Pet Exchanger Quest
    - Legendary Quest
    - Traveler Quest
    - Trumpet Of Legionnaire
    - Legion Map NPC
    - Crown Stylish
    - Online Time Exchanger NPC For PPs.
    - Clothes Swap NPC
    - Abyssal Palace
    - Godship For Divine Level
    - Legion Statue
    - Babel Tower
    - FanTaSy Lotto
    - Custom 10 Celebrity Hall



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